2213 QUAIL             NFS
178 QUAKER LADY Farr /1909 MTB 30 EM Bicolor S:lavender, yellow at haft, F:brownish lavender, greyed rim, golden at haft with lines, B:orange; small bloom 4.00
3262 QUEEN CATERINA             5.00
2866 QUEEN DOROTHY Hall 1984/84 TB 29 E-M,Re Halo S:white with 1/2" mid-violet edge, F:white with 3/8" mid-violet edge, B:yellow, tipped white; ruffled, slight sweet fragrance NFS
1289 QUEEN IN CALICO Gibson 1979 TB 34 M Plicata Light orange ground, marked violet, B:orange; ruffled and laced 6.00
86 QUEEN OF HEARTS Brown 1973 TB 36 M Self Highly ruffled, highly laced coral pink with white center on falls, B:coral pink; limited stock 6.00
2083 QUEEN OF MAY Salter pre 1859 MTB 30 M Self Orchid pink shaded white at haft, magenta veins 5.00
3677 QUEEN'S CIRCLE             10.00
2348 QUEEN'S LACE Muhlstein 1953/55 TAB 34 ML Self White self, yellow center, B:yellow NFS
1331 QUEEN'S PAWN Bennett Jones1975 SDB 12 M Self Beetroot purple, B:amethyst NFS
1942 QUEEN'S TASTE Douglas 1950/52 TB 38 M Bitone S:lavender-pink, gold at base, F:rose-red, pink rim, lines at haft, B:yellow 5.00
593 QUICKSTEP Schreiner 1983 TB 35 VE Plicata S:heavy marbling of gentian blue, whiter toward center, F:white, center line and 1/2" border stitched gentian blue, B:lt. yellow, blue tip 7.00
1943 QUIET TIMES Schreiner 1985 TB 36 M Plicata S:white ground widely bordered and stitched light blue, F:White ground with 1/2" blue hemstitching, B:white; ruffled NFS
1505 QUIVERING FLAME Zurbrigg 1957/60 TB 35 M Bicolor S:bright orange, flushed red; F:dark red, some veining at haft, B:orange; Standards have unique ridges and crests on lower half 5.00