3578 FABIAN Salter, J. 1868/68 TB   E Bitone Diploid S:light smoky violet, F:white base with darker violet veining almost length of falls, light rim, B:yellow 6.00
871 FABULOUS FRILLS Schreiners 1976/76 TB 35 ML Self RARE Very lacy icy lavender-orchid, paling to white throat on F, B:very light orchid NFS
335 FABULOUS FRINGES Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 35 ML Self RARE Light buff yellow, lines at haft, B:orange with fringed spoon 6.00
3968 FACE POWDER Moores, W. 1978/79 BB 23 M Self RARE Salmon pink self, B:same NFS
3776 FAIR ELAINE Mitchell, S. 1937/38 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:soft cream, F:deep rich yellow, B:orange; new color combination for its day NFS
2036 FAIRY Kennicutt, A. 1905/05 TB 40 E Plicata Very pretty with a light blue-white ground and lavender and violet markings, B:orange, tipped white; strong fragrace, diploid 6.00
3969 FAITH AS THIS Brown, F. 1970/70 TB 38 E-L Self RARE Dusty rose self, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled NFS
4515 FALCONEER Sutton, G. 2004/2005 TB 32 LM Self Silver blue self, hint of darker blue rim, B:white, hint of blue,tipped cream, 1/2" flounces white edged blue; ruffled 15.00
2380 FALL FIESTA Schreiners 1992/92 TB 36 ML Bicolor S:white, F:ruffled honey tan, B:yellow 10.00
2984 FALL PRIMROSE Brown, G. P. 1953/56 TB 26 M,Re Self RARE Primrose-yellow self, white spot at end of beard, deeper veins on falls, B:yellow 6.00
3495 FALLALERY Johnson, B. 2009/10 TB 34 M-L Self Clear bright sunshine yellow, white blaze in center, B:bright gold; heavily laced, ruffled, sweet fragrance 15.00
1994 FAME Weiler, J. 1986/86 TB 36 M-L,Re Self RARE Clean and clear yellowish orange, B:orange red NFS
2643 FAN FLARE Lauer, L. 1998/98 TB 36 ML Blend S:reddish brown, F:purplish lavender, with reddish brown rim and brown shoulders, B:mustard tipped purple,; ruffled , slight sweet fragrance 10.00
2301 FANCY FACE Dunn, M. 1985/86 TB 36 M Self RARE S:mid-violet, slightly white on midrib, F:ruffled mid-violet, large white area at tip of white beard 8.00
2332 FANCY FEATHER Muhlestein, T. 1952/52 TB 36 ML Bicolor RARE Light tan and maroon 6.00
2387 FANCY STITCHES Burch, J. 1992/91 TB 42 M Plicata S:white ground dotted and stitched blue-violet, F:white ground stitched blue-violet on edge B:yellow NFS
1780 FANCYANCY Austin, L. 1953/53 TB 42 EM Plicata RARE S:silvery lilac; F:deep amethyst veined in white over entire surface, delicate brown stippling at haft 600
2099 FANFARON Hager, B. 1987/88 TB 38 M Bicolor S:deep yellow, F:deep bright red, 1/4" yellow edge 7.00
3513 FANTASTIC BLUE Palmer, C. 1974/75 IB 23 E Self Light blue self, sometimes mottled, white haft veined dark violet, light violet halo below beard, B:yellow 2/5.00
481 FANTASY FAIRE Nelson, J. 1977/78 TB 35 M Self RARE Ruffled and heavily laced smokey pink-orchid, blended rose tan at haft, B:burnt red 6.00
232 FAR GALAXIES Babson, S. 1977/78 TB 35 M Plicata RARE White ground stitched deep purple, with white center and purple dots on F, B:yellow 6.00
3371 FARANDOLE Cayeux, F. 1928/28 TB 36 M Bicolor S:light rosy-lilac, F:purplish rose, lighter at edge, B:yellow; dark rose wire rim overall 6.00
1833 FAREWELL Craig, T. 1951/51 TB 40 M,Re Self RARE Full orchid self (fuchsia pink), B:yellow; flaring 6.00
3970 FASHION SHOW Hamblen, M. 1958/59 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Violet self with mauve shadings, dusty gold area extending at haft to below beard, B:orange NFS
4508 FASHIONISTA Blyth, B. 2005/2009 TB 35 LM Bicolor S:coral pink, F:blended lavender, apricot hafts, B:muted tangerine, blue tip; ruffled, fragrance 2/20.00
1821 FAST LADY Meek, D. 1981/81 TB 36 M Self RARE Heavily ruffled and laced lavender orchid self with red B 7.00
2037 FAUSTINE Lemon, J. 1859/59 TB 27 E-M Bitone S:light blue lavender, F:bright violet, heavily veined white and purple from haft to edges, B:white 6.00
621 FAVORITE TOPIC Schmelzer, H. 1965/66 TB 36 EM Self RARE Palest sea lavender-violet 7.00
4236 FAVRILE Beattie, R. 1961/1961 TB 42 M-L Bitone Between canyon red and gypsy red, B:orange; slight ruffle 6.00
4450 FEAST OF KINGS Black, P. 2011/2012 TB 34 M-L Self Purple-violet, blue veining overall, F:red tint, brown-black hafts, red-plum band, B:purple, tips brown; ruffled, fragrant 20.00
436 FEED BACK Hager, B. 1983/83 TB 36 E-M,Re Self Medium violet, B:yellow; pronounced sweet fragrance 7.00
630 FEMININE CHARM Kegerise, E. 1973/74 TB 32 M-L Bitone S:light pink, edged golden peach, F:light peach, edged deeper, golden peach haft, B:deep peach; ruffled and laced 7.00
1659 FEMININE WILES Nelson, J. 1986/86 TB 36 M Self S:cattley orchid, midrib flushed pink; F:cattley orchid, paling to silver orchid below B; B:tangerine-red NFS
896 FEMINIST Gartman, L. 1981/83 TB 33 E-M Self Laced smokey rose pink, B:orange 7.00
1321 FESTIVE AIRE Brown, O. 1976/76 TB 36 EM Self RARE S:orange, blending at edges, F:light yellow-orange, orange-pink saturation on shoulders, B:orange; ruffled NFS
788 FESTIVE SKIRT Hutchings, F. 1973/74 TB 35 M Bicolor RARE S:white, F:salmon with pink overlay, B:orange; slightly ruffled 6.00
2010 FICTION Williamson, B. 1978/81 TB 35 M Plicata S:cream-yellow with flush of violet at base, F:white, wide plicata edge of light rose-lavender, shoulders sanded darker rose-lav, B:lemon 6.00
211 FIESTA White, C. 1935/36 TB 29 M Blend RARE S:blend of tan, pink, golden yellow, F: darker w/ russet wash, light yellow hafts w/ maroon veins, B:yellow 6.00
3386 FIESTA IN BLUE Schreiners 2002/02 TB 40 M Self Medium cornflower blue self, B:white, yellow throat; ruffled 10.00
2644 FIESTA SONG Wood, V. 1990/92 TB 37 M Self Honey gold self with light violet flush, F:violet area in center, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled 8.00
2645 FIFTH DIMENSION Maryott's 1986/86 TB 37 M-L Halo S:plum violet, F:lavender with 1/8" plum violet halo, B:yellow; heavily ruffled NFS
2390 FILIBUSTER Ghio, J. 1992/93 TB 36 ML Plicata S:nearly solid pink wine, F:white w/ burgundy wine lines and dotting overall, white hairline edge and sunburst signal by burnt or. & white B 10.00
2240 FINAL TOUCH Terrell, C. 1965/67 TB 38 ML Self RARE Pansy violet self 6.00

Gatty by Keppel 1993/94

TB 35 L Bicolor S:lavender grey flushed greenish yellow, F:rubient to plum blend, small purple blaze, narrow lilac edge, B;bronze yellow, tip lav; ruffled 8.00
1172 FINE CHINA Gatty, J. 1985/86 TB 36 E-M Self RARE White, B:white, jasmine yellow in throat; pronounced sweet fragrance NFS
1335 FINGERPRINTS Maryott's 1980/81 SDB 10 E Bicolor S:medium violet, F:prominent maroon spot on violet 5.00
507 FIRE CREEK Luihn, W. 1980/81 TB 34 M Self Deep aster violet, slightly lighter around brilliant poppy red B; vigorous, outstanding flower NFS
2242 FIRE RUBY Muhlestein, T. 1964/64 TB 36 M-L Bitone RARE S:between Afghan red and Harvard crimson, F:purer red 6.00
3493 FIREBIRD SUITE Johnson, B. 2003/03 TB 36 M Self Lightly ruffled bright flame orange, golden glow, B:bright red; sweet fragrance 12.00
2392 FIREBUG Gatty, J. 1994/94 IB 26 E Bicolor S:deep chrome yellow, F:blended garnet brown, narrow rim matching S, B:chrome yellow; slight fragrance 6.00
3774 FIRECRACKER Hall, D. 1941/43 TB 33 M-L Plicata RARE Yellow ground with heavy plicata markings in glowing burgundy red, B:yellow NFS
377 FIRENZE Brown, O. 1957/58 TB 40 M Self RARE Spectrum violet self, B:bright tangerine-red; slightly flaring 6.00
1523 FIRENZE FROLIC Gates, C. 1978/79 TB 34 EM Plicata S:yellow ground, heavily stippled garnet red, F:yellow ground with garnet red border and stippling, B:gold 6.00
4425 FIRETAIL Schreiner, R. 1955/55 TB 40 M-L Plicata Yellow ground plicata stitched cinnamon-tan NFS
4535 FIRST AVENUE Blyth, B. 2011/2011 TB 40 M Bicolor S:amber, violet midrib, beige-gray edge, olive hafts, B:white, mustard tips; ruffled NFS
1496 FIRST BLUSH Corlew, G. 1978/81 TB 33 EM Self Very ruffled light pink, with darker pink F, B:tangerine 6.00
344 FIRST VIOLET DeForest, F. 1951/52 TB 38 M Self Sparkling spectrum violet, slight blue undertone; fragrant, large ruffled bloom, Dykes Medal 1956. Limit one per customer. NFS
4149 FIVE O'CLOCK WORLD Nelson, R. 1995/96 TB 36 ML Self Rosy orchid violet, falls slightly deeper, B:blue grape; sweet fragrance 8.00
718 FLAIR Gatty, J. 1975/76 TB 38 M-L Self RARE Milky blue-white, with blue-violet at base and midribs, B:white, tipped light yellow 6.00
1540 FLAME BANNER Gibson, J. 1984/85 TB 38 M Bicolor S:rich orange with violet cast; F:red with 1/4" edge of orange; B:orange; ruffled 8.00
869 FLAMENCO Keppel, K. 1975/77 TB 38 EM Plicata S:burnished gold, red tone at midrib, F:off white at center, going to yellow, heavy border of dark red-zanzibar B:yellow 7.00
95 FLAMING DAY Schreiners 1978/78 TB 30 M Self RARE Ruffled deep brilliant orange, B:same NFS
369 FLAMING GOLD Austin, L. 1956/57 TB 42 ML Bitone RARE S:creamy yellow with pink blush at midrib, F:light yellow with deep yellow hafts, B:tangerine 6.00
607 FLAMING LIGHT Brown, R. 1972/73 TB 36 ML Self S:bright spanish orange with pinkish glow at midrib, F:slightly darker, B:fire red; ruffled 6.00
692 FLAMING STAR Plough, G. 1966/67 TB 33 EML Self Cadmium-orange with pink glow in center, B:saturn red 6.00
2883 FLAMINGO BAY Muhlestein, T. 1953/53 TB 38 EM Self RARE Deep pink self, B:deep tangerine 6.00
1896 FLAMINGO WAY Schreiners 1985/85 TB 36 EM Bicolor RARE S:pure white with pink tint on midrib, F:rich pink, B:tangerine NFS
799 FLAREUP Ghio, J. 1977/78 TB 38 E-L Bitone RARE S:mid-brown, F:creamy brown, B:brown; ruffled and flaring NFS
2038 FLAVESCENS DeCandolle, A. 1813/13 TB 30 E Self S:pale yellow, F: lighter yellow, faintly veined with olive buff, darker lines at haft, B:yellow; fragrant 6.00
989 FLIGHT OF ANGELS Terrell, C. 1967/68 TB 38 EM Self RARE Snow white, faint orchid center, B:white, yellow in throat NFS
2142 FLIRTY MARY Rawdon, D. O. 1977/77 SDB 12 VE Bicolor S:greyed white, F:full yellow with greyed white edge, B:yellow-orange tipped pale violet; ruffled 4.00
4279 FLORADORA FLOUNCE Gibson, J. 1959/64 TB 36 E-M Plicata RARE S:aburnt sienna, F:white ground, mostly maroon plicata covering, B:orange; lightly ruffled NFS
2990 FLORENTINA collected in Italy 1500 TB 24 E Self Iridescent creamy white self, blue toned at opening, some yellow at hafts, veined olive, B:yellow; source of dried orris root 7.00
2116 FLORENTINE Cayeux, F. 1937/37 TB 30 M Plicata RARE Over white ground, both the S and F are evenly dotted and lined with clear lilac mauve, blooms of large size and number for its day 6.00
4451 FLORENTINE SILK Keppel, K. 2004/2005 TB 40 M-L Bicolor S:peach, orchid base and midrib, F:medium violet, narrow pinkish buff edge, B:lavender end, carrot throat; ruffled, Dykes Medal 2012 NFS
2982 FLORIDOR Cayeux, F. 1927/27 TB 40 M Self Medium slate blue self, B:yellow, white tip; fragrant, vertical in shape SO
1754 FLOUNCED FANTASIA Austin, L. 1964/65 TB 34 ML Self RARE S:pale lavender-white; F:white, blue plicata stitiching, B:bright purple flounces blending to lavender-white NFS
102 FLOUNCED FRIVOLITE Austin, L. 1963/64 TB 44 M-L Self Flaring white with greenish midrib, yellow veining at haft, B:orange, horned 6.00
470 FLOUNCED LOVELINESS Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 37 M-ML Bitone RARE S:cream, F:light yellow, flushed pale crimson at base, B:horns vary from simple to large folded flounces; ruffled NFS
342 FLOUNCED MARVEL Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 44 ML Bitone S:creamy lilac pink, F:medium rose, veins at haft, B:yellow with large rose flounces; colossal bloom 6.00
346 FLOUNCED PREMIERE Austin, L. 1960/61 TB 36 EM Self S:light reddish pink, F:crimson-pink, B:orange with variable spoons and flounces; flaring 6.00
2405 FLOW BLUE Meek, D. 1992/92 TB 36 E-M Self S:soft blue with darker flecks, F:light center area, blue infusion on ruffled and pleated edge with darker flecks and veining, B:soft blue 8.00
2000 FLOWER SHOWER Weiler, J. 1990 SDB 11 E,Re Self RARE Dark red violet self, B:violet; pronounced sweet fragrance 4.00
4145 FLURRY MOHR Rees, C. 1949/49 TB/AB   EM Self RARE Very large violet purple self, floppy standards NFS
4469 FLUTE ENCHANTEE Anfosso, L. 1991/1991 TB 31 M Self Pink, white center on F, B:white to light tangerine, big bluish white horns; ruffled 15.00
3972 FLUTED LIME Noyd, L. 1965/66 TB 31 E-L Self RARE Light green self, serrated styles, B:dark greenish yellow NFS
968 FOOTNOTE Keppel. K. 1968/68 SDB 13 ML Bitone RARE S:greyed lavender, F:royal purple, blending to narrow edge matching S, B:white, tipped yellow 5.00
1499 FORBIDDEN Dunn, R. 1979/80 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Ruffled greyed blue-violet with greenish midrib and haft area, B:same NFS
2662 FORBIDDEN FRUIT Gartman, L. 1993/93 TB 36 ML Self Lightly ruffled red coral to persimmmon orange self, B:red NFS
3174 FOREVER Harder, L. 1975/80 TB 34 M Self RARE White self, B:red; very laced 7.00
2647 FOREVER YOURS Hager, B. 1992/93 TB 36 M,Re Self Clear white self, B:white, tipped yellow; Reblooms 8.00
2417 FORGE FIRE Ernst, R. 1991/91 TB 38 ML Bitone S:medium red maroon, F:dark red maroon, B:red tipped amber; ruffled 8.00
2958 FOURTH OF JULY Reynolds, C. 1962/62 TB 36 M Self RARE Blue-white self, B:2/3 bright blue, remainder bright red 6.00
1834 FOXFIRE Fox, E. 1951/53 TB 40 M Self Bright glowing yellow of the cleanest color 2/6.00
269 FRAGRANT LILAC Hager, B. 1984/86 TB 40 ML Self S:lilac lavender, F:same, paling to white around B, B:white; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance 7.00
229 FRANCES CRAIG Craig, T. 1952/52 AB/TB 38 VE Self RARE Silvery to pearly lilac blue, unusual color and onco shape 6.00
839 FRANCES GAULTER Hamblen, M. 1982/83 TB 34 ML Bicolor RARE S:pink, F:violet, lightening toward hafts, B:tangerine-red; ruffled and laced NFS
1897 FRANCES KENT DeForest, F. 1948/48 TB 38 M Self RARE A pastel blend of ivory and pink, S:chartreuse cream with flush of pink, F: loighter, B:orange pink 6.00
3555 FRANCHEVILLE Cayeux, F. 1927/27 TB 42 M Bitone S:fawn tinted lilac, F:purplish red, light heliotrope edge, white at haft with gold veining, B:bushy orange-yellow NFS
3830 FRANCINA Bliss, A. 1920/20 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:white, heavily veined violet purple, F:white, edged purple veining and dots, B:orange NFS
2040 FRANK ADAMS Lapham, E. G. 1935/37 TB 40 M Bicolor S:light rosy tan, F:rosy tan flushed yellow this iris has been identified as a source of malvidin, a red pigment 6.00
4536 FRENCH CANCAN Cayeux, R. 2001/2002 TB 33 M-L Bicolor S:light pink, F:bluish lavender, apricot area at beard, B:bushy orange-red; ruffled 12.00
4138 FRENCH FLAIR Nelson, J. 1960/61 TB 40 M-L Self RARE Hyacinth blue self, deeper near center, B:yellow 6.00
719 FRENCH VANILLA Ghio, J. 1972/73 TB 36 ML Self RARE Eggnog-yellow, with brown cast, B:cinnamon NFS
2648 FREQUENT FLYER Gibson, R. 1994/94 TB 32 E,Re Self Ruffled warm white self, B:yellow 8.00
2409 FRESH AIR Hager, B. 1989/92 TB 40 E-M Self RARE Clear light blue self, B:white 7.00
458 FRESNO CALYPSO Weiler, J. 1977/78 TB 36 M-L Self Cadmium orange, B:dark orange; very popular 6.00
1019 FRESNO FIESTA Weiler, J. 1977/77 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled orange-buff, B:bright orange 6.00
2006 FRESNO FLASH Weiler, J. 1982/83 TB 35 M-L Self Ruffled full orange, B:prominent dark orange 8.00
836 FRESNO FROLIC Weiler, J. 1980/80 TB 34 E-M Self Tailored full orange, tiny white spear at tip of dark orange B. 7.00
2333 FRIEDA MOHR Mohr-Mitchell 1925/26 TB   M Bitone RARE Tall lilac pink with broad falls, falls darker; locust fragrance NFS
3181 FRIENDLY ADVICE Keppel, K. 2011/12 TB 39 ML Self S:pinkish white, darker lilac tones, F:greenish white, blended pale lavender pink, lighter center, B:lavender, peach buff tips 20.00
3574 FRIES-MOREL Lemon, J. 1840/40 TB 26 M Bicolor RARE S:chamois yellow, F:light purple NFS
80 FRILLS Roe, B. 1975/76 BB 20 M Self RARE Fluted jonquil yellow self, B:yellow 5.00
2943 FRINGE BENEFITS Hager, B. 1987/88 TB 30 M Self RARE Laced intense orange, B:fiery tangerine NFS
2609 FRINGE OF GOLD Schreiners 1987/87 TB 38 ML Halo S:deep canary yellow, F:white, rich golden tones radiating from beard and hafts to 1/4" rim, B: deep canary yellow NFS
348 FRINGED FLOUNCE Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 38 M-L Bitone RARE S:light reddish salmon, F:medium rose, B:bright orange, ends in double flounces or spoons; flaring 7.00
1968 FRONTIER DAYS Tompkins, C. 1953/1953 TB 36 M-L Self Taylored cardinal-carmine red, dark veins on yellow by B, B:orange 2/5.00
68 FRONTIER MARSHALL Schreiners 1964/65 TB 36 EM Self Crimson red, B:orange; strong grower and still popular 6.00
2041 FROST AND FLAME Hall, D. 1956/57 TB 36 EM Self RARE Large clear white, B:deep tangerine red; one of the first whites with a tangerine colored B, represents years of work. Good grower 6.00
3801 FROST TIPPED Rogers, M. 1974/75 SDB 10 E Bicolor RARE S:white, F:light blue-violet, darker veins, creamy at haft, white rim, B:yellow, white tip 5.00
159 FROSTED STARLIGHT Ghio, J. 1961/63 TB 38 E-M Self RARE Blue-white; frosty sheen; prolific grower and bloomer 6.00
2386 FROSTING Gatty, J. 1992/93 TB 36 ML Self S:pastel lilac-pink, shaded pale lilac, F:pale cool pink on shoulders and sides, rest white, B:pinkish orange, white ends; sweet fragrance NFS
4470 FULL FIGURED Johnson, T. 2005/2005 TB 36 L Bicolor S:white, base purple, F:deep plush violet, darker edge, white center veined deep violet, B:bushy tangerine 15.00
2479 FULL HOUSE Meek, D. 1976/76 TB 34 M Self NOVELTY Apricot orange self, B:bright mandarin orange; five S. and F. 7.00
288 FULL TIDE Brown, O. 1972/72 TB 38 EM Self Ruffled deep wisteria blue, B:yellow, blue blush 6.00
2008 FUNTASTIC Plough, G. 1977/78 TB 35 M Plicata NOVELTY S:violet with whiter brushing and flecking, F:unevenly brushed white and violet, B:violet, tipped orange; no two blooms alike 8.00
812 FURNACE CREEK Maryott, W. 1982/82 TB 37 M Self RARE Heavily ruffled brilliant orange, B:bushy orange 7.00
3669 FUSSPOT Blyth, B. 2000/01 SDB 10 E-M Self Baby ribbon pink, small white chevron below beard, B:white, coral red in throat; musky sweet fragrance NFS