267 K. V. AYERS Ayers, Dr. W. 1931/32 TB 33 M Bitone RARE Light reddish blend, B:orange yellow NFS
1403 KABAKA Niswonger, D. 1984/85 TB 34 M Bicolor RARE S:brownish red, F:light violet, edged brownish red, B:yellow 7.00
179 KAHILI Schreiners 1961/61 TB 35 ML Bicolor S:bright gold, F:deep maroon; very showy 6.00
2223 KALEIDOSCOPE Katkamier, A. 1929/29 MTB 24 E Broken S:yellow, F:yellow with erratic markings of red, yellow, and white rays, B:yellow; sport of Honorabile, PBF 5.00
1832 KANSAS INGLESIDE Hillson, H. 1940/40 TB 36 ML Bitone RARE Light Indian red blend, B:yellow; slightly fragrant 5.00
1015 KAREN CHRISTINE Ensminger, A. 1984/85 TB 35 ML Blend RARE S:white with magenta infusion, F:white with darker magenta at center with line, B:fire red with 1/4" tip of bishops violet; slight fragrance 9.00
2752 KAZAK Craig, T. 1957/57 TB 38 E-VL Plicata RARE S:sulphur yellow stippled kazak, F:sulphur yellow with sharp, broad, stippled margin of kazak, B:orange 5.00
1598 KELAT QUEEN Slade, G. 1977/80 TB 34 M Self RARE White, B:gold-orange 6.00
2330 KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS Jones, B. 1970/70 SDB 12 E Self RARE Fern green with grass green area around large blue beard 4.00
1915 KENTUCKY DERBY Mohr, D. 1974/76 TB 35 M-L Self S:yellow, F:same, pale yellow toward center, B:yellow NFS
1916 KENTUCKY HILLS Hinkle, G. 1968/69 TB 32 M Self RARE Ruffled lobilia blue, B:v-shaped, beginning white to white tipped buttercup yellow 5.00
2324 KEVIN'S THEME Kerr, F. 1993/93 TB 38 LM Bicolor S:ivory yellow, blue violet center flush, F:blue violet, lighter around beard, B:yellow, blue violet tip; ruffled, musky fragrance 6.00
4003 KEY LIME Zurbrigg, L. 1976/77 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:white, F:lime-green, B:pale yellow; fragrant 5.00
1645 KEYNOTE Palmer, D. 1971/72 TB 37 M Self RARE Ruffled white, B:light blue 5.00
2342 KHARPUT Coll.-Barr 1895 IB 30 E Bitone Blue purple bitone 5.00
257 KILT LILT Gibson, J. 1969/70 TB 35 M Plicata S:apricot-gold blend, F:old gold, striped maroon-red, white center; highly laced; Dykes Medal 1976 NFS
3346 KIN-NA-ZIN DeForest, F. 1960/60 TB 38 M Bicolor RARE S:cream-tan-rose, F:rose red bordered blend of standards, B:orange 6.00

Caparne, W. 1901/01

IB   E Self RARE White self, yellow wash at haft, B: yellow; dog eared, narrow haft, crinkled at times 5.00
2794 KING JUBA Sass, H. 1931/31 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:bright yellow, F:deep maroon, yellow and white at haft w/ maroon lines, B:yellow 5.00
3361 KING MIDAS Mead, F. 1927/27 IB 30 E Bitone RARE S:golden buff, F:iridescent garnet brown with gold hafts, B:orange 5.00
3925 KING PINK Wallace, M. 1952/53 TB 48 LM Self RARE Salmon pink self, B:red also listed as apricot and peach, B:tangerine NFS
2343 KING TUT Sass, H. 1926/26 TB   L Bitone RARE S:blend of yellow overlaid reddish,yellow midrib, F:dark maroon, yellow and white at haft w/ maroon lines, B:dark yellow 5.00
930 KING'S CASTLE Hamblen, M. 1981/82 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Ruffled dark royal purple, B:near black 7.00
2950 KING'S JESTER Stevens, J. 1945/45 TB 38 M Plicata S:heavy wash of rose maroon, F:white, penciled violet from haft to rosy maroon margins. B:orange 5.00
3909 KING'S RANSOM Milliken, C. 1939/39 TB 48 M Self RARE Deep bright yellow; frilled and wavy, vigorous grower NFS
1255 KIRSCH Burch, J. G. 1983/84 BB 23 M Blend S:red, F:red, overlaid blackish red, B:orange NFS
2475 KIWI SLICES Niswonger, O. 1989/90 SDB 12 M Self RARE Ruffled chartreuse with burgundy spot on F, B:white tipped blue 4.00
2310 KNIGHTED Blyth, T. 1987/87 TB 37 M Bicolor RARE S:pure white, F:royal violet, 1/8" lighter violet edge, B:gold 7.00
2890 KNIGHTHOOD Reinhardt, M. 1955/56 TB 38 ML Self Brilliant purple self, B:bronze 5.00
3532 KNOTTY PINE Goett, J. 1959/61 SDB 13 E Bitone RARE S:tan, F:brown, B:orange, pale blue tip 4.00
720 KOALA Mohr, D. 1974/75 TB 35 M Self RARE Curly ruffled medium yellow, B:yellow-orange NFS
3274 KOCHII Kerner, A. collected 1887 IB   E Self Rich violet purple self, blackish tones, B: lavender base, yellow tips in throat, white end; also listed as I. kochii Atropurpurea 5.00
440 KONA COAST Plough, G. 1971/73 TB 32 EM Plicata S:yellow, blending to brown at edges, F:near white by beard, blending to yellow dotted purple, brown border, hafts brown, B:orange 6.00