3929 NANCY ORNE Sturtevant, G. 1921/21 TB 40 M Bitone S:purplish lilac, F:darker lilac, deeper center, white at haft to below B with reddish veining, B:yellow; pbf SO
1097 NANNY Schreiners 1976/76 SDB 11 E Bitone RARE S:light rose lilac, F:deeper, with center half having a heart-shaped deeper rose lilac satin finished spot, B:yellow 4.00
3510 NARAIN Shuber, E. 1936/36 TB 38 M Self Distinctive blue-purple with fine form and silken sheen, creamy throat, B:yellow, tipped blue 6.00
4326 NASHBOROUGH Wills, J. 1954/57 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:Indian yellow, F:ruby red, B:orange-gold 6.00
1970 NASSAK Sass-H.P. 1931/38 TB 36 M Plicata S:blue lavender, F:white with blue edges, maroon lines at haft, B: white base, orange tips; big bloom 6.00
1459 NATCHEZ TRACE Wills, J. 1964/69 TB 35 M-L Bicolor RARE S:red, F:brown-red, light edge 6.00
2769 NATIONAL WHITE National Iris 1944/44 TB 40 EM Self RARE Tall giant glistening ruffled white. NFS
1580 NATIVE DANCER Fay, O. 1953/54 TB 36 M Self RARE Flamingo-pink (light peach pink), B:tangerine (full pink); heavy substance, broad petals 7.00
3367 NAVAJO Farr, B. 1913/13 IB 20 ML Bicolor S:bronzy yellow shaded lavender, F:deep maroon, heavily veined white and yellow length of F, B:deep orange SO
25 NAVAJO BLANKET Schreiner 1978/78 TB 34 EM Bitone S:cream, infused lavender, F:plum purple with wine cast, B:cream; ruffled 6.00
1248 NAVAJO JEWEL Weiler, J. 1983/84 TB 37 E-L Self Medium blue of decided turquoise tint, B:pale yellow; slight sweet fragrance 7.00
286 NAVY CHANT Luihn, W. 1981/82 TB 36 E-M Self Lightly ruffled velvety aconite violet with slight reddish sheen, B:self NFS
4 NAVY DOLL Brown , A. 1967/68 MDB 5 EE Self RARE Ivory white, large blue spot on falls, B:cream 5.00
652 NAVY STRUT Schreiners 1972/74 TB 35 EM Self Ruffled marine violet-blue, B:self NFS
972 NEFERTITI Gatty, J. 1978/81 TB 34 M Bicolor RARE S:light peach pink, pinkish cream at edges, F:orchid, lighter with age, B:white, tangerine orange in throat 6.00
700 NEPTUNE'S POOL Moldovan, S. 1969/72 TB 35 M Self RARE Heavily fluted and ruffled deep blue-violet, no haft marks, silky finish, B:slightly lighter, yellow throat, blue tip 6.00
4456 NEVADA SMOKE Plotner, W. 1989/1989 TB 38 EM Bitone S:smoky lavender-blue, F:smoky orchid lavender, wide gray-lavender edge, tan haft, dark midline, B:white, tipped orange; ruffled, fragrant 10.00
3416 NEW IDEA Hagar, B. 1970/70 MTB 26 EM Self Rosy mulberry self, tiny white spear, B:yellow 5.00
766 NEW MOON Sexton, N. 1968/68 TB 36 M Self Ruffled yellow,slight white area below beard, B:lemon caterpillar; Dykes Medal 1973 NFS
66 NEW ROCHELLE Hamblen, M. 1973/74 TB 30 M-L Bicolor RARE S:light pink, F:light blue, violet wash, B:orange-red NFS
1860 NEW SNOW Fay, O. 1945/46 TB 36 EM Self Iridescent wide ruffled white, B:bright yellow; flaring no veining 6.00
4419 NEXT O' KIN DeForest, F. 1956/57 TB 40 M Plicata RARE S:white, F:white peppered light violet and gold at the haft. 6.00

Cayeux, F. by R. Cayeux 1938/38

TB   M Bicolor RARE S:soft blue, F:medium purple paling to light blue rim, white at haft with violet veins, midline, B:white base, yellow tips NFS
937 NIGHT AFFAIR Luihn, W. 1981/83 TB 36 M-VL Self Ruffled and fluted dark royal violet-black with very faint striations from beard, B:blue violet, yellow deep in throat 7.00
781 NIGHT EDITION Schreiners 1981/81 TB 35 M Bitone S:light silvery blue, F:dark inky blue, eye-zone lightly marked with paler shadings, B:lemon to light gold 7.00
2790 NIGHT MAGIC Kegerise, E. 1989/91 TB 34 M Bicolor RARE S:white, F:purple, rimmed white, white markings on each side of B, B:gold; ruffled and laced, slight fragrance NFS
2962 NIGHT 'N' DAY DeForest, F. 1956/55 TB 38 L Bitone S:pale lavender violet, pale yellow at base, F:fluorite violet, black overlay, maroon shoulders, white around B with maroon veins. B:old gold NFS
612 NIGHT OWL Schreiners 1970/70 TB 38 ML Self S:rich dark violet-blue-black, F:same with velvety texture, B:same; ruffled and flaring NFS
4356 NIGHT PATROL Benson, C. 1951/54 TB 36 M Self RARE Deep violet-blue self, B:deep blue NFS
1466 NIGHT RAIDER Burrell, C. 1976/77 TB 33 E-M Self RARE Velvety blue-black, B:same 6.00
3316 NIGHT RANGER Simon, W. 1982/82 TB 34 M Self RARE Ruffled black purple, navy styles, B:navy; NFS
3897 NIGHT RULER Schreiners 1990/90 TB 39 M Bitone S:dark purple, F:purple-black, B:purple-black; ruffled 10.00
2753 NIGHT SONG Luihn, W. 1964/65 TB 38 M-L Self Dark blue grape black self, B:purple black base, yellow tips; lightly ruffled 6.00
2445 NIGHTFALL Hall, D. 1942/42 TB 36 M Bitone Rich velvety bi-purple. F:dark pansy purple with S:several shades lighter, B:orange; whole flower has sheen of finest velvet 6.00
2996 NINJA CADET Dunn, R. 2001/02 TB 36 EM Plicata S:almost solid blue violet, stitched edging, F:white ground, heavily washed blue violet, stitched edging, B:tangerine; ruffled, sweet fragrance NFS
4197 NOB HILL Gaulter, L. 1963/66 TB 36 M Self RARE Golden yellow self with a smooth blending of beige and antique brown shoulders, lavender spear, B:golden brown NFS
1812 NOMOHR Gibson, J. 1954/55 TB/AB 38 ML Bitone RARE Cream bitone (chartreuse buff flushed violet), lighter around B, B:yellow 6.00
2247 NONA Davidson, L. 1956/58 TB 38 ML Self Lime yellow self, color carries as quite green in the shade. Fine width and good substance 6.00
1185 NORDIC KISS Shockey, H. 1982/83 TB 37 M Self Ruffled and laced white, B:cerise; sweet fragrance NFS
927 NORDIC SEAS Mohr, D. 1982/82 TB 30 M Bitone S:blue with infusion of violet-blue at midrib, F:violet-blue, B:pale blue 7.00
2743 NORMA JEAN Durrance, J. 1991/91 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled hot pink 10.00
4042 NORTHWARD HO Zurbrigg, L. 1990/91 TB 37 M,Re Plicata SandF:white ground, strawberry pink markings on edges, B:pale yellow NFS
1723 NO-TOP Lawson, F. 1957/58 TB 35 M Self RARE No S, six cool white F, greenish buds 8.00
1524 NOW AND LATER Zurbrigg, L. 1970/72 TB 40 M,Re Self RARE Salmon pink self, light veining at haft, B:deeper pink NFS
2693 NUEE D'ORAGE Verdier, E. 1905/05 TB   M Bitone RARE S:pale purple drab to deep dull lav. F:Bradley's violet, reticulate maroon at haft on white ground. Large flowers on tall stalk NFS
2255 NUEZ Craig, T. 1963/64 TB 38 EM Self RARE Chestnut self 6.00
3665 NUMA ROUMESTAN Cayeux, F. 1928/28 TB   ML Bitone S:medium reddish violet, F:deeper, white at haft with dark veining B:light yellow 6.00