449 SABLE Cook, P. 1936/38 TB 36 M Self Dark blackish purple self, smaller bloom(dark blue purple, silky sheen,) B:dark violet; purple based leaves 6.00
40 SABLE NIGHT Cook, P. 1950/52 TB 36 EM Self Dark red-purple black, slight bitone with white area around B, B:purple base with bronze-brown tips; Dykes Medal 1955, pbf 10.00
2949 SACHEM Loomis, Dr. P. 1930/30 TB   MLa Bitone RARE S:rosy pink, yellow base, F:deep carmine red, B:yellow NFS
1847 SAIL MASTER Burger, E. 1974/74 TB 36 M-L Bicolor S:butterscotch with violet midrib, F:dark blue-violet with bright blue blaze, lighter violet edge, B:violet, tipped brown; ruffled 6.00
3864 SALLY ANN Smith, K. 1943/43 TB   E-L Self RARE Butter yellow self, little darker at haft, B:yellow NFS
233 SALMON RIVER Brown, O. 1971/71 TB 36 M Self RARE Deep salmon red, B:bright tangerine NFS
49 SAMURAI WARRIOR Schreiners 1981/81 TB 34 M Self Dark cherry red, silken sheen, lighter around B, B:same; pbf 7.00
1948 SAN FRANCISCO Mohr, W. 1927/27 TB 40 M Plicata White ground with blue trim. First Dykes Medal l927 NFS
1084 SAN LEANDRO Gaulter, L. 1968/68 TB 36 M Self RARE Light purple, B:tangerine red 6.00
4398 SAN RAMON Gaulter, L. 1970/71 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled lavender rose self, B:yellow, tipped purple NFS
4271 SANDS OF GOLD Plough, G. 1971/72 TB 32 EM Plicata RARE S:clear yellow, F:center near white, heavily brushed yellow and brown, yellow edge, haft heavily marked dark brown, B:Indian yellow NFS
2694 SANGREAL Sass, J. 1935/35 IB 24 EM,Re Self Light yellow self with deeper yellow veins on F, B:orange yellow 6.00
3932 SANS SOUCI Van Houtte, L.1854/54 TB   M Bicolor S:yellow, F:white at center, yellow to edges, heavily striped maroon overall, B:yellow 7.00
3294 SANTA CRUZ Mitchell, S. 1945/45 TB 38 EM Bicolor S:yellow, F:yellow ground, heavily veined maroon red entire length of falls, distinct yellow rim and midline, B:orange NFS
340 SANTANA Keppel, K. 1976/78 TB 36 M Plicata S:yellow, heavily suffused brown, F:yellow with dark brown edge, white spot below beard, B:dull yellow 6.00
811 SAPPHIRE GEM Schmelzer, H. 1975/75 SDB 14 E Self Sapphire blue, B:white 4.00
616 SAPPHIRE HILLS Schreiners 1971/71 TB 36 M Self Ruffled and flaring pure medium blue, B:light lemon to white 6.00
4478 SARAH ROSE Edwards, F. 2010/2010 TB 39 LM Self S:light shell pink, darker midribs, F:cream tinted peach pink, B:red, pink end; ruffled, laced, fragrant NFS
1853 SARAH TAYLOR Taylor, J. 1979/79 SDB 12 E Bicolor S:cream, F:pale primrose, B:blue 5.00
483 SATIN GOWN Gatty, J. 1977/77 TB 32 M Self RARE Light clear pink, deeper on shoulders, Indian orange on throat, B:Chinese orange 7.00
2005 SATIN SATAN Weiler, J. 1984/86 TB 35 E-L Self Very dark violet (near black), B:self; slight sweet fragrance 8.00
934 SATURNALIA Hager, B. 1982/82 TB 37 M-L Bicolor S:bright clean yellow, F:pale orchid over white, blending to yellow edge, smooth orange-buff hafts, B:yellow 7.00
3413 SAUCY LITTLE SQUIRT Rogers, M. 2020/2021 SDB 11 E Bicolor S:yellow, F:cream, yellow haft, B:bright blue. Makes an intense color combination 15.00
637 SAUCY SUE Gibson, J. 1967/68 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:light brown, flushed red, F:garnet red with light brown rim 6.00
4399 SAVAGE Craig, T. 1949/49 TB 34 M Self RARE Blended bronze-red and blazed magenta, lighter at haft with veining, B:gold NFS
1677 SCANDIA DELIGHT Schreiners 1989/89 TB 39 EM Self RARE Ruffled sapphire blue, lighter at center of F, B:white 7.00
1787 SCARLET ADVENTURE Austin, L. 1964/65 TB 36 M Self RARE Scarlet red 6.00
1814 SCARLET BUTTERFLY Austin, L. 1959/60 AB 36 E Blend S:pale red, flushed yellow at base, F:dark scarlet, flushed white NFS
2796 SCARLET EMBERS Begley, J. 1995/95 TB 36 ML Bitone S:rose, F:wine burgundy,rose rim, burgundy lined white spot near beard, B:gold, white at tip 10.00
774 SCENARIO Hager, B. 1978/79 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:silvery lavender, lavender-violet midrib, F:lavender-violet, pale tan stylearms, B:pale yellow NFS
221 SCHIAPARELLI Moldovan, S. 1974/71 TB 32 EM Self Deep clear reddish pink, B:dark cerise-pink NFS
1520 SCHORTMAN'S. GARNET RUFFLES Schortman, W. 1980/81 TB 38 EM Self Mysterious deep garnet ruby red, B:brown; heavily ruffled 7.00
1440 SCINTILLATION Schreiners 1981/81 TB 34 M Bicolor RARE S:pure snow white, F:bright orchid pink, B:tangerine 7.00
2234 SCRIMSHAW Moores, W. 1983/84 TB 36 M Plicata RARE Cool white with 1/4" margin of meadium lavender on F, B:pale yellow tipped lavender 7.00
733 SEA OF GALILEE Sexton, N. 1974/74 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:light french blue, F:silken deep blue, B:blue-white 6.00
1099 SEA PATROL Palmer, C. 1969/70 IB 22 E Self RARE Sky blue, B:pale yellow 4.00
2278 SEA POWER Keppel, K. 1998/99 TB 38 M Self S:cornflower blue, paler edge, F:darker blue, paling toward edge, tan haft, B:lemon, blue white end; heavily ruffled, sweet fragrance 10.00
2705 SEA QUEST Shoop, G. 1989/90 TB 34 M Bicolor RARE S:blue with lavender influence, F:white, B:red; lightly ruffled NFS
262 SEA VENTURE Jones, B. 1971/72 TB 34 M Self RARE Ruffled and flaring medium blue with wavy lines on falls 6.00
1404 SEA WOLF Aitken, T. 1980/80 TB 36 E Self RARE Heavily ruffled deep blue-purple, lighter flush around blue-black B 7.00
2153 SEADANCER Aitken, T. 1982/85 SDB 12 E Self RARE Sea green, washed deep blue on all petal edges and base, deep blue styles and throat, B:frost-tipped deep blue NFS
4203 SEAFARER Steadman, B. 1948/48 TB 36 M Self RARE Medium to deep blue self, free of veining. NFS
4299 SEAIR Plough, G. 1964/64 TB 40 EM-L


S:base cobalt blue-violet to white at tip, F:same color radiates down sides, center warm white, B:orange, tipped white NFS
464 SEASIDE Brown, O. 1967/67 TB 36 M Self Light blue, between flax blue and bluebird blue; B:light yellow, tipped blue 6.00
1070 SECOND LOOK Muhlestein, T. 1970/70 TB 36 EM,Re Self RARE Peach pink, yellow at havt, 1/4"very light yellowish pink rim overall, B:tangerine 6.00
164 SECRET AGENT DuBose, S. 1965/66 TB 32 M Blend RARE Light tan, tinged mustard, base of S and F flushed lavender, B:bronze, tinged purple 6.00
2325 SECRET MELODY Schrieners 1988/88 TB 35 M Plicata RARE S:apricot, F:apricot ground heavily stitched petunia purple, B:tangerine 7.00
4555 SECRET RECIPE Ghio, J. 2006/2007 TB 33 E-M Bitone S:mulberry, gold edge, F:black mulberry, narrow apricot band and shoulders, B:tangerine; ruffled 15.00
499 SEDUCTION Cayeux, F. 1933/33 TB 44 M Plicata RARE White, lightly marked lavender, rust shoulders over yellow, B:yellow 6.00
2483 SEEING ORCHID Boswell, C. 1995/95 SDB 9 E Self S:pale blue violet, deeper bases, F:pale blue with orchid cast, paler edges, blue centerline, B:pale blue NFS
727 SEEING RED Schortman, W. 1966/67 TB 36 EML Self RARE Smooth garnet-red, fluted edges 6.00
502 SELENE Connell, C. 1928/31 TB 40 EM Self RARE Very large white 6.00
2929 SEMINOLE Farr,B. 1920/20 TB 30 M Bitone Velvety crimson bicolor, white around B, B:orange 6.00
4265 SEPTEMBER Spahn, F. 1981/82 TB 34 M Bitone S:cocoa brown, F:brown with bright yellow influence at hafts, B:orange-yellow; ruffled 8.00
1115 SEPTEMBER CHEREAU Brown, G. P. 1965/66 TB 30 E,Re Plicata RARE White with pale blue plicata edge; reblooms 6.00
3598 SEPTEMBER SAILOR Brown, G. P. 1959/60 TB 30 M,Re Bitone RARE S:medium lavender-blue, F:darker more violet, lavender-blue band across bottom, hafts white with dark veining to below beard, B:yellow, pale blue tip; sweet fragrance, good reloom 6.00
793 SERENE DUET Palmer, D. 1976/77 TB 32 M Bicolor RARE S:white with tinge of yellow at base of midrib, F:light yellow, B:yellow; ruffled 6.00
2267 SERENITE Cayeux, F. none/31 TB 36 M Blend RARE S:soft grey faintly edged soft gold and flushed lavender, F:bright violet falls which fade to lemon on the edges, bright yellow at haft with violet lines, B:yellow orange 8.00
1825 SESPE Walker, M. 1949/52 TB 38 EM Bitone RARE S:greenish yellow, F: darker, lighter at haft with yellow brown veining to half way down fall, B:yellow; fragrant 2/6.00
2707 SESSIONS Cowdery by Marriott 1991/92 TB 37 M Self Ruffled very pale lavender, B:red 8.00
1788 SEVEN HILLS Coleman, R. 1974/75 TB 32 M Bicolor RARE S:beige on the red side, F:deep red, yellow throat, B:yellow orange 7.00
1473 SHADOW MAGIC Hamner,B. 1976/77 TB 33 E-M Self RARE S:lobelia blue, hafts and midrib deeper, F:dark violet-blue, B:self; lightly ruffled 6.00
2933 SHAH JEHAN Neel, W. W. 1932/32 TB 36 ML Bicolor S:creamy buff, edged faint lavender, F:deep velvety plum red, mahogany hafts, narrow rim of creamy yellow, B:yellow 2/6.00
662 SHAMAN DuBose, S. 1979/80 TB 36 ML Bicolor S:gold, F:black-maroon, B:bronze 6.00
282 SHAMPOO Messick, V. 1975/76 IB 18 E Self Ruffled dark greenish yellow with brown cast, brown at haft, B:brownish yellow; very unusual color 4.00
2906 SHANNOPIN Pillow, T. L. 1939/40 TB 40 L Bicolor S:creamy yellow, F:rose with pink cast, B:yellow; slightly fragrant 6.00
3387 SHASTA Mohr-Mitchell 1927/27 TB 40 M-L Self RARE Snow white self, faint amber veining at haft, B:light yellow, white tip 6.00
1425 SHEER POETRY Palmer, D. 1978/79 TB 36 M Blend Blend of buff, lavender and yellow with tiny rim of light tan at edges of S and F, lavender on midribs and around yellow B; ruffled 7.00
4124 SHEPAUG RIVER Gadd, F. 1977/78 AB 15 E Self RARE S:porcelain blue, F:same, small black signal, B:brown, tip blue 8.00
4074 SHEPHERD'S DELIGHT Fothergill, H. 1969/70 TB 38 M-L Self RARE Clear pink, merging into yellow at base of falls, B:bright tangerine 6.00
2847 SHERBERT Sturtevant, G. 1918/18 TB 48 M Bitone RARE S:ecru with pinkish cast, F:dahlia purple with lighter edges, white at haft with darker lines, B:yellow 6.00
4348 SHERIFFA White, C. 1941/41 AB/TB 36 E Blend Dark purple blend with brownish edging, metallic sheen with blue blaze, B:dark gold, purplish tip NFS
97 SHIPSHAPE Babson, S. 1968/69 TB 38 EM Self Medium blue; large bloom, Dykes Medal 1974 NFS
2712 SHIRLEY M Kegerise, E. 1992/95 TB 35 ML Self Lightly ruffled pale true pink self, B:light blue NFS
2373 SHOOTING STARS Ernst, R. 1993/92 TB 36 M Self Ruffled bright golden yellow, F with golden brown spray pattern, white flush around beard, B:deep yellow; slight spicy fragrance 8.00
310 SIERRA BLUE Essig, E. 1930/32 TB 50 M Self Very tall medium purple-blue, B:white, tips yellow; flaring, Dykes Medal 1935 10.00
2230 SIERRA GRANDE Schreiners 1992/92 TB 38 M Bicolor S:white, F:blue, B:light yellow tipped white; ruffled 10.00
3792 SIERRA SKIES Schortman, W. 1952/54 TB 40 M Self RARE medium clear blue self, small hidden dark violet haft marks, B:orange, blue white tip 6.00
1721 SIERRA SUNSET Austin, L. 1961/62 TB 45 E-M Bicolor RARE S:buff-yellow, F:light crimson, splashed and edged light yellow 6.00
4092 SIGRID Mogensen, N. 1960/61 AB 42 ML Self Full violet self, B:brown gold, lavender tip 7.00
245 SILENT MAJESTY Hamblen, M. 1976/77 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Deep aconite violet with velvety texture, B:violet 6.00
920 SILENT MORN Kegerise, E. 1981/82 TB 36 L Self RARE Ruffled medium blue, yellow in throat, B:white; slightly fragrant 7.00
236 SILENT PATRIOT Roberts, S. 1976/76 TB 36 E-L,Re Self RARE Clean full blue, B:white, tipped yellow; rebloomer 6.00
568 SILVER FLOW Hager, B. 1983/83 TB 36 M Self RARE Medium lavender-violet, F:same, with silver area around B, narrow edge of violet, B:white 7.00
2377 SILVER FOX Wood, V. 1988/88 TB 33 E-M Self RARE Laced and ruffled white with pale blue cast, B:tangerine red tipped light violet 8.00
1518 SILVER HEATHER Niswonger, D. 1978/78 TB 32 M Self Ruffled lilac, B:red 6.00
2264 SILVER PEAK DeForest, F. 1961/62 TB 38 M Bitone S:tinted pale blue, F:dark pansy purple with pale blue border, B:dark yellow 6.00
1618 SILVER PLUME Schreiners 1978/78 TB 39 EM Bicolor Clear light silvery cream-yellow with contrasting intense lilac-lavender F, B:lemon yellow 6.00
1637 SILVER SCEPTER Boen, D. 1983/83 TB 38 ML Self RARE S:ruffled light opaque blue, deeper at midrib, F:pale blue, fading to blue-white; B:deep blue tipped light blue 7.00
140 SILVER SHADOWS Plough, G. 1968/69 TB 38 EM-L Bitone RARE S:campanula-violet, F:campanula-violet with white at center, B:white, tipped red 6.00
142 SILVER SHOWER Schreiners 1973/73 TB 36 M Self Ruffled and laced snowy white, B:tangerine-red 7.00
2305 SILVER STITCH Blyth, B. 1987/88 TB 36 E-M Plicata RARE S:cream stiltched pastel grey violet, F:bright creamy white with edge of lavender grey stitching, rosy tan hafts, B:gold 6.00
2907 SILVER TOWER Mitchell, S. 1949/49 TB   E Self RARE Light blue porcelain self, darker veins on F, B:white base, orange tips; lovely fragrance 6.00
1438 SILVER YEARS Hager, B. 1979/80 TB 38 M Bicolor RARE S:very pale blue, F:white, B:pale yellow 6.00
3314 SILVERADO Schreiners 1986/87 TB 38 M Self Ruffled butterfly blue, lavender tones in center, B:self; Dykes Medal 1994 10.00
1011 SILVERY DEW Burch, J. 1980/82 TB 37 M-L Self RARE Light violet fading to lighter at center of F, B:yellow orange 7.00
4556 SIMPLY SENSATIONAL Johnson, T. 2007/2007 TB 34 L Self S:icy lavender white, darker at midrib and base, F:snow white, green texture veins, B:violet-white tipped coral; ruffled, fragrant 15.00
2827 SINDJKHA Sturtevant, G. 1918/18 TB 48 M Bicolor S:dull lavender shading to dark olive buff, F:light mauve shading to violet, yellow with lines at haft, B:skinny orange 2/6.00
524 SINGING RAIN Daling, M. 1972/73 TB 36 M Plicata Blue with white overlay on F in streaks, B:yellow 6.00


Ashley, R. 1932/34 TB 40 M Bitone RARE Dark blue bitone; strong birch fragrance 6.00
2963 SKATING PARTY Gaulter, L. 1983/83 TB 34 M-L Self Heavily fluted white self, B:lemon, white tip 7.00
883 SKETCH ME Plough, G. 1975/76 TB 32 ML Plicata S:straw yellow, F:sanded and streaked brown, hafts and border edged straw yellow, B:Chinese yellow 6.00
1639 SKIERS' DELIGHT Schreiners 1982/82 TB 36 EM Self Ruffled and fluted pure white self, B:white NFS
1104 SKIP STITCH Rawdon, D. 1977/77 SDB 8 M Plicata RARE S:white, heavily stitched red-violet, F:white, lightly stitched red-violet on edge, B:white, yellow in throat; ruffled 4.00
1083 SKY HOOKS Osborne, M. 1979/80 TB 38 M Bitone S:soft yellow pongee, F:soft yellow, flushed lighter in center, B:gold, violet horns; ruffled 6.00
559 SKYBLAZE Keppel, K. 1986/87 TB 35 M Biyone RARE S:near chicory blue, F:chicory blue, B:burnt orange red; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
1516 SKYWATCH Benson, C. 1963/64 TB 37 M Self Ruffled orchid lavender blue, lighter around B, B:white; Dykes Medal 1970 NFS
4557 SLIPPING AWAY Ernst, R. 2004/2005 TB 35 M Self S:peach-pink, F:cream blending to peach-pink edge, darker peach-pink veining, B:coral; ruffled 15.00
2713 SLY FOX Wood, V. 1996/97 TB 33 E Self Ruffled white self, B:red NFS
2714 SMART MOVE Keppel, K. 1994/95 TB 38 L Blend S:rattan, F:blended tan-rose with amber brown hafts and narrow rim, rosy violet flush, B:lt. brown; ruffled, fragrant 10.00
391 SMOKE RINGS Gibson, J. 1971/72 TB 37 M Plicata S:smokey orchid veining on cream and mauve, F:smokey orchid, and mauve rim on creamy ground, B:yellow; ruffled 6.00
1460 SNEAK PREVIEW Nelson, J. 1980/80 TB 36 VE-E Self RARE Ruffled soft apricot orange, B:tangerine red 7.00
3994 SNOW BALLET Palmer, D. 1953/56 TB 38 ML Self RARE Blue white self, B:white shading to lemon yellow 6.00
147 SNOW CLOUD Schreiners 1970/70 TB 40 EM Bitone S:blue-white, F:light blue, B:white; lightly ruffled, everyone wants one 6 00
3844 SNOW FIDDLER Dunbar, B. 1970/1972 MTB 19 M Bicolor S:white, F:white, heavily streaked with deep navy blue lines running full length of fall, B:white to soft yellow 5.00
2500 SNOW FIRE DeForest, F. 1956/56 TB 38 M Self RARE White self, B:red; good grower 6.00
1859 SNOW FLURRY Rees, C. 1939/39 TB 40 EM Self Lightly ruffled pale blue-white (tall blue-white, short side branches); sweet orange blossom fragrance, first ruffled iris NFS
321 SNOW GODDESS Becherer, J. 1952/55 TB 38 EM,Re Self Ruffled white, B:yellow; one of the first whites of spring 2/6.00
1803 SNOW MAIDEN Chadwick, L. 1936/35 SDB 10 E Self Pure white; vigorous, floriferous 4.00
455 SNOW SPOON Hager,B. 1982/82 TB 38 M Self White with white spoons, B:yellow 8.00
3906 SNOW VELVET Sass, H.B. 1941/1942 TB 40 ML Self White self with faint lavender wash on falls, veined haft, B:yellow 2/6.00
517 SNOWMOUND Schreiners 1976/76 TB 36 M Bicolor S;pure white, F:velvety deep pansy purple, wire rimmed lavender edging, B:lemon white 6.00
1873 SNOWY WONDERLAND Brown, O. 1979/79 TB 33 EM Self Pure white with brushing of gold on hafts; B:double wide orange; lightly crimped edges 8.00
1965 SO SWEET Lafrenz, E. 1953/54 TB 40 E Self RARE Palest porcelain-blue self, B:yellow; strongest sweet fragrance I grow, sib to Blue Sapphire 7.00
1384 SOAP OPERA Ghio, J. 1981/82 TB 32 E-M,Re Bicolor S:pale greenish tan, F:pale violet with greenish tan borders, B:tan; bubble ruffled flowers with lovely blended "bamboo" coloring 6.00
775 SOARING FLIGHT Knocke, F. 1977/78 TB 40 M Self RARE Mid-blue, B:white, tipped blue 6.00
4558 SOCIAL BLUSH Sutton, M. 2007/2008 TB 36 LM,Re Self S:pink-rose, F:pink-rose, white center, B:scarlet; ruffled, laced, fragrant 15.00
814 SOCIAL BUTTERFLY Denney, D. 1978/80 TB 32 M Plicata RARE S:white, lightly dotted blue-violet, F:white with blue-violet dotting at hafts, B:red; lightly ruffled 6.00
1360 SOCIAL CLIMBER Shoop, G. 1981/81 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled deep, rich, baby ribbon pink, B:pink-red NFS
2715 SOCIAL EVENT Keppel, K. 1990/91 TB 36 M Self Buff peach self, B:flame red; pronounced musky fragrance 10.00
363 SOCIAL WHIRL Ghio, J. 1974/75 TB 36 EM Self RARE Sparking white, B:white 6.00
729 SOLANO Luihn, W. 1973/74 TB 36 E Self RARE Clear lemon-yellow, B:same; large flowers, considered one of best yellows 7.00
3846 SOLID GOLD Kleinsorge, R. 1951/51 TB 36 M Self RARE Deep toned pure yellow self, distinct green veins of falls, B:yellow-orange 6.00
94 SOLOIST Ernst, R. 1994/94 TB 35 M Bicolor S:honey tan, violet at midrib, F:cream blending to honey yellow edge, gold shoulders, B:yellow orange, tipped gold; ruffled 8.00
649 SON OF STAR Plough, G. 1968/69 TB 36 EML Blend S:cadmium-orange with pink glow, F:cadmium-orange with pink glow at haft, blending to buttercup yellow in center, B:orange; ruffled 6.00
878 SONG OF NORWAY Luihn, W. 1977/79 TB 38 M-L Self Ruffled silvery light powder blue, B:deep bluebird blue tipped silver; Dykes Medal 1986 NFS
1082 SONG OF SPRING Hamblen, M. 1982/83 TB 34 ML Self Heavily laced and ruffled violet-blue, B:tangerine-orange 7.00
776 SONGSTER Corlew, G. 1974/75 TB 31 M Self RARE Ruffled and laced pink, with salmon undertone, B:tangerine 6.00
1504 SOONER SERENADE Shaver by Nichols 1983/84 TB 40 M-L Bitone S:red-violet, F:cherry black, bordered red-violet, B:bronze; ruffled, pronounced fragrance NFS
1485 SOSTENIQUE Blyth, B. 1975/76 TB 39 M-ML Bicolor S:apricot-pink, F:light veronica violet, deepening around edges, B:orange-tangerine 6.00
856 SOUL MUSIC Meek, D. 1977/78 TB 39 E-M Self Lightly ruffled fluorescent dark red-violet, solid bronze shoulders, B:bronze, tipped violet 6.00
2554 SOUTH PACIFIC Smith, K. 1952/54 TB 35 M Self RARE Pure medium to light blue self, slight white around beard, B:orange throat,white tip NFS
3995 SOUTHLAND Sass, H. 1943/34 IB 24 M,Re Self RARE S:light canary yellow, greenish veining on yellow F, B:yellow orange 2/4.00
680 SOUTHLAND GRAPE Burch, J. 1977/78 TB 34 L Self S:dark violet, F:dark violet with gradual fading to full violet below B, B:brilliant bronze orange 6.00

Millet et Fils 1914/14

TB 36 EM Bitone S:violet,F:blackish violet, B:blue and gold; fragrant 6.00
1089 SPACE DRAGON Osborne, M. 1973/74 TB 38 M Bicolor S:tannish, F:violet washed, blending to 1/4" edge of brown, B:yellow, ending in long tannish spoons 6.00
784 SPACE ODYSSEY Hager, B. 1977/78 TB 38 M Plicata RARE White ground plicata, stitched and edged lavender-blue, B:yellow 6.00
1417 SPACELAB Saxton, D. 1983/83 TB 32 M Bicolor S:medium yellow, F:light to medium lavender-pink, with 1/8" light red band, medium red hafts, B:light yellow, tipped violet; ruffled 7.00
4081 SPANISH FANDANGO Kleinsorge, R. 1951/51 TB 44 M Bicolor RARE S:rich golden tan, F:bright velvety red, white at haft, red veining, B:yellow; lightly fluted 6.00
3526 SPANISH PEAKS Loomis, Dr. P. 1946/47 TB 38 M Self Pure white self, B:white NFS
235 SPARKLING SUNRISE Schreiners 1970/70 TB 35 ML Blend S:yellow-orange, F:blend of orange, pink and apricot, B:tangerine red 6.00
359 SPARTAN Schreiners 1972/73 TB 35 M Self Dark glossy red, clean red hafts, B:same; very smooth flower edges 7.00
4514 SPEAKING FREELY Hager, B. 2003/2003 TB 35 M Self S:orange, pink midrib, F:orange-veined white area around beard, B:tangerine; ruffled, spicy fragrace 12.00
1232 SPECIAL EFFECTS Gaulter, L. 1983/83 TB 34 M Self RARE Golden tan, brown shoulders and hafts, B:orange 7.00
432 SPECTACULAR BID Denney, D. 1981/81 TB 36 M Self Ruffled and flaring deep glowing burgundy, B:red-black; fragrant 7.00
831 SPECULATOR Ghio, J. 1982/83 TB 36 ML Self Bright maize gold self, B:gold 7.00
3917 SPEED LIMIT Lauer, L. 1991/92 TB 38 EM,Re Self S:medium blue, white spot at midrib, F:medium blue, bright white spot below beard, B:white; ruffled, flaring, slight fragrance 7.00
3918 SPEEDING AGAIN Lauer, L. 1998/98 TB 38 M,Re Self S:light purple, midrib flushed white, F:light purple, white heart shaped area below beard, B:white; ruffled, fragrant 7.00
2429 SPELLBOUND Linse, J. 1950/51 TB 40 E-L Blend RARE Red and gold blend, reddish tan w/ golden hafts, B:bright orange, lighter yellow around B. 6.00
1997 SPICED CUSTARD Weiler, J. 1987/87 TB 32 M-L Bitone S:cream and yellow blend, yellow near veins, F:burnt orange and cinnamon brown blend, B:maraschino red 8.00
734 SPICED HONEY Hamner, B. 1975/76 TB 37 ML Self RARE Ruffled and lightly laced cinnamon-bronze, with touch of blue on falls, B:yellow-orange 7.00
2745 SPICED TIGER Kasperek, B. 1994/96 TB 31 E Broken S:light brown, butter yellow at base, splashed silver, F:mahogany with silver streaking, shoulders yellow, overlain mahogany, B:golden brown; spicy, ruffled, crinkled edges 10.00
2720 SPIN DOCTOR Davis, M. 1994/95 TB 32


Plicata S:soft mustard yellow, F:creamy yellow veined and heavily dotted dahia purple, narrow brown purple edge, B:cream, tipped yellow orange; slight spicy fragrance 9.00
2165 SPIN-OFF Maryott's 1986/87 TB 33 M Bitone S:rose, F:wine with rose rim, B:white tipped orange; ruffled 8.00
879 SPINNING WHEEL Nearpass, D. 1974/74 TB 34 M Plicata S:white ground, pale blue-violet tinted plicata markings, F:white ground, bordered with medium blue-violet plicata markings, B:bronze 6.00
2087 SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS Zurbrigg, L. 1976/77 TB 35 M,Re Self Ruffled and heavily laced brilliant medium yellow, B:yellow 8.00
523 SPLASH O`WINE Vogel, R. 1973/75 TB 35 VE-E Plicata RARE White ground heavily stitched with rose burgundy 7.00
1751 SPOON TIME Zurbrigg, L. 1979/80 TB 35 M Self RARE Yellow, white area in center of falls, B:yellow with yellow spoons 2/7.00
382 SPOONED BLAZE Austin, L. 1964/65 TB 38 ML Self Heavily laced deep butter-yellow, white blaze, B:deep orange, yellow horns end in small spoons 7.00
1536 SPOONED FANTOM Austin, L. 1959/60 TB 34 EM-L Plicata RARE S:amethyst, F:white, flushed and dotted amethyst, B:long lav.horn end in upright spoons; sweetly fragrant NFS
1049 SPOONED LACE Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 36 EM Self RARE Clear medium yellow, B:ends in spoons 7.00
3378 SPOT STARTER Schreiners 2006/07 TB 36 VE Self Dark purple self, bright white spot around beard, B:white, tips yellow 10.00
30 SPRECKLES Schreiner 1979/71 TB 35 M Plicata S:Copper-red, yellow midrib, F:copper-red speckles on yellow, white blaze, B:orange 6.00
4559 SPRING MADDNESS Johnson, T. 2009/2009 TB 35 LM Halo S:white, yellow midrib and veining, F:white overlaid brown and violet veins, wide white edge band, B:yellow; ruffled, fragrant, pbf NFS
1949 SPRING ROMANCE Miess, E. 1948/48 TB 40 EM Self RARE Waxy frosty white with yellow cast, heavvy infusion of aureolin gold at hafts, B:heavy orange; fragrant 6.00
4095 SPRING SONNET DeForest, F. 1948/48 TB   M Self RARE Light red self 6.00
1118 SPRINGTIME FANTASY Sexton, N. 1969/69 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled deep rose, B:same 6.00
182 SPUN GOLD Glutzbeck, H. 1939/40 TB 38 E Self Yellow-brown; slightly fragrant, larger bloom; S:domed and firm, F:semi flaring, no veinations, velvety luster; Dykes Medal 1944 SO
1334 SQUARE DANCE Mohr, K. 1978/79 TB 36 M-L Plicata White ground, stitched violet-blue, B:white, tipped blue with some yellow; ruffled 6.00
1649 ST. HELENS' WAKE Ernst, R. 1983/84 TB 42 M Self Ruffled and laced white self, light yellow shoulders, B:yellow tipped white; laced style crests 7.00
230 ST. LOUIS BLUES Schreiners 1979/79 TB 35 L Self RARE Heavily ruffled and laced rich medium blue, white around beard, B:white 6.00
2959 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Lauer, L. 1992/93 TB 40 E-M Bicolor S:creamy off white, F:medium blue, lavender undertone, B:white; fragrant 10.00
2722 STAR FLEET Keppel, K. 1992/93 TB 38 ML Bitone S:mulberry purple, F:canterbury purple, redder margins, rosy brown hafts, B:tomato red to orange, tipped lavender 9.00
3411 STAR OVER MADRID Jaeger. E. 1974/75 TB 36 M Bicolor S:buff pink, F:orchid with pink cast, lavender blue center, haft soft yellow with tan veining, B:yellow; ruffled and laced NFS
1950 STAR SHINE Wills, J. 1947/49 TB 36 ML Bicolor RARE S:cream, F:white w/ slight blue blaze and yellow hafts. Pearly blue and deep cream and white with an overall iridecent gleam, subtle pastel 2/6.00
1447 STAR STUDDED Palmer, D. 1981/82 TB 35 M-L Bicolor RARE S:peachy pink, slightly darker at midrib, F:white, blending to peach pink at edge, hafts, and around tangerine B; heavily ruffled and laced 7.00
943 STAR WARS Roderick, E. 1980/81 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled indigo blue-purple, B:blue 7.00
2838 STARBURST Tompkins, C. 1967/67 TB 44 M-L Self Brilliant orange-red self with smooth blending of fiery copper throughout; ruffled NFS
1058 STARFROST PINK Gibson, J. 1975/76 TB 38 M Self RARE Ruffled and laced China rose-pink, B:white, tipped Dutch vermillion 8.00
815 STARLIT BLUE Weiler, J. 1982/83 TB 30 E-M Plicata RARE White ground plicata, suffused deep blue, white veins, B:creamy white; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
3719 STARRING Ghio, J. 1999/2000 TB 33 LM Bicolor S:white, gold fringed crests, F:purple black, B:brick red; ruffled NFS
737 STARRING ROLE Palmer, D. 1971/73 TB 36 M Self RARE Heavily ruffled clear Yellow, B:yellow 6.00
341 STATELY MANSIONS Tompkins, C. 1975/75 TB 38 ML Self RARE S:vivid gold, F:gold, white area on falls, B:gold; heavily ruffled and fluted 6.00
2805 STATEN ISLAND Smith, K. 1945/45 TB 38 M Bicolor S:bright golden yellow, F:velvety red, edged with very narrow band of gold 6.00
2382 STATUS SEEKER Gartman, L. 1988/90 TB 38 M-L Self RARE Coral self, B:orange 8.00
1167 STELLAR LIGHTS Aitken, T. 1985/86 TB 38 M-VL,Re Self Deep blue-violet with white spot around white B; vigorous 8.00
115 STEPPING OUT Schreiners 1964/64 TB 38 ML Plicata White with deep violet edge and speckles; Dykes Medal 1968, always popular NFS
1341 STERLING BLUSH Innerst, S. 1981/82 TB 34 M Self Ruffled medium blush pink, B:medium pink; slight fragrance 7.00
1122 STERLING PRINCE Innerst, S. 1983/84 TB 36 E-M Bicolor RARE S:beige-tan, F:white, trimmed beige-tan, fine dots of purple separating white and tan, B:burnt butterscotch; slight musky fragrance 7.00
1471 STERLING SILVER Moldovan, S. 1961/63 TB 36 M-L Bitone RARE S:silvery blue-violet, F:silvery red-violet 6.00
2281 STINGRAY Byers, M. 1988/89 TB 36 M,Re Self RARES:med violet blue, F:slightly deeper, B:blue, tipped yellow with long violet horns; heavily ruffled, sweet to musky fragrance 7.00
493 STITCH IN TIME Schreiners 1978/78 TB 36 M Plicata S:white with precise 1/4" edging of blue, F:white, lightly etched blue; B:lemon yellow to white 6.00
2482 STITCH WITCH Willott, A. 1975/75 SDB 13 E Plicata S:white, neatly stitched blue-violet, blue-violet style arms, F:white, neatly stitched blue-violet, B:white 5.00
730 STITCHED BEAUTY Tolman, B. 1973/74 TB 34 E-M Plicata RARE Exact 1/4"lavender-violet stitched border on white, B:lemon, tipped white; ruffled 6.00
547 STOP THE MUSIC Schreiners 1985/85 TB 37 M Plicata S:ruffled uniform wine red, F:silver white ground stitched bright red, fine red line down center; B:light gold 7.00
806 STORYBOOK Corlew, G. 1978/80 TB 28 M Self Full pink, B:pinkish tangerine 8.00
3373 STRANGE BREW Schreiners 2002/02 TB 38 M-L   S:apricot yellow, F:1/2" apricot yellow band blending to cream and lavender in center, bronze rust shoulders, B:orange NFS
2843 STRANGE MAGIC Plough, G. 1968/69 TB 30 EM Self RARE S:French blue, lighter tips, deeper base, F:French blue, blended center, stripe of hyacinth blue below B, B:gentian blue with frosty tips, mustard deep in throat 6.00
901 STRAWBERRY SENSATION Powell, L. 1980/80 TB 35 E-L Self Ruffled strawberry pink, B:red NFS
4560 STRAWBERRY SHAKE Keppel, K. 2011/2012 TB 36 M Self S:hydrangea pink, F:peach to orient pink, creamy pink center, B:shrimp; ruffled, laced NFS
1069 STREET WALKER Meek, D. 1984/84 TB 34 M-L Bitone S:orchid, veined deeper, F:deep grape, edged orchid, veining at hafts, B:yellow-orange NFS
4300 STRIKE IT RICH Ernst, R. 1993/93 TB 35 M Self Ruffled and lightly laced bright yellow self, B:yellow-orange, yellow tip; spicy fragrance NFS
1815 STRIPED BUTTERFLY Noyd, L. 1956/58 AB 34 M Self Light blue, F:veined darker blue, small area of olive ochre at haft NFS
638 STUDY IN BLACK Plough, G. 1967/68 TB 36 EM Self Deep red-black, with lighter area at base of midrib, clean brownish hafts, velvety finish, B:brown, tipped blue-violet; flaring, very smooth NFS
1244 STUNNING Nelson, J. 1974/77 TB 36 E-M Bicolor S:light lilac, F:red, precise lilac rim, B:yellow; ruffled and fluted; well named 8.00
4313 SUDDEN IMPACT Tasco, R. 1996/97 TB 39 ML Self Heavily ruffled medium blue self, aging silvery, grape wash on shoulders, B:light blue NFS
414 SUE ELLEN Meek, D. 1983/83 TB 35 M-L Self S:clear medium pink, F:deep coral pink at hafts with lighter area below B, B:deep coral; ruffled and laced 8.00
1411 SUGAR DADDY Maryott, W. 1984/85 TB 38 M-L Self RARE Ruffled caramel, with small flash of violet on F, B:caramel NFS
357 SUGARPLUM Corey, Mrs. P. 1953/53 TB 36 M Self RARE Very lacy and flaring lilac-pink, yellow at haft, B:yellow 6.00
914 SUGARTIME Meek, D. 1983/83 TB 36 M-L Self Ruffled and lightly laced deep lavender-orchid with very pink cast, B:same 7.00
571 SUKY Mahan, C. 1988/91 TB 37 E-M Bitone S:white, flushed lt violet edge, violet midribs, F:med violet, lg white zonal area from hafts half way down, B:yellow, white tip; ruffled, spicy 7.00
863 SULTAN'S PALACE Schreiners 1977/77 TB 34 M Self Tailored rich maroon-red, velvety F slightly ruffled, B:rich maroon-red 6.00
1679 SULTRY MOOD Schreiners 1989/89 TB 36 M Self Cerise-purple, B:self, white tips 2/8.00
4155 SUMMER CLOUD Kirkland, J. 1930/30 TB 32 M Bicolor RARE S:pale blue-white, F:clear lavender blue, haft to end of beard white, light orange veining, B:light orange 6.00
4277 SUMMER HILLS Babson, S. 1960/60 TB 31 M-L Self RARE Brassy tan self, F:have purple flecking NFS
314 SUMMER LOVE Greenwood, D. 1970/70 TB 36 M-L Bitone RARE S:peach-apricot, F:apricot flushed yellow, B:tangerine; ruffled and laced NFS
2299 SUMMER MAGIC McWhirter, J. 1988/88 TB 38 E-M Bitone RARE S:light wisteria blue, F:magenta purple, B:gold tipped lavender; laced, slight fragrance 2/7.00
3171 SUMMER SHADOW Keppel, K. 2010/11 TB 36 M Halo S:chrome yellow, F:chrome yellow, 1" band of brownish rose blending inward. B:deep golden orange; highly ruffled NFS
2797 SUMMER SILK Gibson, J. 1970/71 TB 38 M Self RARE Ruffled light orange buff self, B:red-orange 6.00
4328 SUMMER SONG Nesmith, E. 1950/50 TB 40 M Self RARE Orange buff self, darker brown at shoulders with darker veining. yellow spear, B:orange NFS
738 SUMMER WINE Schreiners 1972/73 TB 34 EM Self RARE Rose with edges lightly washed brown, brown influence at haft, B:light gold, tipped bronze 6.00
129 SUMMIT Stevens, Mrs. W. 1948/48 TB 40 EM Bicolor RARE S:snow white, F:deep golden yellow; from New Zealand 6.00
1163 SUMMIT SWEETIE Jorgensen, C. 1983/83 TB 34 E-M Self S:venetian pink, F:venetian pink, lighter pink rays emanating from mandarin red B; ruffled and laced, slight sweet fragrance 10.00
193 SUMPTUOUS Gaulter, L. 1977/78 TB 36 M Blend RARE Laced orange-yellow-apricot blend, B:tangerine 6.00
72 SUN CITY Hamner, B. 1974/75 TB 37 M-L Self RARE Laced and ruffled bright yellow, lighter on F with maroon lines at haft, B:orange-yellow; slight fragrance 6.00
645 SUN FIRE Hamblen, M. 1976/77 TB 36 M-L Blend S:yellow-orange, flushed pink at midrib, F:yellow-orange, near white center area, orange-pink crests, B:orange-red; ruffled and flaring 7.00
518 SUN FLOWER Mohr, H. 1974/75 TB 40 E-L Self RARE Very rich golden yellow, B:yellow 6.00
777 SUN KING Stahly, J. 1977/77 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled warm white, bright yellow at base and hafts, bright yellow stylearms, B:bright yellow 7.00
4062 SUN SHINE IN Keppel, K. 2009/10 TB 35 EM Self S:citron yellow, F:cream white center merging to citron yellow edge, darker haft, B:yellow, white tip; very ruffled, laced 15.00
454 SUN SNAP Gibson, J. 1974/75 TB 38 M,Re Plicata RARE S:cobalt yellow, rim of garnet specks and lines, F:aurelian yellow, 1/4" band of garnet brown specks, white patch at tip of B, B:yellow 7.00
868 SUN TOASTED Gibson, J. 1976/77 TB 38 M Plicata RARE S:Indian yellow, F:white ground, garnet specks and lines along rim, thumbprints of rich garnet-brown, B:brownish yellow; ruffled and laced 7.00
703 SUN WORSHIPER Hager, B. 1972/72 TB 36 M Self RARE Deep yellow self, B:yellow; PBF 6.00
4479 SUNBLAZE Keppel, K. 2003/2004 TB 35 EM Self Bright glowing golden self, B:orange; ruffled, fragrant NFS
4171 SUNBURST DUET Bledsoe, W. 1965/67 TB 38 LM Bicolor RARE S:pale red, F:light orange, B:tangerine 6.00
448 SUNDAY CHIMES Hamblen, M. 1977/78 TB 34 ML Self RARE Beautiful ruffled pink, B:orange-red NFS
325 SUNDAY PUNCH Crandall, F. 1976/77 TB 40 M Self Ruffled reddish black, B:bronze 6.00
515 SUNOL Mohr-Mitchell. 1933/33 TB 37 M Blend RARE S:yellow with a flush of lavender, F:darker, lavender and mauve flush, yellow rim and haft with tan lines, B:yellow; fragrant 6.00
343 SUNRISE POINT Jones, B. 1976/77 TB 35 M Bitone S:salmon-pink, F:bright yellow-orange, B:deep red-orange NFS
1282 SUNRISE SUNSET Williamson, B. 1977/80 TB 36 E-M Self S:citrus orange, F:same with apricot wash from hafts, B:tangerine-red NFS
4231 SUNSET BLAZE Kleinsorge, R. 1948/48 TB 42 E Self RARE Huge golden flame-salmon blend, B:golden yellow 6.00
1408 SUNSET SKY Roe, B. 1968/69 TB 36 M Bicolor S:empire yellow, F:phlox purple with rosy flush, edged yellow-tan, B:deep yellow 6.00
3523 SUNSET SNOWS Stevens, J. 1963/63 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:waxen white, light pink at base, F:coco toned pink, B:orange NFS
778 SUNSHINE EXPRESS Mohr, K. 1978/78 TB 33 M Self RARE Laced yellow, with white blaze in center of F, B:yellow 6.00
1844 SUNSHINE MAKER Plotner, W. 1988/87 TB 30 EM Bicolor RARE S:bright sunshine yellow, green cast at midrib base, F:ivory white, blending to yellow at edge, hafts and with thumbprints, B:chrome yellow 7.00
2717 SUPER FRILL Austin, L. 1963/64 TB 36 M-L Plicata White and light burgundy russet plicata, doubled frilled flounces NFS
4504 SUPERHERO Ghio, J. 2011/2012 TB 38 LM Bicolor S:white, ochre gold rim, F:black maroon, large gold sunburst, B:gold; ruffled 20.00
1159 SUPERMAN Maryott, W. 1984/84 TB 38 M Self Ruffled medium blue, B:large, red NFS
1455 SUPERMANUEL Denney, D. 1982/82 TB 38 M Self RARE Tailored red, B:red 7.00
1951 SUPERSIMMON Parker, M. 1977/78 TB 35 ML Self Yellow-orange with a small white blaze at tip of orange beard NFS
580 SUPERSTITION Schreiners 1977/77 TB 36 M Self Ebony-hued black, B:blue-black 6.00
2433 SUPREME SULTAN Schreiners 1987/88 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:Indian yellow, F:chrysanthemum crimson, B:Indian yellow: ruffled and laced 8.00
1992 SURF'S UP Weiler, J. 1979/79 TB 36 M Self RARE Lightly ruffled medium blue with hint of lavender, B:pale yellow 6.00
4401 SURRENDER Tompkins, C. 1951/51 TB 38 M-L Plicata RARE S:velvety white, F:same with canary yellow and tan flowing over hafts and upper falls, faint speckled plicata edge in lavender pink, B:orange SO
2909 SUSA Sass 1933/34 IB   E Self Rich dark purple, F velvety; very prolific NFS
2090 SUSAN BLISS Bliss, A. 1922/22 TB 42 M Bitone Slight bitone of fine lilac pink, B:light orange, maroon tips 6.00
1952 SWAN BALLET Muhlestein, T. 1953/5 TB 40 ML Self Heavy substanced ruffled, flaring white, B:white tip. Dykes Medal 1959 10.00
779 SWEDISH MODERN Babson, S. 1973/76 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:yellow, F:light blue, B:yellow; excellent grower 6.00
2424 SWEET ALEDA Monroe, A. 1983/83 TB 37 M Self Laced and ruffled peach melon with pink infusion upon opening, B:deep melon NFS
3717 SWEET LENA Holland, M. 1992/93 TB 28 LM Self Light blue self, narrowly edged white, white throat, B:yellow; sweet fragrance NFS
554 SWEET MUSETTE Schreiners 1986/86 TB 37 ML Bitone S:light pink lavender, F:warm rose pink, B:tangerine; serrated and lightly laced 8.00
2726 SWEET REVENGE Meek, D. 1992/92 TB 35 M Self Baby ribbon pink, F with lighter area below beard, B:melon; ruffled, laced NFS
598 SWERTI Collected 1612 TB 36 EM Plicata Very dainty, miniature light lavender and white plicata; edges of falls curl under; delightful grape fragrance 8.00
4185 SWINGTOWN Schreiners 1996/96 TB 36 L Self Heavily ruffled mulberry claret self, B:blue purple; sweet fragrance 12.00
1072 SWIRLING SEAS Gatty, J. 1983/83 TB 36 E Self RARE S:violet-blue, F:violet-blue, B:white, tipped lemon; sweet fragrance 7.00
731 SYBARIS Lorenz, D. 1976/76 TB 38 M Self RARE Burgundy wine-red, B:dark mustard 6.00
1668 SYNCHRONICITY Ernst, R. 1985/85 TB 36 L Self RARE Lightly laced mid-blue, yellow shouldersand throat, B:yellow 7.00
977 SYNCOPATION Gatty, J. 1983/84 TB 38 M Bitone S:tannish gold, F:aconite violet, cedarbark hafts, blended golden tan edge, B:dull yellow; very striking 7.00
1634 SYNOPSIS Saxton, D. 1981/81 TB 35 M Plicata RARE S:pale red violet, pink wash, F:creamy pink stippled pale red violet on edge, garnet sanded hafts and signal line, B:orange; ruffled 7.00