1624 P. T. BARNUM Meek 1979/79 TB 36 ML Bicolor S:buckskin tan, F:deep wine-red, B:golden bronze 6.00
1443 PACIFIC GROVE Luihn 1981 TB 38 E-M Self Lobelia blue, B:cadmium orange, slightly lighter at tip NFS
1961 PACIFIC MIST Schreiner 1979 TB 36 ML Self Light wisteria blue self, B:light yellow 7.00
155 PACIFIC PANORAMA Sexton 1960/60 TB 40 M Self Ruffled medium sea blue; Dykes Medal 1965 5.00
963 PACIFIC PEACH Luihn 1977/79 TB 37 E-M Self Buffy peach, B:persimmon 6.00
528 PACIFIC SHORES Babson 1978 TB 38 ML Bicolor S:blue-white, F:medium blue with purple highlights, pale blue edge, blue-white veining radiating from B, B:blue-white NFS
471 PAGAN Dunn 1972 TB 38 M-L Self Dark red-violet, deep brown shoulders, blue spot on falls, B:mustard 7.00
2685 PAGAN PINK Byers 1987/88 TB 36 M Bitone S:med. pink, F:light pink, hafts tan, B:red orange NFS
316 PAGAN PRINCESS Douglas 1948/48 TB 38 M,Re Bitone S:pinkish lavender, F:pinkish rose, lines at haft, edged with narrow band to match S, B:red-orange; very distinctive 5.00
3364 PAILLASSE             NFS
4094 PAINTED CLOUDS             9.00
2431 PAINTED DESERT Milliken 1942/42 TB 40 M Self Copper tan with brownish suffusion at haft, violet patch on F, B:heavy golden yellow NFS
433 PALACE GUARD Messick 1975 TB 38 M Self Deep blue-purple, unique small white 'beaks' on S above B, B:blue 6.00
2590 PALE CLOUD             4.00
4076 PALE PRIMROSE             5.00
4172 PALISADES             6.00
128 PALOMINO Hall 1951/52 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:copper-pink, F:white with copper-amber edge, B:tangerine-red 5.00
3553 PALTEC             6.00
511 PANAMA FLING Ernst 1989/89 TB 36 M Bicolor S:pink infused violet on midrib, F:bluish-lavender blending to violet at edge, violet brown shoulder, B:bright red-orange; laced and ruffled 7.00
3685 PANAMA HATTIE             NFS
2467 PANAY McKee 1950/55 TB 36 M Bicolor S:white flushed lav, yellow edge, F:blended bronze and yellow green. B:old gold, lavender at base NFS
1387 PANDORA'S PURPLE Ensminger 1981 TB 31 EM Plicata Violet ground with purple plicata markings of edges, B:violet 7.00
2156 PANSY TOP Hamblen 1970/71 SDB 10 EL Bitone S:violet-blue, F:violet spot over violet, B:violet blue 4.00
2686 PAPRIKA FONO'S Nelson 1989/87 TB 36 E, Re Plicata S:heavily stitched cayenne red brown, cream midrib, F:cream yellow ground, wide band of cayenne red brown, B:yellow orange, lightly ruffled 7.00
1021 PARADISE Gatty 1979 TB 33 ML Bitone S:peach pink, F:slightly creamier peach pink, B:Chinese orange, tipped paler 6.00
3988 PARADISE PINK             NFS
2898 PARAGON Stevens 1947/x TB   M Self Opalescent pearly tints, F margined in coppery buff with same color in throat NFS
1936 PARIS LIGHTS Schreiner 1972/7 TB 35 EM Self Even shade of Rembrant red with silky texture, slight copper halation along beard area and haft area, B:deep orange NFS
735 PARIS OPERA Benson 1969/69 TB 36 M Blend Ruffled combination of mauve, lilac and violet, lighter around B, B:yellow, blue tip; fades 5.00
4354 PARK'S BLACK JACK             NFS
380 PARTY DRESS Muhlestein 1950/1 TB 34 ML Self Slightly ruffled and laced light pink, B:tangerine 5.00
33 PARTY LOOK Schreiner 1975 TB 36 M-L Self Large ruffled chinese coral-pink bloom with cream blaze, B:bright red 6.00
3494 PARTY OF ONE             10.00
768 PARTY PARFAIT Hamner 1976 TB 35 M-L Blend Heavily laced and ruffled salmon pink, B:tangerine 6.00
4293 PASSING CLOUDS             NFS
769 PATINA Keppel 1976/78 TB 35 M Plicata S:greenish yellow with suffusion of olive, F:greenish yellow, narrow edging of brown, veining at haft, B:dull brown 6.00
2938 PATRICE DeForest 1944/x TB 40 M Plicata S:light cream flushed pale rosy lav, F:white, yellow at haft, speckled rose-brown edge, pink wire rim; fragrant 5.00
4344 PATRICIA CRAIG             NFS
4390 PATRICIAN             NFS
1199 PATRICIAN ELEGANCE Burch 1982 TB 37 M Self Buff, with brighter buff-orange hafts, B:orange-red 7.00
2221 PATRIOT'S GEM Gadd 1988/x AR 15 E Self S:bluebird blue, narrowly edged yellow, darker blue style arms, F:bluebird blue, B:yellow 4.00
3100 PAULINE KIFER Morgan, S. 2012/18 TB 43 M Self Light blue self, small brown veins on hafts,B:ice blue, yellow tips; sl. spicy fragrance 25.00
4294 PAY DAY             NFS
1615 PEACE OFFERING Ghio 1971 TB 38 EM Bicolor S:lemon yellow, F:white, lemon yellow border, B:yellow 6.00
1105 PEACH BAVARIAN Willott 1978 SDB 13 M Self Light peach, B:white, orange in throat 4.00
355 PEACH FLOAT Brown 1973 TB 38 ML Self S:light shrimp peach, F:shrimp peach, trace of yellow at hafts, B:peach; ruffled NFS
19 PEACH FROST Schreiner 1972/72 TB 38 ML Self S:peach pink with copper highlights, F:white blaze, distinct rim like S, B:lt.tangerine; ruffled, frosty sheen 6.00
85 PEACH SPOT Shoop 1973/73 TB 36 M Amoena S:white, F:white with large peach spot, cinnamon dots at haft, B:tangerine; ruffled NFS
271 PEACHERINO Dolman 1952/54 TB 35 ML Self S:peach, F:warm white, lightly edged peach, shoulders more heavily peach, B:peach-tangerine; small bloom 4.00
794 PEACHY CREAMY Ensminger 1977/78 TB 30 M-L Bicolor S:peach, F:white to cream, with 3/8" band of majolica yellow, B:persommon orange 6.00
669 PEACHY FACE Jones 1975 IB 21 EM Self Pale peach white, large spot of deeper peach on F, B:peach 5.00
884 PEARL CHIFFON Varner 1971 TB 36 E-L Bitone S:true lavender, F:light lavender, B:lavender 6.00
3771 PEARLEASCENCE             NFS
560 PECCADILLO Keppel 1983/83 BB 26 EM Plicata S:peach toned cream, F:creamy peach, bishops violet hafts, washed plicata edge, B:rusty orange NFS
1572 PEEK A BLUE Sexton 1975 TB 36 M Self White, edged blue, deep navy blue stylearms, B:cream-white; frilled and fluted 6.00
1260 PEKING SUMMER Schreiner 1983 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:amber-yellow, touched rose on midrib, F:rich rose-maroon, B:old gold, tipped brown; ruffled and laced 10.00
565 PENCIL SKETCH Plough 1971/72 TB 30 M Plicata S:yellow-green, F:yellow-green with purple and maroon stripes and speckles overall, light violett area around light burnt orange B 6.00
1266 PEOPLE PLEASER Ensminger 1985 SDB 12 ML Bicolor S:spectrum violet at base, lighter at tip, F:Indian yellow, B:spectrum violet 4.00
2869 PEPPERMINT Gaulter 1980/81 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:mauve pink, F:blue lavender, yellow at hafts, B:yellow, tipped white; ruffled 8.00
1017 PERFECT ACCENT Weiler 1980/80 TB 34 M-L Self Lightly laced full yellow, B:orange 7.00
2179 PERFECT COUPLE Ghio 1983/84 TB 36 E,Re Bicolor S:medium blue, F:white with a slight blue cast, B:light yellow NFS
1236 PERFECT INTERLUDE Schreiner 1983/84 TB 42 M Bicolor S:white, F:finely shaded yellow, B:white; ruffled 7.00
1134 PERFECT PITCH Gatty 1991/92 TB 36 ML Bitone S:dark violet, F:fluorite violet, B:marine purple, tipped chrome yellow; pronounced sweet fragrance. 8.00
2117 PERFECTION Barr 1880 MTB 35 EM Bitone S:light blue, F:red-violet, edged light blue, white at haft with lines, B:lemon yellow 5.00
2208 PERFUME COUNTER Zurbrigg 1972 TB 35 EM,Re Self Bright violet (heliotrope) self, light in center of F, B:yellow; fragrant 6.00
2421 PERILS OF PAULINE Mohr 1989/89 TB 38 EM Self S:med. blue orchid, flushed deeper at haft, F:same, textured veining, B:coral tangerine tipped dark blue orchid; laced, slight fragrance NFS
3566 PERSAN             NFS
274 PERSIAN BERRY Gaulter 1976 TB 35 M Self Lightly ruffled blue, raspberry, and lavender mix, with maroon shoulders, B:deep tangerine NFS
2447 PERSIAN ROBE Sass 1954/55 TB 36 M Bicolor Blended bicolor yellow and violet, S:pale buff flushed rose, F:rich wine red w/ buff pink border. 5.00
1328 PERSIAN SMOKE Blyth 1979 TB 40 E-M Bicolor S:smoky pink, F:smoky plum-purple with some white veining on hafts, B:tangerine; ruffled 7.00
2422 PETITE BALLET Keppel 1991/92 BB 25 E Plicata S:pale blue shaded white at base, F:white ground, 3/4" solid campanula band paling to narrow outer edge, B:white; sweet fragrance NFS
1343 PETITE POINT Tompkins 1973 TB 36 M-VL Self Laced white, B:candy pink NFS
959 PETITE POSY Schreiner 1975 TB 35 M-L Plicata Laced white, lightly marked dainty lavender-pink, B:white 6.00
3504 PEWEE             4.00
2899 PHALANX Schreiner 1951/51 TB 36 E Self Fuchsia hued slef, bluish blaze NFS
904 PHARAOH'S GOLD Brown 1980 TB 33 M Self Rich gold, deeper at laced edges, B:deep orange NFS
4295 PHOEBUS APOLLO             NFS
55 PIANISSIMO Zurbrigg 1953/54 TB 35 M Bicolor S:pale peach pink, F:white, 1/4" orange-peach rim, B:white tipped peach-pink 5.00
2130 PICADOR Morrison 1928/30 TB 30 M Bicolor S:honey yellow w/ rosy cast and greenish touch at midrib, F:deep dahlia carmine red, B:yellow; fragrant, PBF 5.00
561 PICAYUNE Keppel 1976 BB 25 M Bicolor S:quince yellow brown, F.oyster, banded quince yellow, hafts solidly peppered russet brown; B:yellow, faintly tipped russet NFS
4345 PICTURE BOOK             NFS
2082 PICTURE BOUQUET Brown 1955/56 TB 36 EM Self Nicely laced and ruffled pink, B:coral 5.00
489 PIERRE MENARD Faught 1946/48 TB 38 EM Self Deep medium blue self, glossy enamel finish, B:yellow; ruffled and semi-flaring 5.00
3527 PIETY             5.00
1457 PINA COLADA Dunn 1982/83 TB 38 M Bicolor S:cream with pale peachy cast, F:cream, pale peachy cast at hafts, \b;peachy orange 7.00
1724 PINAFORE LASS Cook 1950/51 TB 36 M Bicolor Like a Japanese iris in form, white blaze around B, blue blends to a Campanula-violet at edge 5.00
1865 PINAFORE PINK Schreiner 1978 TB 36 EM Self Light flamingo pink 8.00
21 PINK 'N' MINT Schreiner 1979 TB 36 M-L Bicolor S:light salmon-pink, F:light lime-green, B:light coral; not a strong grower for me NFS
661 PINK ANGEL Rudolph 1972 TB 29 E Bitone S:light pink, F:light pink, blending to pale pink at center, deep pink hafts, B:sharp pink; ruffled 8.00
4082 PINK BELLE             15.00
841 PINK BUBBLES Hager 1979 BB 20 EM Self Clear light pink, B:pale tangerine 6.00
1937 PINK CAMEO Fay 1944/46 TB 36 M Self Pure smooth shade of cameo pink, B:tangerine; good increase for a pink, semi-flaring 5.00
110 PINK CASTLE Lyon 1958/x TB 36 LM Self Medium shell pink, B:Chinese coral NFS
313 PINK CHALLENGE Brown 1975 TB 34 M Self Ruffled deep azalea-pink, B:coral NFS
367 PINK CHIMES Hall 1956/57 TB 34 M Self Strong pink, yellow at haft with lines, B:bright red-orange NFS
3989 PINK CLOVER             6.00
1464 PINK CONFETTI Gibson 1975 TB 38 M Plicata Cream ground, marked magenta rose-pink, B:white, tipped magenta to orange in the throat; ruffled 6.00
642 PINK EMBER Gibson 1972 TB 37 M-L Plicata S:rose pink with violet-pink veining, F:rose pink with violet-pink stitched rim, B:persimmon orange; ruffled 6.00
3872 PINK EMPRESS             NFS
3990 PINK FEATHERS             NFS
212 PINK FORMAL Muhlestein 1947/9 TB 40 EL Self Pink with tan cast and lines, B:orange; lightly ruffled, fragrant. Good depth of color and substance for its time 5.00
979 PINK FROTH Keppel 1985/85 TB 34 E Plicata S:lavender-pink on white, F:white, 1/2" solid lavender-pink margin, deeper hafts, rhodonite styles, B:white, tipped pink; ruffled and laced NFS
416 PINK HORIZON Schreiner 1967/68 TB 40 M Self Evenly colored flamingo pink, including B NFS
1361 PINK KITTEN Wood 1976 IB 20 E Self Blue shade of pink, lined deeper on F, B:tangerine, tipped lighter tangerine  
1702 PINK LACE Sass Bros. 1945/x TB 36 M,Re Self Not very pink, more peach, not very laced, B:tangerine; older variety, terrific number of blooms and terrific increase though 5.00
1500 PINK MAGNOLIA Brown 1968/x TB 28 M Self Novelty; S:none, F:orient pink, deeper veining in heart; looks like a magnolia in early bloom stage 6.00
2947 PINK OPAL Sass 1933/34 TB 48 M Self Light pink lavender self, B:yellow, white tip NFS
770 PINK PICOTEE Nearpass 1973/76 TB 32 M Plicata S:light pink, F:creamy light pink with violet markings, 1" white spot below B, B:light tangerine 6.00
1714 PINK PINAFORE Austin 1952/52 TB 34 EM,Re Plicata Light yellow with pale orchid pink stitching, light gold edging on F. 5.00
3525 PINK PLUME             5.00
2837 PINK RUFFLES Smith 1939/40 BB 23 M Self Small bloom lavender pink self 5.00
2058 PINK SATIN Sass 1930/30 MTB   EM Self Smooth orchid pink NFS
291 PINK SLEIGH Rudolph 1970 TB 30 M Self Ruffled and laced bluish pink, open standards, lighter area on falls, B:red 6.00
1746 PINK SPOON Austin 1961/62 TB 34 L Self Light, slightly bronzy pink, yellow at haft, B:orange with 1" horns tipped with spoons, often fringed 5.00
304 PINK SYMPHONY Austin 1956/57 TB 38 VE,Re Self Light pink with orange hafts, B:tangerine; smaller blooms 5.00
472 PINK TAFFETA Rudolph 1965/68 TB 32 EM Self Ruffled rose pink, lighter in center, B:pink base, darker tips; Dykes Medal 1975 5.00
1747 PINK TASSEL Austin 1964/65 TB 40 M Bitone S:light rose pink, F:deep rose, B:frilled rose-pink bearded spoons NFS
516 PINK UNICORN Austin 1959/60 TB 36 EM Self Light pink, older form, horned 5.00
1938 PINNACLE Stevens 1945/49 TB 38 M Bicolor S:clean white, F:primrose yellow; taylored and waxlike 5.00
1691 PINWHEEL             NFS
2136 PIONEER Bliss /1924 TB   E Bitone S:bright amparo purple, large and incurved, F: broad deep glowing pansy purple, B:bright orange. Rich brillian red purple. 5.00
1396 PIPES OF PAN Brown 1963/63 TB 39 M-L Bicolor S:cream, rose infusion in midrib, F:medium red-violet, B:tangerine 5.00
1258 PIPING HOT Schreiner 1981/81 TB 35 EM Bitone S:peachy apricot, F:deeper, center frosted clear white, B:tangerine; fluted 7.00
1326 PIPPI LONGSTOCKINGS Innerst 1984 SDB 12 E-M Self Full lemon yellow, large burgundy spot on F, B:white 4.00
2270 PIRATE'S QUEST Schreiner 1991/92 TB 36 M Self Bright aureolin yellow self, white signal, B:orange 8.00
728 PIUTE PASS Daling 1974 TB 36 E-M Plicata S:tannish brown, F:yellow, edged and dotted brown with faint violet influence, fine yellow edging, B:yellow NFS
3501 PIXIE PASTEL             4.00
531 PLAIN AND FANCY Slade 1980/81 TB 36 E Plicata S:white, F:whhite peppered purple, darker in haft area, B:white, tipped yellow; very striking 7.00
2795 PLANNED TREASURE Burger 1985/85 TB 34 E-L Plicata S:flesh pink, F:white, washed half way orchid purple, 3/4" orchid purple band, B:tangerine; ruffled, slight fragrance 8.00
4098 PLAY TO WIN             15.00
1978 PLAYBOY PRINCE Benson 1978 TB 38 M Self Ruffled deep blue self, B:medium blue 6.00
294 PLAYGIRL Gatty 1975 TB 37 M Self Laced light clear pink, B:pinkish orange; in demand still  
1187 PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE Schreiner 1983/84 TB 49 M Self Rich medium blue, with more satiny finish on F, B:subdued blue; ruffled 7.00
141 PLICADILLY Smith 1959/x TB 34 M Plicata White background, peppered wine 5.00
1108 PLICUTIE Brown 1966/67 SDB 13 E Plicata S:pure white, stitched orchid at edge, F:pure white, with narrow edge of orchid stitching, deeper orchid crest, B:cream, tipped orchid 4.00
2128 PLUIE D'OR Cayeux /1928 TB 36 E Self A deep chrome to cadmium yellow, B:rich orange; Dykes 1928 NFS
956 PLUM GLEAM Gibson 1975/76 TB 38 E Plicata S:magenta rose speckles on cream, F:1/4" outer band of magenta rose, inner band of speckles, warm cream center, B:white, end tipped orange 6.00
808 PLUM WINE Weiler 1986 SDB 11 E-L,Re Bitone S:full plum violet, F:dark red plum violet, B:dark red-violet; slight sweet fragrance 4.00
109 PLUMED DELIGHT Austin 1954/55 TB 34 M Blend Blended creamy yellow with grey lilac wash, creamy white bordered pale yellow, B:superimposed upon a 1/2" horn from center of F 5.00
2754 PLUMERI collected 1830 TB   M Bitone S:light bright lilac, F:brilliant purple, veined reddish brown, B:old gold 5.00
446 PLURABELLE Cayeux 1933/33 TB   M Bicolor S:golden yellow, F:pinkish mauve with gold rim and haft, blue midline, B:orange 5.00
2689 POCAHONTAS Farr x/1915 IB 24 M Plicata White with light lavender blue stitching NFS
1188 POET Williamson 1979 TB 38 M Plicata S:lavender-pink, sanded rose-pink, F:creamy lavender-pink, sanded rose-pink at hafts, lavender-pink plicata edge, B:coral-red, tipped white 6.00
4391 POETIC JUSTICE             NFS
4267 [POET'S DREAM             NFS
961 POINT CLEAR Pickard 1967/68 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled bright clear pink NFS
1703 POLAR FLAME Smith 1960/x BB 24 M,Re Self Sulphur yellow, B:yellow NFS
2864 POLAR SEAS Keppel 1986/87 TB 35 E Bicolor S:light blue, F:white, wide campanula violet edge, B:cathedral blue; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
1181 POLISHED AMBER Gibson 1983 TB 37 M Blend S:yellow-orange and purple-violet blend, F:white, edged yellow-orange with violet sheen, B:orange; ruffled and laced 7.00
1939 POLKA TIME Schortman 1957/58 TB 34 EM-L Bitone S:blue-violet, F:violet-blue 5.00
137 POMPANO PEACH Schreiner 1963/63 TB 36 E Self Peachy apricot, rose blush on falls 5.00
1845 PONTICA             5.00
106 POP O'SHA Woodside 1966/69 TB 38 EM Self Sky blue, B:white, tips yellow: PBF 5.00
771 PORTA VILLA Gibson 1972/73 TB 43 M-L Plicata S:beet rose-purple blended with salmon, F:beet rose-purple, salmon ground, B:orange; ruffled 6.00
453 PORTLAND Kleinsorge 1938/8 TB 35 E Blend S:bronzy gold, S:coral rose, brownish rim, B:yellow orange 5.00
579 PORTRAIT OF LARRIE Gaulter 1977/79 TB 36 M Self Lightly ruffled medium blue with lighter on haft, B:blue, tipped white 6.00
2408 POSSIBILITIES Meek 1992/92 TB 35 M-L Bitone S:light blue-violet, F:deeper blue-violet, lighter area below beard, B:blue-white, cinnamon tipped; slight fragrance 8.00
4037 POSTER GIRL             NFS
2809 POST SCRIPT Tompkins 1965/65 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:white, yellow at base, F:golden brown with mahogany violet center 5.00
803 POTAWATOMI Wise 1949/49 TB   M Self Pink blend 5.00
1081 POTPOURRI Hamblen 1975 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:smoky violet-pink, deepening at base, F:near violet, with deeper infusion, B:burnt orange NFS
4121 POWAY             NFS
4130 POWER AND GLORY             6.00
508 PRAIRIE SUNSET Sass 1936/39 TB 34 ML Blend Blend of light yellow, peach, copper, and light red (pink, apricot, golden copper); Dykes Medal 1943 NFS
767 PRAISE THE LORD Boushay 1971 TB 41 M-L Self Ruffled moorish blue, B:white NFS
2942 PRANCING PONY Gaulter 1978/80 TB 34 E-M Bicolor S:brown-lavender, F:burgundy, B:orange; ruffled 6.00
4056 PRANK             NFS
1940 PRECIOUS Mitchell 1945/x TB   M Blend

S:light yellow with lavender pink wash, F:lavender pink center with light yellow rim, darker lines at haft

4392 PRECIOUS MOMENTS             NFS
1586 PRESIDENT FARNSWORTH Muhlstein 1974 TB 40 M-L Bicolor S:white, F:lavender-blue, B:yellow; ruffled NFS
1969 PRESIDENT PILKINGTON Cayeux /1931 TB 31 M Bicolor S: pale buff w/ faint blue-rosy cast, F:wide lav-blue w/buffy yellow suffusion paling at margins, B:golden yellow 5.00
1029 PRESUMPTION Zurbrigg 1973 TB 35 EE,Re Plicata S:cream, edged red-violet, and mostly overlaid red-violet, F:cream, with border of rich red-violet, B:yellow 6.00
2691 PRETTY BEGINNING Jones 1990/91 TB 38 M Bitone S:phlox purple, F:full orchid purple, B:geranium; ruffled , sweet fragrance 8.00
4248 PRETTY IN PINK             8.00
2347 PRETTY PANSY Sass 1946/x TB   L Bitone Striking. White with a lavender-violet wash on S and lower portion of F, white at haft, B:yellow w/ white base 5.00
209 PRIDE OF IRELAND Noyd 1970/71 TB 32 EM Self Light yellow-green, B:green 5.00
1224 PRINCE INDIGO Schreiner 1964/64 TB 38 L Self Pansy violet, B:violet cast NFS
4052 PRINCE THOU ART             NFS
2782 PRINCE VICTOR Caparne 1901 IB   E Bitone S:blue violet, F:fluorite violet veined brown on lav white haft. B:yellow 5.00
702 PRINCESS Gatty 1971/72 TB 36 L Self Pale pink, with pinkish cream falls, B:tangerine-orange, tipped white NFS
2105 PRINCESS BEATRICE Barr 1898 MTB 36 E Self Dark lavender or pale violet blue, B;white, yellow in throat; fragrant, flaring, heritage dates back to the 1600's NFS
2775 PRINCESS ROYAL Smith 1902 TB 36 EE Self Blue lavender with a hint of pink; form of I. pallida NFS
2214 PRINZESS VIKTORIA LUISE G & K /1910 IB 24 ML Bicolor S:light yellow, F:red-violet edged cream, white at haft with deeper lines, B:orange 5.00
270 PRISSY MISS Gaulter 1983/83 TB 34 M Self Lightly fluted bright mauve, B:deep tangerine; everyone wants this one 8.00
522 PRIVATE DANCER Nelson 1986/86 TB 38 E-M Self Ruffled smooth peach pink, B:coral red 8.00
1399 PROCLAMATION Corlew 1970 TB 35 M Self S:full buttercup yellow, F:same, slightly lighter around yellow-orange B 6.00
296 PROGRESSIVE ATTITUDE Innerst 1991/92 TB 36 EM Plicata S:white, F:white with marrow edge stitched blue, B:lemon tipped white; slight musky fragrance NFS
1941 PROM NIGHT Schreiner 1987 TB 40 EM Self China rose, B:tangerine orange 7.00
1405 PROMINENT Corlew 1978 TB 30 M Self S:slate lavender, F:lighter with touch of amber at haft, B:tangerine 6.00
3840 PROSPECTOR             NFS
2302 PROUD TRADITION Schreiner 1990/90 TB 36 EM Bitone S:light blue, F:medium blue, B:blue, tipped yellow; ruffled 8.00
1067 PROVOCATIVE LADY Gibson 1982 TB 34 M Bicolor S:red-purple and cream blend, F:yellow-orange ground, stitched red-purple, 1/8" rim of yellow-orange, B:red; ruffled and laced 7.00
1635 PULSAR Weiler 1986 TB 36 M-L Self Lightly ruffled bright deep yellow; B:deep orange-red; slight sweet fragrance NFS
918 PUNCHLINE Plough 1967/68 TB 34 EML Bicolor S:blended plum brown, F:campanula violet with 3/8" border of rich reddish brown, yellow-tan hafts, B:rich orange-yellow NFS
330 PUNKIN Keppel 1981 TB 32 M,Re Self Glorious rich clean orange with a bushy deep orange B NFS
3 PURISSIMA Mohr-Mit. 1927 TB 50 E Self Tall stately white. The Queen Mother. Beautifully branched, with classical dignity. Great size, fine form, heavy substance, vigor but tender. 5.00
2484 PURPLE FRINGE Greenlee 1971/71 SDB 10 M Plicata White ground plicata, edged rich dark violet NFS
2932 PURPLE KING Wallich 1830 IB   E   I. germanica Nepalensis, multiple names NFS
2868 PURPLE PEPPER Nearpass 1986/86 TB 35 M Plicata S:soft lavender with purple dotting at center, F:white, peppered blue violet overall, B:yellow; lightly ruffled 7.00