4539 H. C. STETSON Stetson, R. 2001/2003 TB 38 ML Self Ruffled very pale pink, deepening in center, B:pale blue tip, tipped white, white center, pink in throat 15.00
1363 HAGAR'S HELMET Nichols, H. 1976/76 IB 20 M-L Self Smooth yellow with few inconspicuous haft markings, B:orange with 1-1/2" spoons and horns 2/5.00
1581 HALL OF FAME Sexton, N. 1971/72 TB 36 M Self RARE Salmon pink, B:self NFS
1696 HALLOWE'EN NIGHT Weed, H. 1943/43 TB 38 EM,Re Self RARE S:lemon yellow F:veined golden brown and light maroon; Oct. rebloomer 2/6.00
4540 HALO IN PINK Niswonger, D. 1989/1989 TB 34 M Self S:clean pink, F:white, edged pink, B:white, tipped pink; ruffled 10.00
1071 HANDIWORK Ghio, J. 1982/83 TB 34 ML Plicata S:blue-violet on white, F:white, marbled blue-violet with white area around B, B:blue-white 6.00
3349 HAPPINESS IS Kamps, L. 1968/69 TB 36 M Self RARE White self, B:white; lightly ruffled NFS
1593 HAPPY BRIDE Sexton, N. 1973/73 TB 36 M Self RARE Lightly laced and fluted white, B:deep lemon yellow NFS
695 HAPPY HALO Gibson, J. 1972/73 TB 34 M Plicata RARE White ground with aster violet markings, light green veining on F, B:cadmium-orange; ruffled 6.00
422 HAPPY HARMONY Palmer, D. 1971/74 TB 36 M-L Bicolor RARE S:pink, F:peach and yellow, B:tangerine; laced and ruffled; very pretty 6.00
1048 HARBINGER Terrell, C. 1961/62 TB 34 EM Self RARE Broad deep violet self 6.00
248 HARBOR BLUE Schreiner, R. 1954/54 TB 40 M Self Medium sapphire-blue with slivery sheen, white at haft, with darker veins on falls; large bloom 6.00
1907 HARLEQUIN Stevens, Mrs. W. 1947/47 TB 32 ML Plicata RARE Cream to silver ground with falls veined and stippled chocolate, mulberry, and purple NFS
1359 HARLOW GOLD Black, P. 1981/81 IB 25 M Self Full bright yellow, small white flash at tilp of full yellow B; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
3974 HARVEST FESTIVAL Palmer, C. 1978/79 SDB 15 L Bicolor RARE S:light yellow, F:heavy wash of reddish brown and olive green tones, lt. yellow rim, B:orange, lav tip 6.00
1578 HARVEST HOLIDAY Lyon, D. 1956/57 TB 38 EM Bitone RARE S:buttercup yellow, shaded golden brown, F:buttercup, shaded lighter, B:saffron yellow, tipped violet NFS
4284 HARVEST OF MEMORIES Zurbrigg, L. TB 38 M,Re Self Dresden yellow self, B:yellow; slight sweet fragrance 2/7.00
3862 HARVEST SPLENDOR Kleinsorge, R. 1956/56 TB 32 M Bicolor S:golden brown and apricot, suffused lav, F:bright gold, faint apricot edges, B:gold NFS
526 HAT TRICK Black, P. 1983/84 IB 24 E Bicolor S:cream white, darker midrib, F:pale violet, deep red-violet wash, lightening toward edge, yellow in throat, B:blue; slight sweet fragrance 5.00
3066 HAUNTED HEART Keppel, K. 2009/2010 TB 36 M Bitone S:pinkish gray-white, F:pinkish lavender gray, lt violet texture veining, B:shrimp pink, blue tip; heavy ruffle, light lace, Dykes Medal 2018 NFS
1165 HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY Brown, T. 1964/65 TB 32 E-M Halo RARE S:white, banded and blended blue-violet, F:white, 1/2" border blue-violet, B:blue tipped NFS
41 HAYRIDE Jones, B. 1970/70 TB 35 M Bicolor RARE S:orange-pink, pinker at base, F:straw-yellow, orange at haft, B:deep orange; pretty but not a strong grower for me NFS
1410 HEART OF NIGHT Terrell, C. 1963/64 TB 36 M Self RARE Deep violet, velvety black hafts 6.00
685 HEARTBREAKER Hall, D. 1964/64 TB 36 M Self RARE Light pink, B:pink; flaring, very popular even today for an older pink NFS
2655 HEARTLAND Kerr, F. 1995/95 TB 32 M Self Smooth light pinkish tan, F with golden haft infusion, B:tangerine, yellow at end; ruffled 10.00
3492 HEARTSTRING STRUMMER Johnson, B. 1997/2001 TB 40 M-L Bicolor S:white, edges flushed pale violet blue, F:medium violet blue, edges deeper, lighter center, B:pale violet blue; heavily ruffled, sweet fragrance 12.00
1986 HEATHEN Keppel, K. 1988/89 TB 34 E Bicolor RARE S:Inca gold, F:maroon blended orange buff at edge, B:midnight sun tipped golden poppy; slight sweet fragrance 2/6.00
132 HEATHER BLUSH Hamner, B. 1976/77 TB 35 E-M Bicolor S:fuchsia pink, flushed violet, F:amethyst-violet, violet-blue flush, B:tangerine 8.00
500 HEATHER CLOUD Hamner, B. 1981/81 TB 35 EM Bicolor S:mallow purple, F:lilac, B:pink; lightly ruffled, beautiful color combination 8.00
798 HEAVENLY HARMONY Hamblen, M. 1977/78 TB 30 ML Bicolor S:pink, flushed violet at base, F:violet with pink hafts, B:orange-red; beautiful color 8.00
761 HELEN BOEHM Schreiners 1977/77 TB 36 ML Self RARE Waxy citron creamy yellow, white flash below B, B:yellow NFS
1908 HELEN COLLINGWOOD Smith, K. 1949/49 TB 38 M Bicolor S:bright light sky blue-white, F:deep violet-purple; lightly ruffled 6.00
2656 HELEN K. ARMSTRONG Innerst, S. 1993/94 TB 36 ML Bitone S:lt. blue-lavender, F:rich purple, lighter around B, B:1/2 lt. yellow, 1/2 bright blue, flaring, ruffled 8.00
3975 HELEN LOUISE Lapham, E. 1951/52 TB 36 M Self RARE Deep salmon-pink self, B:red-tangerine NFS
2043 HELEN McGREGOR Graves, R. 1943/46 TB 36 EM Self Clear light blue flowers are wide-hafted and ruffled, white area below white B, lightly ruffled, lighter than Great Lakes; Dykes Medal 1949 NFS
3818 HELGE Goos & Koen 1908/08 IB 12 E Self RARE Light greenish yellow self, hint of lavender mottling, B:bushy yellow 6.00
2709 HELIOS Cayeux, F. 1928/29 TB   M Self RARE Lemon yellow, light maroon lines from haft to bottom of F, except light yellow rim, white around yellow B NFS
2657 HELLO DARKNESS Schreiners 1992/92 TB 37 E-M Self Ruffled purple-black self, B:deep purple-black; Dykes Medal 1999 NFS
2304 HELL'S FIRE Roberts, S. 1976/76 TB 36 E,Re Bitone S:ruffled black-red, lighter at midrib, F:darker black-red, B:dark bronze 2/7.00
3863 HENNA STITCHES Gibson, J. 1960/61 TB 30 M Plicata S:henna red, yellow wash in center, F:white, darker henna stitching, B: burnt orange 6.00
3291 HENRI RIVIERE Millet et Fils 1927/27 TB 42 M-L Bitone RARE S:pale lemon yellow, F:mauve with yellowish reflex and canary yellow throat, lighter edge and midline, B:orange NFS
2454 HENRY SHAW Benson, C. 1957/57 TB 36 M Self Snowy white self, green throat, B:snowy white. 6.00
1347 HEY LOOKY Brown, W. F. 1970/70 TB 36 M Plicata Unusual colored, white dotted all over with blue, B:white to blue NFS
1909 HI TIME Hall, D. 1948/48 TB 27 M Self Light golden apricot with pink overcoat; 6.00
600 HI TOP Knocke, F. 1971/72 TB 42 L Self RARE S:golden tan, F:lavender center overlay,darker shoulders, small white spear, B:orange-yellow; ruffled 6.00
4123 HIDDEN FIRE Sass by Graham 1957/58 TB 40 M Blend RARE Delft rose, bronze infusion at hafts, coppery gleam from center, B:blazsing orange NFS
4285 HIDDEN MAGIC Sexton, N. 1965/66 TB 36 E Bitone RARE S:orchid, F:deep purple NFS
430 HIGH BARBAREE Tompkins, C. 1958/58 TB 38 M-L Self RARE Currant red, B:bright yellow 6.00
2427 HIGH COMMAND Long, B.R. 1945/45 TB 36 E-M Bicolor photo questioned S:golden yellow, F:rich maroon, yellow rim, hairline maroon edge, white w/ lines around yellow B; slight fragrance NFS
4045 HIGH DESERT Keppel, K. 2014/15 TB 40 M Plicata S:chrome yellow, F:pale yellow ground paling to warm white center, dark greyed red-purple band , veined shoulders and dart, B:mustard yellow NFS
4246 HIGH NOTE Tompkins, C. 1961/61 TB 42 M-L Self RARE Dark pink self, B:red 6.00
4286 HIGH TOR Fielding, R. 1950/52 TB 42 L Self Blue-violet self NFS
79 HIGHLAND CHIEF Gibson, J. 1972/73 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:buff, peppered cinnamon, F:light yellow with red brushings, white area around B, cinnamon center line, B:orange; ruffled 6.00
1657 HILLS OF LAFAYETTE Boswell, C. 1983/84 IB 18 EM Bicolor RARE S:white, yellow midrib, F:bright medium yellow, white line radiating out from beard, B:orange NFS
892 HILOW Dunn, M. 1982/82 TB 36 M Self S:dark red-brown, F:same, with electric blue-violet blaze, B:old gold 8.00
426 HINDENBURG Maryott, W. 1982/83 TB 37 M Self Heavily ruffled deep orange, B:catepillar orange; very popular NFS
2810 HINDU WAND Plough, G. 1957/58 TB 32 EM-L Self RARE Golden tan, dark brown at hafts to below end of B, pale blue blaze, B:fuzzy orange 6.00
2471 HISSY-FIT Innerst, S. 1987/89 IB 24 M Self RARE Mid-brown, large dark brown-black spot on F., B:bronze; slight sweet fragrance 5.00
2840 HIT PARADE Hall, D. 1945/45 TB 36 M Self RARE Flamingo pink self, B:tangerine; good substance 2/6.00
2044 HOLD THAT TIGER Lauck, A. 1957/58 TB 40 ML Self S:bright deep golden yellow, F:yellow, heavily overlaid with vivid rust-red striping, B:orange; novel form, tailored and round. 2/6.00
2340 HOLY SMOKE Smith, E. 1957/58 TB 36 M Blend RARE Smoky lavender-grey blend. Huge smoky blend of chartruse, grey, mauve, and old gold. NFS
1622 HOMECOMING QUEEN Sexton, N. 1978/78 TB 36 M Self RARE Copper-rose, B:carrot orange NFS
2718 HONEY CHILE Salbach, C. 1940/40 TB   M Self Dark golden yellow w/ maroon wash and lines on F, hairline maroon edge, B:yellow 6.00
1003 HONEY GLAZED Niswonger, D. 1982/83 IB 24 M Bicolor S:cream, F:amber, B:gold; well liked SO
2303 HONEY MOCHA Luhin, W. 1979/80 TB 36 M-L Self S:mocha brown, F:mocha with honey wash on shoulder which spills down F, B:bronze tipped mocha; laced and fluted NFS
1253 HONKY TONK Meek, D. 1984/84 BB 24 E-M Bitone RARE S:red, F:deep coppery red, B:red 7.00
2968 HONKY TONK BLUES Schreiners 1988/88 TB 37 M Self Ruffled hyacinth blue, white gray streaking and on edge of falls, B:blue NFS
1910 HONOR BRIGHT DeForest, F. 1951/51 TB 38 M Plicata RARE Chrome yellow and brown plicata 6.00
4287 HOPE'S DIAMOND Hope, I. 1961/61 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Medium blue self; large bloom, dash of onco blood NFS
2861 HORATIO Hager, B. 1991/91 TB 35 ML Self S:royal violet purple, F: violet purple fading to blue silver w/ violet purple edge, B:tangerine, blue tip 8.00
339 HORNED AMETHYST Austin, L. 1959/60 TB 36 M Self Amethyst with novel form, falls somewhat rolled in along the sides, B:yellow,1 to 1-1/2" long white horns NFS
1737 HORNED DRAGONFLY Austin, L. 1964/65 TB 36 M Bitone S:orchid, F:orchid, washed rose, dark rose-orchid stipling, B:orchid horns NFS
1059 HORNED FLAMINGO Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 40 VE Bitone S:arbutus pink; F:true salmon pink; B:tangerine, ends in salmon-bearded horn 2/6.00
177 HORNED FLARE Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 32 M-L Bitone S:light amber-pink, F:dark amber-pink, B:orange, horned NFS
352 HORNED LACE Austin, L. 1959/60 TB 38 M Bicolor S:yellow, F:white with faint yellow rim, B:orange, horned; laced NFS
351 HORNED MYSTERY Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 42 L Bitone S:pink, flushed yellow, F:crimson, B:white, snowcap effect; white horns NFS
358 HORNED PAPA Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 37 L Self RARE S:light yellow, F:yellow, flushed and splashed crimson; 1" horns 6.00
372 HORNED ROSYRED Austin, L. 1958/58 TB 40 M Bitone S:pink, flushed golden-bronze, F:crimson, B:yellow, ending in prominent horn 1/2-1" long 2/6.00
1738 HORNED ROYALTY Austin, L. 1958/58 TB 40 EM Bitone RARE S:amethyst, F:deep purple with 3/4" horns at end of yellow B. NFS
353 HORNED RUBYFALLS Austin, L. 1958/58 TB 38 EM Bicolor RARE S:yellow blushed red, F:ruby red, B:orange-yellow, horned NFS
1655 HORNED SKYLARK Austin, L. 1957/57 TB 52 M-L Bicolor RARE S:clear light yellow, F:cream, edged light yellow, B:bright yellow w/ prominent bearded horn 6.00
1271 HORNED SUNSHINE Noyd, L. 1967/68 TB 36 M-L Bitone RARE S:light yellow, F:deeper yellow, B:yellow, long horned 6.00
1741 HORNED TRACERY Austin, L. 1961/62 TB 34 E-M Plicata RARE White with orchid-pink stitching, B:horned NFS
1114 HORNY LORRI Hager, B. 1973/78 TB 34 ML Bitone S:orchid blended buff, F:full rosy orchid, B:yellow, terminates in feathered horns, PBF NFS
2220 HOT SPICE Aitken, T. 1989/89 IB 25 M Plicata RARE S:chocolate brown, F:bright yellow, stitched dark chocolate brown on edge, white flash at end of ocher gold beard; very fragrant 6.00
4141 HOTSIENNA Luihn, W. 1961/61 TB/AB 28 M-L Self S:ochre splashed sienna, F:ochre heavily overlaid burnt sienna, B:bronze; flaring NFS

Keppel, K. 2013/14

TB 38 M Halo S:reddish brown, F:lavender, silvering as ages, reddish brown band, B:yellow, lavender white tip NFS
848 HOWDY DO Byers, M. 1985/86 TB 35 E-L Self Ruffled silver-white with faint yellow glow at hafts, B:blue-white, tipped cadmium-orange, 1" blue horns 6.00
1149 HULA DANCER Shoop, G. 1985/85 TB 36 M Bicolor S:purple-brown, F:orange, B:tangerine; ruffled 8.00
1911 HUMMING BIRD Knowlton, H. 1950/52 TB 40 M Bicolor S:light buff yellow, F:white, pale buff yellow border, B:yellow orange; ruffled 6.00
2045 HUMORESQUE Keppel, K. 1961/62 TB 35 M Self Pale gentian-blue to white ground, irregularily washed, flecked, striped medium to dark lobelia blue, no blooms alike, B:blue tipped yellow 2/6.00