2842 O MY GOODNESS Zurbrigg 1970/73 TB 36 E Self S:buff yellow with imbricata flush of violet, F:buff yellow with violet stripes, gold haft, B: yellow 6.00
4266 OCELOT             NFS
2321 OCHRACEA CAERULEA Denis 1919 TB   ML Blend S:golden yellow infused lavender, F:lavender violet with thin yellow rim, blue streak, white lines at haft, B:yellow; fragrant NFS
283 OCTOBER BLAZE McDade 1934/35 TB   E,Re Self Deep red violet self 5.00
1656 ODORATISSIMA Jacquin 1797 TB   M Self S:lavender violet, F:slightly darker, lighter at haft, B:white, orange tipped at base; sweet fragrance, vigorous 5.00
2939 OKLAHOMA Mit 1945/x TB   L   Soft shade of old gold, deeper at hafts with maroon lines, cream around B, light violet blaze, B:yellow; good fragrance NFS
553 OKLAHOMA BANDIT Nichols 1979 IB 22 M-L Self S:bright tawny gold, claret base, F:same, washed claret, B:orange-bronze; ruffled 5.00
2326 OKTOBERFEST Maryott 1985/87 TB 37 M Self Heavily ruffled red-orange; B:orange 8.00
573 OLA KALA Sass 1942/43 TB 38 M Self Heavily ruffled dark yellow; very vigorous and prolific, Dykes Medal 1948 5.00
3813 OLD BLACK MAGIC             NFS
608 OLD FLAME Ghio 1973 TB 36 ML Self Chalk white with thin yellow edge on all petals, B:red 6.00
2464 OLIVE ORCHID Austin 1956/57 TB 40 L Self Pale lilac blue, deep lilac flush at end of B. olive veins on white ground at sides of bright yellow beard 5.00
1120 OLYMPIAD Ghio 1983 TB 38 E-L Bitone S:pale blue, darker blue in center, F:light blue with mid-blue wash through center, B:light blue 7.00
1468 OLYMPIC CHALLENGE Schreiner 1985/85 TB 38 EM Self Lightly ruffled uniform rich orange, half dollar size white area surrounding rich tangerine red B; beautiful and very popular 8.00
2413 OLYMPIC PINK Gibson 1984/85 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled, fluted, and laced pink with blue cast, B:red NFS
378 OLYMPIC TORCH Schreiner 1956/58 TB 38 L Self Ruffled light golden bronze NFS
2680 OMINOUS STRANGER Innerst 1992/93 TB 34 M Plicata S:muted yellow trimmed muted purple, brown dots, F:muted yellow trimmed muted purple, tiny brown dots over all, B:bronze; slight frag 8.00
260 ON EDGE Schreiner 1986/86 TB 37 EM Plicata S:light lavender, stitched pale lavender-blue on inside, F:white, edged deep violet-purple; B:old gold 7.00
2080 ON FIRE McClintock 1979 SDB 12 M Self Full orange-red, B:deep blue-violet NFS
1985 ON LINE Schreiner 1980/80 TB 36 EM Self S:light blue with pronounced blue purple brushing along midrib to deep blue central streak on F, B:blue tinged gold NFS
4291 ON TARGET             NFS
870 ON THE GO Plough 1973/74 TB 29 E-L Plicata S:white, blending to hyacinth blue plicata pattern, F:white, heavily marked haft of brown heliotrope, edged part-way down F, B:orange 5.00
2149 ONE ACCORD Ensminger 1981 SDB 14 E Bitone S:cobalt blue, F:campanula violet, B:hyacinth blue 4.00
238 ONE DESIRE Shoop 1960/60 TB 34 EM Self Deep rich pink, B:pink NFS
4038 ONE STEP BEYOND             NFS
1038 OOS AND AHS Ensminger 1973 TB 36 M-L Self Pale blue, splashed dark violet, B:yellow; no two blossoms have the same color arrangement 6.00
2679 OPALINE Williamson 1928/28 TB   ML   S9L 5.00
3052 OPEN YOUR EYES             4.00
1412 OPENING NIGHT Gibson 1969/x TB 42 EM Bitone S:velvet black-purple, F:darker, B:lively purple; ruffled NFS
3155 ORANGE CHARIOT             NFS
1073 ORANGE CRUSH Suiter 1957/59 TB 38 ML Self Burnt orange self, large bloomed with serrrated edges, B:bushy red-orange; GBF 5.00
460 ORANGE EMPIRE Hamner 1973/74 TB 37 M-L Self Ruffled brilliant orange, B:saturn red 6.00
1933 ORANGE GEM McKee 1948/48 TB 38 M Self Rich dark yellow-orange 5.00
309 ORANGE GLORY Jones 1973/74 TB 35 M Self Ruffled and laced orange with buff influence, B:red-orange 6.00
1701 ORANGE HONEY Zurbrigg 1976 TB 36 M,Re Self Apricot with some blending of yellow at haft, B:red; Oct. rebloom NFS
2682 ORANGE JEWELIUS Miller 1990/91 TB 36 ML Bitone S:creamy orange, F:orange blended yellow, slight pink tones, B:red 8.00
2791 ORANGE PARADE Hamblen 1958/61 TB 38 M-L Bitone S:marigold orange, F:Spanish orange, B:orange red 5.00
2744 ORANGE PLUME Gibson 1978/79 TB 38 M Plicata Ruffled orange plicata with small white signal patch, B:orange NFS
2792 ORANGE POPSICLE Sutton 1987/87 TB 33 E-M Self Ruffled and laced creamy orange, B:tangerine,; pronounced sweet fragrance  
2428 ORANGE TWOTONE Austin 1954/x IB 24 E Self Yellow orange with dark wash of brown on F 5.00
2096 ORBITER Aitken 1985/85 TB 38 EM Self Blue-purple, B:frosted blue-purple, pronounced sweet fragrance 7.00
944 ORCHID BLUSH Brown 1980/81 TB 35 M Self Laced and lightly ruffled light orchid with slightly darker veining on F, B:orange, tipped orchid 7.00
2835 ORCHID DANDY Tucker 1971/72 TB 35 E-L bitone S:orchid, suffused yellow at base, F:light lavender, white center, gold shoulders, B:bright yellow; laced 6.00
1934 ORCHID LADY Salbach 1942/x TB 36 ML Self Stately ruffled orchid-pink and copper; flaring falls 5.00
4343 ORCHID RUFFLES             NFS
396 OREGON SUNSHINE National 1939/39 TB 31 EM Bitone S:light lemon yellow, F:lemon yellow, tan lines at haft, faint lav. wash on F, B:bushy yellow orange 5.00
1935 ORELIO DeForest 1947/47 TB 36 M Self Big flowers of bright brownish red; distinct hue and silken finish with broad petals 5.00
1127 ORIENTAL IMAGERY Black 1984 TB 33 EM Bicolor S:flesh pink, orchid overtones deepening to top, F:pale lavender orchid, white area around B, 1/2" lav.edge, B:tangerine; ruffled, fragrant 7.00
542 ORINOCO FLOW Bartlett 1989/93 BB 25 EM-L Plicata S:white, heavily stitched deep purple blue on edge, F:white, heavy plicata markings at haft & top edge, B:navy blue; heavily ruffled, fragrant 8.00
2446 ORLOFF Sass 1931/38 TB 32 LM Plicata S:heavily veined appears rich brown, F:cream stitched and dotted bronze. Brilliant cinnamon purple plicata 5.00
628 OSAGE BUFF Gibson 1972/73 TB 36 M Plicata S:apricot with garnet red flush, F:apricot with garnet red stitching and specks, B:poppy red; ruffled  
2760 OSAKA Ghio 1991/93 TB 42 EM Bicolor S:white, cream center, F:maroon red, slight violet blaze, B:yellow 10.00
2684 O'SO PRETTY Kegerise 1992/93 TB 31 EM Bitone S:lilac tinted white, fading white, F:tinted lilac, fading to white in center, edged deep lilac, B:white, tipped lilac; ruffled, sweet frag 8.00
2815 OTHELLO Lemon 1848 BB   M Bitone S:purple spectrum violet, F:velvety fluorite, veined reddish brown on lav haft, B:orange NFS
3377 OTHER VOICES              
1371 OUT YONDER Wickersham 1969/69 TB 36 M Bitone S:pale blue, F:solid indigo blue with slight violet cast, B:white, tipped pale yellow 5.00
474 OVATION Tompkins 1969/69 TB 35 ML Self Dark bright pink; very beautiful but can't get it to grow for me NFS
4023 OVERFLOWING HEART             NFS