1870 EAGLE'S FLIGHT Schreiner 1985/86 TB 35 EM Plicata S:warm rosy blue; F:pure white ground stitched bright rose lilac on edge; B:golden yellow tipped white; lightly ruffled 7.00
1395 EARL OF ESSEX Zurbrigg 1979 TB 35 E,Re Plicata S:white, heavily veined and stippled orchid-violet; F:white, orchid-violet border, B:pale orange, infused pale violet; ruffled and fluted 6.00
2113 EARL OF LEICESTER Zurbrigg 1984/85 TB 34 M,Re Plicata S:white ground, lightly peppered pale violet, F:white, bordered imperial purple, B:light yellow 7.00
1151 EARLY SURPRISE Shoop 1985/85 TB 34 E Self Ruffled bright orange, B:tangerine-red 8.00
14 EASTER BONNET Maxwell 1943/43 TB 40 M Blend S:pink with yellow rim and midrib, F:pink, blue blaze, yellow at haft with maroon lines, edged gold, B:orange; always noticed 4.00
2880 EASTER SUNRISE Rees 1944 TB   E Self Big creamy yellow, darker at haft, B:yellow 4.00
2163 EASTERTIME Schreiner 1980/80 TB 38 ML Bitone S:cool lemon cream, shaded gold toward heart, F:crystalline white, precisely bordered gold, B:yellow gold 7.00
307 EASY GRACE Tompkins 1977 TB 39 E-L Self Ruffled orchid-pink with soft buff hafts, B:tangerine 6.00
188 EBBTIDE Craig 1957/57 TB 38 E Bitone S:pale chartreuse-yellow, F:seafoam yellow, blue cast, with white center, B:orange; one of the very first to bloom every year 4.00
2034 EBONY ECHO Tompkins 1946/x TB 36 ML Self Carmine red with a velvety finish and a smooth brown overlay that gives a blackish sheen; flaring 4.00
1891 ECHO DE FRANCE Anfosso 1984/84 TB 33 EM Bicolor S:white, F:gold, with green highlights under beard, B:dark gold 7.00
1628 ECHO MADRID Peterson 1973 TB 35 ML Bicolor S:soft lemon yellow with narrow pale lavender edge and base, F:lavender-red, with smooth finish, B:medium yellow 6.00
1892 ECSTATIC ECHO Dahling 1983/83 TB 34 M Bicolor S:light orchid fades to white with yellow flush in center, F:red, slight blue flush under beard with wide ruffled orchid edge, B:yellow 7.00
1286 EDEN Gatty 1982/83 TB 30 M Self Baby pink, shaded deeper cupid pink, small paler spot at end of B, B:grenadine red to strawberry pink 7.00
1301 EDENITE Plough 1958/59 TB 30 EM Self Deep sooty red-black, brownish cast in some lights; very beautiful, short, sunfast 5.00
1256 EDGE OF WINTER Schreiner 1983/83 TB 37 EM Bitone S:uniform rich methyl violet-blue, F:very light porcelain blue-white, B:blue-white 7.00
2784 EDITH P. WHEELER McWhirter 1994/95 TB 36 ML Blend S:ochre gold-honey caramel, F:brown burgundy blend, violet blaze, B:gold; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance 8.00
278 EDITH WOLFORD Hager 1984/86 TB 40 M Bicolor S:clear canary yellow; F:mid-blue-violet; B:blue, tipped orange; ruffled, Dykes Medal 1993 7.00
582 EDNA'S WISH Gibson 1982/83 TB 43 M-L Self Ruffled orange with violet cast; B:orange 7.00
2641 EGGNOG Byers 1989/90 TB 36 M,Re Self Heavily ruffeled golden yellow, infused toasted butterscotch, cinnamon speckles on haft, small violet white flash below B, B:marigold 7.00
2319 EL MOROCCO Becherer 1945/45 TB 34 M Self S:opal pink, F;light rose with yellow haft, narrow lighter rim, B:dark yellow, small white line at end of B 4.00
2836 ELDORADO Vilmorin x/1910 MTB   M Blend S:lavender, violet, tan, pink blend, yellow at base, F:deeper violet, tan edge, lighter at haft w/ reddish lines, B:yellow 5.00
2206 ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Sass x/1933 IB   E Self Purple self, falls drop straight down at end of beard, B:lavender 4.00
1501 ELEANOR'S PRIDE Watkins 1952/56 TB 38 M Self Tall large flowered powder blue;, fades in full sun but never unattractive, Dykes Medal l961 4.00
1669 ELECTRABRITE Brown 1983/83 TB 33 M Self Medium pink, slightly lighter in center of F; B:deep coral; heavily ruffled with edges crimped and fluted 8.00
1963 ELECTRIC SURGE Weiler 1992/92 TB 37 M-L Self Lightly ruffled palest blue-violet, B:very dark violet; slight sweet fragrance 8.00
1339 ELEGANT ERA Tompkins 1982/86 TB 38 M-L Bicolor S:bright Naples yellow with touch of violet on lower midrib, F:ivory white, 1/2" edging of gold, B:deep amber, violet base; ruffled 7.00
949 ELISA RENEE Gaulter 1983 TB 40 M-L Self Fluted bright orchid pink, B:bright tangerine-red 8.00
1762 ELIZABETH HUNTINGTON Hunting. 1930/28 IB 20 VE Bitone Novelty: Lilac blue bitone, petals crinkled like crepe paper, white at haft w/ lines, B:yellow, white tip 5.00
1525 ELMOHR Loomis 1942/42 TB* 36 M Self Huge flower of reddish mulberry purple; heavy substance and very popular in its time, slight fragrance, silky texture, Dykes Medal l945 5.00
2451 ELSA SASS Sass x/1939 TB 36 E-M Self A clear sulphur yellow self (lemon ice yellow) with white blaze near haft; slightly frilled, rounded petals. 4.00
1888 ELSIE RICHARDSON Richardson 1992/93 TB 36 M Bicolor S:pastel rosy buff-beige, F:pastel lavender-rose blend, amber hafts, B:pale yellow tipped gold; ruffled, slight fragrance 10.00
1653 ELSIEMAE NICHOLSON Corlew 1985/86 TB 36 M-L Self Peach-pink self, lighter in center of F; B:bright tangerine; slight fragrance 8.00
1170 EMBELLISHMENT Innerst 1985/86 TB 32 M-L Self Heavily laced medium orange, B:same; slight spicy fragrance 8.00
2035 EMMA COOK Cook 1957/59 TB 34 M Plicata S:pure white, F:white, 1/2" border of royal violet-purple. B:white at end, yellow in throat 4.00
1278 EMMA LOUISA Buckles 1968/69 TB 30 EM,Re Bitone S:light lavender-blue, F:plum red; popular 7.00
1561 EMMANUEL Boushay 1978 TB 38 M Self Ruffled white, B:white 5.00
2073 ENCHANTED VIOLET Hamblen 1957/58 TB 36 EM Self Light violet suffused orchid-pink, deeper flashes in falls, B:tangerine; wide, heavy substance 4.00
2881 ENGLISH COTTAGE Zurbrigg 1976/76 TB 34 E,Re Plicata S:white with pale plicating of violet, F:white, light violet plicata markings at haft only, B:near white 6.00
408 ENGRAVED Craig 1952/53 AR 28 EM Plicata White ground with overall network of crisp steel engravings in pearly violet 5.00
2642 ENTERTAINMENT Nichols 1988/93 TB 36 M_L Self Ruffled white self, yellow hafts, B:gold orange 7.00
476 ENTOURAGE Ghio 1975 TB 40 E-L Self Ruffled hazy rose, B:tangerine 6.00
1237 ENTRANCEMENT Keppel 1982/83 TB 36 EM Plicata S:pale peach-pink, F:white, 3/4" sanded margin of soft reddish violet, B:white, burnt tangerine in throat; slight musky sweet fragrance 7.00
173 ERIN Morrison 1928/30 MTB 0 M Bitone Blue bitone or bicolor 4.00
53 ERLEEN RICHESON Roderick 1978/79 TB 32 M Self Ruffled nectarine pink and peach 6.00
1212 ERMA'S BLUE LACE Schortman 1980/81 BB 22 M Bicolor S:white, F:rich medium blue, B:yellow; laced 6.00
1778 ERMINE ROBE Schreiner 1969/69 TB 38 ML Self Very ruffled pure white self 5.00
2138 EROS Mead-Riedel /1934 TB 40 M Self Rich salmon buff; not large flowered but one of the nearest to true salmon for its time, good grower 4.00
2251 ESCONDIDO Craig 1958/58 TB 40 M Bitone S:caramel to Indian red, F:caramel to yellow-beige to Indian red. 4.00
27 ESTHER FAY Fay 1960/61 TB 34 EM Self Large medium pink ruffled bloom, B:reddish-pink 5.00
293 ESTHER, THE QUEEN Hunt 1967/68 AR 30 EM Bitone S:blue-green, F:greenish buff, maroon signals, B:deep brown, bushy 10.00
1366 ETCHED BURGUNDY Garrison 1970 TB 31 M,Re Plicata Greyed purple plicata markings on yellow ground with white overlay, burgundy edges and stripe down center of F, B:mustard, tipped gold 6.00
2863 ETERNAL BLISS Byers 1987/88 TB 35 E,Re Bitone S:pale violet, F:violet white, B:tangerine; heavily ruffled 7.00
926 ETIQUETTE Keppel 1981/82 TB 36 M Plicata S:white with 1/2" solid violet blue edge, F:white, violet blue edge, deeper hafts, B:orange yellow; slight sweet fragrance 7.00
2311 EURYTHMIC Blyth 1987/88 TB 36 E-M Bicolor S:pink buff, light violet influence, F:lavender magenta on lower half, plum burgundy on upper half, B:bright tangerine 8.00
755 EVALYN C. Schafer 1977 TB 32 M,Re Self Lilac with lighter area in center of F, B:red 6.00
756 EVELYN Weiler 1977 TB 36 M Self Ruffled full blue, B:very pale yellow 6.00
332 EVENGLOW Clevenger 1945/x TB 36 M Self Lobelia-violet with rosy cast; colossal 4.00
1320 EVENING CHIMES Palmer 1971 TB 35 M Self S:dark purple, F:black-purple, B:purple; lightly ruffled 6.00
1095 EVENING ECHO Hamblen 1976 TB 34 M-L Self Light violet-blue with deeper toned hafts, B:darker than violet-blue 6.00
838 EVENING IN PARIS Sexton 1976 TB 36 E Self Deep maroon-red self, B:carrot orange; very striking 6.00
1428 EVENING MIST Dunn 1982/82 TB 38 M Self S:misty pale green-blue with grey effect, F:pale green-blue with green-tan halo, B:greyish green-blue 7.00
1093 EVERLASTING LOVE Dyer 1978 TB 34 M Self Medium coral pink, B:deep coral 4.00
609 EVERYTHING PLUS Niswonger 1983/84 TB 36 M Plicata S:pale blue-white, F:white ground with deep violet plicata markings, B:purple, tipped bronze; Dykes Medal 1991 6.00
2263 EXOTIC BLUE Randolph 1957/58 TB 28 M Self Light lavender-blue self, with darker center, B:brown, tipped blue 4.00
1690 EXOTIC FIRE Austin 1964/64 TB 40 M,Re Self Carmine red, B:big bushy orange 5.00
1423 EXOTIC ISLE Plough 1980/81 TB 32 E-EM Self Rich purple, with distinctive heart of white on F surrounding a white B, tipped yellow; described as a snowy island in a deep blue sea 8.00
1126 EXOTIC MELODY Weiler 1984/85 TB 34 M-L Self Orchid self, B:light yellow 7.00
596 EXOTIC STAR Plough 1974 TB 36 EML Self S:victoria violet, with white center infusion, F:same with white ray pattern under B and extending 1-1/4", B:light orange, tipped mauve 4.00
1893 EXTRAVAGANZA Douglas 1943/43 TB 36 VL Bicolor S:yellow white, deeper base, F:oriental purple with coppery red-violet at the haft, B:orange yellow 4.00