2915 YANKEE BOY Gadd 1966/67 TB 38 M Self Ruffled dark violet self, B:black 5.00
557 YAQUINA BLUE Schreiner 1992/92 TB 37 M Self Ruffled medium blue, B:yellow,tipped blue 8.00
2748 YELLOW BRICK ROAD Gibson 1992/93 TB 33 EM Plicata S:golden amber, F:deep gold, center pailing to white, amber brown plicata shoulders and stripe at end of B.B:gold, tipped amber 10.00
2489 YELLOW GIRL Jones 1983/84 SDB 12 M Self Medium yellow with deeper velvety yellow spot on F. B:yellow; spicy fragrance 3.00
2157 YELLOW MOTH Wilson 1975 MDB 8 E Self S:light yellow, F:light yellow with grey moth wing design, B:yellow tipped grey 2.00
821 YELLOW WAVE Weiler 1973 IB 19 E-M,Re Self Empire yellow with tiny white spear at tip of B, B:white tipped yellow 4.00
2 YO-YO Schreiner 1978 SDB 14 E Bicolor S:lt.orchid (red-violet), F:orchid (deep red-violet), deep purple (burgundy) spot, B:lavender 2.00
1227 YUBBLEGUM Innerst 1983 TB 32 M Self Heavily ruffled and laced medium pink, with hints of orange-peach, B:same; slight musky fragrance 7.00
629 YVONNE B. BURKE Hager 1976/77 TB 38 M Self Rich deep purple, B:deep purple; very popular 6.00