2956 L. MERTON GAGE Lapham 1942/42 TB 40 M Bitone S:pale salmon, light yellow at base, F:roseline pink, darker lines at haft, B:yellow NFS
3542 LA BOHEMIENNE             5.00
2666 LA MER Richardson 1994/94 TB 37 EM Bitone S:pale blue white, F:light blue, fading smoothly to pale blue rim, B:blue white; slight fragrance 10.00
4417 LA NEGRA FLOR             NFS
2052 LA PERLE Caparne /1901 IB 10 E,Re Bitone S:light yellow, F:yellow, faint green lines, B:dark yellow; One of the old lutescens types, but has distinct lily of the valley fragrance 5.00
149 LACED COTTON Schreiner 1978/80 TB 34 ML Self Extremely laced and ruffled pure white, B: lemon to near-white NFS
2053 LACED LEMONADE Warburton 1969/x SDB 14 E-L Bitone Bitoned yellow, somewhat lacy edges, B:white 4.00
4019 LACY CHANDELIER             NFS
3883 LACY DAY             NFS
114 LACY SNOWFLAKE Schreiner 1976/77 TB 38 EM Self Has it all; ruffled, laced and fluted white, B:white to lemon white; 6.00
2100 LADY ALBRIGHT Muhlestein 1949/x TB   ML Blend S:coppery rose, F:deep rose lavender with blue tones, rim of coppery rose; One of the most colorful blends NFS
4079 LADY BOSCOWEN             NFS
712 LADY DAWN Plough 1972/73 TB 30 EM Bicolor S:buff-peach with a hint of lavender at midrib, F:light violet, edged with 1/4" buff-peach violet rim, B:cadmium-orange NFS
2404 LADY FIRE Gibson 1993/92 TB 32 EM Halo S:brick red, F:white ground with brick red markings and 1/8" wide stipe extending from beard, B:orange NFS
1065 LADY FRIEND Ghio 1980/81 TB 38 VE-E Self Spectacular dark garnet red with bright orange-red B; vigorous; Eric's favorite, no other red quite like it. 7.00
3245 LADY JULIET             NFS
203 LADY MOHR Salbach 1943/43 TB 36 VE Bicolor S:oyster shell white, infused lavender, F:soft olive yellow with dark veins and dark reddish patch around dark B; Famous Mohr onco. 5.00
397 LADY OF SPAIN Luihn 1975/76 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:creamy blush pink, F:dahlia purple, fluted edges color of S, B:shrimp red NFS
713 LADY X Gatty 1974/75 TB 38 M Self Rosy orchid, paler at haft, B:tangerine, tipped light orchid; ruffled and lightly laced 6.00
2344 LAKE SHANNON DeForest 1944/44 TB   M Self Fluted true indigo-blue with textured veining, B:blue, tipped with orange. 5.00
2891 LAKE TENAYA Miess 1948 TB   M Self Medium blue self 5.00
1918 LAND O' LAKES Schreiner 1982 TB 38 M Self Lightly ruffled rich blue sky blue with hint of lilac, white ring around B, B:lemon yellow to white 7.00
1381 LAND OF JUDAH Boushay 1976 TB 45 M-L Blend S:salmon pink in center, blending to yellow-ochre, F:barium yellow, blending to yellow-ochre at edges, B:bright nasturtium red 6.00
2261 LANTERN LIGHT Beattie 1966/66 TB 36 E Bicolor S:soft yellow, F:white bordered soft yellow, some plicata markings at haft 5.00
3512 LANTERNE MAGIQUE             NFS
891 LAREDO Keppel 1983 TB 38 EM Plicata S:rattan covered with tan, F:bright clear yellow with spice brown margin, large white triangle below B, B:orange; slight sweet fragrance 7.00
2173 LARRY GAULTER Brown 1987/88 TB 36 M Self Ruffled dark red purple, B:self tipped silvery white, touch of yellow deep in throat 7.00
213 LASER LIGHT Gaulter 1984 TB 32 M Self Very laced coral pink with salmon-pink edges, B:tangerine 7.00
1548 LATEST LOVE Gaulter 1961/63 TB 38 M Plicata S:white, stitched purple, F:white 5.00
1461 LATEST STYLE Zurbrigg 1979 TB 34 VL,Re Bicolor S:white, with slight influence of violet at base, F:light to mid-violet, B:yellow 5.00
644 LATIN LOVER Shoop 1969/69 TB 36 M Bicolor S:light lavender-pink, F:grape wine with light lavender-pink rim, B:tangerine; ruffled 5.00
1642 LATIN ROCK Schreiner 1984 TB 39 M Bicolor S:peach pink, F:smooth, velvety plum, B:light red tangerine; popular color 7.00
322 LAUNCHING PAD Knopf 1966/67 TB 36 M Bicolor S:sulfur lemon, F:white, rimmed sulfur lemon 5.00
2256 LAUREL OAK Craig 1966/66 TB 36 E-M Self S:chestnut to copper-leaf, F:copper-leaf to chestnut, washed violet 5.00
648 LAUREL PARK Gaulter 1977 TB 38 M Blend Lightly ruffled blend of pink, peach and orange, B:tangerine 6.00
1616 LAURIE Gaulter 1965/66 TB 36 M Self Light rose-pink 8.00
2077 LAVANESQUE Schreiner 1953/53 TB 40 E Self Ruffled deep orchid lavender pink, golden hafts, B:golden 5.00
2054 LAVENDER & GOLD LACE Whiting 1946/35 TB 36 M Bicolor S:yellow flushed lavender, F:lavender with yellow laced edges 5.00
4101 LAVENDER LEMON             8.00
1292 LAVENDER LUCK Ernst 1988 TB 35 M Self Fluted lavender, B:yellow NFS
2215 LAVENDER PETTICOAT Osborne 1973/75 TB 40 M Bitone S:light blue-lavender, F:pale blue-lavender, B:yellow-orange, lavender at end with 1/2" hairy lavender horns; heavily laced 6.00
2372 LAVENDER QUEEN Bartlett 1984/86 TB 40 ML Self Ruffled and slightly laced light lavender, paler area in center of F. with age, B:orange with long lavender spoons 7.00
2704 LAVENDER SPARKLE             NFS
1482 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Bradley 1981 TB 35 M Bicolor S:tan, F:rose with tan stripes radiating from beard 7.00
525 LAWRENCE WELK Danielson 1976 TB 32 EM Self Ruffled white, slightly tinted blue, B:navy blue; very prolific grower, rhizomes always small, good bloomer NFS
4383 LE BEAU             NFS
2476 LE FLEUR Dunn 1987/88 TB 38 M Self Ruffled orchid rose, B:bright orange 8.00
1919 LEADING LADY Lyell 1946/x TB 38 EM Bicolor Reverse bicolor, S:deep lemon yellow, F:white with deep lemon yellow ring, B:yellow, lighter tip 5.00
2967 LEANNA             6.00
1493 LEDA'S LOVER Hager 1979/80 TB 38 M Self Beautiful full ruffled white with lemon yellow at the haft, B:pale yellow NFS
4083 LEILANI             6.00
1545 LEMON AND SPICE Gibson 1984 TB 35 M Plicata S:yellow, yellow-orange crest, F:yellow ground, stitched brown, brown center stripe, rich brown hafts, white around B:orange-brown; ruffled 8.00
437 LEMON BROCADE Rudolph 1973/74 TB 34 M Self S:light lemon-yellow, F:deep lemon-yellow with green-white center, B:white, tipped orange-yellow; ruffled and flaring, laced styles 6.00
2495 LEMON CRAFT             NFS
299 LEMON FLARE Muhlestein 1958/9 SDB 10 E Self Lemon-cream-ivory 3.00
387 LEMON MERINGUE Noyd 1956/57 TB 30 M-L Bicolor S:lemon-yellow, F:white with lemon border; laced and ruffled 5.00
1742 LEMON SPOON Austin 1960/61 TB 40 M Self Creamy lemon yellow, deepening to yellow hafts, B:long flattened horns which may fork at the end or spoons 5.00
1055 LENNA M Roberts 1964/66 SDB 10 E Self Pink with deeper beige spot on falls, pale pink border, B:white, tipped red 4.00
2055 LENT A. WILLIAMSON Williamson 1918/18 TB 36 EM Bitone S:lavender violet, bronzed at claw, F:velvety cotinga purple,bronzed and veined on outer haft, yellow along B, B:showy orange 5.00
1676 LEORA KATE Buckles 1962/63 TB 32 M Self Chartreuse-yellow self 5.00
3354 LEOTA             5.00
2849 LEPRECHAUN'S EYELASH Boswell 1988/1989 SDB 8 E,Re Bitone S:smoky white, F:pale chartreuse, short olive eyelash markings, blue center line, B:blue 4.00
4020 LEROY'S SILVERBACK             NFS
2418 LIAISON Ghio 1986/86 TB 36 M Bicolor S:pink with peach midrib, F:deep velvety purple, pronounced 1/8" pink band, B:orange; lightly ruffled 9.00
1062 LICORICE STICK Schreiner 1960/61 TB 40 EM Self Deep blue-violet-black 5.00
2667 LIFE OF RILEY McWhirter 1992/93 TB 36 M Bitone S:peach, F:rose tan, B:bight red; ruffled, slight fragrance 8.00
2668 LIGHT AND AIRY Meek 1995/95 TB 33 ML Plicata S:white with 3/4" red violet plicata rim, F:white, narrow red violet rim widening at haft, B:white, tipped coral; ruffled NFS
4021 LIGHT UP MY LIFE             NFS
4385 LIGHT YEARS             NFS
639 LIGHTHOUSE Salbach 1935/36 TB 36 M Bitone S:buffy rose, golden glow at midrib, F:velvety maroon (deep carmine rose), golden glow at haft w/ lines, lighter rim, B:bright orange 5.00
1568 LIGHTNING RIDGE Brown 1965/66 TB 33 EM Bicolor S:pale peach with flush of rose at base of midribs, F:imperial violet, with blue blush below bright red poppy B 7.00
121 LILAC CHAMPAGNE Hamblen 1964/65 TB 38 EM Bicolor S:light barium-yellow, F:light violet-blue, B:light yellow 5.00
1130 LILAC FLOUNCE Rudolph 1984 TB 30 M Self Ruffled lilac-pink, B:tangerine, tipped white; spicy fragrance NFS
1245 LILAC POINT Willot 1980/81 IB 20 M Plicata Creamy white, slightly flecked light violet, full violet markings on haft and outlining; B:orange and violet 5.00
721 LILAC TREAT Niswonger 1969/69 TB 34 M Self Ruffled opaque lilac, B:tangerine-red 5.00
1358 LILAC WINE Blyth 1977 TB 36 E-M Bicolor S:lilac, deepening to beige at midribs, F:velvety plum red, B:lemon yellow 6.00
4008 LILLIAN TERRELL             NFS
611 LIME FIZZ Schreiner 1968/x TB 35 EM Self Heavily ruffled and laced pure shade of lime to canary yellow 6.00
1025 LIME JADE Meek 1979 TB 36 ML Self Heavily ruffled chrome-yellow to green, B:same 6.00
69 LIMELIGHT Hall 1952/52 TB 36 EM,Re Self Laced light canary yellow with greenish, near-white, tone on haft 5.00
548 LIMERICK Keppel 1972 TB 36 ML Plicata S:light chrome yellow, F:oyster white, deepening to mimosa at edge, with cinnamon brown markings, peppered brown at haft, B:yellow NFS
2209 LINDORA Sass 1950/50 TB 38 LM Bicolor S:dark yellow, F:white with border of dark yellow 5.00
1166 LINGERING LOVE Meek 1986 TB 36 M-L Bicolor S:pinkish orchid, lighter markings at midrib, F:white with 1/2" pinkish orchid edge, B:coral, tipped orchid; heavily ruffled, lightly laced 8.00
1295 LITTLE BLACK BELT Niswonger 1978 SDB 12 M Self Very dark purple, B:pale blue 4.00
1109 LITTLE BLACKFOOT Reinhardt 1966/67 SDB 12 E-M Self S:very dark red-black, F:velvety red-black, B:red-black 4.00
1673 LITTLE BUCCANEER Schreiner 1973 SDB 12 EM Self Red self with warm red shadings, silken sheen, B:bright orange-gold 4.00
2078 LITTLE FREAK Nelson 1999/59 IB 22 M Plicata Six falls, white stitched violet, B:yellow 5.00
2894 LITTLE LIGHTHOUSE             5.00
370 LITTLE MOHEE Grapes 1953/54 MDB 5 E Bitone S:light yellow, F:light tan chestnut, lighter edge, B:orange with lavender tip 4.00
1144 LITTLE MUCH Ghio 1984 TB 38 EM Bicolor S:mid-blue, F:white, B:blue-white NFS
4055 LITTLE SURFER GIRL             5.00
2477 LITTLE VIXEN McWhirter 1988/x SDB 11 M Bitone S:deep purple with near black infusion, F:dark red violet with velvety sheen and near black highlights, B:macaroni yellow 4.00
1277 LIVELY LEMON Kegerise 1976/78 TB 38 E-L Self Ruffled and laced medium yellow, slightly lighter on center of F below deep yellow B 6.00
4084 L'LITA             7.00
4427 LODESTAR             6.00
2927 LOHENGRIN G & K 1910/x TB   M Self

Rich silvery lilac that shows pink tones in the early morning and evening, pale at haft to end of B, B:white base, orange yellow tips


916 LOMBARDY Gaulter 1973 TB 38 M Self Laced orchid, B:white 6.00
434 LOOP THE LOOP Schreiner 1973 TB 40 ML Plicata Blue-violet on white ground, B:lemon-yellow to white 6.00
479 LORD BALTIMORE Nearpass 1968/69 TB 40 E Bicolor S:blue-white, F:aster violet, B:yellow; ruffled 5.00
1448 LORD JEFF Waite 1978 TB 37 M-L Self Ruffled dark violet, B:dark violet, tipped yellow-brown 6.00
2056 LORELEY G & K /1909 BB 40 EM Bicolor Unusual rounded form. Open erect S:primrose yel w/ irregular violet extending up from base, F:Violet, bordered primrose; Famous oldie. Frag 5.00
488 LORNA LEE Gibson 1965/66 TB 46 EM Self Orange pink self NFS
641 LOS ANGELES Mitchell /1927 TB 36 M Plicata Old fashioned white with light blue stitched edges on S and F, darker violet stitching at haft with maroon edgeB:white base with orange tips; one of the first of large-flowered plicatas 6.00
601 LOS BANOS Williamson 1989 TB 36 EM Self S:medium brown with red brown accents, F:medium brown with golden tan wash on hafts, B:yellow-orange; ruffled and fluted 7.00
2419 LOS COYOTES Burseen 1992/93 TB 35 E-M Plicata S:brilliant pure golden yellow, F:golden yellow with bright red streaks and veining, fine yellow edge, B:gold; ruffled, spicy fragrance 8.00
222 LOTHARIO Schreiner 1942/42 TB 38 ML Bitone S:light blue, F:dark plush velvety blue, B:orange; like AMIGO only twice as big 5.00
558 LOUDER STILL Muhlestein 1974/74 TB 35 EM-L Bicolor S:butterscotch gold, F:dahlia purple, with 1/2" brownish red rim, electric blue blaze below Indian yellow B NFS
4117 LOUDMOUTH             NFS
487 LOUDOUN BEAUTY Crossman 1974/75 TB 35 M-L Self S:cadmium orange, with hint of apricot in center, F:cadmium orange, B:tangerine; very popular NFS
225 LOUDOUN LASSIE Crossman 1971/72 TB 36 M Bitone S:orange-white with orchid midrib, F:greyed purple, B:coral 6.00
1299 LOUISE WATTS Blocher 1970 TB 28 M Blend Ruffled med. mauve blend with heavy brown border, blue-purple blaze with lt. lav. center on falls, yellow with mauve lines at haft, B:lemon NFS
2363 LOUVOIS Cayeux 1936/36 TB   M Bitone Deep rich velvety brown, 1/4" lighter rim on F, smaller bloom. 5.00
1238 LOVE AND DESIRE Williamson 1979 TB 36 M-L Self Ruffled clear peach-pink, B:coral-peach 6.00
1268 LOVE IS Varner 1972 TB 35 EM Bicolor S:flesh pink, F:rose-lilac, deeper at edge, B:pale pink NFS
2015 LOVE NOTE Brown 1971 SDB 13 EM Bicolor S:blue-white with greenish midrib, F:smooth golden brown, B:flax blue 4.00
491 LOVE POEM Williamson 1979/86 TB 36 M-L Blend S:concord orchid, infused salmon-pink, F:concord orchid, washed salmon pink at hafts and blended peach-pink on edge; B:coral-red NFS
2420 LOVE THEME Benson 1970/74 TB 36 M Self Ruffled pink self, B:pink NFS
2292 LOVEBIRD Byers 1987/88 TB 30 EM Plicata Laced and heavily ruffled pale pink, stitched and stippled light red violet, B:red orange with short fuzzy red violet horns 8.00
4158 LOVELY LETTY             5.00
4183 LOVELY LIGHT             7.00
763 LOVELY LOIS Muhlestein 1976 TB 40 ML Self S:cream, yellow at center, F:cream, yellow at haft, B:yellow; ruffled 6.00
2381 LOVER BOY Ghio 1977/78 IB 24 ML Self Red self, B:red gold NFS
2670 LOYALIST Schreiner 1986/86 TB 37 ML Self Rich claret wine, B:cerise claret ; ruffled 7.00
4194 LOYALTY             NFS
2988 LULA MARGUERITE             5.00
1921 LULLABY OF SPRING Schreiner 1987/87 TB 38 EM Bicolor S:mimose yellow, F:pastel mauve, B:straw yellow 7.00
698 LUSCIOUS LEMON Innes 1969/x TB 38 EML Self S:mimosa yellow, F:rich cream, styles and hafts same as S, B:canary yellow; ruffled NFS
1296 LYNN WITH LOVE Boushay 1972 TB 40 M Self Mineral violet with lighter area in center and at edges, B:red NFS
249 LYRICAL Gatty 1977 TB 36 M Bitone S:peach pink, tinted amber, F:lighter pink, with small pale area, gold on haft, B:red 6.00