2832 W. J. FRYER Fryer, W. 1917/17 TB 34 M Bicolor S:golden yellow, F:reddish purple with narrow yellow border, white at haft with lines radiating down F, B:yellow orange NFS
2480 W. R. DYKES Dykes, W. 1926/26 TB 38 E Self Large yellow blooms with falls sometimes dappled in red purple streaks or blotches, white at haft, B:orange NFS
207 WABASH Williamson, E.B. 1936/36 TB 40 M Bicolor S:snow white, F:deep velvety violet, white edge; slightly ruffled, Dykes Medal 1940 10.00
3397 WAIMEA CANYON SUNRISE Johnson, L. 2004/05 TB 36 M Bicolor S:yellow, F:lavender, rimmed tan, burnished tan shoulders, B:yellow NFS
2257 WAR DANCE Craig, T. 1952/52 TB 42 L Blend RARE Blend of chocolate and Java brown NFS
1228 WAR SAILS Schreiners 1983/84 TB 42 ML-L Self Photo wrong. Light red, shaded strawberry roan, B:large, rose-brown NFS
619 WARM LAUGHTER Schreiners 1970/70 TB 40 ML Self RARE Warm, light lavender orchid, B:light yellow NFS
1211 WATCH IT Weiler, J. 1984/84 TB 34 E-M Bitone S:dark violet, F:blackish violet, B:violet; slight sweet fragrance NFS
10 WATERCOLOR Roberts, R. 1967/68 SDB 14 E Bicolor S:bright deep yellow, F:maroon with bright yellow hafts, yellow rims, B:orange 5.00
2741 WATERWORLD Lauer, L. 1995/96 TB 37 M Bicolor S;white, F:lavender blue, style arms white w/ blue base, B:lavender blue NFS
2300 WAYSIDE'S ELEGANCE Schreiners 1992/92 TB 37 EM Self Apricot pongee, B:apricot tipped yellow 8.00
2238 WAYWARD WIND Baker, O. T. 1956/58 TB 36 EL Self RARE Antique bronze self (golden tan), slight infusion of chartreuse, B:same 6.00
124 WEBSPUN Craig, T. 1968/69 TB 34 EM Bitone RARE S:plumbago grey-blue, F:plumbago grey and wisteria, B:bright orange, deeper veining overall; color holds better in light shade 6.00
2914 WEDDING BOUQUET Buttrick, S. 1951/52 TB 35 M Self White, B:lemon, tipped white 6.00
1441 WEDDING CANDLES Schreiners 1982/82 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:creamy white, flushed yellow at midrib, F:full yellow, B:full yellow; lightly ruffled NFS
740 WEDDING VOW Ghio, J. 1970/72 TB 37 E Self Ruffled white, blue cast, B:white NFS
2017 WEE FRAGRANCE Schmelzer by Baldwin 1978/78 SDB 11 M Self RARE S:white, F:white with blue-purple blaze, green at haft, B:gold tipped white: very fragrant NFS
2426 WELCH'S REWARD Welch by Hall 1987/88 MTB 22 M Bicolor S:yellow, F:red purple with 1/8" yellow edge, white hafts with bright purple veining extending downward 5.00
1957 WELL ENDOWED Ghio, J. 1978/79 TB 40 EM Self Bright gold with small white area below gold beard 8.00
1348 WENATCHEE SKIES Noyd, L. 1962/63 TB 34 M-L Self RARE Blue, B:white 6.00
31 WEST COAST Knopf, M. 1966/68 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Lightly ruffled cadmium orange-gold NFS
4500 WESTERN EDGE Mego, A. 2015/2015 TB 38 E-L Bicolor S:carmel tinged violet, F:lavender-blue, darker center, cream border, lemon blaze, B:wide tangerine, lavender horns; ruffled 25.00
1709 WESTERN HILLS Muhlestein, T. 1951/51 TB 42 M,Re Self RARE Looks like autumn leaves with a golden tan, falls flushed silvery plum over copper, B:orange; delightful fragrance NFS
279 WESTERN HOSTESS Babson, S. 1977/78 TB 36 M Self RARE Large ruffled pale chiffon blue bloom, B:pale yellow 6.00
272 WESTERN PROMISE Roe, B. 1976/78 TB 36 M Self RARE Flax blue and lavender blend, B:ocher-orange 6.00
4325 WESTERN SUN Harris, F. 1963/64 TB 32 M Self RARE Mustard yellow self, velvety finish, no markings NFS
2498 WESTLAND ROSE Simon, W. 1995/96 TB 36 M Self Violet rose, center of F lighter, darker at haft, B:bright tangerine; ruffled, lightly laced NFS
4304 WHISPERING PINES Barnewitz, F. 1945/45 TB   E Self RARE yellow NFS
4404 WHISPERS Linse, J. 1950/51 TB 42 M-L Bicolor RARE S:soft chrome yellow, F:flaring amber white, B:yellow 6.00
510 WHITE ARTS Danielson, L. 1985/86 AB 30 M Self Pure white arilbred type, B:white NFS
2951 WHITE GODDESS Nesmith, E. 1935/36 TB 40 M Self RARE Glistening white self 6.00
76 WHITE LIGHTNING Gatty, J. 1973/74 TB 35 E Self RARE Ruffled white, strong yellow netting at haft, B:bright yellow; one of the first to bloom 6.00
1726 WHITE PARASOL Wolf, Mrs. R. 1955/58 TB 36 M Self Novelty: greenish white; opens flat 7.00
2331 WHITE PRAIRIES DeForest, F. 1945/45 TB 38 M Self Glistening white, B:pale yellow; wide standards and broad rounded and flaring falls NFS
1958 WHITE RUFFLES Taylor, C. 1945/45 TB   M Self RARE Huge and ruffled white blossoms; tall, excellent substance NFS
2352 WHITE SMOKE Rees, R.&C. 1949/49 TB 45 M Self RARE Fine branching, large ruffled white with blue cast. 6.00
1753 WHITE UNICORN Austin, L. 1961/62 TB 42 EM-ML Self RARE S:blue-white, F:white faintly flushed lavender, B:needle-like horns up to 2" long NFS
16 WHOLE CLOTH Cook, P. 1956/58 TB 36 M Bicolor S:white, F:medium blue, B:yellow; Dykes Metal 1962 NFS
4566 WILD ANGEL Johnson, T. 2006/2006 TB 42 M-L Bicolor S:white, gold halo, F:white, gold shoulders, violet center, dk. violet veins, gilt gold rim, B:marigold; ruffled, laced, spicy fragrance NFS
1053 WILD BERRY Hamner, B. 1978/78 TB 36 M Plicata S:solid violet-purple, F:white ground with heavy violet-purple plicata markings 7.00
1233 WILD CARD Meek, D. 1983/83 TB 35 M-L Plicata White ground with variable markings in shades of lavender to deep purple, brown hafts, B:white, tipped yellow; heavily ruffled 2/7.00
3390 WILD DISCOVERY Hedgecock, J. 2002/02 TB 32 EM Plicata S:creamy tan, F:straw to pinkish tan, lighter at haft with distinct red tan veining, light yellow rim, B:deep orange; ruffled, laced, slight sweet fragrance NFS
126 WILD GINGER Gibson, J. 1960/62 TB 36 EM Plicata RARE Yellow background stitched and peppered brown, orchid at edges; ruffled 6.00
2297 WILD JASMINE Hamner, B. 1983/83 TB 33 M Plicata S:yellow, F:white ground stitched golden brown , B:gold; ruffled 7.00
2365 WILD PLUM Plough, G. 1962/63 TB 34 EM-L Bitone RARE S:browner tone of plum-purple, F:lighter and bluer than spectrum violet, border same as S, B:orange tipped blue 6.00
1415 WILD WEST Ghio, J. 1978/79 TB 40 M Self RARE Mahogany brown, B:golden brown 8.00
1863 WILLIAM A. SETCHELL Brehm, G. 1938/38 TB 42 M Bitone S:steel blue, F:violet-blue; simply huge blooms and vigorous growth. 6.00
467 WINDSOR ROSE Schreiners 1977/77 TB 40 ML Self Deep rose raspberry, B:tangerine red 6.00
1507 WINDSURFER Maryott, W. 1982/83 TB 36 M,Re Self RARE S:medium blue with prominent white midrib, F:medium blue with prominent white flash, B:white 7.00
100 WINE AND ROSES Hall, D. 1963/63 TB 35 M Bitone S:rose pink, F:deep wine, edged rose pink NFS
1770 WINGED FUCHSIA Austin, L. 1957/57 TB 42 M-L Self RARE Flaring bright fuchsia, B:red-tangerine NFS
852 WINGS OF DREAMS Woodside, S. 1974/75 TB 37 M Bitone S:light pink, F:creamy light pink, lighter area around tangerine B, texture veined; ruffled, laced and fluted NFS
739 WINNER'S CIRCLE Plough, G. 1971/72 TB 34 E-L Self S:deep blackish violet, F:same with 1" round white flash below B 2/6.00
540 WINNESHIEK Egelberg, L. 1930/31 TB   M Bitone RARE Rich purple-blue with velvety falls, lighter margin on F., ruffled NFS
264 WINSOME LASS Corlew, G. 1974/75 TB 32 M Self RARE Cameo pink, B:tangerine 6.00
3948 WINTER CARNIVAL Schreiner, R. 1941/41 TB 38 ML Self RARE White self, throat heavily tinted yellow-gold, yellow tan veining to end of beard, B:yellow; crimped edges, some flaring 6.00
1393 WINTER FANTASY Hamner,B. 1973/74 TB 35 E-M Self RARE Cool white with faint wash of pink around stylearms and center of F, light yellow at haft, B:light red; ruffled and lightly laced 6.00
312 WINTER FLAME Austin, L. 1953/53 TB 32 E,Re Bitone RARE S:light wine-red, F:crimson, light buff edging, B:yellow 6.00
323 WINTER GIANT Austin, L. 1964/65 TB 28 E,Re Self RARE Blackish crimson; colossal bloom 6.00
1716 WINTER GOLD Austin, L. 1964/65 TB 42 E,Re Self RARE Deep yellow, gold veins at haft, whitish around B 6.00
1535 WINTER OLYMPICS Brown, O. 1961/63 TB 37 E-M Self White, B:white; Dykes Medal 1967 NFS
497 WINTER PANORAMA Mohr, H. 1974/75 TB 34 E-L Self RARE Big blocky white self, B:white, yellow in throat 6.00
1391 WITCH OF ENDOR Miller, B. 1977/78 TB 38 EM,Re Self Black-crimson, small white semi-circle at hafts with black-crimson tracery, B:golden, tipped black-crimson; ruffled 2/6.00
4407 WITCHES' BREW Craig, T. 1958/58 TB 30 M-L Self S;maroon with tan influence, F:blended values of red, small violet accent at tip of beard, B:gold NFS
2746 WITCH'S CAPE Hedgecock, J. 1992/93 TB 34 M Bicolor S:dark inky blue, F:satiny dark blue, hafts paler blue, B:dark blue, gold in throat; heavily ruffled 9.00
2164 WITCH'S WAND Blyth, B. 1985/88 TB 36 M-ML Bitone S:electric black violet, F:near black, B:tangerine 10.00
4771 WITCHY WOMAN Dash, H. 2020/21 TB 34 EM Bicolor

S:gold, SA:gold, F:gold base, overlaid firebrick red veining and wide rim, faint gold edge, B:light orange; slight fragrance

687 WIZARD OF ID Dyer, P. 1980/81 SDB 12 M-L Self RARE Deep metallic gold with green flush at midrib, B:deep purple 4.00
4461 WONDERS NEVER CEASE Black, P. 2007/2007 TB 40 E-M Halo S:yellow-white, F:white, lined and dotted plum- rose, darker lower half, white rim, B:white, tipped yellow; ruffled, fragrant 15.00
2107 WOODCRAFT Keppel, K. 1978/79 TB 38 EM Plicata RARE S:brownish red with old gold on midrib, F:mimosa yellow to white ground, wide border matching S, deeper hafts, B:yellow 6.00
1959 WOODMONT PLUME Lafrenz, E. 1953/53 TB 37 EM Plicata RARE "Fancy" plicata, white ground heavily stippled red-violet 6.00
220 WOODWINE Gibson, J. 1972/73 TB 38 M Plicata White ground, stitched purple-madder, B:white, tipped brown and gold 7.00
276 WORLD NEWS Sexton, N. 1977/77 TB 36 ML Bicolor S:chrome-yellow, F:maroon-brown, B:orange-gold; striking 7.00
4567 WORLD PREMIER Schreiner 1998/1998 TB 37 M-L Bicolor S:blue white, F:dark blue violet, narrow pale blue room, white at haft, dark veins, B:blue base, yellow tips; ruffled 10.00
2852 WYOMISSING Farr, B. 1909/09 TB 30 M Bitone S:creamy rose white, F:cameo pink flushed rose-lavender, veining on bronzed haft to 3/4 way down, B:yellow, first registered as IB. Limit one. 7.00