1974 RACHAEL MAE Quadros 1983 TB 33 EM Self RARE Ruffled creamy white, B:yellow NFS
2761 RADCLIFF             NFS
468 RADIANT Salbach 1936/36 TB 30 M Bitone RARE S:burnished orange, F:glowing coppery red SO
240 RADIANT APOGEE Gibson 1964/66 TB 38 M Plicata S:deep orange-yellow, F:deep gold band around white, markings at haft, B:deep orange 5.00
2253 RAGE Craig 1964/65 BB 25 EM, Re Bitone RARE S:maroon red, F:Brazil brown blazed violet, B:bronze gold; heavy substance, lightly ruffled 5.00
2152 RAIN DANCE Jones 1978 SDB 10 E Self Bluebird blue, B:self 4.00
2308 RAINBOW ROOM Sass 1945/45 TB 36 M Blend S:golden yellow with apricot buff shading, F:lilac with S color rim, metallic blue blotch, reddish brown hafts, B:bright yellow 5.00
2481 RAINBOW TOUR Black 1990/90 TB 38 M Bicolor S:ruffled pink, F:bright fuchsia purple, pink hafts, pinkish white spray pattern around orange B., smoky orchid pink edge; sweet fragrance 8.00
1760 RAINBOW VALLEY Plough 1964/65 TB 36 EM-L Bicolor RARE S:warm buff, pink glow, F:light orchid paling lighter, 1/4" border same color as S, B:yellow-orange NFS
2901 RAINIER Smith 1957/58 TB   EM Self RARE White, B:pale lemon 5.00
2306 RAINY FALLS Maryott 1983/84 TB 36 M,Re Self Ruffled medium blue with slight flush of white by beard 7.00
287 RAJAH Smith 1942/x TB 20 EM Bicolor RARE S:bright yellow, F:deep red with crimson flush and thin yellow edge 5.00
2084 RAJAH BROOKE Norton 1944/44 TB 38 EM Bicolor RARE Beautiful variegata, S:topaz, F:pigeon blood-red with border of topaz, B:burnished old gold 5.00
2060 RAMESES Sass /1929 TB 36 ML Bitone S:light russet vinaceus with yellow glow through center, F:tourmaline pink, B:large apricot; Dykes Medal 1932 5.00
924 RANCHO ROSE Gibson 1974 TB 38 M Plicata S:magenta-rose, serrated, F:daphne red markings on salmon rose, B:white, nasturtium red tip 6.00
2987 RANEE'S PALACE   TB         NFS
2916 RANGER Klein 1943 TB 36 ML Self RARE Dark but bright almost crimson red self, brown toned haft with little veination, B:bronze orange; S:long cone shaped closed, F:wide glossy velvet 5.00
4202 RAPTURE IN BLUE             NFS
529 RARE EDITION Gatty 1980 IB 20 E Plicata Mulberry speckles on white ground, B:blue-white, tipped bronze; rave reviews from everyone 5.00
2696 RARE TREAT Schreiner 1987/87 TB 34 EM Plicata Ruffled white ground, 1/4" cornflower blue stitching around edge of S and F, B:blue 8.00
2830 RASPBERRIES AND CREAM Powell 1983/83 TB 36 EM-VL Plicata RARE S:raspberry, F:cream ground heavily washed and dotted raspberry, B:orange pink; ruffled and fluted, very fragrant 8.00
133 RASPBERRIES ON ICE Vallette 1963/68 TB 30 EM Self RARE Raspberry orchid, B:ice blue, tipped lemon NFS
615 RASPBERRY ACRES Greenlee 1968/68 IB 18 E Plicata RARE White ground, sanded raspberry pink and brown, B:white, tipped brown 4.00
1060 RASPBERRY RIBBON Schreiner 1951/51 TB 34 EM Plicata RARE S:raspberry, F:white, edged raspberry, B:old gold, ending in lavender 5.00
125 RASPBERRY RIPPLES Niswonger 1967/69 TB 36 M Self Mulberry rose, B:red; lightly laced, ruffled, semi-flaring 5.00
2902 RAVEN WING Milliken 1955 TB 36 M Self RARE Deepest violet (black purple), B:dark NFS
1041 RAVENWOOD Lowry 1961/x TB 40 M Self Blue-black, B:dark blue, tipped yellow; very popular 6.00
1975 REAL ADVENTURE Nelson 1981 TB 40 M Ringed RARE S:white, flushed and edged lemon yellow, F:white, lemon shoulders and fluted lemon edge, B:deep lemon yellow 7.00
2085 REAL DELIGHT Waters 1958/60 TB 36 M Bicolor S:pink shaded deep apricot, F:deep cream edged same as S, B:red 5.00
3173 RECKLESS ABANDON   TB         12.00
3520 RED AMBER   TB       RARE 5.00
4269 RED COPPER             NFS
3931 RED GLEAM   TB       RARE 5.00
1798 RED HEART Brown 1966/67 SDB 13 E Bicolor S:lavender-blue, F:bright oxblood red with a 1/4" even border of lavender-blue, B:pale lavender 4.00
1169 RED LION Hager 1985 TB 37 EM Self Maroon red, B:yellow, tipped bronze 7.00
399 RED MAHOGANY Austin 1963/63 TB 40 M Bitone RARE S:light mahogany-red, F:deep mahogany-red, B:gold 6.00
1855 RED MAJESTY             NFS
3558 RED ORCHID   IB       RARE 5.00
60 RED POLISH Craig 1967/67 TB 36 E-ML,Re Bitone S:deep grey crimson, F:deep crimson, red-violet spot below beard, B:bronze orange; one of the most popular red rebloomers; PBF 5.00
2856 RED SPLENDOR Wallace 1957/x TB M 28 Self RARE Dust red self 5.00
2856 RED TEMPEST             NFS
2770 RED TORCH Sass 1945/x TB   L   RARE Dark red bitone 5.00
1748 RED UNICORN Austin 1961/62 TB 38 ML Bitone RARE S:deep crimson, F:deeper crimson, yellow at haft with deep maroon lines, B:burnt orange with maroon horns 5.00
469 REFULGENCE Wayman 1930/30 TB   M   RARE Blue NFS
407 REGARDS Hager 1966/67 SDB 12 E Bitone RARE S:smokey orchid, F:deep velvety maroon-red, B:orchid 4.00
1489 REGENTS' ROW Denney 1978 TB 38 E Self RARE Gentian blue, B:blue-white, tipped yellow in throat; PBF NFS
2819 REHOBETH DeForest 1953/53 TB 36 M Self RARE Pale blue self, white around beard, darker lines in throat, B:yellow w/ pale blue tip; taylored NFS
4165 REJOICE             5.00
127 RENAISSANCE FAIR Schreiner 1985/85 TB 34 ML Self RARE Mix of cinnmon and watermelon, orchid brushing 1/3 way down F, B:rich tangerine; ruffled and spicy fragrance NFS
2867 REPARTEE Smith 1966/68 TB 30 E-L Bicolor F:Silvery yellow, F:oxblood red with ivory border, B:orange NFS
2865 RETURN TO ELEGANCE Nelson 1988/88 TB 31 M Plicata RARE Soft cream yellow ground, pastel lavender rose plicata edge on S and F, flash of white below beard, strong mid-line,B:gold; ruffled 7.00
2698 REVOLUTION Anfosso 1988/89 TB 36 E Bitone RARE S:bluish white, F:blue, B:tangerine 7.00
2487 RHEA Williamson 1928/28 TB 36 M Bitone S:light smokey lavender, F:pansy violet with tawny haft, blue streak, slight rim of S color, B:red orange 5.00
3503 RHEIN NIXE   TB         5.00
2125 RHEINGAUPERLE G & K /1924 TB 34 EM Self Light lavender pink with white area around B, petals edged silver, B:light yellow, white tip; fragrant 5.00
98 RIBBON ROUND Tompkins 1962/63 TB 40 E-ML Plicata RARE White with band of blue-lavender 5.00
1856 RIDE THE WIND Schreiner 1991/91 TB 38 M Bicolor S:white, F:blue w/ slightly ruffled white edge, B:lemon, tipped white 8.00
2683 RIKKI TIKI Rogers 1976/76 IB 22 M Self RARE S:cream w/ grayed lavender, deeper at base, F:same w/ overlay of reddish violet-brown veining, giving halo around B, B:blue-violet NFS
3166 RING AROUND ROSIE             NFS
627 RINGO Shoop 1979 TB 36 M Bicolor S:white, F:grape with 1/4" white rim, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled NFS
4250 RIO ROSO             5.00
311 RIP VAN WINKLE Austin 1963/63 TB 34 E,Re Bitone S:light pinkish red, F:crimson, B:long bushy white; fragrant, beard makes this one interesting NFS
2351 RIPE RASPBERRY Sindt 1970/72 SDB 12 E Bitone S:bright raspberry red-violet, F:velvety deep red bordered color of S, B:creamy white 4.00
1836 RIPPLING CLOUDS Hamblen 1974 TB 34 M Bitone RARE S:pale violet-blue, F:medium violet-blue, B:tangerine-cerise 6.00
2291 RIPPLING WATERS Fay 1961/61 TB 37 M Blend Blue-orchid and pink blended self, B:tangerine; Dykes Medal 1966 5.00
2699 RISING SIGN Roe 1975/76 TB 34 M Bitone RARE S:smooth blend of rose-pink andlavender with slight yellow at midrib, F:same with light yellow shoulders, B:lemon, tipped cream 6.00
2700 RITE OF SPRING Hager 1995/96 TB 36 M Self S:blended violet, F:violet center blot fading toward edge, B:violet 8.00
17 RITZ Schreiner 1968/68 SDB 14 EE Self Sunflower yellow, maroon thumbprint on falls, B:yellow-orange 4.00
1866 RIVER HAWK Plough 1978 TB 34 E-L Bitone S:flax blue; F:between royal purple and victoria violet, slightly lighter banded edge; B:wisteria blue NFS
2701 RIVER'S EDGE Lauer 1995/96 TB 35 M Self S:dark blue, thin white edge, style arms dark blue, F:dark blue,white on shoulders around beard, slight white edge, B:white NFS
227 ROCKET Whiting 1945/x TB 36 M Self Golden yellow, brown wash on falls, veins at haft; slightly fragrant 5.00
2690 ROCKET FLAME Greenlee 1968/68 IB 18 E Plicata RARE Rust and orange plicata on white ground 5.00
308 ROCKET RED Schreiner 1983 TB 36 EM Bitone RARE S:silky maroon-red, F:velvety maroon, B:wine and gold 7.00
111 ROCOCO Schreiner 1959/60 TB 39 E Plicata White with violet-blue borders, large blocky flowers 5.00
1945 RODEO DeForest 1947/47 TB 33 M Plicata RARE Large bloom, yellowish white ground with reddish brown stitiching 5.00
2702 ROLE MODEL Denny 1988/88 TB 36 E-M   S: melon rosy tan with peach influence, F:same but darker with lighter area below B, B:tangerine; ruffled, slight fragrance NFS
1434 ROMAN LOVER Burch 1981/82 TB 34 E-M Bitone S:purple, F:darker red-purple, white area surrounding orange B and hafts; lightly ruffled 7.00
1039 ROMEO Millet /1912 BB 0 E Bicolor Antique, very cute little flower with S:citron yellow, F:lavender with maroon thumbprints on shoulders and yel. and white at haft, B:orange 8.00
890 RON Hamblen 1979 TB 36 M Bitone S:violet-blue, F:slightly lighter, with lighter center, B:subtle blending of yellow and blue 6.00
184 RONDO Schreiner 1972 TB 36 E-EM Plicata RARE Red-violet on white ground, S have heart-shaped white center, B:outer third tinted purple; ruffled 6.00
2162 ROSA NOVA Schreiner 1991 TB 35 M Self RARE Heavily laced raspberry rose, white signal, B:tangerine 8.00
1491 ROSE' Gaulter 1978/79 TB 28 E-M Self Clear bright lightly ruffled old rose, B:rose-coral 7.00
772 ROSE CARESS Brown 1977/77 TB 34 M Self RARE True pink. Baby pink with white area on falls, lines at haft. Ruffled, fluted and crimped light neyron rose, B:poppy red NFS
428 ROSE DELIGHT Austin 1956/57 TB 40 EM Self RARE Laced bright fushia pink, with pale yellow hafts and soft golden brown veins, B:red 5.00
2903 ROSE GARLAND Wills 1952/54 TB 37 M   RARE Rose bitone, S:med. rose, F: deeper rose with little brown at haft 5.00
4251 ROSE HERMOSA             5.00
336 ROSE PEARL Salbach 1943/x TB 28 E-M,Re Bitone RARE S:opalescent ivory-pink, F:deep rose, gilded gold, B:yellow with white tip 5.00
773 ROSE TATTOO Nearpass 1973 TB 36 E Plicata RARE S:rose pink, F:light rose pink with fancy plicata pattern of violet, B:tangerine; ruffled and lightly laced 6.00
3562 ROSE UNIQUE   IB         NFS
1946 ROSETTE WINE Schreiner 1988 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Petunia purple with large white area below white beard 8.00
2904 ROSY SPANGLE Schreiner 1958/58 TB 36 M Self RARE Rose suffused copper with blue blaze at haft 6.00
2086 ROSY VEIL Sass 1953/53 TB 36 M Plicata S:white lightly marked cobalt violet on lower part, F:white edged cobalt violet, B:yellow 5.00
1585 ROSY WINGS Gage 1934/35 TB 33 M Self Mulberry rose, flaring F; fragrant, Dykes Medal 1939 5.00
3502 ROTA   IB       RARE 5.00
70 ROUNDUP Keppel 1966/x TB 32 M Plicata RARE S:purple-brown on cream, F:white, rose-purple edge 5.00
1704 ROYAL BAND Craig 1950/50 TB 34 M,Re Plicata RARE White edged violet-red 5.00
420 ROYAL CANADIAN Edmison 1959/60 TB 40 M Self RARE Royal blue-purple with darker maroon shading and very faint lines at haft, B:dark blue 5.00
1262 ROYAL COACHMAN Brown 1972 TB 42 M Self RARE S:white, F:green white, B:fire red; ruffled NFS
456 ROYAL CONTRAST Brown 1961/62 SDB 14 E Self RARE Deep royal purple, deeper around B, B:white 4.00
281 ROYAL GOLD Hamblen 1964/66 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Intense buttercup-yellow, green midribs, lighter area at haft, B:orange NFS
1406 ROYAL HERITAGE Luihn 1967/68 TB 36 EM Self RARE Rich violet, B:same 5.00
334 ROYAL INTRIGUE Schreiner 1991/91 TB 38 EM Self Velvety dark rich royal purple, B:deep purple; large blooms NFS
888 ROYAL KINGDOM Hamner 1982 TB 38 ML Self Lightly ruffled red-purple, B:dark blue, tipped mustard 7.00
1274 ROYAL MASTERPIECE Mohr 1977 TB 38 E-M Self RARE Violet throughout 6.00
1470 ROYAL PREMIERE Maryott 1985 TB 34 M Self Ruffled smooth red-maroon, B:same 7.00

Schreiner 1991/91

TB 38 ML Self RARE Rich medium blue, B:blue NFS
1715 ROYAL RUBY Goodman 1957/58 TB 36 M Self RARE Medium to dark red 5.00
595 ROYAL SATIN Schreiner 1983 TB 36 M Self RARE Lightly ruffled uniform rich satiny bishops purple; B:self NFS
190 ROYAL TARA Harbour 1964/66 TB 35 M-L Self RARE Uranium green, lighter cream area on F, B:orange, violet at tips 5.00
663 ROYAL TRUMPETER Reynolds 1969/x TB 29 L Self RARE Ruffled and flaring deep satiny maroon-red, B:brown-red; not a large bloom but very intense color NFS
4228 ROYAL VELVET             NFS
2202 ROYALIST Dunn 1986 TB 37 M   S:light blue violet, deeper at midrib, F:velvety deep blue violet, laarge white area below B, B:blue; ruffled NFS
537 RUFFLED BALLET Roderick 1973 TB 30 ML Bitone S:blue-white, F:medium blue; heavily ruffled, flaring; a must have variety, Dykes Medal 1983 6.00
2703 RUFFLED COPPER SUNSET Gibson 1988/88 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:greyed orange veined greyed purple, F:rich greyed orange, white signal, 1/2" greyed red plicata band, reddish brown hafts and center stripe, B:orange red 7.00
285 RUFFLED GEM Muhlestein 1947/x TB 36 ML Self RARE Iridescent pinkish buff, light yellow center on falls 5.00
2177 RUFFLED GODDESS Tasco 1992 TB 32 M Self Heavily ruffled pink-lavender, B:yellow tipped pink-lavender; slight fragrance 10.00
368 RUFFLED ORGANDY Brenan 1951/52 TB 42 E-L Self RARE Ruffled ivory-cream with light gold border NFS
480 RUFFLED TAFFETA Miess 1953/54 TB 42 M Self RARE Heavily ruffled lavender (light red-violet); fluted 5.00
4025 RUFFLELATA             NFS
148 RUMBA RUFFLE Weiler 1983 TB 34 M-L Self RARE Laced bright medium yellow, B:gold; slight sweet fragrance NFS
2905 RUSSET WINGS Wills 1949 TB 36 M Blend RARE Large blend of gold, copper, and apricot with russet tone; ruffled, flaring 5.00
1 RUSSIAN BRONZE Milliken 1977/47 TB 34 EM,Re Bicolor RARE S:yellow-buff, F:lt.red-violet (deep maroon), B:lt.orange; frosty sheen, faint blue line below beard, veining at haft 5.00
319 RUSTIC CEDAR Schreiner 1981 TB 35 ML Blend Lightly ruffled bright golden copper tan, shading to lighter cordovan tan at center, reddish at haft with strong lines, B:golden copper tan 7.00
2166 RUSTLER Keppel 1987 TB 37 M Bitone S:antique gold flushed faded rose, F:henna paling to antique gold at margin, B:gold tipped chrome orange, slight sweet fragrance 8.00
1364 RUTH'S LOVE Sexton 1961/62 TB 38 E Bicolor RARE S:golden yellow, F:creamy white, bordered golden yellow, B:yellow 5.00