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Please read this whole message as there are a number of changes being made that could affect your order.


The garden is open for visiting this year starting May1. Mid April if we have an early bloom. We are open Wed. through Sun. from 10 am to 5 pm. Last day to visit the garden will be May 19. 530-620-5017 for questions. Admission is $5 per person. You can still order from my catalog until July 31.

For new customers, after more than 50 years in the business I am continuing to downsize with closing the business coming in a few years. The kids are not interested in continuing the business and I have heard of too many stories where the iris collection is plowed under and I consider what I have here as too valuable to the iris world to have that happen.

I will again be offering a SALE of 2 for the price of 1 on preselected varieties. This is not the same as a half price sale. (For shipping: TB's on sale for 2/$8, for example, still count as 2 for shipping purposes). (Count dwarf sale irises as one for shipping purposes- they are smaller.) Ordering closing date is July 31.

All Dykes Medal winners are limited to one per customer unless otherwise noted if they are listed as for sale. NFS means not for sale.

Many of the earlier NFS irises have been converted to listed for sale. Check the number at the end of the descriptions- that's how many I have left. However, if you really want one of the NFS's, feel free to list them as bonus or substitute choices and I'll see what I can do. I consider "RARE" those found in two or fewer commercial gardens in the U.S. They need saving from extinction.

Still in progress: Be sure to check out the "U" listing. U is for currently unknown. I have about 750 of those. There are many people, like me, who like an iris whether it has a name or not. They will be offered at a reduced price. As a bonus, a $10 gift certificate will be given for every iris to the first person who can correctly identify any of them. Email me on those.

Finally I am also going to offer "Rainbow Packs" one of each clolor and "Color Collections" all white, all yellow, all blue, or all plicatas this year. Ten irises, my choice, for $30. That's at least a $60 value. These need to be ordered separately from regular orders with shipping added.

With that, we are happy to finally announce our 2024 catalog! This listing replaces all previous catalogs and price lists. Please use the order form above for your order. Please do not send your order by email. I need a paper order and check at the same time. If you choose not to use the order form, please include the iris number, iris name, quantity, and price on your order on regular sized paper. Also include your email address if you have one. Depending on the size of your order, you will receive one or more BONUS selections of my choice (but I love hints) with your order. Minimum order is $10.00. Ordering closing date is July 31.


All prices are net. CA residents only please add 7.25% sales tax. Western states, excluding CA, please add $2. Mid West North Dakota down through Texas and the Mississippi River area please add $5, East Coast area please add $7 to your basic shipping total (see Shipping). Payment in full must accompany each order. Your canceled check is notification of receipt and acceptance of your order. Make checks payable to BLUEBIRD HAVEN IRIS GARDEN. Sorry we do not take credit or debit cards or PayPal.


Please note that there are two separate shipping fees. One is the basic shipping rate based on the number of irises you order and the other (under Terms) is the Area Fee for where the package is shipped. Except for CA both fees must be calculated.

We can ship anywhere in the U.S. Since shipping is by USPS, please show a complete delivery address. The main shipping season is July and August. We do not ship outside the US. No orders will be accepted after July 31 this year.

Basic shipping rates are: $9 for 1-6 iris, $10 for 7-10 iris, $12 for 11-14 iris, $14 for 15-18 iris. Add $.50 for each iris over 18. Shipping costs increase the further from CA that you live. Please add the following Area Fee to your basic shipping cost: $2 for Western states, excluding CA. For the Mississippi River area and North Dakota down to Texas add $5, and for the rest toward the East Coast areas add $7 to your basic shipping total.

Example: Shipping 19 irises to New Jersey. Basic rate is $14.50 which is $14 for 18 iris plus $.50 for one iris over 18. Then add the Area Fee of $7 for the East Coast area. Total shipping is $21.50 for 19 irises shipped to New Jersey.


Supplies of plants are limited to available stock. If we are sold out of stock on a particular iris, we prefer to substitute from a list, sent in with your order, (your choice of substitutes, bonus irises, and wish list (NFS), or a similar colored variety (of equal or greater value). PLEASE ORDER EARLY!. PLEASE list several alternate varieties for substitutions OR give me a hint as to what goal you have in mind for your garden so that I can better serve your needs if you choose to accept substitutes. We use your alternate list for our bonus iris when possible.

Guaranteed Plant Quality

Our irises are guaranteed true to variety name. Open your shipment as soon as it arrives. If you cannot plant the rhizomes within a few days, store them upright in a cool, well ventilated place until planting. If you are dissatisfied, we will replace or refund your order if you notify us of a problem within 14 days, and return the irises. We'll pay return shipping. We cannot be responsible for gophers, weather, or growing conditions in your garden. Planting instructions are included with each order.

Catalog Key


TB Tall Bearded (greater than 28" tall)
MTB Miniature Tall Bearded (small bloom, TB height)
BB Border Bearded (15"-28" tall)
IB Intermediate Bearded (15"-28" tall)
SDB Standard Dwarf Bearded (less than 15" tall)
MDB Miniature Dwarf Bearded (less than 8" tall)
AB Arilbred, Oncobred, etc.

Bloom Time

E Early
M Medium
L Late
Re Rebloomer (blooms spring and fall or winter)

Color Type

Self Iris of a single color
Bitone Standards and Falls different shades of the same color
Bicolor Standards and Falls of different colors
Blend Two or more colors blended together
Plicata Stitched, spotted or stippled color on different colored background
Halo Falls have a distinct solid rim of a color different from center


S Standards; the upper blossom petals
F Falls; the lower blossom petals
B Beard; the clustered hairs on the falls