1526 JACARANDA Gaulter 1980 TB 38 M Self Very fluted and ruffled mulberry with some lace, B:burnt orange; vigorous NFS
223 JACK HORNER Austin 1961/62 TB 40 EM Bicolor S:white, F:pale lilac cream with yellow edge and bright yellow haft, B:long violet horn 5.00
1007 JACK R. DEE Sexton 1974 TB 36 E Self Ruffled and fluted azure blue, B:deep navy blue 6.00
3796 JACQUESIANA             NFS
379 JADE QUEEN Knopf 1957/58 TB 37 M-VL Blend S:Chartreuse and silvery gray (buffy yellowish tan), F:flushed lavender in center w/ yellow gray shoulders, B:yellow 5.00
2472 JAIME LYNN Hamner 1984/84 TB 33 M Self Ruffled coral peach, B:coral 8.00
2051 JAKE Sass 1943/43 TB 39 L Self White with yellow throat 5.00
175 JANE PHILLIPS Graves 1946/x TB 38 M Self Sky blue with silvery sheen, cinnamon striping at haft,lines on F, slightly deeper blue than Helen McGregor, wonderfully fragrant 5.00
3521 JASPER AGATE             5.00
1697 JAUNTY TEXAN Denman 1973 TB 38 E-L,Re Self Yellow with small light yellow area just below yellow B. 6.00
1989 JAVA CHARM Plough 1975 TB 38 M Bicolor S:white with pink tint, F:cadmium orange with hafts and edges blended yellow, center blended pink, B:marigold orange 6.00
2473 JAZZAMATAZZ Blyth 1986/86 SDB 15 M Bicolor S:ruffled creamy lemon, F:rich ruby, 1/4' creamy lemon edge, B:gold tipped white 5.00
1161 JAZZEBEL Ensminger 1987/88 TB 34 M Self S:white, F:white, with inner border of bluebird blue and outer border of white, B:bronze, tipped blue; ruffled 7.00
2178 JEAN CAYEUX Cayeux /1931 TB 31 M Self Small bloom, tan with slight violet blaze 5.00
1698 JEAN GUYMER Zurbrigg 1976 TB 36 E-L,Re Self Lightly ruffled pink, apricot margin at haft, B:tangerine; slightly fragrant 6.00
4142 JEAN SIBELIUS             NFS
3802 JEANETTE             NFS
450 JEANNE PRICE Jones 1976 TB 34 M Self Medium yellow, B:lemon, small white spot at tip 6.00
1478 JELLICLE CAT             6.00
1984 JELLY ROLL Gaulter 1983 TB 38 L Self Deep coral pink, B:brilliant coral red NFS
2945 JERRY Lapham 1931/33 TB 36 ML Bitone S:pinkish raspberry, F:darker, white at haft with maroon lines, B:yellow 5.00
1914 JERSEY BEAUTY Schortman 1959/60 TB 40 M Self Intense red-violet with light area around B, B:yellow/blue 5.00
591 JESSE'S SONG Williamson 1979 TB 36 M Plicata S:white center, methyl violet band, F:white, plicata sanded edge of methyl violet, B:lemon tipped blue-white; Dykes Medal 1990 6.00
2075 JEWEL BABY Hall 1984 SDB 12 VE,Re Self Dark purple, B:mid-violet; slight spicy fragrance 4.00
2763 JIGSAW Tompkins 1985/85 TB 35 ML Halo S:bright azure blue on white ground, F:white ground with purple flecks around solid purple band, B:purple, tipped bronze NFS
1124 JO VALLERY Hamblen 1984/85 TB 36 M Bitone S:light pink, F:lighter toward B with deeper toned edge, B:tangerine-pink; ruffled and laced, sweet fragrance 8.00
1839 JOAN LAY Chadburn 1939/ TB 36 M-L Self Brilliant yellow 5.00
2076 JOHN Ensminger 1989/90 IB 26 E-L Bicolor S:chocolate, yellow midrib, F:straw yellow, brown styles, B:yellow; slight fragrance 4.00
2664 JOHNNY REB Nelson 1992/94 TB 37 ML Bitone S:greyed wine, F:brighter greyed wine with white spray haft pattern, B:greyed orange; ruffled, pleated, slight musky fragrance NFS
242 JOLIE Schreiner 1967/67 TB 32 E Plicata White with distinct violet stitching; popular 5.00
1699 JOLLY GOLIATH Zurbrigg 1969/x TB 44 M,Re Bicolor S:near white, F:violet purple, paling to near white at edge, B:white tipped yellow/blue at end; Ruffled and fragrant 5.00
2222 JOSEPH'S COAT KATKAMIER             5.00
1700 JOSEPH'S MANTLE Craig 1948/x TB 36 E-L,Re Plicata Yellow background mottled reddish, purple and violet brown; fruity fragrance 5.00
3528 JOY             5.00
1596 JOY OF SPRINGTIME Sexton 1980 TB 36 M Self White with heavy gold lacing, B:deep yellow 7.00
194 JOY RIDE Noyd 1967/68 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:brownish red, F:white with reddish brown border 5.00
3362 JOYANCE             NFS
196 JOYCE TERRY Muhlestein 1974 TB 38 M-L Bicolor S:yellow, F:white with yellow rim, B:deep yellow; flaring, very well liked 6.00
1139 JOYOUS MELODY Gatty 1985 TB 36 ML Bitone S:pink to peachbloom, F:pink, paling in center to white, suffused golden buff on hafts, B:carnelia red; ruffled, fragrant 8.00
4378 JUBILARE             NFS
1627 JUBILEE TRAIL Harder 1974 TB 32 M-L Bitone S:dark brown, F:golden brown, edged dark brown, B:dark gold 6.00
1671 JULY BEAUTY Weld 1943/43 TB 28 E-L,Re Bitone S:lilac blue, F:deep amethyst purple; very reliable rebloomer 5.00
4068 JULY SUNSHINE             5.00
388 JUMBO ROSE Austin 1964/64 TB 38 M Self Bright carmine-rose, manganese-violet blaze; very large bloom 5.00
2724 JUNALUSKA Kirkland 1931/34 TB 36 M Bicolor S:rose and soft yellow blend, coppery gold at base, F:velvety carmine red, B:orange NFS
112 JUNE PROM Brown 1966/67 BB 22 E Self Light blue-lavender, greenish yellow at haft, and green veins, B:orange, lavender at end; sweetly fragrant 4.00
1091 JUNE SUNSET Niswonger 1981 TB 34 M Bicolor S:near white, F:peachy orange, B:tangerine; vigorous 7.00
4380 JUNGLE BIRD             NFS
2966 JUNGLE FIRES             NFS
4066 JUNGLE PRINCE             NFS
256 JUNGLE SHADOWS Sass-Gra. 1959/60 BB 15 E Self Mysterious brown, black and green blend, B:mustard 5.00
2828 JUNIATA Farr X/1909 TB 44 ML Self Medium purple blue self B:orange; sweetly fragrant NFS
2665 JURASSIC PARK Lauer 1995/95 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:canary yellow, F:blended lavender blue purple, yellow veining and edging, B:yellow, tipped blue; slight sweet fragrance 9.00