3646 I DO Zurbrigg, L. 1973/74 TB 32 EM,Re Self S:white with violet to greenish cast, F:white, green textured veining, B:white, tipped pale yellow 6.00
2122 I. GERMANICA ALBA collected 1837 SPC   E Self RARE Very old white NFS
2047 I. GERMANICA VULGARIS Linnaeus/Dykes, C. 1753/53 SPC 21 E Bitone RARE S:medium grape, F:reddish grape, darker lines on white at haft, lighter narrow rim, B:blue white 6.00
2930 I. KASHMIRIANA Baker, J. 1877/77 SPC 24 E Bitone Purple form; best known as a white iris NFS
2440 I. PALLIDA unknown TB 24 E Self I. pallida with lavender blooms, fast increase 4/10.00
3924 I. PALLIDA ARGENTEA Goos & Koen. 1906/06 TB/SPC     Self Lavender blue self; leaves variegated white and green 6.00
1887 I. PALLIDA DALMATICA Barr pre 1600 TB 39 M Self Light lavender, should have purple flush on the leaf base NFS
2048 I. TROJANA Kerner, A. 1887/87 TB 24 M Bitone RARE S:light lavender blue, F:dark reddish purple, white at haft with maroon lines, B:yellow SO
1912 ICE CARNIVAL Watkins, W. for Graves 1950/54 TB 38 M Bitone RARE S:Light azure (orchid-blue), F:icy white; strong fragrance 6.00
4247 ICE CREAM TREAT Ernst, R. 1996/97 TB 35 LM Bicolor S:peach pink, yellow highlights, F:near white, peach rim and veining, deeper shoulders, B:tangerine orange; ruffled 10.00
2437 ICE FAIRY Witt, J. 1962/66 MTB 21 M Bicolor RARE S:white, F:light blue NFS
859 ICE 'N' LIME Tompkins, C. 1958/58 TB 39 E-L Bicolor RARE S:pure white, F:lime yellow, B:yellow NFS
4036 ICE PLANET Tasco, R. 2013/13 TB 36 M Bicolor S:spectrum violet, darker edges, F:pale wisteria-blue, darker center, B:blue-white NFS
792 ICE SCULPTURE Hager, B. 1973/75 TB 36 M Self RARE Pale blue-white self, B:white 6.00
3942 ICON Keppel, K. 2007/08 MDB 8 M-L Halo S:golden orange, F:wine, precise 1/8" golden orange band, F:mandarin red 6.00
1848 IDAHO CREAM Smith, E. 1960/61 TB 38 M Self RARE Big full wavy pale cream, B:cream NFS
2262 IDAHO GOLD Smith, E. 1958/59 TB 40 LM Self RARE Deep yellow self, B:orange-yellow. 6.00
2097 IDOL'S DREAM Kererise, E. 1981/82 TB 36 E-M Self RARE Ruffled medium yellow, B:yellow orange; slight fragrance 7.00
1023 IGLOO Hager, B. 1977/78 TB 38 ML Self RARE Blue-white to pale blue around midrib and hafts, B:pale yellow NFS
3901 ILLINI REPEATER Varner, S. 1971/72 TB 34 EM,Re Plicata S:plum red plicata on cream ground, F:cream ground, plum red plicata rim and center line, B:orange 6.00
4541 I'M ALL SHOOK UP Black, P. 2012/2013 TB 30 M-L Bicolor S:dk plum base, violet center, yellow edge band, F:plum haft, purple center to blue-white, edge tan gold, B:yellow; ruffled, fragrant 20.00
1480 IMAGE MAKER Williamson, B. 1979/83 TB 34 M-L Bitone S:light citrus lemon, F:full citrus lemon, B:yellow-orange 6.00
853 IMMOLATION Hager, B. 1977/78 TB 36 M Blend RARE Red-sienna blend, B:yellow 6.00
850 IMMORTALITY Zurbrigg, L. 1982/82 TB 30 M,Re Self Ruffled pure white, B:white; slight sweet fragrance, very dependable rebloom 6.00
1497 IMPERSONATOR Babson, S. 1974/75 TB 38 M Self Novelty: Flat TB S:none, they lay back on falls, F:full blue-violet, lighter area in center, B:white NFS
1763 IMPOSSIBLE Vallette, W. 1957/60 BB 24 M Self RARE S:pale lemon-ice opening from purple buds, F:same color, deeper haft, purple shows through when first open NFS
1293 IN DREAMS Blyth, B. 1972/74 TB 34 M-L Self RARE Soft creamy apricot-buff, B:same NFS
3374 IN JOY Silverberg, D. 2004/06 TB 34 M Self Marine purple self, bushop's violet undertones, B:blue-violet NFS
4078 IN LOVE Blyth, B. 1979/80 TB 34 E-M Bicolor S:pink, faint violet midrib, F:lilac, deeper in center, pink at hafts, B:coral red 15.00
2432 IN TOWN Blyth, B. 1985/88 TB 38 EM Bitone S:blue lavender, deeper at midrib, F:velvety blue purple, 1/4" lavender edge, B:tangerine, lavender on tip 8.00
2049 INCA CHIEF Mitsch, G. 1952/52 TB 35 ML Self Huge ruffled burnished golden bronze;described as "brilliant, lustrous, and vibrant. Mustard tan of vibrant tone. NFS
4227 INDEED Hagar, B. 1963/63 IB 21 E Bicolor S:light lemon yellow, F:crystalline white, lemon edge, B;white 5.00
2659 INDIAN CAPER Brown, O. 1988/89 TB 34 EM Self RARE Brown changing with age to bronze near center of F, B:orange 7.00
1913 INDIAN CHIEF Ayres, Dr. W. 1928/29 TB 36 E Bitone S:light Indian red (bronzy violet), F:velvety darker Indian red blended w/ bronze (dahlia carmine), lines at haft, B:bright orange; prolific 2/6.00
131 INDIAN POW WOW Brown, A. 1971/72 SDB 13 EM Bitone S:creamy greenish tan, F:greenish yellow, red-brown wash, B:flax blue, veins at haft 4/4.00
1552 INDIAN TERRITORY Ghio, J. 1979/80 TB 38 EM Self RARE Red-brown, B:same NFS
1667 INDIGLOW Schortman, W. 1957/59 TB 34 M-L Self RARE Huge flowered violet-blue, B:orange to blue 6.00
1606 INDIGO PRINCESS Schreiners 1992/92 TB 39 ML Self Ruffled deep violet, yellow B tipped blue 10.00
2369 INDISCREET Ghio, J. 1987/88 TB 38 EM   RARE S:magenta, F:salmon ground heavily stitched magenta at edges, B:tangerine 8.00
2389 INDULGE Nelson, R. 1992/93 TB 32 E-M Self S:orchid, deeper midrib, F:orchid, deeper rose orchid edge, violet blue spot, wine hafts, B:gold orange; ruffled, laced, sweet frag 10.00
1373 INFATUATION Corlew, G. 1974/77 TB 32 M Self RARE Very light true pink, B:white, tipped tangerine-pink NFS
1001 INFERNO Schreiner 1973/75 TB 40 M Self Rich ruby with velvety sheen of plum wine shadings, B:subdued orange-brown 6.00
3817 INGEBORG Goos & Koen. 1908/08 IB   E Self RARE White self, light yellow at haft with darker veining, B:light yellow 6.00
443 INHERITANCE Babson 1977 TB 36 EM Self RARE Pale orchid fading to white, B:full orchid NFS
2290 INLAND PRINCESS Hamner 1987/88 TB 37 E-M Self RARE Ruffled and heavily laced Spanish orange, small white area on F, B:orange NFS
2050 INNOCENZA Lemon, J. 1854/54 TB   E Self RARE Very old white self NFS
4454 INSANIAC Johnson, T. 2012/2012 TB 33 M Bicolor S:white, thin gold halo, F:white overlaid yellow, red-violet radiating lines to wide yellow-white edge, B:tangerine; ruffled, fragrant NFS
1103 INSCRIPTION Boushay, J. 1978/78 SDB 13 M Self RARE S:mimosa yellow, F:slightly lighter with heliotrope thumbprint, B:tangerine, tipped yellow 4.00
1027 INSPIRATION POINT Gibson, J. 1981/82 TB 38 ML Plicata RARE S:blend of smoky violet and brown on yellow, veined dark violet, F:stitched smoky violet on yellow band, white signal, B:brownish yellow 2/7.00
970 INSTIGATOR Brown, R. 1975/76 TB 38 M-L Bitone S:aureolin yellow, F:heliotrope, with 3/8" band of carmel, B:yellow NFS
2201 INSTRUCTOR Innerst, S. 1986/86 TB 36 EM Halo S:cream to mid yellow, F:same, edged medium blue, B:blue tipped bronze; slight musky fragrance 8.00
451 INTERPOL Plough, G. 1972/73 TB 36 ML Self Fluted deep purplish black, B:same with each hair tipped mustard; PBF 6.00
1678 INTO THE NIGHT Schreiners 1989/89 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:deep blue-violet, F:velvety midnight purple rimmed in lighter blue-violet; ruffled and fluted 8.00
492 INTUITION Ghio, J. 1975/77 TB 33 ML Self RARE Flaring dark blue, B:green-brown; very beautiful NFS
1217 IRIS BOHNSACK Ensminger, A. 1980/81 BB 25 M Broken White ground, interestingly striped with imperial violet, B:yellow, tipped violet SO
632 IRISH SPRING Roe, B. 1972/73 TB 34 M Self RARE Ruffled white, F:pale green overlay, deeper yellow green shoulders, B:pale lemon 6.00
4378 IRMA MELROSE DeForest, F. 1955/56 TB 40 M Plicata RARE S:light lemon, F:lemon-white, lemon yellow border, peppering around beard, B:yellow NFS
4018 ISADORA BELLE Jedlicka, L&K 2008/09 TB 31 M Bicolor S:pink, F:white, light lavender pink edges and hafts, B:orange, white tip, lavender and pink horns; ruffled, very laced NFS
2889 ISLANDER Benson, C. 1959/60 TB 38 M Self RARE Deep gentian blue self, lighter at haft, B:yellow, blue-white tip; lightly ruffled NFS
762 ISLE OF CAPRI Spahn, F. 1976/77 TB 37 EM Self RARE S:pure orange, F:orange, deeper at haft, lighter near B, B:intense orange-red; ruffled 6.00
2341 ISOLINE Vilmorin 1904/04 TB 30 M Bicolor S:light rose purple, F:darker, brown lines at yellow haft, violet tinge below B, B:orange SO
3875 I'VE GOT RHYTHM Schreiners 1998/98 TB 38 EM Plicata S:lilac purple, F:creamy ground, distinct lilac purple edging, B:tangerine 10.00