1202 TA DA Slade, G. 1984/84 TB 33 M Bicolor RARE S:smoky pink, edged gold, F:dark red-violet, narrowly edged gold-orange, B:bright orange 8.00
1600 TACO BELLE Sexton, N. 1978/78 TB 36 M Bicolor S:yellow, F:red-brown, B:gold 6.00
447 TACO SUPREME Ernst, R. 1987/87 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:golden yellow, F:brick red, B:golden yellow; fluted 7.00
4253 TAHITI SUNRISE Ernst, L. 1965/63 TB 36 LM
RARE Orange-pink self, B:strawberry NFS
3380 TAJ MAHAL Sturtevant, G. 1920/20 TB 38 M Self White with the faintest lavender veining at hafts. B:white; diploid 6.00
2518 TAMARISK Gaddie, G. 1986/87 TB 39 M Self Light cool pink, B:coral; ruffled and laced 10.00
1394 TAMBOURINE Babson, S. 1968/69 TB 32 M Bicolor S:bright gold, tinged yellow, F:blend of garnet-grape with plum-blue blaze and yellow-brown rim, B:dark orange; lightly ruffled NFS
3383 TAMERLAN Vilmorin 1904/04 TB 30 E Bitone S:light lavender violet, F:violet purple, olive outer haft veined violet and white, B:dense orange 6.00
202 TANGERINE CARNIVAL Austin, L. 1957/57 TB 34 ML Bitone S:light pink, F:light pink, veined purple 6.00
216 TANGERINE SKY Schreiners 1976/76 TB 36 L Self Tangerine and deep gold blend, B:tangerine 6.00
1265 TANTARA Ensminger, A. 1981/82 SDB 15 M Bitone S:tan, F:dark brown, B:pansy violet NFS
1626 TAR BARREL Powell, L. 1976/76 TB 34 E-L Bitone S:blue-black, F:velvety black, B:blue-black NFS
2016 TARN HOWS Randall, H. 1951/55 TB 36 M Self RARE Tobacco-brown, rose highlights, B:dull orange 6.00
2911 TEA ROSE Whiting, Mrs. C. 1942/44 TB   M Blend RARE Reddish rose blend, blue flash, white about haft, rose veins, B:yellow-orange NFS
2106 TECHNICOLOR Whiting, Mrs. C. 1949/50 TB 36 M Self RARE Dark brown-red self, yellow area around B, B:burnt orange 6.00
1769 TEMPLE BELLS Hall, D. 1952/52 TB 38 E Self RARE Very large deep golden apricot, B:tangerine NFS
2941 TEMPTING FATE Meek, D. 1993/93 TB 34 ML Bitone S:blue white, deeper at midrib, F:very dark blue purple with small ray pattern at tip of beard, B:lavender, tipped bronze 15.00
1369 TENDER YEARS Hamblen, M. 1979/80 IB 22 E-L Plicata RARE S:white with wide plicata border and dottings of violet-blue to blue, F:same with inconspicuous cinnamon veining at hafts, B:deeper toned 7.00
3381 TENEBRAE Bliss, A. 1922/22 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:rich violet purple, darker midrib, F:rich velvety blackish purple, white haft, violet-brown veining, B;orange 6.00
1874 TENNISON RIDGE Begley by McWhirter 1988/89 TB 38 E-M,Re Plicata S:solid plum burgundy; F:white ground, stitched plum burgundy on edge, near black at hafts; B:bronze tipped burgundy; sweet fragrance 8.00
572 TEQUILA SUNRISE McWhirter, J. 1977/78 TB 38 M Bicolor S:yellow-orange, F:deep violet, edged tan, B:yellow; laced, beautiful but slow NFS
1972 THAIS Cayeux, F. 1926/26 TB 42 M   Medium lavender, small bloom 6.00
1706 THANKSGIVING FIRELIGHT Austin, L. 1950/50 TB 36 M,Re Bicolor RARE S:orange-yellow, F:crimson NFS
1148 THAT SCENTSATION Weiler, J. 1984/85 TB 37 E-L Self Smooth medium blue, lighter around B, B:pale yellow; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
4146 THE ADMIRAL Hall, D. 1938/41 TB   M Self RARE Intense lavender-blue, slight darker veining at haft, B:gold, white tip; fragrant 6.00
2061 THE BLACK DOUGLAS Sass, J. 1934/34 TB 36 M Bitone Dark blue purple bitone 6.00
3568 THE FIRST LADY Callis, E. 1939/40 TB   L Bicolor S:yellow-white, F:white ground, veined rosy violet over entire surface, B:light yellow NFS
1954 THE KNOCKOUT Muhlstein, T. 1948/48 TB 35 ML Self RARE S:rich yellow, F:lighter, brushed heavy yellow on the haft by B, B:deep orange 6.00
3533 THE MAD HATTER Lyon, D. 1950/51 TB 40 LM Bitone S:deep maroon, F:velvety maroon overlaid blackish, white at haft, maroon veining, B:old gold; semi-flaring 6.00
386 THE RED DOUGLAS Sass, J. 1934/37 TB 40 M Bitone S:Carmine red, F:slightly darker, lighter rim, brown haft markings, B:showy orange; fragrant, Dykes Medal 1941 NFS
2728 THEATRE Keppel, K. 1981/81 TB 34 EM Plicata S:vevain, F:white ground with purple heather dotted wash, B:white to lemon 7.00
2135 THEODOLINDA Ayres, Dr. W. 1931/32 TB 38 ML Plicata Satiny white with buttonhole stitches of bright blue-violet, B: orange, blue tip; large blooms NFS
478 THICK AND CREAMY Weiler, J. 1977/1978 TB 36 EM Self White blended primrose yellow, darker hafts, B:light yellow; ruffled 7.00
2350 THORNBIRD Byers, M. 1988/89 TB 35 M Bitone S:pale ecru, F:greenish tan, deeper at hafts, overlaid with deep violet lines, B:violet tipped mustard, violet spoons; ruffled, Dykes Medal 1997 10.00
3866 THORWALD Knowlton, H. 1950/55 TB 38 M Blend RARE S:yellow ochre, F:yellow ochre flushed at center with Spanish orange, lightly veined at haft, B:rich orange; lightly ruffled NFS
3841 THOTMES III Kleinsorge, R. 1950/50 TB 40 L Self Broad rounded golden brown self, darker at haft, B:orange NFS
3718 THREE OAKS Whiting, Mrs. C. 1940/43 TB 38 M Blend RARE Blend of mallow pink and copper, bright blue blaze, more orange tone at haft, B:orange; darker than Tea Rose NFS
827 THRICE BLESSED Weiler, J. 1981/82 SDB 10 VE-M,Re Self RARE Bright yellow with bright blue B NFS
1283 THUNDERCLOUD Keppel, K. 1972/73 TB 30 E Plicata RARE S:white, flushed lavender, 1/4" beige border, F:white with wide violet border and 1/4" greyed violet edging , B:blue-white, tipped yellow 6.00
4459 TIBURON Gaulter, L. 1971/1971 TB 36 M Self Medium blue-purple self, B:tangerine; ruffled, laced 8.00
3569 TID-BIT Sturtevant, G. 1925/25 DB/MTB 22 M Self Medium lavender blue, white haft, lav. blue veining, B:white base, yellow tips 5.00
2062 TIFFANJA DeForest, F. 1942/42 TB 42 EM Plicata

S:colonial buff , F:creamy white peppered on border with brown

2063 TIFFANY Sass, H. 1931/38 TB 36 EM Plicata Frilled yellow plicata with bronze pinkish-violet markings. 6.00
1171 TIGER BUTTER Ernst, R. 1985/85 TB 36 M Bicolor S:golden amber, F:red, edged gold, B:orange 7.00
417 TIGER SHARK Maryott, W. 1984/86 TB 37 M Self S:tan with hint of red, F:tan and yellow with hint of red, prominent maroon stripes running full length, B:yellow; ruffled 8.00
520 TINKERBELL Douglas, G. 1954/54 SDB 13 E Self S:medium sky blue, F:same with dark blue thumbprint at top, B:white 4/4.00
2677 TINSEL TOWN Tompkins,
C. 1966/67
TB 38 M-VL Self RARE Creamy white flushed gilt, ruffled, laced NFS
2811 TINT O'TAN Ayres, Dr. W. 1933/34 TB 38 ML Self RARE Light tan with yellow haft and tan veining, white area below beard, B:orange; unusually long brown crests 6.00
1955 TINTED PORCELAIN Brown, G. 1952/52 TB 34 M Self RARE Pale lavender with a few brown reticulations at haft 6.00
2969 TITANIC'S NEMESIS Miller, D. 1999/2000 TB 38 EM Self White self, blue toning, B:blue, tipped white; ruffled, musky fragrance, NFS
551 TITAN'S GLORY Schreiners 1981/81 TB 37 EM Self Ruffled large silky deep bishop's purple; fragrant, one of our most popular irises, Dykes Medal 1988 NFS
2948 TITIAN LADY Douglas, G. 1940/41 TB   MLa Self RARE White self, B:intense thick red NFS
4213 TOAST AN' HONEY Kleinsorge, R. 1953/53 TB 33 M Bitone RARE S:golden cinnamon brown, brown edging, F:gold,deeper brown border, B: golden brown; lightl ruffled NFS
2091 TOLL GATE Cook, P. 1956/59 TB 42 M Bitone S:very plae blue, F:royal purple, haft pale blue, B:light cadmium NFS
119 TOM-TOM Craig, T. 1955/55 TB 32 M Bicolor RARE S:golden amber, F:brick red, veining art haft, B:yellow-orange; large bloom 2/7.00
405 TOMECO Suiter, M. 1959/59 TB 36 M Self RARE Stunning oxblood red overlain with copper, lines at haft, B:orange; smaller bloom 6.00
4402 TOMORROW MAY RAIN Ernst, R. 1994/95 TB 34 M Halo S:bright yellow, F:white center, yellow rim and shoulders, B:yellow-orange; ruffled, sweet fragrance NFS
4210 TOO SWEET Ernst, R. 1994/95 TB 36 M Self Ruffled and laced pink, falls slightly darker, pale flush below beard, B:coral pink NFS
4403 TOP HAT Schreiner, B. 1952/54 TB 40 L Self RARE Violet to intense indigo self with red sheen, maroon at haftB:purple, light tips NFS
4337 TOTAL ECLIPSE Fay, O. 1952/56 TB 38 M Self RARE Very deep blue-violet self, blue-black sheen on falls, B:deep purple, light blue tips NFS
3939 TOTAL RECALL Hager, B. 1992/92 TB 34 E,Re Halo S:light to medium yellow, darker rim, darker styles, F:white, distinct yellow rim, B:yellow; ruffled 7.00
646 TOUCH OF CLASS Wagstaff, K. 1974/75 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:blended champagne-tan, midrib infused violet, flecked chrome-yellow, F:med. violet with small blue flash, B:blue-violet, tipped bronze NFS
2265 TOUCH OF ORCHID Siegling, E. 1964/66 TB 34 M Self RARE S:mauvette orchid, lighter midrib, F:mauvette with orchid in hafts, B:bright bushy red-orange NFS
83 TOUCH OF SPRING Applegate, C. 1971/72 TB 29 EM-Re Plicata RARE S:white, heavily stippled violet, F:white, edge stitched dark violet, B:yellow, tipped white 6.00
921 TOUCHE' Hamblen, M. 1966/69 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:pink flushed with blue-violet, F:blue-violet, B:tangerine-red 6.00
186 TOURNAMENT QUEEN Milliken, C. 1946/46 TB 36 VE-Re Bitone RARE S:Light lilac, F:dark lilac, B:gold, tips brown; slightly flaring, fragrant NFS
643 TOWN & COUNTRY Gaulter, L. 1971/71 TB 36 M Self RARE Highly laced and ruffled light orchid-rose blend, B:white 6.00
2912 TRANQUILITY Fay, O. 1950/50 TB 38 M Self Pure white self, B:white, light yellow tips 6.00
1068 TRAX Dunn, M. 1983/84 TB 34 M Plicata RARE S:light straw, faint wash of violet up center, F:warm white with delicate plicata edging of violet, B:yellow; ruffled 7.00
2123 TREASURE ISLAND Kleinsorge /1937 TB 36 ML Self RARE Clear yellow with lighter area in center of falls, B:orange; Gigantic flower of bright clear yellow NFS
1300 TREVI FOUNTAIN Jones, B. 1977/78 TB 34 ML Self RARE S:white, flushed apricot-yellow, F:white, 1/8" crinkled deep apricot-gold border, B:apricot-orange; heavily ruffled NFS
354 TRICK OR TREAT Osborne, M. 1984/84 TB 34 M-L Self Ruffled purple, B:mustard, purple near feathered purple horn; slight sweet fragrance, striking flower 8.00

Dunn, R. 1982/83

TB 36 M Self RARE S:pale blue with very dark blue area at midrib, F:pale blue with textured veining, B:blue-white 7.00
1570 TRILL Terrell, C. 1974/74 TB 36 M Self RARE Very ruffled white with green cast, B:pale yellow 6.00
829 TRIPLICATE Weiler, J. 1982/83 SDB 13 VE-L,Re Bitone RARE S:tan, F:brown, B:lavender-blue NFS
2821 TRISTRAM Bliss, A. 1919/19 TB   M Self Bicolor, S:white, F:deep rich purple with heavy white veining radiating from beard, B:yellow NFS
1174 TROPICA Ghio, J. 1982/83 TB 34 ML Self Orange, red infusion around red B 7.00
1488 TROPICAL BUTTERFLY Carstensen, K. 1962/63 TB 34 M Bicolor S:maroon, F:buff, with wide maroon stripes NFS
168 TRUDY Tompkins, C. 1964/64 TB 40 M-L Bicolor S:white, gilt at base, F:vivid butternut brown 6.00
3849 TRUE CHARM Sturtevant, G. 1920/20 TB 36 LM Plicata RARE White with a delicate fringe of blue-lavender stitching. B:white NFS
226 TRUE DELIGHT Sturtevant, G. 1924/24 TB 36 ML Plicata White with light lavender stitching, B:white, tips yellow 5.00
375 TRULY YOURS Fay, O. 1948/49 TB 38 VL Bitone S:Lemon yellow, F:white, edged in lemon yellow; laced, Dykes Medal 1953 NFS
697 TUCSON Hager, B. 1970/70 TB 36 EM Self RARE Carmel beige with orchid blaze on F, B:orange-yellow 6.00


Clough, W. 1974/75 TB 29 M Bicolor S:white with trace of yellow in midrib, light yellow stylearms, F:light bright yellow, B:same; ruffled NFS
4563 TUSCAN SUMMER Keppel, K. 2009/2010 TB 38 M Plicata S:blackish port wine, F:dandelion gold, blackish port wine edge and striations, B:mustard yellow 20.00
922 TUT'S GOLD Schreiners 1979/79 TB 37 M-L Self Uniform golden yellow, velvety sheen, B:gold 6.00
338 TWICE THRILLING Osborne, M. 1984/84 TB 33 M-L Self Peachy pink, B:tangerine, purple horn and purple tinged spoon; big and beautiful 10.00
4187 TWILIGHT ZONE Tompkins, C. 1961/63 TB 42 M-L Self Rosy, dusky blue-violet, B:thick smoky red-purple; flaring, wavy 7.00
2092 TYROLEAN BLUE Schreiners 1963/63 TB 33 M-L Self Blue with brown shoulder patch along hafts 6.00