819 ULTRA ECHO Rich 1972 BB 24 M,Re Bitone S:medium blue, F:medium violet, B:yellow 3.00
1162 UNDERSTUDY Tompkins 1986 TB 38 ML Plicata Creamy orchid-blue ground, washed deep heliotrope blue, 1/2" violet edge, B:blue 8.00
2425 UNFURLED FLAG Hager 1982/83 TB 36 M Self S:none, F:six blue violet, B:white tipped yellow 7.00
189 UNICORN Austin 1952/54 TB 36 EM Plicata S:bright mulberry, F:white, mulberry edge and centerline, B:superimposed upon a 3/4" horn; Collector's item, first horned iris 4.00
532 UP PERISCOPE Maryott 1984 TB 36 E-M Self Ruffled medium blue, thin band of silver around F, small flash of white at end of white B, which is yellow deep in throat 7.00