1974 RACHAEL MAE Quadros, C. 1983/84 TB 33 EM Self RARE Ruffled creamy white, B:yellow NFS
2761 RADCLIFF Simon, W. 1982/82 TB 36 M Self Rose lilac self, lighter at haft, lilac pink styles, small white spear, B:soft pink-orange NFS
468 RADIANT Salbach. C. 1936/36 TB 30 M Bitone RARE S:burnished orange, F:glowing coppery red SO
240 RADIANT APOGEE Gibson, J. 1964/66 TB 38 M Plicata S:deep orange-yellow, F:deep gold band around white, markings at haft, B:deep orange 6.00
2253 RAGE Craig, T. 1964/65 BB 25 EM, Re Bitone RARE S:maroon red, F:Brazil brown blazed violet, B:bronze gold; heavy substance, lightly ruffled 6.00
2152 RAIN DANCE Jones, B. 1978/79 SDB 10 E Self Bluebird blue, B:self NFS
4268 RAINBOW GOLD Plough, G. 1959/60 TB 34 E-L Self RARE Intense buttercup yellow self, B:tangerine orange; slight ruffle NFS
2481 RAINBOW TOUR Black, P. 1990/90 TB 38 M Bicolor S:ruffled pink, F:bright fuchsia purple, pink hafts, pinkish white spray pattern around orange B., smoky orchid pink edge; sweet fragrance 12.00
1760 RAINBOW VALLEY Plough, G. 1964/65 TB 36 EM-L Bicolor RARE S:warm buff, pink glow, F:light orchid paling lighter, 1/4" border same color as S, B:yellow-orange NFS
2901 RAINIER Smith, E. 1957/58 TB 34 EM Self RARE White, B:pale lemon; slight ruffle 6.00
2306 RAINY FALLS Maryott, W. 1983/84 TB 36 M,Re Self Ruffled medium blue with slight flush of white by beard 9.00
287 RAJAH Smith, K. 1942/42 TB 20 EM Bicolor RARE S:bright yellow, F:deep red with crimson flush and thin yellow edge 6.00
2060 RAMESES Sass, H. 1928/29 TB 36 ML Bitone S:light russet vinaceus with yellow glow through center, F:tourmaline pink, B:large apricot; Dykes Medal 1932 6.00
924 RANCHO ROSE Gibson, J. 1974/75 TB 38 M Plicata S:magenta-rose, serrated, F:daphne red markings on salmon rose, B:white, nasturtium red tip 6.00
2987 RANEE'S PALACE Blyth, B. 1981/85 TB 42 M Bicolor S:peach, F:lavender, solid magenta shoulders around white haft with magenta veining, 1" blue spear, B:tangerine NFS
2916 RANGER Kleinsorge, R. 1943/43 TB 36 ML Self RARE Dark, bright almost crimson red self, brown toned haft, little veination, B:bronze orange; S:long cone shaped closed, F:wide glossy velvet SO
4576 RANGERETTE Hamblen, M. 1970/1971 SDB 12 E-L Self Garnet red overlaid beetroot purple, B:same, bushy with touch of royal purple NFS
4202 RAPTURE IN BLUE Scnreiners 1990/90 TB 36 M Self Heavily ruffled light blue, B:white NFS
529 RARE EDITION Gatty, J. 1980/80 IB 20 E Plicata Mulberry speckles on white ground, B:blue-white, tipped bronze; rave reviews from everyone 2/6.00
2696 RARE TREAT Schreiners 1987/87 TB 34 EM Plicata Ruffled white ground, 1/4" cornflower blue stitching around edge of S and F, B:blue 8.00
2830 RASPBERRIES AND CREAM Powell, L. 1983/83 TB 36 EM-VL Plicata RARE S:raspberry, F:cream ground heavily washed and dotted raspberry, B:orange pink; ruffled and fluted, very fragrant 9.00
615 RASPBERRY ACRES Greenlee, W. 1968/68 IB 18 E Plicata RARE White ground, sanded raspberry pink and brown, B:white, tipped brown NFS
1060 RASPBERRY RIBBON Schreiners 1951/51 TB 34 EM Plicata RARE S:raspberry, F:white, edged raspberry, B:old gold, ending in lavender 6.00
125 RASPBERRY RIPPLES Niswonger, D. 1967/69 TB 36 M Self Mulberry rose, B:red; lightly laced, ruffled, semi-flaring 6.00
1041 RAVENWOOD Lowry, E. 1961/71 TB 40 M Self Blue-black, B:dark blue, tipped yellow; very popular NFS
4552 RAVISSANT Cayeux, R. 2005/2007 TB 33 LM Halo S:pure white bordered light lilac, F:white, deeper lilac pink border, B:tangerine-orange; ruffled, fragrant 15.00
1975 REAL ADVENTURE Nelson, J. 1981/82 TB 40 M Ringed RARE S:white, flushed and edged lemon yellow, F:white, lemon shoulders and fluted lemon edge, B:deep lemon yellow NFS
2085 REAL DELIGHT Waters, D. 1958/60 TB 36 M Bicolor S:pink shaded deep apricot, F:deep cream edged same as S, B:red 6.00
3173 RECKLESS ABANDON Keppel, K. 2009/10 TB 38 M Bicolor S:citron yellow, darker rim, F:burgundy black, starburst white around beard shading yellow in front with maroon veining, B:deep yellow; ruffled, lightly laced 15.00
3520 RED AMBER Loomis, Dr. P. 1942/42 TB   M Bitone RARE S:jasper pink flushed red, F:blending of old rose and red with copper suffusion 6.00
4297 RED AT NIGHT Ernst, R. 1993/1992 TB 38 EM Bitone S:dark red, base lighter, F:velvety dark red, B:yellow, tipped red; ruffled 8.00
4269 RED COPPER Muhlestein, T. 1971/71 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Brown-copper self including beard NFS
3931 RED GLEAM Lapham, E. 1937/39 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:rosy red, F:darker velvety, slight white at have with red veining, B:orange NFS
1798 RED HEART Brown, A. 1966/67 SDB 13 E Bicolor S:lavender-blue, F:bright oxblood red with a 1/4" even border of lavender-blue, B:pale lavender 4.00
1169 RED LION Hager, B. 1985/86 TB 37 EM Self Maroon red, B:yellow, tipped bronze NFS
399 RED MAHOGANY Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 40 M Bitone RARE S:light mahogany-red, F:deep mahogany-red, B:gold 6.00
1855 RED MAJESTY Douglas, G. 1944/44 TB 42 M-L Self Deep rose, yellow infusion at center of flower and midrib with orange veining on falls, B:thick yellow NFS
3558 RED ORCHID Sass. J. 1934/34 IB 28 E Self RARE Dark velvety red purple, white haft with veining, B:yellow gold 5.00
60 RED POLISH Craig, T. 1967/67 TB 36 E-ML,Re Bitone S:deep grey crimson, F:deep crimson, red-violet spot below beard, B:bronze orange; one of the most popular red rebloomers; PBF 6.00
2770 RED TORCH Sass, H. 1945/47 TB 34 L Bicolor RARE S:rich bronze gold, F:deep maroon, yellow at haft with maroon veining, B:bright orange 6.00
1748 RED UNICORN Austin, L. 1961/62 TB 38 ML Bitone RARE S:deep crimson, F:deeper crimson, yellow at haft with deep maroon lines, B:burnt orange with maroon horns 6.00
469 REFULGENCE Wayman, R. 1930/30 TB   M   RARE Blue NFS
407 REGARDS Hager, B. 1966/67 SDB 12 E Bitone RARE S:smokey orchid, F:deep velvety maroon-red, B:orchid 4.00
1489 REGENTS' ROW Denney, D. 1978/79 TB 38 E Self RARE Gentian blue, B:blue-white, tipped yellow in throat; PBF NFS
2819 REHOBETH DeForest, F. 1953/53 TB 36 M Self RARE Pale blue self, white around beard, darker lines in throat, B:yellow w/ pale blue tip; taylored NFS
4165 REJOICE Dubes, G. 1957/58 TB 36 EM Self White self, faint tan veining at haft, B:white base, yellow tips in throat 2/6.00
2867 REPARTEE Smith, C&K 1966/68 TB 30 E-L Bicolor F:Silvery yellow, F:oxblood red with ivory border, B:orange NFS
4553 RESTLESS TIDE Johnson, B. 2012/2012 TB 38 EM Self Light cerulean blue self, B:light blue to white; ruffled, fragrant, large blooms NFS
2865 RETURN TO ELEGANCE Nelson, I. 1988/88 TB 31 M Plicata RARE Soft cream ground, pastel lavender rose plicata edge on S and F, flash of white below beard, strong mid-line,B:gold; ruffled 7.00
2698 REVOLUTION Anfosso, P. 1988/89 TB 36 E Bitone RARE S:bluish white, F:blue, B:tangerine 7.00
2487 RHEA Williamson, E.B. 1928/28 TB 36 M Bitone S:light smokey lavender, F:pansy violet with tawny haft, blue streak, slight rim of S color, B:red orange NFS
3503 RHEIN NIXE Goos & Koenemann 1910/10 TB 30 LM Bicolor S;pale lavender white, F:blue purple, distinct white rim, B:light yellow; fragrant 6.00
3517 RHEINFELS Goos & Koenemann. 1928/28 TB 30 M Plicata S:white, soft blue stitching at edge, F:flushed and penciled pale blue edge and haft, B:lemon, white tip; fragrant 6.00
2125 RHEINGAUPERLE, American source source unknown, not Goos & Koenemann 1924/24 TB 34 EM Self U.S. source. Original name lost. Does not match European variety under same name. Light lavender pink with white area around B, petals edged silver, B:light yellow, white tip; fragrant NFS
98 RIBBON ROUND Tompkins, C. 1962/63 TB 40 E-ML Plicata RARE White with band of blue-lavender 6.00
1856 RIDE THE WIND Schreiners 1991/91 TB 38 M Bicolor S:white, F:blue w/ slightly ruffled white edge, B:lemon, tipped white 9.00
2683 RIKKI TIKI Rogers, M. 1976/76 IB 22 M Self RARE S:cream w/ grayed lavender, deeper at base, F:same w/ overlay of reddish violet-brown veining, giving halo around B, B:blue-violet NFS
4513 RIMINI BEACH Montanari, L. 2011/2012 TB 41 LM Bicolor S:bright sandy pink, F:deep blue violet, amber area on shouldesr, B:bushy tomato red; ruffled, sweet fragrance 20.00
3166 RING AROUND ROSIE Ernst, R. 2000/2000 TB 35 M Plicata S:white, yellow gilt rim, F:white ground sanded purple, yellow rim, B:yellow and orange NFS
627 RINGO Shoop, G. 1979/79 TB 36 M Bicolor S:white, F:grape with 1/4" white rim, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled 8.00
4250 RIO ROSO Corlew, G. 1964/66 TB 36 M Bitone S:campanula violet, F:lighter flushed tan, violet at edges, B:light tangerine orange 7.00
311 RIP VAN WINKLE Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 34 E,Re Bitone S:light pinkish red, F:crimson, B:long bushy white; fragrant, beard makes this one interesting NFS
2351 RIPE RASPBERRY Sindt, D. 1970/72 SDB 12 E Bitone S:bright raspberry red-violet, F:velvety deep red bordered color of S, B:creamy white 5.00
1836 RIPPLING CLOUDS Hamblen, M. 1974/75 TB 34 M Bitone RARE S:pale violet-blue, F:medium violet-blue, B:tangerine-cerise 6.00
2291 RIPPLING WATERS Fay, O. 1961/61 TB 37 M Blend Blue-orchid and pink blended self, B:tangerine; Dykes Medal 1966 NFS
2699 RISING SIGN Roe, B. 1975/76 TB 34 M Bitone RARE S:smooth blend of rose-pink andlavender with slight yellow at midrib, F:same with light yellow shoulders, B:lemon, tipped cream 6.00
4170 RITE OF SPRING Hager, B. 1995/96 TB 36 M Self S:blended violet, F:violet center blot fading toward edge, B:violet 10.00
17 RITZ Schreiners 1968/68 SDB 14 EE Self Sunflower yellow, maroon thumbprint on falls, B:yellow-orange 4.00
1866 RIVER HAWK Plough, G. 1978/78 TB 34 E-L Bitone S:flax blue; F:between royal purple and victoria violet, slightly lighter banded edge; B:wisteria blue NFS
2701 RIVER'S EDGE Lauer, L. 1995/96 TB 35 M Self S:dark blue, thin white edge, style arms dark blue, F:dark blue,white on shoulders around beard, slight white edge, B:white NFS
227 ROCKET Whiting, Mrs. C. 1945/45 TB 36 M Self Golden yellow, brown wash on falls, veins at haft; slightly fragrant 6.00
2690 ROCKET FLAME Greenlee, W. 1968/68 IB 18 E Plicata RARE Rust and orange plicata on white ground 6.00
308 ROCKET RED Schreiners 1983/84 TB 36 EM Bitone RARE S:silky maroon-red, F:velvety maroon, B:wine and gold 7.00
111 ROCOCO Schreiners 1959/60 TB 39 E Plicata White with violet-blue borders, large blocky flowers 6.00
1945 RODEO DeForest, F. 1947/47 TB 33 M Plicata RARE Large bloom, yellowish white ground with reddish brown stitiching 6.00
2702 ROLE MODEL Denny by McWhirter 1988/88 TB 36 E-M   S: melon rosy tan with peach influence, F:same but darker with lighter area below B, B:tangerine; ruffled, slight fragrance NFS
4629 ROLL THE DICE Painter, J. 2012/2013 TB 33 M      
1434 ROMAN LOVER Burch, J. 1981/82 TB 34 E-M Bitone S:purple, F:darker red-purple, white area surrounding orange B and hafts; lightly ruffled 7.00
1039 ROMEO Millet et Fils 1912/12 TB 0 E Bicolor Antique, very cute little flower with S:citron yellow, F:lavender with maroon thumbprints on shoulders and yel. and white at haft, B:orange NFS
890 RON Hamblen, M. 1979/81 TB 36 M Bitone S:violet-blue, F:slightly lighter, with lighter center, B:subtle blending of yellow and blue 6.00
184 RONDO Schreiners 1972/73 TB 36 E-EM Plicata RARE Red-violet on white ground, S have heart-shaped white center, B:outer third tinted purple; ruffled 6.00
2162 ROSA NOVA Schreiners 1991/91 TB 35 M Self RARE Heavily laced raspberry rose, white signal, B:tangerine 8.00
1491 ROSE' Gaulter, L. 1978/79 TB 28 E-M Self Clear bright lightly ruffled old rose, B:rose-coral 7.00
772 ROSE CARESS Brown, O. 1977/77 TB 34 M Self RARE True pink. Baby pink with white area on falls, lines at haft. Ruffled, fluted and crimped light neyron rose, B:poppy red NFS
428 ROSE DELIGHT Austin, L. 1956/57 TB 40 EM Self RARE Laced bright fushia pink, with pale yellow hafts and soft golden brown veins, B:red SO
2903 ROSE GARLAND Wills, J. 1952/54 TB 37 M Bitone RARE Rose bitone, S:med. rose, F: deeper rose with little brown at haft 6.00
4251 ROSE HERMOSA Sundt, E. 1959/61 TB 30 M Self RARE French rose, rosy pink self, B:geranium red 6.00
336 ROSE PEARL Salbach, C. 1943/43 IB 28 E-M,Re Bitone RARE S:opalescent ivory-pink, F:buff pink, gold ner the haft, B:yellow with white tip SO
773 ROSE TATTOO Nearpass D. 1973/76 TB 36 E Plicata RARE S:rose pink, F:light rose pink with fancy plicata pattern of violet, B:tangerine; ruffled and lightly laced 6.00
3562 ROSE UNIQUE Farr, B. 1910/1910 IB   E Self Rose-purple self, veined magenta-purple to brown, B:yellow NFS
2661 ROSEMARY'S DREAM Dunderman, M. MTB 23 M Plicata S:deep rose, white center, F:white, 1/2" rose border, B:deep orange 5.00
4554 ROSES IN MAY Filardi, B. 2008/2008 TB 38 M Bitone S:dawn pink, F:pale orient pink, B:red-orange, small pink horn; ruffled, flare, sweet fragrance 15.00
1946 ROSETTE WINE Schreiners 1988/89 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Petunia purple with large white area below white beard 8.00
2904 ROSY SPANGLE Schreiners 1958/58 TB 36 M Self RARE Rose suffused copper with blue blaze at haft 6.00
2086 ROSY VEIL Sass, H. 1953/53 TB 36 M Plicata S:white lightly marked cobalt violet on lower part, F:white edged cobalt violet, B:yellow 6.00
1585 ROSY WINGS Gage, L. 1934/35 TB 33 M Self Mulberry rose, flaring F; fragrant, Dykes Medal 1939 SO
3502 ROTA Goos & Koen 1924/24 IB 24 M Self RARE Carmine rose, F:darker with prominent veins, B:golden orange, tipped white 6.00
70 ROUNDUP Keppel, K. 1971/74 TB 32 M Plicata RARE S:purple-brown on cream, F:white, rose-purple edge 6.00
1704 ROYAL BAND Craig, T. 1950/50 TB 34 M,Re Plicata RARE Plicata, S: violet red, F:white edged violet-red, B:yellow gold 2/6.00
420 ROYAL CANADIAN Edmison, A. 1959/60 TB 40 M Self RARE Royal blue-purple with darker maroon shading and very faint lines at haft, B:dark blue 6.00
456 ROYAL CONTRAST Brown, A. 1961/62 SDB 14 E Self RARE Deep royal purple, deeper around B, B:white 6.00
281 ROYAL GOLD Hamblen, M. 1964/66 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Intense buttercup-yellow, green midribs, lighter area at haft, B:orange 6.00
1406 ROYAL HERITAGE Luihn, W. 1967/68 TB 36 EM Self RARE Rich violet, B:same 6.00
334 ROYAL INTRIGUE Schreiners1991/91 TB 38 EM Self Velvety dark rich royal purple, B:deep purple; large blooms 9.00
888 ROYAL KINGDOM Hamner, B. 1982/82 TB 38 ML Self Lightly ruffled red-purple, B:dark blue, tipped mustard 7.00
1274 ROYAL MASTERPIECE Mohr, D. 1977/78 TB 38 E-M Self RARE Violet throughout 6.00
1470 ROYAL PREMIERE Maryott, W. 1985/85 TB 34 M Self Ruffled smooth red-maroon, B:same 7.00
4252 ROYAL RENAISSANCE Kerr, F. 2006/2007 TB 34 M Halo S:lemon yellow, F:ivory center, wide dark blue band, diffuse inner edge, B:yellow, tipped orange 15.00
1715 ROYAL RUBY Goodman, R. 1957/58 TB 36 M Self RARE Medium to dark red 6.00
595 ROYAL SATIN Schreiners 1983/83 TB 36 M Self RARE Lightly ruffled uniform rich satiny bishops purple; B:self NFS
190 ROYAL TARA Harbour, B. 1964/66 TB 35 M-L Self RARE Uranium green, lighter cream area on F, B:orange, violet at tips 6.00
663 ROYAL TRUMPETER Reynolds, C. 1969/71 TB 29 L Self RARE Ruffled and flaring deep satiny maroon-red, B:brown-red; not a large bloom but very intense color NFS
4228 ROYAL VELVET Frechette, H. 1935/35 TB   M Self RARE B7D purple self? NFS
4395 ROYAL VIKING Roderick, E, 1982/83 TB 34 LM Self RARE Heavily ruffled deep indigo blue purple, B:blue NFS
2202 ROYALIST Dunn, M. 1986/87 TB 37 M Bicolor S:light blue violet, deeper at midrib, F:velvety deep blue violet, large white area below beard, B:blue; ruffled 7.00
537 RUFFLED BALLET Roderick, E. 1973/75 TB 30 ML Bitone S:blue-white, F:medium blue; heavily ruffled, flaring; a must have variety, Dykes Medal 1983 7.00
2703 RUFFLED COPPER SUNSET Gibson, J. 1988/93 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:greyed orange veined greyed purple, F:rich greyed orange, white signal, 1/2" greyed red plicata band, reddish brown hafts and center stripe, B:orange red NFS
285 RUFFLED GEM Muhlestein, T. 1947/47 TB 36 ML Self RARE Iridescent pinkish buff, light yellow center on falls 6.00
2177 RUFFLED GODDESS Tasco,R. 1992/93 TB 32 M Self Heavily ruffled pink-lavender, B:yellow tipped pink-lavender; slight fragrance 10.00
368 RUFFLED ORGANDY Brenan, E. 1951/52 TB 42 E-L Self RARE Ruffled ivory-cream with light gold border NFS
480 RUFFLED TAFFETA Miess, E. 1953/54 TB 42 M Self RARE Heavily ruffled lavender (light red-violet); fluted 6.00
4025 RUFFLELATA Jedlicka, L&K 2011/12 TB 36 EM Luminata S:lavender pink, yellow- white border, midrib pale purple, F:velvety purple luminata markings, yellow hafts, B:yellow; ruffle, fragrant, lace NFS
4422 RUFFLES SUPREME Roderick, E. 1982/83 TB 32 LM Self Heavily ruffled cream, brushed light yellow at hafts and fall edges, B:yellow NFS
4476 RUM AND COKE Painter, J. 2010/2011 TB 36 M Bicolor S:cream, edged golden brown, darker veining, wire rim, F:blackish burgundy plum, white spray, B:purple, tipped gold; ruffled SO
148 RUMBA RUFFLE Weiler, J. 1983/84 TB 34 M-L Self RARE Laced bright medium yellow, B:gold; slight sweet fragrance NFS
4397 RUMBLING THUNDER Tompkins, C. 1962/62 TB 36 E-LM Self RARE Dark midnight violet self, B:bronzy NFS
4477 RUSH CREEK Worel, J. 1999/1999 TB 32 M Halo S:rose, gold midrib and very thin edge, F:rust red, 1/8" yellow gold edge, white at haft veined rust red, B:gold; ruffled, fragrant 10.00
2905 RUSSET WINGS Wills, J. 1945/45 TB 36 M Blend RARE Large blend of gold, copper, and apricot with russet tone; ruffled, flaring NFS
1 RUSSIAN BRONZE Milliken by Edinger 1977/47 TB 34 EM,Re Bicolor RARE S:yellow-buff, F:lt.red-violet (deep maroon), B:lt.orange; frosty sheen, faint blue line below beard, veining at haft 6.00
319 RUSTIC CEDAR Schreiners 1981/81 TB 35 ML Blend Lightly ruffled bright golden copper tan, shading to lighter cordovan tan at center, reddish at haft with strong lines, B:golden copper tan 7.00
2166 RUSTLER Keppel, K. 1987/88 TB 37 M Bitone S:antique gold flushed faded rose, F:henna paling to antique gold at margin, B:gold tipped chrome orange, slight sweet fragrance SO
1364 RUTH'S LOVE Sexton, N. 1961/62 TB 38 E Bicolor RARE S:golden yellow, F:creamy white, bordered golden yellow, B:yellow 6.00