2931 MA MIE Cay 1906/x IB   E   Small bloom, light purple and white plicata, B:sparse yellow; good fragrance 4.00
2101 MABEL CHADBURN Chadburn 1939/ TB 33 M Self Yellow self, English Dykes Medal 1941 4.00
1922 MABEL ANDREWS Zurbrigg 1983 TB 31 M Self Rose pink with lighter spot on F., B:rose pink, slight sweet fragrance 7.00
684 MAD MAID Gibson 1964/66 TB 38 M Plicata S:mulberry copper, F:mulberry copper on white 5.00
13 MADAME LOUISE AUREAU Cayeux /1934 TB 34 EM Plicata S:silvery white with rose trim, F:deeper, heavily sanded with heliotrope, B:yellow 4.00
699 MADEIRA BELLE Quadros 1967/x TB 36 EM Self Ruffled off white with greenish cast at hafts; B:off white 5.00
2808 MADISON COOPER Fryer x/1919 TB 24 M Bicolor S:mustard yellow, F:velvety claret, conspicuous yellowish hafts, B:yellow orange; vigorous 5.00
2814 MADY CARRIERE Millet 1905/x TB 36 M Bitone S:plumbago blue, washed yellowish-white, F:ageratum blue, throat rich yellow, B:gold 5.00
714 MAESTRO PUCCINI Benson 1969/x TB 36 M Self Light silvery powdery blue, B:blue tipped 5.00
858 MAGENTA ROSE Gibson 1976 TB 32 M Plicata S:magenta-rose on cream persimmon ground, F:dark magenta-rose over rich persimmon orange ground, B:tangerine; fluted and lightly laced 6.00
1640 MAGIC Hager 1984/87 TB 35 M Bitone S:orchid pink, fading to pink, F:orchid pink to pink-white, B:deep violet, tangerine in throat; one of Mary's favorites 7.00
1207 MAGIC HOPE Gibson 1983 TB 36 M PLicata Yellow-orange ground plicata, stitched grey-purple, deeper tone on F, edged orange, B:yellow tipped; ruffled and laced 7.00
845 MAGIC MAN Blythe 1979 TB 38 ML Bicolor S:light blue, deeper around midrib, F:velvety purple, 1/8" band of light blue around edge, B:tangerine 8.00
2111 MAGIC POTION Ghio 1972 TB 40 ML Bitone S:flesh orchid, F:orchid-pink, bluish blush in center, B:tangerine 8.00
364 MAGIC ROSETTE Austin 1966/66 TB 32 M Bitone S:rose, red and buff blend, F:carmine-red, B:extra-large flounces; open formation 6.00
2672 MAGICIAN'S APPRENTICE Marriott 1988/x TB 36 E Bitone S:dark iridescent red purple, F:dark smooth velvety purple black, B:dark tipped old bronze; heavily ruffled, PBF 8.00
1783 MAIN EVENT Peterson 1958/60 TB 35 M Blend Indian red and garnet blend, B:dull yellow 4.00
62 MAJOR RED Lyon 1963/65 TB 40 E-VL Self Deep red, B:bronze; dependable grower 5.00
1923 MAJORETTE Miess 1952/53 TB 36 M Bitone S:rosy mauve (light red-violet), F:deep maroon (red-violet), white epaulets, B:white 4.00
2673 MAKIN' MUSIC Meek 1987/87 TB 36 M-L   Bing cherry self, B:brick red; ruffled and lightly laced 7.00
1579 MALACCA STRAITS Johnson 1963/64 TB 36 M Self Golden brown 5.00
1132 MALAGUENA Ghio 1984 TB 40 E-L Self Heavily ruffled orange, with white area around tangerine B 9.00
670 MALAYSIA Ghio 1974 TB 40 ML Self Glowing medium brown with gold in heart of F, B:light tan 6.00
277 MANDOLIN Ghio 1976 TB 38 EM Self Creamy apricot with small white blaze, slightly pinker in S, B:tangerine 6.00
1594 MANNEQUIN Gatty 1978 TB 34 ML Bicolor Pastel pinkish buff, overlaid on pinkish cream, B:tile red 6.00
764 MANUEL Denney 1977 TB 36 M-L Self Tailored dark red, no lighter area at haft, B:dark red 6.00
1426 MANY HUES Daling 1981 TB 36 M Bicolor S:saffron yellow, F:rose purple, flushed white, saffron yellow pencil line edge, B:yellow 7.00
2829 MANYUSYA Sass 1946/44 TB   M Self Ruffled orchid pink 4.00
2456 MAPLE TREAT Brown 1995/95 TB 28 M Bitone S:medium brown, style arms medium brown, F: lighter brown, paler below B, B:thick, deep gold; ruffled 8.00
1375 MARASCHINO Keppel 1978 TB 35 M-L Self Buff-pink, B:flame 6.00
1200 MARAUDER Ghio 1983 TB 36 EM Self Maroon-red with blackish sheen, B:yellow 7.00
1764 MARBLED SNOW Austin 1960/61 AR 40 E Self Blue-white marbled in deep lavender, B:yellow; crinkled like ZUA 5.00
530 MARGARITA Schreiner 1968/68 TB 37 ML Bitone S:cool ice white, F:rich blue-violet-purple, B:white; ruffled, velvety 5.00
1372 MARICOPA Keppel 1963/64 TB 38 EM Bitone S:blended colonial yellow, F:colonial yellow washed violet, white sprayed hafts, B:white, tipped brown 5.00
584 MARINE LUSTER Weiler 1981 TB 35 E-M Self Satiny shining blue, B:cream; ruffled, flaring and very fragrant, heavy substance 7.00
1924 MARION HAMILTON Roberts 1956/58 TB 42 M Self Apricot-cream with lemon hafts, B:red-orange 4.00
1666 MARMALADE Keppel 1978 TB 36 L Bitone S:orange,lightly tinted tan, F:slightly deeper and more tan, B:mandarin red 6.00
820 MARMALADE SKIES Niswonger 1978 BB 27 E Self Apricot-orange with pink tinge on S, B:orange; slightly ruffled 6.00
398 MARRIOTT Marriott 1958/59 TB 30 M Self Flaring, very taylored pale blue-white, B:blue 4.00
1214 MARTI GRAS Smith 1952 TB 40 EM Bitone S:light lav-blue stippled lavender, F:velvety reddish-purple, mahogany at haft, 1/4" lt grape rim, B:blue base, old gold tips 6.00
1831 MARTIE EVEREST McDade 1934/35 TB 28 E,Re Bitone Pretty lavender blue bitone; rebloomer 4.00
2766 MARY E. NICHOLLS Nicholls 1937/39 TB 34 M Self Warm creamy white with smooth satin texture, green gold overlay at the haft 4.00
82 MARY FRANCES Gaulter 1971/73 TB 38 M Self Ruffled and flaring blue orchid, white center on falls, orange throat, B:white, tipped yellow; Dykes Medal l979 6.00
1517 MARY GEDDES Washington /1931 TB 36 M Bitone S:light bronze with salmon flush, F:coral red, yellow haft, lined bronze, B:yellow; not a real strong grower, Dykes Medal 1936 4.00
2892 MARY McCLELLAN Craig 1952/52 TB* 50 M   Deep violet blue self, B: 4.00
1014 MARY O. MAHONEY Mahoney 1979 TB 30 M Plicata White, stitched and dotted light violet, hafts veined, B:white, tipped violet and gold, 1-1/2" white spoon, edged violet; ruffled and laced 6.00
234 MARY RANDALL Fay 1950/51 TB 36 M Self Deep rose pink, B:bright tangerine; Dykes Medal 1954 6.00
1178 MASADA Tompkins 1982 TB 38 M-L Bitone S:blended oxblood, morocco and eugenia red, F:more intense, B:dark cadmium orange 7.00
45 MASTER TOUCH Schreiner 1980 TB 40 EM Self Ruffled rich purple, B:same; very popular 7.00
785 MATCHMAKER Kegerise 1974 TB 35 M-L Self Ruffled and lightly laced deep peach pink, B:coral; very pleasing 6.00
1502 MATINEE IDOL Hamblen 1983 TB 34 ML Self Violet, lightening toward red-orange B 7.00
2737 MATTERHORN Sass 1938/38 TB 38 ML Self White self, B: white base, orange tips 4.00
2825 MATTIE GATES Sass 1945/X TB 28 L Bicolor S:buttercup yellow, lemon tinted, F:white with buttercup yellow gold rim, B:yellow, white tip 5.00
2439 MATULA Sass 1935/39 TB 40 L Blend S:Apricot, F:yellow orange. Blend of rose, orange, apricot, and buff 4.00
2218 MAUI SURF Aitken1990/ 90 BB 26 ML Self Light blue violet self, B:same; heavily ruffled 8.00
2463 MAYTIME Whiting 1947 TB 40 M   S:light lavender, F:lavender, rosy lavender at haft w/ lines, lav. spot below B, B: white base, yellow tips 4.00
1351 MEET THE BOSS Morgan 1972 TB 35 E-L Bitone S:light blue, F:violet-blue with light blue rim, B:light blue 6.00
2853 MELCHIOR Wallace x/1927 TB 28 M Bitone S:deep bronze violet, F:rich velvety crimson purple, white at haft with lines, B:orange 4.00
1784 MELISSA Hinkle 1954/56 TB 36 ML Self Deep purple-blue self, B:bluish w/ orange in throat; ruffled, S tend to open up and flop slightly. 4.00
805 MELISSA SUE Hamner 1983 TB 33 M Self Ruffled and laced deep pink, B:tangerine 8.00
1378 MELLOW MOOD Schreiner 1978 TB 35 E-EM Bicolor S:light apricot, washed pink, F:lemon-yellow, blending to warm fawn pink, B:orange-red 6.00
1370 MELLOW YELLOW Roderick 1974 TB 30 L Self Light yellow, darker hafts; big blooms, prolific 6.00
1092 MELODIAN Brown 1971 TB 34 ML Self Ruffled marigold orange with pink infusion, B:deep coral 6.00
400 MELODRAMA Cook 1956/56 TB 36 M Bitone S:light blue-violet, F:deep violet; flaring, very pretty-overlooked by most 4.00
2773 MELODY Sass 1954/55 TB 36 M   Pastel lilac and plum purple 4.00
1925 MELODY LANE Hall 1947/x TB 36 EM Blend Golden apricot, blend of orange, yellow, and red, B:brilliant tangerine 4.00
1193 MELODY MAKER Plotner 1989 TB 36 E-L Bitone S:lemon cream, gilt, ivory edge, S:creamy blue white, yellow tinge on edge and hafts, B;yellow, tipped blue; ruffled, laced, musky fragrance 7.00
1110 MELON HONEY Roberts 1972 SDB 13 EM Bitone Cantalope, with lighter spot at B, slightly deeper gilt on S, wider and darker band on F, B:orange, tipped white; popular 2.00
2298 MEMOIRS Ghio 1986/88 TB 36 EM Self Dusty rose self, B:tangerine 7.00
936 MERRY MADRIGAL Babson 1982 TB 37 M Bicolor S:lemon cream, F:lavender over cream, edged cream, B:pale yellow 7.00
1407 MERRY RIPPLE Schreiner 1964/64 TB 40 E Plicata White ground, azure-blue stitching 5.00
1281 METAPHOR Williamson 1977/77 TB 38 M Blend Light apricot-blond blended with peach, apricot-orange and nectarine, shoulders cantalope, B:soft coral-red 6.00
1631 METEOR Keppel 1972 TB 35 M Bicolor S:clear lemon yellow, F:yellow, with strong Indian purple wash, becoming greenish tan at edge, white spray around bright orange-yellow B 6.00
204 METROPOLITAN Nelson 1974 TB 36 M Bicolor S:mineral violet with icy blue cast, F:imperial lilac, B:red-orange; ruffled, laced 6.00
384 MEXICAN HAT Rogers 1957/58 TB 36 ML Bitone S:light lavender-violet, F:medium cranberry shading to ruby red at edge, garnet-brown at haft, B:yellow; heavily laced 4.00
1042 MEXICANA Salter pre 1859 IB 18 ML Bitone S:clear pure yellow, F:brownish red, very distinctly striped on white, narrow yellow border with wire edge of red, B:orange 5.00
181 MEXICO Klein 1943/43 TB 36 L Bicolor S:golden bronze, F:glowing red-brown copper, edged golden amber; large flower lightly ruffled, quietly pretty 4.00
2279 MICHELANGELO Weed 1936/36 TB 43 M Self Very unusual vinaceous grey lavender, darker hafts, B:yellow orange 4.00
284 MICHIGAN PRIDE Berndt 1975 TB 36 M Bicolor S:copper-yellow, F:maroon and brown, gold edge, tiger stripes at haft; laced and ruffled, outstanding color 7.00
2871 MIDAS PLUSH Blyth 1990/91 IB 22 EM Self Brilliant gold self, B:chrome gold 5.00
1472 MIDNIGHT DANCER Schreiner 1991/91 TB 36 EM Self Purple black self, B:black; ruffled flaring 10.00
1877 MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Schreiner 1988 TB 35 M-ML Self Ruffled purple black, B:deeper blue black 8.00
1008 MIDNIGHT FIRE Niswonger 1982/83 TB 34 M Self Deep blue, B:bright red 7.00
2788 MIDNIGHT FRAGRANCE Stevens 1989/90 TB 29 M Self Heavily ruffled violet black, B:self; pronounced sweet fragrance 8.00
1063 MIDNIGHT HOUR Schreiner 1983 TB 38 M Self Ruffled rich uniform, full blue purple, B:same 7.00
2102 MIDNIGHT LACE Tompkins 1985 TB 39 EM Plicata Laced velvety white with belgian lace pattern of midnight blue-violet over all, B:midnight blue-violet; slight musky fragrance 7.00
941 MIDNIGHT LOVE AFFAIR McWhirter 1977 TB 36 M-L Bitone S:deep violet, F:deep violet to purple, B:light violet 6.00
1537 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Sexton 1973 TB 36 M Bicolor S:deep violet, F:black, B:deep blue 6.00
987 MIDNIGHT WALTZ Burbridge 1959/60 TB 35 E-M Bicolor S:blue-purple, F:blue-black, B:self; GBF 4.00
2921 MIDWEST Sass 1923/x TB   ML   W8 White and red plicata? 4.00
2443 MIDWEST GEM Sass 1936/37 TB 29 ML   Bright golden apricot, buff w/ faint cast of pink over falls. Immense om stalk and flowers, odd crinped petals. 4.00
2345 MILDRED PRESBY Farr x/1923 TB 24 M Bicolor S:white with wire rim of violet, F:dark velvety pansy violet with wire rim of lavender white, white lines at haft, B:yellow; vigorous and prolific 4.00
91 MILESTONE Plough 1964/65 TB 35 EM-L Bicolor S:rich butterscotch-gold, F:dahlia purple, electric blue blaze below B, B:Indian yellow; styles gold with lavender midrib 5.00
991 MILL VALLEY Gaulter 1975/76 TB 36 M Self Medium lavender to rose, B:yellow, tipped white 6.00
1835 MILLIONAIRE Brizendine 1956/58 TB 35 ML Bicolor S:light golden cocoa, F:golden brown edged gypsy; that means yellow-toned bicolor 4.00
206 MILLRACE Gaulter 1973/75 TB 40 M Self Delft blue, F:slightly deeper, white throat, B:light yellow, tipped white 6.00
2789 MIND BEND Meek 1995/95 TB 35 EM Plicata S:solid light maroon, F:pale apricot ground, streaking from beard to wide irregular dark maroon border, Bcinnamon; ruffled 9.00
671 MING DYNASTY Moldovan 1969/73 TB 34 EM Self S:deep gold, F:brass gold, B:gold; ruffled, often has maroon streakes on falls, very pretty 5.00
47 MINISA Wall 1973 TB 34 M-L Self Deep wine-red, B:red with bronze tips; smaller very taylored bloom 5.00
686 MINNESOTA GLITTERS Bakke-Mes. 1966/67 TB 28 M Self Ruffled deep intense apricot overlaid with flush of pink, touch of gold in throat, B:dark tangerine 5.00
158 MINNIE COLQUITT Sass 1941/42 TB 36 ML Plicata Snowy white ground, edges stitched wine purple; slightly fragrant; large flower and good grower, A.M. 1945 4.00
2917 MIOGEM McKee 1945/x TB   M Blend Stunning blend of wine, fuchsia, and blue with brown overtones, metallic flush on F; slightly fragrant 4.00
445 MIRROR IMAGE Hager 1979/79 TB 36 ML Plicata White ground edged very dark violet, B:blue 6.00
653 MIRROR MIRROR Gibson 1978 TB 36 EM Plicata S:yellow with greyed orange highlights, veins, F:light yellow, stitched greyed orange along edge, silver stripe down center, B:orange; laced 6.00
1422 MIRRORED SKY Palmer 191978 TB 36 M-L Self Ruffled and lightly laced light blue, B:white 6.00
404 MISCHIEF Reinhardt 1953/55 TB 34 ML Bicolor S:brilliant golden yellow, F:intense red-orange, B:orange; flaring 4.00
1054 MISHAWAKA Wise 1949/49 TB   EM,Re Self Older yellow rebloomer; moderate fragrance 4.00
1852 MISS CALIFORNIA Salbach 1937/37 TB 48 E Bitone Light lavender-pink with rose wash on falls; large flowered,still well liked 4.00
275 MISS COMMENT Gibson 1973 TB 34 M Bicolor S:gold, flushed lavender and tan, F:rhodamine lavender and pale red-violet blend, golden yellow haft, golden yellow laced edge, B:gold 6.00
123 MISS ILLINI Varner 1965/66 TB 35 EML Self Ruffled deep yellow, B:yellow with orange 5.00
990 MISS INDIANA Cook 1960/61 TB 36 M Bicolor S:white, tinged violet, F:Dauphin's violet 5.00
1743 MISS JUPITER Zurbrigg 1973/75 TB 38 VL Bicolor S:yellow, F:tan to brown hafts, blending to yellow, B: flounces same color scheme as F 6.00
1210 MISS NELLIE Burch 1979 BB 27 E-M Blend S:greyed yellow, blended with pale violet, F:dark red-violet, edged with light violet, B:yellow-green; prolific 3.00
1263 MISS PRISS Quesnel 1973/76 TB 36 ML Self Lghtly ruffled and laced pink with lighter area on upper part of F; B:pink, tipped mandarin red 8.00
1759 MISS ST. LOUIS Benson 1957/58 TB 32 L Self Salmon pink 4.00
2774 MISSION TRAILS Knopf 1957/58 TB 28 VL   S;pansy violet, F. heliotrope blaze,edged lighter than garnet brown hafts and border, B;orange-brown 4.00
2478 MISSOURI Grinter 1932/33 TB 36 M Self Tall fine finished medium blue self with brown hafts; (S:clear vivid blue, F:slightly darker) enamel-like finish, Dykes Medal 1937 5.00
2013 MISSY YORKTOWNE Innerst 1983 TB 36 M-L Self White, B:white tipped lemon 7.00
955 MISTRESS Keppel 1978 TB 36 EM Bitone S:pale creamy pink, faintly suffused phlox pink, F:cream pink, hafts dotted near dahlia purple, B:soft orange with white base 6.00
2237 MISTY CHIFFON Jacobson 1955/56 TB 36 E-M Blend Blend, buffy blue, F:slightly bluer 4.00
786 MISTY MOONSCAPE Roe 1976 TB 36 EM Bitone S:opening pale yellow, fading to white, F:citrus yellow with lime highlights, texture veining slightly deeper, B:muted yellow 6.00
1168 MIXED DOUBLES Ghio 1986 TB 35 M,Re Bicolor S:yellow, F:smooth mahogany red, slightly lighter at edge, B:yellow 8.00
1367 MIXED UP KID Boswell 1983 BB 25 ML Blend S:light yellow, edged pale blue on tips, F:light blue-violet, brown hafts blending to yellow-tan, pale tan down center 7.00
2764 MME. CHOBAUT Denis 1916 TB   ML Plicata Red plicata 5.00
1563 MME. CHEREAU Lemon 1844 MTB 34 M Plicata White ground dotted pale bluered 5.00
2079 MME. HENRI CAYEUX Cayeux /1924 TB 42 M-L Bitone Reddish bitone, B:bright yellow 4.00
604 MOCAMBO Denney 1978/78 TB 38 L Bicolor S:grey-green blend, F:violet in center, lighter edges, grey oxblood hafts, B:violet, tipped gold; interestingly different 6.00
1035 MOD MODE Gibson 1969/x TB 36 M Plicata S:light orchid pink, F:light orchid pink on light pink ground, B:white, tipped orange; ruffled 5.00
88 MODERN CLASSIC Knocke 1975/75 TB 40 M-L Plicata Ruffled white with aster violet stitching, B:yellow, tipped violet; very beautiful 7.00
2675 MODERN TIMES Gatty 1991/92 TB 34 M Self S:bluish white, deeper center, F:cool white , B:white, tipped lemon in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance 8.00
594 MOHR ELEGANCE Austin 1953/53 AR 32 EM Self Pale lavender; Eupogocyclus hybrid 4.00
169 MOHR MAGIC Plough 1959/60 AR 38 EM Self S:campanula-violet, F:darker violet, B:brown, tipped violet 4.00
2103 MOHR PRETENDER Rich 1977 AR 34 M Self Taylored pale blue with bright purple feather at tip of B, B:brown tipped blue, 6.00
2893 MOHRESQUE Keith 1949/49 AR 38 M Bitone S:light brown, F:yellowish buff to chartreuse at haft, purplish flecking over all 4.00
328 MOHRNING HAZE Luihn 1956/59 AR 33 EM Self Very beautiful misty lavender-blue, blue on falls suggests signal patch, B:blue 4.00
2323 MOMENT Blyth 1986/87 SDB 12 E Bitone S:apricot, F:deep apricot tan to apricot brown, B:tangerine 4.00
672 MONACO Brown 1976/77 TB 30 ML Self Lightly ruffled and laced light lavender with lighter area around F, B:tangerine, tipped white 6.00
787 MONEY Roe 1976 TB 36 M Self Bright butter yellow suffused gold, with small cream yellow area beneath B, B:same 6.00
1765 MONKEYSHINE Nelson 1955/57 TB 38 M Bicolor S:dark violet, F:dark violet and white, all different, B:orange, tipped blue 4.00
2167 MONSIGNOR Vilmorin /1907 BB   M Bitone Dark blue bitone with veining much darker red-violet 5.00
2346 MONTECITO for Milliken 1955 TB 40 E Self S:lemon yellow, F:same with white blaze 4.00
1380 MOODY BLUE Roderick 1972 TB 34 E-L Bitone S:light blue, F:medium blue 6.00
860 MOON MISTRESS Osborne 1975 TB 40 M Bitone S:peachy pink, F:deeper peachy pink, B:red ending in peachy pink horn; very popular, rapid increase 6.00
1744 MOON RANGER Austin 1964/65 TB 36 E Self Clear yellow, chocolate veining at haft, B:upturned bearded horns, spoon-like edgings 5.00
118 MOON RIVER Sexton 1962/63 TB 36 M Self Antique gold; still popular 5.00
605 MOON WALK Hager 1970/72 TB 36 M Bicolor S:blend of cream, beige and pale cocoa, F:deep purple, B:yellow; interesting color combination 6.00
217 MOONLIGHT SONATA Stevens 1946/x TB 35 L Self Lime or sulfur creamy yellow self; sweet fragrance 4.00
847 MOONLIT Byers 1985/86 TB 36 M-L Bicolor S:pearly orient pink, blending to yellow edge, F:creamy white, yellow hafts, pale edge, B:orange, 3/4" pale violet horns; ruffled and laced 7.00
2104 MOONLIT SEA Sass 1942/x TB 36 M Plicata Silver grey with light purple overlay and stripes, bright yellow hafts; very unusual color 5.00
18 MOONSTRUCK Schreiner 1979/79 TB 36 EM Self Large ruffled sulfur yellow bloom, lighter area on F, B:yellow-orange; somewhat fragrant 6.00
931 MORNING SHADOWS Dunn 1982/82 TB 36 M Bitone S:light blue-violet, dark violet midrib, F:dark violet with lighter area around B, B:violet 7.00
2174 MORNING SHOW Ensminger 1987/88 IB 26 ML Self Cardinal red self, B:same 7.00
865 MOROCCO Keppel 1978 TB 36 EM Plicata S:tawny brown, flushed rose brown, F:white in center, tawny at edges, all over fine sanding of maroon to dahlia carmine, B:dull yellow 6.00
2455 MOTHER OF PEARL Sturtevant 1917/x TB   ML Self S:light lavender blue, F:slightly deeper, cream at haft reticulated tan, light midvein, B:light orange; vigorous 5.00
2767 MOUNT CLOUD Milliken 1936/36 TB   EM Self White self; fragrant 4.00
1206 MOUNTAIN MELODY Gibson 1983 TB 36 EM Blend S:smoky mulberry and yellow-orange blend, F:white, wide band of rich yellow-orange, speckled smoky mulberry, B:orange-red; ruffled 7.00
1603 MR. LINCOLN Sexton 1971 TB 36 M Self Golden copper-brown, B:golden copper 6.00
2934 MRS. ANDRIST Fryer 1919/x TB   M   white, pink to red, bitone? 5.00
373 MRS. NATE RUDOLPH Briscoe 1972 SDB 15 M Self Dove grey with gold shadings; B:lavender-gold; strong violet influence overall 2.00
2444 MRS. WILLARD JACQUES Sass 1937/38 TB 29 ML Blend Pink and cream, watermelon pink, blend; waved and frilled 5.00
1191 MUCHAS GRACIAS Hager 1983 TB 36 M Self Full peach-pink, B:tangerine 8.00
1560 MULBERRY MIST Burch 1977 TB 32 M Self Full red-violet, B:yellow-orange, turning red-violet halfway to end 6.00
1927 MULBERRY ROSE Schreiner 1941/x TB 40 L Self Giant mulberry rose with brown hafts, B:bronze 4.00
39 MULBERRY SNOW Austin 1954/55 TB 45 ML-L Bicolor S:dark wine red; F:bright mulberry lined in white, large white blaze around B; Prominent mulberry horn 1/2" long at end of B. 4.00
34 MULBERRY WINE Moldovan 1966/66 TB 30 EM Self Ruffled mulberry, magenta, and violet mixture, B:white 5.00
1430 MULLED WINE Keppel 1981 TB 36 L Self Raspberry burgundy with apricot beige undertoning on upper part of F, B:terra cotta; slight musky fragrance 7.00
545 MURIEL NEVILLE Fothergill 1963/64 TB 42 M-L Bitone S:crimson-Indian lake, F:chrysanthemum crimson 5.00
2397 MUSIC LOVER Williamson 1993/92 TB 38 ML Self S:cattleya orchid, strong peach midrib infusion, F:cattleya orchid, washed peach from shoulders, B:tangerine; heavily laced, slight fragranc 10.00
2894 MUSIC MAKER Waters 1961/63 TB 36 M Self Sky blue self, B:light 5.00
1344 MUSICALE Tompkins 1973 TB 36 E-ML Bicolor S:orchid-pink, F:white with faint orchid flush undertone; B. light red 6.00
1632 MUTED MELODY Brown 1978/79 TB 34 M Self Cream-tan with light lavender overlay, B:cream, tipped lavender 6.00
2872 MY DARLING SCATTERBRAIN Mahoney 1982/83 TB 30 ML   S:warm white, F:light lavender, white hafts veined light brown, B:orange w/ 3/4" lavender horns; sweet fragrance 7.00
1595 MY DESIRE Sexton 1972 TB 32 L Self Deep yellow, B:orange-red 6.00
250 MY GIRLFRIEND Williamson 1976/78 TB 36 M Blend Orange, pink, and apricot, with darker shoulders, blended sepia, B:burnt brick red 6.00
1928 MY HAPPINESS Sass 1956/57 TB 36 M Self Blue, B:tangerine 4.00
2895 MY HONEYCOMB Gibson 1958/59 TB 35 M   S:light brown, F:brown ground with rich brown veining, white patch in center, B:yellow 4.00
2121 MY MARYLAND Sheets 1930/30 TB 40 M Self Violet purple; fragrant 4.00
1141 MY OH MIO Danielson 1984 TB 34 ML Self Light brown, dark brown on F and S, purple blaze on F, B:deep orange 7.00
1681 MY VALENTINE Madsen 1977 TB 48 E-M Bitone S:pink, tinged sofl lavender, F:slightly darker, yellow-orange in throat, B:orange, tipped yellow 6.00
498 MYSTERIOUS Schreiner 1972/74 TB 36 ML Bitone S:brown-red-purple, with light dusting of hazel blue overall, F:slightly deeper, with gun metal blue sheen, B:brown, tipped blue 6.00
1929 MYSTIC MELODY Stevens 1949/x TB 39 ML Bitone S:silky creamy yellow, F:deep butter yellow. (S:cream, F:bright butter yellow) 4.00
2676 MYSTIC RITES Blyth 1992/92 TB 35 ML Bicolor S:beige pink, slight lav. flush at midrib, F:bright rosy magenta, B:vivid tangerine; slight fragrance 8.00
78 MYSTIQUE Ghio 1972/75 TB 36 E-L Bitone S:light blue, F:deep blue-purple; ruffled, gorgeous must have variety; Dykes Medal 1980 6.00