4144 UNCLE TELL Smith, E. 1961/62 TB 38 M Self RARE Violet-purple self, B:blue-violet; lightly ruffled. 50 8.00
189 UNICORN Austin, L. 1952/54 TB 36 EM Plicata S:bright mulberry, F:white, mulberry edge and centerline, B:superimposed upon a 3/4" horn; Collector's item, first horned iris. 8 NFS
4480 UP IN FLAMES Johnson, T. 2010/2010 TB 37 M Bitone S:hot pink-rose, F:plush velvety dark garnet, pink-rose edges, faint white veins by beard, B:deep orange-red; ruffled, sweet fragrance. 6 20.00
3559 URANIUM BELLE Freudenburg, L. 1958/58 TB 29 M Self RARE Parchment yellow with uranium cast, lighter below beard, B:yellow. 8 10.00
3867 UTAH SUNSET Muhlestein, T. 1949/51 TB 32 EM Blend RARE Smooth blend of onion skin pink, buff, and salmon, warm yellow, B:orange, paler tip; ruffled NFS
2280 BkA yellow   TB     Self Light buttercup yellow, darker orange tone at haft, B:orange 5.00
2576 BkA lavender   TB     Self Nicely ruffled medium lavender, lighter at haft, very flaring, B:lavender-white 5.00
3292 BkA bitone grape   TB     Bitone S:white with grape cast, F:med grape, lighter haft, B:orange, white end, light ruffle 5.00
3146 BkA older white   TB     Self tailored blue-white, brown-gold lines at haft, B:orange, white ends 5.00
3158 BkB grape plicata   TB     Plicata

White base, S:veined grape, F:lemon cast, grape stitched and dotted edge, violet stitching at haft, deep purple spear, B:orange

758 BkB deep maroon   TB     Self

Very ruffled faring deep glowing maroon, B:rust; before 2017

2510 BkB purple plic   TB     Plicata S:white, edged wash of purple, lighter center, F:white, stitched purple edge and dots, dk center stripe, maroon shoulders, B:white, orange tips 5.00
2930 BkB older purple bitone   TB     Bitone Dainty, S:blue purple, F:violet purple, lighter rim, white haft with dark violet veining, B:orange; older form and size 5.00
3048 BkB bitone grape, violet   TB     Bitone S:smooth grape, F:smooth violet, narrow white haft with violet veins, small white spear, B:orange; pbf 5.00
2172 BkE rosy tan, violet, plum   TB     Bicolor S:rosy tan, F:blend of grape, violet, with rosy tan on edge, haft white with golden brown veining, B:orange 6.00