2842 O MY GOODNESS Zurbrigg, L. 1970/73 TB 36 E Self RARE S:buff yellow with imbricata flush of violet, F:buff yellow with violet stripes, gold haft, B: yellow 7.00

Smith, M. 2001/2002

TB 33 M Self S:dark purple-grape, black near tip, F:velvet purple-black, dark purple around beard with lilac tracings, B:dark purple, tipped cream; ruffled SO
283 OCTOBER BLAZE McDade, C. 1934/35 TB   E,Re Bitone RARE Bitone red violet, B:yellow. 6.00
1656 ODORATISSIMA Jacquin, N. 1797/97 TB   M Self S:lavender violet, F:slightly darker, lighter at haft, B:white, orange tipped at base; sweet fragrance, vigorous NFS
553 OKLAHOMA BANDIT Nichols, H. 1979/80 IB 22 M-L Self S:bright tawny gold, claret base, F:same, washed claret, B:orange-bronze; ruffled 5.00
2326 OKTOBERFEST Maryott, W. 1985/87 TB 37 M Self Heavily ruffled red-orange; B:orange 8.00
573 OLA KALA Sass, J. 1942/43 TB 38 M Self Heavily ruffled dark yellow; very vigorous and prolific, Dykes Medal 1948 10.00
3813 OLD BLACK MAGIC Schreiner 1996/96 TB 36 EM Self Lightly ruffled coal black self, B:yellow gold; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
608 OLD FLAME Ghio, J. 1973/75 TB 36 ML Self Chalk white with thin yellow edge on all petals, B:red 6.00
2464 OLIVE ORCHID Austin, L. 1956/57 TB 40 L Self RARE Pale lilac blue, deep lilac flush at end of B. olive veins on white ground at sides of bright yellow beard NFS
1120 OLYMPIAD Ghio, J. 1983/84 TB 38 E-L Bitone S:pale blue, darker blue in center, F:light blue with mid-blue wash through center, B:light blue 7.00
1468 OLYMPIC CHALLENGE Schreiner 1985/85 TB 38 EM Self Lightly ruffled uniform rich orange, half dollar size white area surrounding rich tangerine red B; beautiful and very popular 8.00
2413 OLYMPIC PINK Gibson, J. 1984/85 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled, fluted, and laced pink with blue cast, B:red NFS
378 OLYMPIC TORCH Schreiner 1956/58 TB 38 L Self RARE Ruffled light golden bronze NFS
2680 OMINOUS STRANGER Innerst, S. 1992/93 TB 34 M Plicata S:muted yellow trimmed muted purple, brown dots, F:muted yellow trimmed muted purple, tiny brown dots over all, B:bronze; slight frag 8.00
260 ON EDGE Schreiner 1986/86 TB 37 EM Plicata S:light lavender, stitched pale lavender-blue on inside, F:white, edged deep violet-purple; B:old gold 7.00
1985 ON LINE Schreiner 1980/80 TB 36 EM Self RARE S:light blue with pronounced blue purple brushing along midrib to deep blue central streak on F, B:blue tinged gold 7.00
870 ON THE GO Plough, G. 1973/74 TB 29 E-L Plicata RARE S:white, blending to hyacinth blue plicata pattern, F:white, heavily marked haft of brown heliotrope, edged part-way down F, B:orange 2/7.00
2149 ONE ACCORD Ensminger, A. 1981/82 SDB 14 E Bitone RARE S:cobalt blue, F:campanula violet, B:hyacinth blue 5.00
238 ONE DESIRE Shoop, G. 1960/60 TB 34 EM Self RARE Deep rich pink, B:pink NFS
4038 ONE STEP BEYOND Tasco, R. 2014/14 TB 34 M Bicolor S:oxblood red, bronze lower midrib, F:velvety jet black, yellow veins at haft, B:golden orange, purple black hairs at end; ruffled, spicy fragrance, pbf NFS
1038 OOS AND AHS Ensminger, A. 1973/77 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Pale blue, splashed dark violet, B:yellow; no two blossoms have the same color arrangement NFS
2679 OPALINE Williamson, E. B. 1928/28 TB   ML Self RARE Orchid lavender with pink highlights, S:white at haft with lavender veins in center, light maroon veins at edges, B:white base, yellow tips 6.00
3052 OPEN YOUR EYES Black, P. 2010/10 SDB 15 ML Halo S:white, pale blue irregular patches, F:white, large irregular inky dark blue spot, white darts in throat, B:white; strong sweet fragrance 6.00
1412 OPENING NIGHT Gibson, J. 1969/70 TB 42 EM Bitone RARE S:velvet black-purple, F:darker, B:lively purple; ruffled NFS
4547 OPPOSITES Trio, S. 2013/2013 TB 33 M-L Bicolor S:white, gold edge, F:dark blue-purple, white blaze at haft inside blue band, brown veins at haft B:orange; ruffled 20.00
3155 ORANGE CHARIOT Fay, O. 1962/64 TB 36 M Self RARE Light orange self, pink blush, B:Chinese coral 6.00
1073 ORANGE CRUSH Suiter, M. 1957/59 TB 38 ML Self RARE Burnt orange self, large bloomed with serrrated edges, B:bushy red-orange; GBF 6.00
460 ORANGE EMPIRE Hamner, B. 1973/74 TB 37 M-L Self Ruffled brilliant orange, B:saturn red NFS
1933 ORANGE GEM McKee,W. 1948/48 TB 38 M Self RARE Rich dark yellow-orange 6.00
309 ORANGE GLORY Jones, B. 1973/74 TB 35 M Self RARE Ruffled and laced orange with buff influence, B:red-orange 7.00
2682 ORANGE JEWELIUS Miller, D. 1990/91 TB 36 ML Bitone S:creamy orange, F:orange blended yellow, slight pink tones, B:red 8.00
2791 ORANGE PARADE Hamblen, M. 1958/61 TB 38 M-L Bitone S:marigold orange, F:Spanish orange, B:orange red 6.00
2744 ORANGE PLUME Gibson, J. 1978/79 TB 38 M Plicata Ruffled orange plicata with small white signal patch, B:orange NFS
2792 ORANGE POPSICLE Sutton, G. 1987/87 TB 33 E-M Self Ruffled and laced creamy orange, B:tangerine,; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
2428 ORANGE TWOTONE Austin, L. 1954/54 IB 24 E Self RARE Yellow orange with dark wash of brown on F 6.00
2096 ORBITER Aitken, T. 1985/85 TB 38 EM Self Blue-purple, B:frosted blue-purple, pronounced sweet fragrance 7.00
3857 ORCHID AND FLAME Craig, T. 1954/54 TB 45 EE,Re Self RARE Hyacinth orchid self, B:flaming tangerine NFS
944 ORCHID BLUSH Brown, J. 1980/81 TB 35 M Self Laced and lightly ruffled light orchid with slightly darker veining on F, B:orange, tipped orchid 7.00
2835 ORCHID DANDY Tucker, J. 1971/72 TB 35 E-L bitone RARE S:orchid, suffused yellow at base, F:light lavender, white center, gold shoulders, B:bright yellow; laced NFS
1934 ORCHID LADY Salbach, C. 1942/43 TB 36 ML Self RARE Stately ruffled orchid-pink and copper; flaring falls NFS
396 OREGON SUNSHINE National Iris 1939/39 TB 31 EM Bitone RARE S:light lemon yellow, F:lemon yellow, tan lines at haft, faint lav. wash on F, B:bushy yellow orange 6.00
1935 ORELIO DeForest, F. 1947/47 TB 36 M Self Big flowers of bright brownish red; distinct hue and silken finish with broad petals 6.00
1127 ORIENTAL IMAGERY Black, P. 1984/85 TB 33 EM Bicolor RARE S:flesh pink, orchid overtones deepening to top, F:pale lavender orchid, white area around B, 1/2" lav.edge, B:tangerine; ruffled, fragrant 9.00
542 ORINOCO FLOW Bartlett, C. 1989/93 BB 25 EM-L Plicata RARE S:white, heavily stitched deep purple blue on edge, F:white, heavy plicata markings at haft & top edge, B:navy blue; heavily ruffled, fragrant 8.00
2446 ORLOFF Sass, H. 1931/37 TB 32 LM Plicata RARE S:heavily veined appears rich brown, F:cream stitched and dotted bronze. Brilliant cinnamon purple plicata 6.00
628 OSAGE BUFF Gibson, J. 1972/73 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:apricot with garnet red flush, F:apricot with garnet red stitching and specks, B:poppy red; ruffled NFS
2684 O'SO PRETTY Kegerise, E. 1992/93 TB 31 EM Bitone S:lilac tinted white, fading white, F:tinted lilac, fading to white in center, edged deep lilac, B:white, tipped lilac; ruffled, sweet frag NFS
3377 OTHER VOICES Markham, L. 2004/2005 TB 34 M Bitone S:greenish ivory, light gold edges, faint purple flush at base, F:warm cream, green shading to edge, bright gold hafts, B:deep gold; ruffled, spicy fragrance NFS
474 OVATION Tompkins, C. 1969/69 TB 35 ML Self Dark bright pink; very beautiful but can't get it to grow for me NFS
4507 OZARK JUBILEE Nicodemus, R. 2011/2014 TB 28 EM Bicolor S:light orchid-blue, faint gold at base, SA:orchid-blue, gold edge, F:Deep blue violet, lighter edge, darker shoulders, B:rusty orange; highly ruffled, lace 25.00