1960 ZANTHA Fay, O. 1947/47 TB 36 E Self RARE Intense, deep golden yellow (bright yellow, darker streak down F.), B:orange. 50 8.00
116 ZEBRA unknown pre 1950 TB 30 EM Self RARE Novelty: I pallida variety, light lavender-blue; small flower, varigated creamy yellow and green leaves, very showy. 26 10.00
4106 ZIZAH Rich, L. 1982/1983 AB 15 E Bicolor S:light orchid, veined deeper, beige midrib, F:tan brown, flecked maroon, indefinite maroon red signal, B:brown. 32 9.00
707 ZOE Woodside, S. 1973/74 TB 29 M Self RARE Heavily ruffled pale pink with cream flush on F, B:tangerine. 40 9.00
389 ZOMBIE Craig, T. 1957/57 TB 36 ML Self RARE Deep wine-red, white with haft lines, B:burnt yellow. Limit one. 8 SOLD OUT
978 ZOUNDS Blyth, B. 1983/83 SDB 13 E-L Bicolor RARE S:vivid blue-lilac, F:brown-tan, blended olive, B:light blue. 3 7.00
1843 ZUA Crawford, Mrs. W. 1914/14 IB 24 E Self RARE Unusual crinkled white petals, sport of Florentina .2 NFS
2398 ZWANENBURG Denis, L. 1912/12 AB/IB 20 EE Bicolor RARE S:light olive green with hint of lavender, F:dark amber, lighter at rim, darker veins, B:brown; oncocyclus hybrid. 2 NFS