2042 GAJUS Goos & Koen. 1906/06 TB/ MTB 20 M Bicolor S:bright yellow, F:white with deep maroon lines from haft to edges, pale yellow rim, B:yellow 6.00
1898 GALA FINALE DeForest, F. 1948/48 TB 30 M Plicata RARE Rich yellow ground heavily plicated Indian red; Bizarre and flashy plicata that usually draws a second look. 6.00
1614 GALA GOWN Corey, Mrs. P. 1958/59 TB 35 M Self RARE Melon color blended deep pink 6.00
23 GALA MADRID Peterson, L. 1967/68 TB 30 ML Bicolor S:butterscotch-gold, F:wine-violet, 1/2" brownish red border, blue flash, B:orange w/ bronze tips 6.00
1781 GALILEE Fay, O. 1955/56 TB 34 M-L Self RARE True medium blue, B:white 6.00
2786 GALLANT ROGUE Blyth, B. 1989/90 TB 37 ML Bitone RARE S:pinkish lilac, rosier midrib, F:reddish purple w/ 1/6" aconite violet rim, crescent of white lines at beard, B:red orange; fragrant NFS
2885 GARDEN GOLD Hall, D. 1955/56 TB   L Self RARE Yellow self, B:reddish orange NFS
35 GARNET ROBE Schreiner 1976/76 TB 38 M Self RARE Deep garnet red, maroon cast, B:same; large bloom, tailored form 6.00
1183 GAUGUIN Williamson, B. 1981/84 TB 32 M Self RARE S:vivid dark mulberry red violet, F:same, darkening to black mulberry edge, B:shrimp red NFS
1899 GAY BORDER DeForest, F. 1948/48 TB 40 M Plicata RARE A clean sparkling white flower with a contrasting bright stitched maroon-rose border 3/8" wide; tall and well branched 6.00
2334 GAY GEISHA Olson, M. 1959/61 TB 32 M Bicolor S:shell pink, F:imperial purple, edged shell pink 6.00
2335 GAY HUSSAR Williamson, E. B. 1928/28 IB   M Bicolor S:bright yellow, F:deep maroon, narrow yellow rim w/ fine maroon outer edge, B:yellow w/ maroon tips NFS
241 GAY PARASOL Schreiner 1973/74 TB 35 M Bicolor S:lav-white, F:pansy rose-violet, narrow lt lav edge, B:lavender-white; laced, ruffled 6.00
2462 GAY PAREE Plough, G. 1954/56 TB 38 E-M Self S:blue-white rapidly turning pure white, F:flushed and lined chartreuse in upper half, lower half white, metallic luster, B:red-tangerine 6.00
1680 GEE GOLLY Blaylock, C. 1985/86 TB 38 M Self RARE Lavender-blue, B:orchid 7.00
4099 GELEE ROYAL Mathes, H. 1982/82 AB 35 E Self RARE Light olive brown, F:darker center, large maroon spot below beard, dark blue spot, B:old gold NFS
994 GENE BUCKLES Buckles, E. by Niswonger 1975/75 TB 34 M-L Bicolor RARE S:beige-pink, F:white with beige-pink rim, B:white, tipped pink 6.00
4373 GENE WILD Craig, T. 1952/52 TB 40 L Plicata Warm white ground with old rose stitching NFS
2442 GENTIUS Sass, H. 1933/34 IB 24 E Self RARE Deep rich purple, white at haft, B:light yellow w/ lavender tip 6.00
2649 GENTLE FELLOW Ernst, R. 1996/96 TB 36 M Bicolor S:violet infused mauve, F:cream blending to dark butter yellow rim and shoulders, B:bright yellow, orange throat; lightly ruffled 8.00
4452 GEODE Smith, M. 2006/2012 TB 34 LM Bicolor S:violet, lighter center, F:near white center, fading to gray then violet band around edges, violet veining, B:cream; highly ruffled, fragrant SO
473 GEORGIA GIRL Sexton, N. 1970/71 TB 36 E Self RARE Deep peach, B:same 6.00
3557 GERMAINE PERTHUIS Millet et Fils 1924/24 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:iridescent violet purple, F:velvety bishop's purple, B:fiery orange; strong root beer fragrance NFS
1692 GERSDORFF-SASS HYBRID Austin, L. 0/1955 TB 28 E Luminata RARE S:parchment flushed lavender, F:yellow ground, mauve streaks, white center, luminescent yellow center of flower, B:yellow NFS
3567 GERTRUDE Peterson, W. 1907/07 TB 36 E-M Self Blue-purple self of Pallida form, B:light yellow 6.00
4047 GHOST WRITER Keppel, K. 2010/11 TB 36 M Self Smoky oyster white, hint of pink in S, pinkish tan haft veining extends down F, B:smoked shrimp; strong ruffled, laced NFS
1719 GIANT MOHR Austin, L. 1958/58 AB 44 M Self RARE Like WILLIAM MOHR but much larger and more purple 8.00
345 GIANT ROSE Schreiners 1959/59 TB 40 ML Bitone S:orchid-pink, F:fuchsia-rose, B:yellow; ruffled, colossal SO
174 GIBSON GIRL Gibson, J. 1946/48 TB 36 M-Re Plicata Mulberry stitching on cream background; rebloomer, slightly fragrant 6.00
4048 GIDDY Johnson, T. 2011/11 SDB 14 ML Self Dusty rose pink, violet flush in center, white area on falls, B:fluffy deep violet-blue; nice fragrance NFS
28 GIGI Schreiners 1971/71 TB 40 EM Plicata RARE Ruffled white with light blue ribbon edge, B:white, tipped blue NFS
2886 GINGER Schreiner, R. 1953/53 TB 37 M-L Self Golden tan, deeper solid throat, B:dark orange NFS
1576 GINGER SWIRL Schreiners 1985/85 TB 34 ML Bicolor S:light to medium copper-tan, F:smooth pale lilac-orchid with 3/4" tan band, B:light gold-yellow; ruffled 8.00
1345 GINGERBREAD CASTLE Tompkins, C. 1967/67 TB 40 M-VL Self Ruffled gingerbread brown, glossy finish 6.00
939 GINGERBREAD GIRL Gibson, J. 1980/81 TB 37 E-M Plicata S:yellow stitched with greyed orange, blushed violet, F:yellow, stitched greyed orange around edge, white around greyed orange B. 7.00
807 GINGERBREAD MAN Jones, B. 1968/69 SDB 14 M Self Deep brown, greenish tinge, B:blue-purple NFS
953 GINGERSNAP Schreiners 1964/65 TB 38 EM Self Rich ginger brown, B:light brown 9.00
4537 GIRL TROUBLE Baumunk, L. 2011/2012 TB 41 EM Plicata S:lavender, lighter center, F:white, purple plic stitching on rim, speckled, purple midline 20.00
4061 GITANO Keppel, K. 2007/07 TB 36 ML Bicolor Wow S:peach, style arms apricot salmon, F:imperial purple, edge lighter, pale apricot salmon sunburst pattern, B:red-orange 15.00
243 GLACIER GOLD Wills, J. 1961/64 TB 34 M Bicolor S:white, F:medium yellow, B:orange; very taylored form 6.00
759 GLACIER MAGIC Plough, G. 1976/77 TB 33 E-L Self RARE Flaring butterfly blue, center of F flushed flax blue, B:gentian blue with each hair tipped lighter 6.00
1140 GLADYS AUSTIN Osborne, M. 1985/85 TB 37 M Bicolor S:golden yellow, F:deep orchid-violet, sharp brown rim on edge, B:yellow-orange, with fuzzy violet horn; slight musky fragrance 8.00
2144 GLEAMING GOLD Roberts, R. 1965/66 SDB 14 VE Bitone RARE S:brilliant greenish-yellow, F:vivid yellow 5.00
2650 GLISTENING ICICLE Maryott, W. 1982/82 TB 36 M Bicolor S:white, F:smooth medium true blue; heavily ruffled 7.00
625 GLITTERING AMBER Hamblen, M. 1955/57 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Large bright flower blended peach, apricot and amber. Ruffled, very wide, flaring falls. S:cupped and open, distinct look. 6.00
2235 GLITTERING GOLD Murray, G. 1952/55 TB 40 LM Self RARE Deep gold self with B:orange. Lovely clear bright yellow. 6.00
301 GLORIOUS TWO-TIMER Austin, L. 1964/64 TB 34 M,Re Bicolor RARE S:light buff-orange, F:deep red 6.00
1693 GLOWING AMBER Craig, T. 1953/53 TB 36 M-L,Re Self RARE S:glowing golden-amber, F:same with burnt umber and sepia over-glaze in a smoky radiating pattern from B NFS
932 GO AROUND Dunn, M. 1982/83 TB 38 M Plicata White, stitched pale blue, B:pale yellow 7.00
442 GOING MY WAY Gibson, J. 1971/72 TB 37 M Plicata S:white ground with purple rim, F:same, B:half orange and half blue; ruffled 6.00
4309 GOLD BEACH Wood, V. 1997/97 TB 34 ML Self Deep yellow with slight mustard tone, B:orange tangerine NFS
1694 GOLD BULLION Austin, L. 1964/64 TB 38 ML-Re Self RARE Bright light yellow 6.00
650 GOLD CADILLAC Gaulter, L. 1978/79 TB 38 M Self Ruffled yellow, B:heavy gold NFS
4280 GOLD CARGO Lyon, D. 1958/59 TB 36 EM Self RARE S:empire yellow, F:aureolin-yellow, B:yellow NFS
4339 GOLD CASTLE Austin, L. 1953/53 TB 44 L Bitone S:intese bright yellow, F:deep orange-yellow NFS
2018 GOLD COUNTRY Ghio, J. 1986/87 TB 38 EM Self Smooth gold, B:gold NFS
4375 GOLD CUP Murray, G. 1954/56 TB 38 E-M Self RARE Gold-orange self, B:deep yellow NFS
317 GOLD DISCOVERY Austin, L. 1965/66 TB 40 M Self RARE Chrome-yellow, B:bushy orange; colossal blooms 6.00
421 GOLD FORMAL Schortman, W. 1957/59 TB 38 EM Self RARE Lightly ruffled solid deep gold NFS
911 GOLD GALORE Schreiners 1978/78 TB 35 M-L Self Deep golden yellow, B:same 6.00
2133 GOLD IMPERIAL Sturtevant, G. 1924/24 TB   ML Self Deep yellow, B:orange 6.00
1801 GOLD INTENSITY Austin, L. 1954/54 IB 22 EM Bitone RARE S:intense yellow, F:deep orange-yellow, B:orange 6.00
1695 GOLD OF AUTUMN Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 34 M,Re Bitone RARE S:light yellow, F:deep yellow 6.00
409 GOLD OF OPHIR Austin, L. 1955/55 TB/AR 40 M-L Self RARE S:deep yellow, F:bright yellow washed reddish orange 2/6.00
4281 GOLD PIECE Schreiner, R. 1958/59 TB 33 M Self RARE Deep pure yellow self, B:orange NFS
603 GOLD RING Gaulter, L. 1977/78 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:light yellow, F:white, yellow edging, B:orange; ruffled 6.00
2081 GOLD RUFFLES Muhlestein, T. 1945/47 TB 36 ML Self RARE Large heavily ruffled medium yellow self 6.00
1900 GOLD SMOKE Clarke, D. 1950/52 TB 34 ML Self RARE Smoky-yellow, infused lavender below B, B:brownish orange; part onco 6.00
2530 GOLD SOVEREIGN Whiting, Mrs. C. 1948/49 TB   M Self RARE Rich orange-yellow, clean haft 6.00
2851 GOLD STREAM Edlmann, V. 1929/29 TB   M Self S:creamy white, more yellow at base, F:white with yellow rim at haft, B:yellow orange 6.00
381 GOLD TRIMMINGS Schreiners 1973/75 TB 37 ML Self Ruffled gold with sharp streaked-white wash in center of falls, B:gold 7.00
3837 GOLDBEATER Kleinsorge, R. 1944/44 TB 36 M Self RARE Solidly colored chrome-yellow self NFS
4214 GOLDEN BLAZE Mitsch, G. 1956/56 TB 32 M Self RARE Buff gold, tan venation, B:orange NFS
2252 GOLDEN BONANZA Hager, B. 1967/68 TB 34 M Self RARE Bright brassy gold self NFS
2944 GOLDEN BOW Sass, H. 1934/35 IB 30 E Self RARE Dark yellow, very slight undertone of brown, B:dark yellow 5.00
694 GOLDEN BRILLIANCE Muhlstein, T. 1973/73 TB 32 M-L Self RARE Chrome orange-yellow, B:same NFS
4139 GOLDEN CHANCE DeForest, F. 1958/62 TB 38 M Self RARE Rich yelllow self NFS
711 GOLDEN CLARET Hamblen, M. 197475 TB 32 E-L Bicolor RARE S:vivid yellow, F:dark red with golden brown infusion and edging, B:dark orange 6.00
2337 GOLDEN CROWN Kleinsorge, R. 1954/54 TB 38 M Bicolor RARE Nicely shaped, S:gold, F:deep maroon, B:gold. Golden Crown also a 1931 yellow intro. 6.00
4394 GOLDEN DELIGHT Smith, E. 1959/59 TB 36 EM Self RARE Yellow self, B:orange-yellow NFS
2822 GOLDEN FLEECE Sass, J. 1940/40 TB 36 L Self RARE Tall ruffled lemon yellow; slightly fragrant NFS
4093 GOLDEN GARLAND Hall, D. 1956/57 TB 35 M Halo RARE S:golden, F:cream, edged gold, B:yellow-orange 6.00
2887 GOLDEN GLEAM Miess, E. 1950/52 TB 40 M Bitone RARE S:clear soft yellow, F:deeper yellow with brown wash, striations at haft on white for half the length of F, B:soft yellow; slight ruffling 6.00
2750 GOLDEN HIND Chadburn, H. 1931/34 TB 36 E Self RARE Deep buttercup yellow, deeper appearing at haft, B:deep orange; horizontal falls NFS
1901 GOLDEN MAJESTY Salbach, C. 1937/38 TB 42 ML Self Deep clear golden yellow, B:deep orange; strong fragrance, sun fast, grows well in all areas. S nicely domed. 6.00
3859 GOLDEN MINK Brizendine, R. 1961/62 TB 35 M Self RARE Gypsy-brown self, lighter center of falls, B:orange NFS
4282 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Bledsoe, W. 1964/66 TB 37 M-L Self RARE Medium yellow self NFS
1796 GOLDEN PANTHER Tasco, R. 2000/00 TB 34 M Self Gold overlain bronze, highlighted darker bronze edges, B:bright golden orange; heavily ruffled; Dykes Medal NFS
3860 GOLDEN PLOVER DeForest, F. 1950/50 TB 38 M Self RARE Green-yellow self, B:yellow 6.00
2249 GOLDEN RIPPLE Craig, T. 1955/55 TB 40 M Self RARE Deep chrome yellow self, B:cadmium yellow NFS
998 GOLDEN RUSSET Hall, D. 1942/46 TB 38 M Self A colossal bloom in light golden russet; very fragrant 6.00
4538 GOLDEN SNITCH Skaggs, R. 2012/2014 TB 40 M Self S:light bronze, purple infusions, F:light gold, slight purple in center, B:large bold gold; ruffled, sweet fragrance 20.00
760 GOLDEN SPARKLER Hamner, B. 1975/76 TB 37 M-L Self RARE S:chinese yellow, F:chinese yellow with large white center, B:same; heavily ruffled 6.00
4258 GOLDEN SPICE Muhlestein, T. 1959/60 TB 36 M-L Plicata RARE Yellow ground plicata, bordered ginger-brown. B:orange NFS
2236 GOLDEN STAIRS Crandall, F. 1954/57 TB 48 E-M Bitone RARE Deep yellow to brown bitone. 6.00
2453 GOLDEN ZEBRA Sass Bros. 1956/56 TB 34 M Bitone RARE S:very deep yellow, near orange, F:deep yellow heavily striped brown. NFS
3551 GOLDILOCKS Wayman, R. 1930/30 TB 36 E Self RARE Uniform yellow self with smooth, soft finish NFS
183 GONDOLIER Nelson, J. 1970/71 TB 38 E-L Self Ruffled imperial purple, B:blue 6.00
1016 GOOD EARTH Hamner, B. 1978/79 TB 37 M Self RARE Ruffled golden bronze, B:same; beautiful NFS
1903 GOOD KNIGHT Ghio, J. 1978/79 TB 36 ML Self RARE Very dark blue-purple, B:dark blue NFS
912 GOOD MORNING AMERICA Sexton, N. 1979/79 TB 36 E Self Ruffled and fluted pale blue, B:dark blue; beautiful flower NFS
4505 GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE Johnson, T. 2013/2013 TB 33 M-L Bicolor S:sunshine yellow, F:same, violet wash below beards, deep yellow thumbprint at haft and wide edge, B:old gold; ruffled, fragrant 20.00
2652 GOOD SHOW Hager, B. 1987/88 TB 35 M Bitone S:bright orange, pink flush in center, F:bright orange, B:deep tangerine; heavily ruffled 10.00
1713 GOOD SIR White, C. 1941/42 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:golden buff, F:crimson, B:orange 2/6.00
4157 GOODNESS Babson, S. 1960/62 TB 37 M Self RARE White with a pale blue center, B:orange, tiny blue tip 6.00
3360 GOT MILK Aitken, T. 2002/02 TB 40 M-L Self White self, B:white 8.00
122 GRACE KALLAM Michelin, L. 197172 TB 45 M Bicolor RARE S:white, F:light blue-violet; ruffled 6.00
4122 GRACE MOHR Jory, S. 1935/35 AB/TB 34 E Self RARE A pale lilac, veined and netted with manganese lilac, B:orange; large bloom NFS
4148 GRACIE PFOST Smith, E. 1958/61 TB 40 M Self Coppery rose self, B:brownish orange NFS
4174 GRACIOUS Schortman, W. 1955/57 TB 34 M-L Self RARE Dark purple self 6.00
4083 GRANADA Carlson, G. 1960/1963 TB 38 M Self Mulberry self, F:slightly darker, redder at haft, B:blue; lightly laced NFS
4140 GRANADA GOLD Schreiners 1962/62 TB 36 M Self RARE Rich deep gleaming gold self, velvety nap, B:self NFS
4086 GRAND ALLIANCE Plough, G. 1964/65 TB 34 EM-L Self Spectrum violet, falls slightly darker, B:brown to blue with brown tips NFS
1904 GRAND CANYON Kleinsorge, R. 1941/41 TB 36 M Blend Large flowered blend of deep plum, copper, gold, golden throat, B:golden. Old time garden favorite, does well in half shade. NFS
1905 GRAND PRIX Schreiners 1989/89 TB 40 ML Self RARE Lightly ruffled golden tan, B:bright tangerine 8.00
3790 GRAND TETON DeForest, F. 1955/56 TB 36 M Self RARE S:wax yellow, F:deeper wax yellow overlain sulphine, B:yellow-orange 6.00
4053 GRAND VIZIER Hawkinson, W. 1969/70 AB 36 E Self RARE Maroon self, F:darker center, veined darker overall, B:brown NFS
96 GRAND WALTZ Schreiners 1970/70 TB 35 ML Self Highly laced and highly ruffled lavender-orchid, B:light yellow; gorgeous flower 7.00
1312 GRANDMA'S TRIM DRESS Niswonger, D. 1978/78 TB 33 M Self RARE Lavender with golden hafts, B:gold 6.00
3658 GRAPE ORBIT Willott, A. 1984/85 SDB 11 M Bicolor RARE S:white, F:deep grape, white rim and haft, B:orange, white tip 5.00
4453 GRAPE SODA Annand, R. 2000/2001 TB 33 LM Plicata S:lav-purple plicata edge, white near dk violet midrib, F:white, 3/8" lav-purple edge. plicata markings inside rim, B: bronze, tips yellow; ruffled, fragrant 12.00
2973 GRAPESICLE Sobek, R. 1981/82 SDB 14 M-VL Self S:violet, F:violet edge, shading to bright purple black spot around beard, B:blue violet 4/5.00
6 GRAPHIC ARTS Hager, B. 1977/78 TB 38 EM Plicata RARE Bright white with intense dark violet markings, B:yellow 6.00
2622 GRAZIELLA Cayeux, F. 1929/1929 TB 0 ML Self Large pinkish lavender, throat white, large long white spot center of falls, B:orange, sparse white end 7.00
2653 GREAT GATSBY McWhirter, J. 1993/95 TB 38 M Bitone S:greyed blue purple, F:rich velvety maroon, B:white, tipped blue; heavily ruffled, fragrance 12.00
1018 GREAT LAKES Cousins, L. 1938/38 TB 40 M Self Clear sky blue, B:white, orange tips; Dykes Medal 1942 NFS
622 GRECIAN MELODY Roberts, E. 1973/75 TB 30 M-L Blend RARE S:greenish flesh with heavy lavender flush on midrib, F:lavender with bluer blaze, olive hafts, B:dull orange; ruffled NFS
552 GREEN EYED LADY Plough, G. 1972/72 TB 36 E-L Self S:primrose yellow, F:dark chartreuse-green, B:primrose yellow 6.00
1802 GREEN HALO Greenlee, W. 1955/55 SDB 12 E Bitone RARE S:pale olive green, F:same with deeper green halo pattern 4.00
331 GREEN HAT Murray, G. 1953/55 TB 38 M,Re Bicolor RARE S:greenish chartreuse, F:hazelnut brown, chartreuse edge, B:gold 2/6.00
1674 GREEN HOPE Rees, G. 1954/56 TB 36 M Blend RARE Chartreuse and olive green blend, seafoam green at edge of falls,lines in falls, B:greenish bronze NFS
1729 GREEN JUNGLE Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 34 VE Bitone RARE S:greenish chartreuse, F:chartreuse olive green, flushed crimson 6.00
4050 GREEN OASIS Black, P. 2013/13 SDB 13 M-L Self S:azure blue, blue midrib, F:azure blue, lime green washed spot, blue textured veins, B:dark lilac; sweet fragrance NFS
1730 GREEN PASTURES Heller, A. H. 1945/45 TB 40 E-L Self RARE Yellowish green, bluish area at B; large bloom, good increase. NFS
4226 GREEN QUEST Brown, R. 1959/60 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Greenish yellow self, B:yellow NFS
2338 GREEN SMOKE Smith, E. 1959/59 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:olive green, F:smoky-orchid, olive border and hafts, B:yellow. 6.00
1736 GREEN UNICORN Austin, L. 1963/64 TB 40 M Bitone RARE S:chartreuse, F:deep chartreuse, B:1" lilac tinted horn NFS
265 GREENAN CASTLE Beattie, R. 1970/71 TB 34 ML Bitone RARE S:orange, golden on edge, F:yellow-orange, flushed apricot, B:tangerine; large bloom 6.00
1906 GUDRUN Dykes, K. 1931/30 TB 36 EM Self Huge white; This yellow throated white is old but famous. 6.00
3930 GUINEVERE'S KISS Spoon, D. 2004/04 TB 37 M-L Self Maroon self, velvety sheen, B:white base, brownish maroon tips 10.00
4416 GULF STREAM Fay, O. 1945/46 TB 37 M Self Midnight blue self, no haft marks, B:deep blue, white tips NFS
1826 GUSSIE Corey, Mrs. 1953/1953 TB 34 M Self Super laced lavender-pink- orchid, yellow midrib, B:yellow; buds are laced also, great grower 2/7.00
71 GYPSY BELLE Hamner, B. 1973/74 TB 37 M-L Bitone S:rusty plum-violet, F:plum-violet, 1/4" rim same as S, B:violet, tipped yellow; ruffled NFS
52 GYPSY CARAVAN Moldovan, S. 1978/78 TB 36 E-M Bicolor S:amber gold, F:maroon red, B:orange; ruffled and lightly laced 6.00
3861 GYPSY CLASSIC DeForest, F. 1948/48 TB   M Self RARE Golden brown self, more golden at haft with brown veining, tiny golden spear, B:orange NFS
239 GYPSY LULLABY Brown, O. 1960/61 TB 35 M Bicolor RARE S:butterscotch, F:red-violet; ruffled and flaring 6.00
4491 GYPSY LORD Keppel, K. 2005/2006 TB 40 M-L Bicolor S:blue white, F:blue violet marbled wash, wire rim, white center and haft veined violet, B:red-orange; ruffled, Dykes Medal 2015 NFS
496 GYPSY PRINCE Hamblen, M. 1973/74 TB 38 EL Bicolor S:greyed yellow with violet infusion, F:near violet, lighter toward edge, medium brown rim and hafts, B:orange, tipped violet 2/7.00
3572 GYPSY QUEEN Salter, J. before 1859 TB/IB   ML Bicolor Bicolor S:old gold, F:velvety maroon blrown to blackish brown, haft white with heavy maroon veining almost to end of falls, B:yellow NFS
1511 GYPSY WOMAN Schreiners 1985/85 TB 35 EM-E Bicolor S:luminescent light yellow, F:cream white, edged rose-orchid, B:mid-yellow; ruffled 8.00