1526 JACARANDA Gaulter, L. 1980/81 TB 38 M Self RARE Very fluted and ruffled mulberry with lace, B:burnt orange; vigorous. 10 10.00
223 JACK HORNER Austin, L. 1961/62 TB 40 EM Bicolor RARE S:white, F:pale lilac cream with yellow edge and bright yellow haft, B:long violet horn. 4 9.00
1007 JACK R. DEE Sexton, N. 1974/74 TB 36 E Self VERY RARE Ruffled and fluted azure blue, B:deep navy blue.30 2/9.00
3796 JACQUESIANA Lemon, J. 1840/40 TB 30 L Bitone S:light russet, gold base, F:velvety blackish maroon, B:bronzed orange. 0 SOLD OUT
379 JADE QUEEN Knopf, M. 1957/58 TB 37 M-VL Blend RARE S:chartreuse and silvery gray (buffy yellowish tan), F:flushed lavender in center w/ yellow gray shoulders, B:yellow. 11 6.00
2472 JAIME LYNN Hamner, B. 1984/84 TB 33 M Self VERY RARE Ruffled coral peach, B:coral. 10 10.00
2051 JAKE Sass, J. 1943/43 TB 39 L Self RARE White with yellow throat. 6 NFS
175 JANE PHILLIPS Graves, R. 1946/46 TB 38 M Self VERY RARE Sky blue with silvery sheen, cinnamon striping at haft, lines on F, deeper blue than Helen McGregor, wonderfully fragrant. 18 2/8.00
3564 JAPANESQUE Farr, B. 1922/1922 TB 30 M Self NOVELTY S:lavender white flecked violet, F:violet, lav rim, heavy white veining, six petals spread horizontally, B:white. 0 SOLD OUT
3521 JASPER AGATE Williams, E. 1941/41 TB   M Bitone S:copper red, dark wire edge, F:darker copper red, yellow at haft with veining, B:orange. 6 NFS
1697 JAUNTY TEXAN Denman, C. 1973/73 TB 38 E-L,Re Self VERY RARE Yellow with small light yellow area just below yellow B. 50 2/6.00
1989 JAVA CHARM Plough, G. 1975/76 TB 38 M Bicolor S:white with pink tint, F:cadmium orange with hafts and edges blended yellow, center blended pink, B:marigold orange. 10 8.00
4471 JAZZ ERA Keppel, K. 2009/2010 TB 34 LM Luminata S:baby pink, F:dark red purple, velvety, paler edge, dark wire rim, upper petal pinkish-white, amethyst veining, B:bright orange; ruffled. 6 15.00
2473 JAZZAMATAZZ Blyth, H. 1986/1986 SDB 15 M-l Bicolor S:ruffled creamy lemon, F:rich ruby, 1/4" creamy lemon edge, B:gold, tip white. 10 8.00
1161 JAZZEBEL Ensminger, A. 1987/88 TB 34 M Self VERY RARE S:white, F:white, inner border of bluebird blue, outer border of white, B:bronze, tipped blue; ruffled. 40 2/10.00
2178 JEAN CAYEUX Cayeux, F. 1931/31 TB 31 M Self VERY RARESmall bloom, tan with slight violet blaze. 10 2/7.00
1698 JEAN GUYMER Zurbrigg, L. 1976/77 TB 36 E-L,Re Self Lightly ruffled pink, apricot margin at haft, B:tangerine; slightly fragrant. 8 8.00
3802 JEANETTE Rogers, M. 1974/77 TB 35 L Halo VERY RARE S:creamy yellow, F:opaque sparkling white, distinct lemon yellow rim and hafts, B:bluish whrtie tipped chrome yellow-orange; heavily ruffled. 16 10.00
450 JEANNE PRICE Jones, B. 1976/77 TB 34 M Self VERY RARE Medium yellow, B:lemon, small white spot at tip. 19 9.00
1478 JELLICLE CAT Black, P. 2009/09 SDB 14 M Plicata S:white, plicata med violet margin and midrib, F:white, hafts lined, narrow violet plicata band, B:white, tipped violet-blue; ruffled, spicy fragrance. 8 8.00
2945 JERRY Lapham, G. 1931/33 TB 36 ML Bitone VERY RARE S:pink raspberry, F:darker, white haft with maroon lines, B:yellow. 8 10.00
1914 JERSEY BEAUTY Schortman, W. 1959/60 TB 40 M Self RARE Intense red-violet with light area around B, B:yellow/blue. 4 8.00
591 JESSE'S SONG Williamson, B. 1979/83 TB 36 M Plicata S:white, methyl violet band, F:white, plicata sanded edge of methyl violet, B:lemon tipped blue-white; Dykes Medal 1990. One per customer. 8 15.00
2075 JEWEL BABY Hall, E. 1984/84 SDB 12 VE,Re Self Dark purple, B:mid-violet; slight spicy fragrance. 0 SOLD OUT
2763 JIGSAW Tompkins, C. 1985/85 TB 35 ML Halo S:bright azure blue on white ground, F:white ground with purple flecks around solid purple band, B:purple, tipped bronze. 4 10.00
1124 JO VALLERY Hamblen, M. 1984/85 TB 36 M Bitone VERY RARE S:light pink, F:lighter toward B with deeper toned edge, B:tangerine-pink; ruffled and laced, sweet fragrance. 25 15.00
2076 JOHN Ensminger, A. 1989/90 IB 26 E-L Bicolor S:chocolate, yellow midrib, F:straw yellow, brown styles, B:yellow; slight fragrance. 38 2/5.00
2664 JOHNNY REB Nelson, R. 1992/94 TB 37 ML Bitone VERY RARE S:greyed wine, F:brighter greyed wine with white spray haft pattern, B:greyed orange; ruffled, pleated, slight musky fragrance. 7 12.00
242 JOLIE Schreiners 1967/67 TB 32 E Plicata White with distinct violet stitching; popular. 30 2/8.00
1699 JOLLY GOLIATH Zurbrigg, L. 1969/71 TB 44 M,Re Bicolor VERY RARE S:near white, F:violet purple, paling to near white at edge, B:white tipped yellow/blue at end; Ruffled and fragrant. 36 2/8.00
2222 JOSEPH'S COAT KATKAMIER Katkamier by Tankesley 1989/30 MTB 21 M


NOVELTY S:ivory, irregular yellow marks, F:haft white, :purple lines radiate from haft to solid blade, irregular yellow overlay, B:yellow; sport of Honorabile. 4 10.00
1700 JOSEPH'S MANTLE Craig, T. 1948/48 TB 36 E-L,Re Plicata Yellow background mottled reddish, purple and violet brown; fruity fragrance. 5 10.00
3528 JOY Carpenter, C. 1941/43 TB 35 M Blend S:lighter blending of copper, orange, yellow, red, and violet, F: darker, redder shoulders, B:yellow. 15 7.00
1596 JOY OF SPRINGTIME Sexton, N. 1980/80 TB 36 M Self VERY RARE White with heavy gold lacing, B:deep yellow. 10 10.00
194 JOY RIDE Noyd, L. 1967/68 TB 34 M-L Bicolor VERY RARE S:brownish red, F:white with reddish brown border. 22 9.00
3362 JOYANCE Dykes, K. 1929/29 TB 38 M-L Self Warm creamy white, rich golden glow at throat and hafts. B:orange. 11 8.00
196 JOYCE TERRY Muhlestein, T. 1974/74 TB 38 M-L Bicolor S:yellow, F:white with yellow rim, B:deep yellow; flaring, very well liked. 6 8.00
1139 JOYOUS MELODY Gatty, J. 1985/85 TB 36 ML Bitone VERY RARE S:pink to peachbloom, F:pink, paling in center to white, suffused golden buff on hafts, B:carnelia red; ruffled, fragrant. 13 NFS
4472 JUDY NUNN Kerr, F. 2009/2010 TB 35 M Self S:pink, F:pink, orange tone at haft, lighter edge, mid violet veining down petal, B:tangerine-coral; ruffled. 9 15.00
1671 JULY BEAUTY Weed, H. 1943/43 TB 28 E-L, Re Bitone RARE S:lilac blue, F:deep amethyst purple; rebloomer. 15 7.00
4068 JULY SUNSHINE Brown, G.P. 1964/65 TB 30 M Re Self RARE Pale yellow self, few veins, B:yellow. 10 7.00
388 JUMBO ROSE Austin, L. 1964/64 TB 38 M Self VERY RARE Bright carmine-rose, manganese-violet blaze; very large bloom. 10 10.00
2724 JUNALUSKA Kirkland, J. 1931/34 TB 36 M Bicolor S:rose and soft yellow blend, coppery gold at base, F:velvety carmine red, B:orange. 6 9.00
112 JUNE PROM Brown, A. 1966/67 IB 22 E Self VERY RARE Light blue-lavender, greenish yellow at haft, and green veins, B:orange, lavender at end; sweetly fragrant. 20 2/5.00
1091 JUNE SUNSET Niswonger, D. 1980/81 TB 34 M Bicolor S:near white, F:peachy orange, B:tangerine; vigorous. 10 9.00
4380 JUNGLE BIRD Mayberry, G. 1957/58 TB 39 ML Blend VERY RARE S:amaranth, F:amaranth blended claret and violet, no haft markings. 3 10.00
2966 JUNGLE FIRES Schreiner 1960/60 TB 36 M Self VERY RARE Soft shade of red, henna cast, slight violet infusion on edges, B:burnt orange. 2 NFS
256 JUNGLE SHADOWS Sass-Gra. 1959/60 BB 15 E Self Mysterious brown, black and green blend, B:mustard. 15 7.00
2828 JUNIATA Farr, B. 1909/09 TB 44 ML Self Medium purple blue self B:orange; sweetly fragrant.1 10.00
2665 JURASSIC PARK Lauer, L. 1995/95 TB 36 EM Bicolor VERY RARE S:canary yellow, F:blended lavender blue purple, yellow veining and edging, B:yellow, tipped blue; slight sweet fragrance. 14 12.00