2375 AACHEN Mahoney, J. 1982/83 TB 32 M Self VERY RARE Laced and ruffled light red purple, yellow hafts veined greyed orange, B:yellow orange with 3/4" horns. 3 NFS
3938 AACHEN ELF Kennedy, G. 1984/84 MTB 20 M Bicolor RARE S:yellow, F:lavender, edged yellow, B:yellow. 10


4693 ABOVE ALL THE LIGHTS Duncan, R. 2019/2019 TB 40 M Self S:cold white,light veining, F:same, B:lemon yellow, long uplifting flounces, diamond dusted, ruffled, sweet fragrance. 4 25.00
2210 ACCENT Buss, W. 1952/53 TB 46 M Bicolor S:medium light yellow, F:rose-red, lines at haft on pale yellow ground, B:orange. 7 NFS
1660 ACCLAMATION Corlew, G. 1978/80 TB 35 M Self RARE Medium yellow with lighter center on falls, B:darker yellow. 14 9.00
2465 ACE OF CLUBS Hager, B. 1983/84 SDB 10 M Self RARE Yellow self, black signal; B:yellow. 10 5.00
1298 ACROBAT Williamson, B. 1977/80 TB 35 ML Bitone RARE S:medium violet, blended plum brown from midribs, 1/4" plum brown edge, F:silver lilac, 1/4" plum brown edge, B:lemon, tipped white. 9 10.00
3831 ACROPOLIS Berry, S. 1929/29 TB 48 EM Bitone S:mid blue-purple, F:dark blue-purple, B:yellow, tip blue-white. 16 10.00
618 ACTRESS Keppel, K. 1975/76 TB 35 EM,Re Self RARE Wisteria violet, Indian orange in throat, B:white base, bright orange tips. 16 8.00
4080 AD ASTRA Babson, S. 1964/67 TB 38 M Halo VERY RARE S:medium yellow, F:white, edged yellow, B:white, tipped yellow. 0 SOLD OUT
1009 ADAM Craig, T. 1962/62 TB 38 EL Self RARE S:vineyard red, F:same brighter, B:lavender, old gold tips; pbf. 10 10.00
4518 ADVANCED DEGREE Black, P. 2011/2011 TB 42 ML-L Blend S:purple base blends to white to pink, F:warm white blushed pink, B:tangerine; ruffled, laced, fragrant. 24 2/20.00
1309 ADVENTURE BAY Plough, G. 1978/79 TB 36 EM Bicolor RARE S:majolica yellow with pink infusion in center, F:dauphin violet with muted brown hafts, 1/4" blended border, B:nasturtium orange. 5 10.00
2600 AFFAIRE Blyth, B. 1992/93 TB 36 EM Bicolor VERY RARE S:blue-grey, F:greenish mustard, yellow around B, tan wash, B:orange, whiteish tip. 3 NFS
2600 AFROSIAB Volfovich-Moler 1998/2006 AB 39 E Blend S:light purple, veined violet and brown, brown rim, F:cherry purple, veined darker, brown rim, B:orange, purple end; fragrant. 0 SOLD OUT
997 AFTER DARK Schreiners 1963/63 TB 44 EM Self RARE Dark violet-blue-black, B:deep red. 12 10.00
3775 AFTERGLOW Sturtevant, G. 1917/17 TB 36 M Self RARE Grayish lavender shading to rich yellow thru center, B:bronzy orange. 3 NFS
855 AFTERNOON DELIGHT Ernst, R. 1983/85 TB 36 M Bicolor S:lightly laced light golden tan with lav infusion, F:lavender with 1/8" golden tan border, gold shoulders, white infusion near yellow B; ruffled. 10 10.00
4619 AFTERNOON IN RIO Schreiner, R. 2005/2005 TB 36 M-L Bitone VERY RARE S:violet-purple, F:dark violet-purple, bronze rim, white blaze, B:old gold, lavender tip. 3 12.00
3956 AGATINE Schreiner, R. 1959/59 TB 34 M Bitone VERY RARE S:copper brown-red, F:mahogany red; pbf. 3 10.00
2601 AGE OF INNOCENCE Kerr, F. by Stockton Iris 1994/94 TB 38 M Halo S:pure white, F:white, edged with sky blue rim, B:yellow; flaring. 30 2/11.00
2003 ALABAMA BOUND Foster, F. 1979/79 TB 36 E-M Self Big ruffled white self, lines deep in throat, B:orange; fluted. 27 2/8.00
4440 ALABASTER UNICORN Sutton, G. 1995/1996 TB 36 ML Self Big white ruffled self, B:yellow, white horns. last 1 15.00
2448 ALADDIN'S WISH Murawska, A. 1943/45 TB 32 E-L Self Blue plicata with brushed cream (gold) radiating through flower like sunrays; strong fragrance unusual. 6 10.00
3781 ALBERT VICTOR Barr&Sons 1885/1885 TB 40 M Self VERY RARE Lavender-violet self tinged brown at base, B:white, yellow tips; fragrant. 7 12.00
1651 ALBICANS Lange, J. collected 1860 SPC 20 E Self VERY RARE Very old antique, white, somewhat fragrant. 8 12.00
4355 ALCALDE Babson, S. 1968/68 TB 40 M Self VERY RARE Deep indigo violet self, B:blue. 1 NFS
2985 ALCAZAR Vilmorin 1910/10 TB 36 ML Bicolor VERY RARE S:mauve, F:dark purple, bronze and yellow center, veins, B:orange; very fragrant 11 12.00
2826 ALEPPO PLAIN Sass, J. 1941/41 TB 30 L Plicata S:reddish brown on white, yellow at midrib, F:white, reddish brown speckled rim, yellow at haft with veins, B:yellow-orange. 3 10.00
4511 ALEUTIAN ISLANDS Sutton, M. 2007/2008 TB 35 M-L Bicolor S:ice white, veined blue, F:blue-black, lighter edge, B:yellow; fragrant. 20 15.00
22 ALI BABA Lyon, D. 1951/52 TB 38 M Bitone RARE Very pleasing color combination S:light red-brown, F:dark red-brown; B:gold w/ maroon flecks; fragrant, pbf. 17 10.00
2284 ALICE HARDING Cayeux, F. 1933/33 TB 36 M Self Soft medium yellow, semi-flaring, B:bright orange; strong fragrance. 3 NFS
2477 ALL ABOUT ME Johnson, T. 2013/2014 TB 37 M Bicolor S:white, peach base, F:peach, purple veined wash at end, B:orange; lace,ruffle, sweet fragrance. 6 25.00
4519 ALL ABOUT SPRING Kerr, F. 2005/2006 TB 36 M-L Halo RARE S:lilac, yellow rim, gold base, F:lilac, narrow yellow edge, gold haft, B:golden-orange; ruffled, fragrant. 10 12.00
4193 ALL AFLAME Plough, G. 1968/69 TB 37 EML Bitone VERY RARE S:tangerine-orange, F:cadmium-orange, B:marigold-orange. 6 NFS
4520 ALL NIGHT LONG Duncan, R. 2004/2005 TB 31 L Self Dark purple-black self, lacy style crests, B:violet, dark purple tip; ruffled, fragrant. 30 2/12.00
315 ALLAGLOW Tompkins, C. 1958/58 TB 37 ML Self Sunburst gold, butterscotch and copper-yellow, tiny lavender spear, B:yellow-orange; colossal bloom. 15 9.00
297 ALLAH Doriot, H. 1956/57 IB 15 VE Bitone RARE S:light lavender blue, ribbed green, F:parrot green-brown, edged blue, B:orange tipped white; slight ruffle. 14 2/4.00
2353 ALLEGIANCE Cook, P. 1957/58 TB 38 M Bitone S:violet-ultramarine, F:roslyn blue, B:med blue, tipped yellow; Dykes Medal 1964, 5 NFS
2936 ALLURA Brown, O. 1968/70 TB 34 M Self VERY RARE Lavender blue self, edges of F deeper, lighter in center, B:white brushed lemon. 6 $10
3539 AL-LU-WE Sass, H. 1932/32 TB 40 M Bicolor RARE S:yellow, pink wash, F:red, tan rim, lighter midline, yellow haft with maroon veins, B:orange. 6 NFS
1682 ALMOND BLOSSOM Craig, T. 1953/53 TB 40 M Self RARE Clear peach-blossom-pink, baby pink at haft, B:ibis pink; Good pink color for an older variety, lines at haft, gbf. 0 SOLD OUT
494 ALPINE CASTLE Blyth, B. 1979/79 TB 36 E-M Self RARE S:white with faint blue infusion at edges, F:white, deepening from blue to violet at edges, B:tangerine. 14 9.00
3838 ALPINE GLOW Kleinsorge, R. 1944/45 TB 40 L Self RARE Rose tones with lilac influence, brown shading at haft, B:gold orange. 1 NFS
2602 ALPINE JOURNEY Blyth, B. 1983/84 TB 38 E-EM Bicolor RARE S:snow white, F:golden yellow, B:golden yellow. 14 11.00
2565 ALTA CALIFORNIA Mohr-Mitchell 1931/31 TB 48 M Bicolor RARE S:mustard yellow, F:olive, buff flecked, dotted, and veined, B:yellow-orange. 17 2/8.00
4612 ALWAYS AND FOREVER Schreiner, R. 2016/2016 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:white, ecru speckled, F:white, purple speckled band at edge, B:amber. 8 20.00
4636 ALZA HOLA Snyder, W.S 1941/1941 TB 38 M Bitone S: lt lav, gray rim, F:lt violet, lavender rim, white haft, gold veining, B:yellow; floppy. 14 10.00
909 AMADEUS Tompkins, C. 1989/89 TB 37 ML Self RARE A ruffled and flaring silver toned, orchid lilac blended with pale chicory blue, B:lemon white, tipped orange pink. 9 10.00
4493 AMAIN Zurbrigg, L. 1983/1983 TB 37 ML,Re Blend White with golden hafts and some gold in standards and falls, B:yellow. 7 10.00
4638 AMANDINE Douglas, G. 1944/1946 TB   ML Self Pale cream, lemon toned self, B:yellow. 2 10.00
2354 AMAS Foster, M. 1885/85 TB 24 E Bitone Dark blue violet bitone, white at haft. 18 2/9.00
1306 AMAZON PRINCESS Nichols, H. 1971/73 SDB 14 E Self

RARE Lemon yellow with vivid red-brown halo on F, B:orange. 20

946 AMBER BEAUTY Schreiners 1982/82 TB 37 ML Self RARE Ruffled full golden yellow, amber cast, S: slightly lighter, F: darker, haft lines, B:rich gold. 8 10.00
490 AMBROSIA DELIGHT Niswonger, D. 1982/84 TB 36 M Bicolor VERY RARE S:white, F:orange, B:orange; slightly ruffled. 16 12.00
3355 AMENTI Sass, H. 1935/1936 TB 36 L Bicolor VERY RARE S:grayish tan, F:light mauve, B:pale yellow 3 10.00
231 AMERICAN HERITAGE Williamson, B. 1975/78 TB 33 E-M Plicata RARE S:white,wide deep violet blue edge, F:fluted white, dark violet blue border, sanded haft, B:lemon, tipped blue. 10 8.00
512 AMERICAN SWEETHEART Sexton, N. 1983/8 TB 36 M Bicolor S:golden brown, F:rich black with gold haft markings, B:golden brown (orange). 13 10.00
1462 AMETHYST FLAME Schreiner, R. 1957/58 TB 38 ML Self RARE Amethyst-orchid with pink sheen, warm amber wash on hafts; Dykes Medal 1963. Limit one per person. 5 NFS
56 AMIGO Williamson, E. 1933/34 TB 34 M Bitone S:light lavender blue, F:rich deep velvety pansy purple, lines at haft, thin light blue-white rim, B:orange. 9 10.00
160 AMIGO'S GUITAR Plough,G. 1963/64 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:butterscotch with violet midrib, F:blue-violet, white area at haft w/ veins, B:yellow. 29 7.00
38 AMITOLA Sass, H. 1935/36 TB 32 L Blend RARE S:blend of light lavender and buff w/ yellow undertones, F:light violet and lavender blending to buff yellow edge, B:yellow. 4 NFS
3885 AMOROUS DUET Black, P 2002/2002 SDB 14 EM Self Warm white with pink influence, darker pink spot, B:orange/blue/lav. 16 10.00
1284 AMOROUS EMBRACE Nelson, J. 1988/87 TB 34 M Self RARE Ruffled and laced baby-ribbon pink, B:tangerine. 4 11.00
4510 ANCIENT SECRETS Blyth, B. 2009/2009 TB 35 E-M Bicolor S:beige violet, F:golden brown over yellow, B:bright orange; ruffled, fragrant. 2


2327 ANDROMEDE Vilmorin-Andrieux 1926/1926 IB 38 M Bitone VERY RARE S:bright coppery-violet, F:bright violet- purple, white at haft, violet veins, B:yellow. 1 10.00
2874 ANEMBO Bootes, G. 1958/59 TB 40 EML Self RARE Light yellow self, lighter area in F; (name means peaceful). 9 10.00
3473 ANEW Zurbrigg, L. 1983/1983 TB 34 ML,Re Self VERY RARE Ruffled white self, golden hafts, B:yellow 15 11.00
3329 ANGEL BRIGHT Rees, C. 1965/66 TB 36 M Self RARE White self with brilliant gold on shoulders at haft, B:orange. 22 8.00
876 ANGEL CHOIR Schliefert, A. 1970/70 TB 32 M Self RARE Fluted pure white, B:pale yellow. 2 10.00
689 ANGEL UNAWARES Terrell, C. 1970/1970 TB 38 EM Self VERY RARE Ruffled snow white, B:white, slightly yellow at haft. 8 8.00
2603 ANGELS IN FLIGHT Messick, V. 1995/95 TB 37 M Self White self with blue infusion up S and in middle of F, B:cream; ruffled. 10 10.00
4067 ANGELS IN THE ARCHITECTURE Silvers, T. 2017/17 SPX 32 M Plicata

RARE S:white, blue-purple edge, F:white, blue-purple 1/2" rim, purple veins at haft, B:orange, thin bluish end; sweet fragrance, pbf . 3

4441 ANGLER FISH Richardson, G. 2013/14 TB 36 M Bicolor S:pale lavender, F:buff, stippled violet, B:lt orange, upward pointing violet horns; slight fragrance. 9 20.00
1119 ANNA BELLE BABSON Hager, B. 1984/1985 TB 36 M Self Intense deep pink; B:narrow tangerine. Best Pink.19 15.00
3536 ANNA ELVIRA NASH Callis, E. 1939/1941 TB 34 L Self RARE Light wine to pink toned self, darker on hafts and rims, B:white. 25 9.00
2818 ANNE LESLIE Sturtevant, G. 1917/17 TB 27 M Bicolor S:white, F:red -violet, white haft with heavy red-violet veining, yellow styles, B:yellow, tips brown. 9 10.00
3957 ANNETTE Hall, D. 1954/1955 TB 37 M Self Tawny-raspberry self, B:tangerine. 6 10.00
429 ANON Gibson, J. 1974/1975 TB 40 M Plicata S:carrot red, F:amber-yellow rim, flushed brown-lemon on cream ground, garnet hafts, B:tangerine; ruffled and fluted. 8 10.00
15 ANTHEM Schreiner, R. 1956/1958 TB 40 M Self RARE Fuchsia-purple shot rose with bronze border, B:white base, yellow tips; wide flaring falls. 18 8.00
87 ANTIQUE IVORY Schreiners 1972/72 TB 36 ML Halo RARE Creamy white with light yellow border on S and F, B:yellow. 8 NFS
4521 ANYTHING GOES Hager, B. 1995/1998 TB 35 E-M Plicata S:rosy pink, F:white, overlain rose, rosy veined from throat, B:tangerine; ruffled 0 NFS
3325 APACHE Farr, B. 1926/26 IB   M Bitone S:copper vinous purple, lighter at base, F:dark crimson brown, heavy veining at haft on white, B:yellow. 14 11.00
1275 APACHE ROSE Meek, D. 1982/82 TB 36 EM Plicata S:cream-brown with gold wash, F:cream-brown, peppered brownish plum, gold halo, B:burnt orange; ruffled. 10 10.00
1841 APPLE VALLEY DeForest,F. 1958/58 TB 38 M Self RARE White, tinted pink, hafts deeper pink, B:pinkish tangerine; laced edges. 4 10.00
2020 APPLEBLOSSOM PINK Boushay, J. 1973/74 IB 18 E-M Self S:orient pink, F:white in center, darker pink at edges and hafts, B:white; short, very pretty. 10 NFS
2858 APPLEJACK Schreiner 1968/68 TB 37 L Blend RARE Blend of russet brown to honey-peach, white with lines at haft, white line 1" below B, B:light orange; vigorous. 10 8.00
715 APRICOT BLAZE Gibson, J. 1970/71 TB 37 M Bitone RARE S:apricot-buff, F:cream overlain by copper-amber, B:bright orange. 7 10.00
4177 APRICOT GLORY Muhlesteirn, T. 1948/48 TB 36 EM Self VERY RARE Apricot self, hafts flushed deeper, B:apricot. Checking ID. 8 NFS
676 APRICOT SUPREME Tompkins, C. 1951/51 TB 40 ML Self VERY RARE Apricot-toned shell-pink, B:geranium red. 15 9.00
964 APRIL HOPE Gibson, J. 1979/80 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:buff yellow-orange, F:violet, deeper violet veins, 1/4 inch brown rim, light brown hafts, B:yellow-orange; ruffled, serrated. 27 2/10.00
4315 APROPOS Babson, S. 1963/64 TB 38 M Bitone RARE S:pastel lavender, F:deeper lavender and still darker midvein, B:blue; ruffled. 25 8.00
2979 ARABI TREASURE Burnett, M. 1962/63 IB 18 E Self VERY RARE Deep violet self, darker around beard, B:wide fuzzy blue. 6 NFS
971 ARABIAN TAPESTRY Niswonger, D. 1983/83 TB 34 M Self Ruffled reddish brown with violet blaze in center of F, B:gold. 4 15.00
1710 ARCADIA BUTTERCUP Milliken, C. 1947/47 TB 30 E,Re Self RARE Sparkling deep golden yellow, B:same. 2 NFS
3570 ARCHEVEQUE Vilmorin 1911/11 TB 24 M Bitone VERY RARE S:deep purple violet, F:velvety raisin purple, B:orange, maroon tips. 3 12.00
383 ARCTIC BLUSH Austin, L. 1958/58 TB 40 M Self VERY RARE Pale pink, B:tangerine; large bloom. 2 NFS
1106 ARCTIC DAWN Olson, M. 1968/1971 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:pale canary yellow, F:white with canary yellow at haft, B:orange. 6 NFS
3545 ARCTIC WINE Brown, A. 1963/64 IB 21 EM Self RARE Deep wine-red self, darker haft, B:bronze. 4 8.00
4358 ARDIMAC Sundt, E. 1959/59 AB/TB 26 EM Bitone VERY RARE S:violet purple, F:maroon, black signal, hafts and styles veined, B:black. 0 NFS
4606 ARE YOU CRAZY Black, P 2011/2012 TB 33 E-M Bitone S:mid purple, F:dk purple, white patch, purple veins, B:marigold, violet tip; sweet frag. 11 15.00
2449 ARGENT Forbes. J. 1882/82 TB   M Self RARE Med grape, white at haft to below B with dark grape lines 3/4 way down F, B:white base yellow tips. 2 12.00
3924 ARGENTEA Goos & Koen. 1906/1906 TB   M Self

Green and white varigated foliage, lavender bloom I. pallida variegata ARGENTEA. 6

165 ARGUS PHEASANT DeForest, F. 1947/48 TB 38 EM Self Rich golden honey brown, bright coppery sheen, B:old gold; large bloom, somewhat flaring, Dykes Medal 1952; still a popular brown. Limit one. 7 15.00
2312 ARIANE Cayeux, F. 1935/35 TB 40 M Plicata RARE White with medium purple veining. Falls look like color was wiped and smeared in center, B:yellow. Limit one. 1 10.00
1026 ARKANSAS GIRL Sexton, N. 1982/82 TB 36 M Self VERY RARE Lightly laced green-gold, B:green-gold. 5 NFS
2065 ARKANSAS SKIES Rowlan, H. 1981/82 TB 35 M Self RARE Pale violet blue self, B:yellow, variable short blue-tipped horn. 2 NFS
1121 ARPEGE Schreiners 1966/66 TB 36 E Bicolor RARE S:mottled very light lavender-blue, F:dark blue-purple-violet, white at haft with lines, B:orange with blue tip; fades; gbf. 21 8.00
4044 ARRIVEDERCI Keppel, K. 2013/14 TB 37 ML Bicolor S:pale peach, soft lavender midrib, F:warm lavender blend, slight blue center, B:orange, lavender white end; heavily rufflled. 5 20.00
3299 ARROYO Schreiners 1973/74 TB 36 M Self VERY RARE Dark brown self, feather tip of blue below brown-red-copper beard. 2 NFS
2357 ART SHOW Keppel, K. 1989/90 TB 34 M Bicolor RARE S:maise yellow blended peach beige except edge, F:cordovan red with 1/4" maise edge, upper 1/3 maise, striped cordovan, B:red orange; fragrant. 7 10.00
2295 ASHA MICHELLE Blyth, B. 1981/82 TB 38 M-ML Bicolor RARE S:lemon, F:creamy white, lightly stitched rose brown, lines of violet on F with midrib line part way down, B:yellow. 32 2/10.00
3395 ASTRO FLASH Schreiners 1976/76 TB 37 M Blend VERY RARE Rich blend of golden brown with henna accent, heart-shaped area of blue on F, B:yellow to gold. 1 NFS
1051 ASTRO FLIGHT Rowlan, H. 1983/84 TB 33 ML Self RARE Lightly laced and ruffled wisteria blue self, darker lines at haft, B:yellow with 3/4" blue horn. 13 10.00
3810 AT DAWNING Kirkland, J. 1933/35 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:pale pink-mother of pearl, gold base, F:rose-pink, white haft gold lined, B:golden orange; better in shade 6 NFS
1056 ATLANTIC RIPPLES Powell, L. 1974/74 TB 35 E-VL Self VERY RARE Ruffled blue orchid, lighter at haft, B:blue. 8 10.00
3779 ATROVIOLACEA Todaro,A. 1856/56 MDB 6 EE Bitone RARE S:red-violet, F:deeper red-violet, B:thin white. One per customer. 5 10.00
2268 ATTENTION PLEASE Mohr, H. 1973/74 TB 34 M Plicata RARE S:lilac purple with a few flecks of white, F:specturm violet on white ground washed with cream, B:orange-brown. 12 9.00
3854 AUBURN Kleinsorge, R. 1945/45 TB 39 E Self VERY RARE S:coppery henna brown, F:same with wide blue patch below B, B:orange. 2 NFS
4077 AULD LANG SYNE Spahn, F. 1981/82 TB 35 EM Bitone RARE S:creamy pink, F:peach pink, B:bright tangerine; ruffled. 26 2/10.00
2855 AURIFERO Mohr-Mitchell 1923/27 TB 40 M Bitone RARE S:soft lavender, F:flaring lavender flushed rose, white at haft with rich gold veining, B:golden yellow. 10 NFS
3916 AUSTRALIS Todaro, A. 1861/1861 TB   LM Bitone RARE S:pallid blue-violet, veining red-brown, F:pale violet, gray inner haft, B:white, tipped yellow at base, projecting; fragrance. 7 11.00
5 AUTUMN APRICOT Thimsen, A. 1987/88 TB 30 M,Re Bitone RARE S:light orange, F:light orange, cream below B, B:red; ruffled. 4 10.00
1186 AUTUMN BLUSH Black, P. 1983/84 TB 33 EM Bicolor VERY RARE S:mauve-pink with paler edge, F:cream with greenish cast, amber-rose hafts, pale pink suffused halo, B:deep sienna; ruffled and laced, frag. 16 11.00
3138 AUTUMN CIRCUS Hager, B. 1990/90 TB 34 E, Re Plicata S:white, lightly peppered blue-violet to solid edge, F:white, bold lines radiating from B, blue-violet plicata edge, B:white, blue tip. 16 10.00
254 AUTUMN DELIGHT Austin, L. 1952/52 TB 28 M,Re Bitone RARE S:amethyst pink, F:deep rosy mulberry, yellow haft with lines to end of B, B:yellow orange. 2 NFS
809 AUTUMN ECHO Gibson, J. 1973/75 TB 36 E,Re Plicata S:yellow speckled garnet-brown, rim flushed yellow, F:canary yellow, speckled garnet-brown, garnet-brown rim, small white signal, B:orange. 15 10.00
2807 AUTUMN KING Sass, H. 1924/24 TB   M,Re Bitone RARE S:light bluish purple. F:darker with lighter rim, B:white base, yellow tips. 0 SOLD OUT
732 AUTUMN LEAVES Keppel, K. 1972/74 TB 34 M Bicolor S:brownish yellow, F:maroon with brown edges, B:orange-yellow; ruffled. 7 10.00

Brown, G.P. 1961/1962

BB/TB 18 E,Re Self Yellow orange self, darker lines at haft, B:dk orange; Oct. rebloom, pbf. 18 8.00
2848 AUTUMN QUEEN Sass, H. 1926/26 SDB 12 E,Re Self RARE White; rebloomer. 5 8.00
1684 AUTUMN ROSEMIST Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 34 M,Re Bitone S:misty buff pink, F:soft crimson pink, 1/4" darker rim, yellow at haft w/ lines, B:bright orange-yellow. 12 2/8.00
1685 AUTUMN ROSYCHEEKS Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 32 EE,Re Bitone VERY RARE Light fuchsia-pink, mulberry cheeks on falls, lines at haft, B:red-orange; Wanted by many antique collectors. Limit one. 10 NFS
1604 AUTUMN SUNSET Lapham, E. G. 1939/39 TB 32 M,Re Bitone S:pale buff yellow with pale reddish violet wash, F:darker reddish violet with buff yellow blended rim, copper red at haft, B:yellow. 10 2/10.00
3463 AUTUMN TWILIGHT Brown, G.P. 1971/71 TB 33 M,Re Bicolor S:brownish yellow, F:lavender with brown edging, hafts ecru with lavender veins. 18 2/8.00
1686 AUTUMN VELVET Brown, G. P. 1962/62 TB 33 EM,Re Bitone RARE S:deep carmine, F:darker carmine, velvety sheen, B:gold-bronze; short bloom stalks. 12 8.00
742 AVALON BAY Hamner, B. 1973/74 TB 36 M,Re Self RARE Ruffled bluebird blue, B:yellow, tipped blue. 1 8.00
1192 AVENGING ANGEL Williamson, B. 1980/84 TB 38 ML Self RARE Ruffled burgundy red, B:burgundy. 44 2/10.00
2606 AWAKENING Meek, D. 1994/94 TB 35 ML Self

S:deep pink, slight lavender infusion, F:pink to lavender, tan hint at haft, B:henna, lav-blue; sweet fragrance. 6

2802 AZTEC BURST Blyth, B. 1993/94 TB 38 VE Bicolor RARE S:white, F:apricot to light orange, B:apricot tangerine. 9 10.00
50 AZTEC COPPER Kleinsorge, R. 1939/39 TB 38 M   VERY RARE Lovely blend of smokey violets and copper; slight fragrance. 10 NFS
519 AZTEC STAR Niswonger, D. 1981/81 SDB 12 M Bicolor RARE S:pale yellow, F:red, edged pale yellow, deeper yellow in throat, B:pale yellow. 23 5.00
1243 AZURE LUSTER Weiler, J. 1981/82 TB 36 M-L Self VERY RARE Ruffled clean light azure-blue, lighter area around B, maroon lines deep in throat, B:yellow; semiflaring, pronounced fragrance. 3 10.00
2399 AZURE WHIR Durrance, J. 1992/92 TB 35 E Self RARE Ruffled light blue-grey self, B:light yellow tipped blue. 10 2/10.00