4144 UNCLE TELL Smith, E. 1961/62 TB 38 M Self RARE Violet-purple self, B:blue-violet; lightly ruffled 5.00
189 UNICORN Austin, L. 1952/54 TB 36 EM Plicata S:bright mulberry, F:white, mulberry edge and centerline, B:superimposed upon a 3/4" horn; Collector's item, first horned iris NFS
4034 UNVEILING A SCARF Jedlicka, L&K 2009/10 TB 31 EM Halo S:warm pink infused lavender, F:lavender pink ground, center streaked and veined medium red purple, pink-lav border, B:tangerine; ruffled, lightly laced NFS
532 UP PERISCOPE Maryott, W. 1984/85 TB 36 E-M Self RARE Ruffled medium blue, thin band of silver around F, small flash of white at end of white B, which is yellow deep in throat 7.00
3559 URANIUM BELLE Freudenburg, L. 1958/58 TB 29 M Self RARE Parchment yellow with uranium cast, lighter below beard, B:yellow NFS
3867 UTAH SUNSET Muhlestein, T. 1949/51 TB 32 EM Blend RARE Smooth blend of onion skin pink, buff, and salmon, warm yellow, B:orange NFS
4332 UTAH VALLEY Muhlestein, T. 1958/59 TB 40 M-L Self RARE Violet blue self, white area in center of falls, B:orange NFS