1870 EAGLE'S FLIGHT Schreiner 1985/86 TB 35 EM Plicata S:warm rosy blue; F:pure white ground stitched bright rose lilac on edge; B:golden yellow tipped white; lightly ruffled NFS
1395 EARL OF ESSEX Zurbrigg 1979 TB 35 E,Re Plicata S:white, heavily veined and stippled orchid-violet; F:white, orchid-violet border, B:pale orange, infused pale violet; ruffled and fluted NFS
2113 EARL OF LEICESTER Zurbrigg 1984/85 TB 34 M,Re Plicata RARE S:white ground, lightly peppered pale violet, F:white, bordered imperial purple, B:light yellow 7.00
1151 EARLY SURPRISE Shoop 1985/85 TB 34 E Self RARE Ruffled bright orange, B:tangerine-red NFS
4112 EARTHLING           RARE NFS
4235 EAST INDIES             NFS
14 EASTER BONNET Maxwell 1943/43 TB 40 M Blend S:pink with yellow rim and midrib, F:pink, blue blaze, yellow at haft with maroon lines, edged gold, B:orange; always noticed 5.00
2163 EASTERTIME Schreiner 1980/80 TB 38 ML Bitone S:cool lemon cream, shaded gold toward heart, F:crystalline white, precisely bordered gold, B:yellow gold 7.00
4166 EASTMONT             6.00
307 EASY GRACE Tompkins 1977 TB 39 E-L Self RARE Ruffled orchid-pink with soft buff hafts, B:tangerine NFS
3009 EASY STREET             NFS
188 EBBTIDE Craig 1957/57 TB 38 E Bitone RARE S:pale chartreuse-yellow, F:seafoam yellow, blue cast, with white center, B:orange; one of the very first to bloom every year 5.00
4413 EBONY ANGEL             NFS
2034 EBONY ECHO Tompkins 1946/x TB 36 ML Self RARE Carmine red with a velvety finish and a smooth brown overlay that gives a blackish sheen; flaring 5.00
3740 EBONY PRINCE             NFS
1891 ECHO DE FRANCE Anfosso 1984/84 TB 33 EM Bicolor S:white, F:gold, with green highlights under beard, B:dark gold 7.00
1301 EDENITE Plough 1958/59 TB 30 EM Self Deep sooty red-black, brownish cast in some lights; very beautiful, short, sunfast NFS
1256 EDGE OF WINTER Schreiner 1983/83 TB 37 EM Bitone S:uniform rich methyl violet-blue, F:very light porcelain blue-white, B:blue-white 7.00
3787 EDITH CAVELL           RARE NFS
278 EDITH WOLFORD Hager 1984/86 TB 40 M Bicolor S:clear canary yellow; F:mid-blue-violet; B:blue, tipped orange; ruffled, Dykes Medal 1993 7.00
582 EDNA'S WISH Gibson 1982/83 TB 43 M-L Self RARE Ruffled orange with violet cast; B:orange 8.00
2641 EGGNOG Byers 1989/90 TB 36 M,Re Self Heavily ruffeled golden yellow, infused toasted butterscotch, cinnamon speckles on haft, small violet white flash below B, B:marigold 7.00
2319 EL MOROCCO Becherer 1945/45 TB 34 M Self S:opal pink, F;light rose with yellow haft, narrow lighter rim, B:dark yellow, small white line at end of B 5.00
3839 EL PASO           RARE NFS
2836 ELDORADO Vilmorin x/1910 MTB   M Blend S:lavender, violet, tan, pink blend, yellow at base, F:deeper violet, tan edge, lighter at haft w/ reddish lines, B:yellow 5.00
2206 ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Sass x/1933 IB   E Self Purple self, falls drop straight down at end of beard, B:lavender 6.00
1501 ELEANOR'S PRIDE Watkins 1952/56 TB 38 M Self Tall large flowered powder blue;, fades in full sun but never unattractive, Dykes Medal l961 5.00
1669 ELECTRABRITE Brown 1983/83 TB 33 M Self Medium pink, slightly lighter in center of F; B:deep coral; heavily ruffled with edges crimped and fluted NFS
1963 ELECTRIC SURGE Weiler 1992/92 TB 37 M-L Self Lightly ruffled palest blue-violet, B:very dark violet; slight sweet fragrance NFS
1339 ELEGANT ERA Tompkins 1982/86 TB 38 M-L Bicolor RARE S:bright Naples yellow with touch of violet on lower midrib, F:ivory white, 1/2" edging of gold, B:deep amber, violet base; ruffled 7.00
949 ELISA RENEE Gaulter 1983 TB 40 M-L Self Fluted bright orchid pink, B:bright tangerine-red 8.00
1762 ELIZABETH HUNTINGTON Hunting. 1930/28 IB 20 VE Bitone RARE Novelty: Lilac blue bitone, petals crinkled like crepe paper, white at haft w/ lines, B:yellow, white tip 6.00
1525 ELMOHR Loomis 1942/42 AB 36 M Self Huge flower of reddish mulberry purple; heavy substance and very popular in its time, slight fragrance, silky texture, Dykes Medal l945 8.00
4335 ELOQUENT             NFS
2451 ELSA SASS Sass x/1939 TB 36 E-M Self A clear sulphur yellow self (lemon ice yellow) with white blaze near haft; slightly frilled, rounded petals. 5.00
1888 ELSIE RICHARDSON Richardson 1992/93 TB 36 M Bicolor S:pastel rosy buff-beige, F:pastel lavender-rose blend, amber hafts, B:pale yellow tipped gold; ruffled, slight fragrance 8.00
1653 ELSIEMAE NICHOLSON Corlew 1985/86 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Peach-pink self, lighter in center of F; B:bright tangerine; slight fragrance 8.00
3727 ELSINOR           RARE NFS
2995 ELVIS PRESLEY           RARE 6.00
2436 ELZEE           RARE NFS
2035 EMMA COOK Cook 1957/59 TB 34 M Plicata S:pure white, F:white, 1/2" border of royal violet-purple. B:white at end, yellow in throat 6.00
1278 EMMA LOUISA Buckles 1968/69 TB 30 EM,Re Bitone S:light lavender-blue, F:plum red; popular 7.00
1561 EMMANUEL Boushay 1978 TB 38 M Self RARE Ruffled white, B:white 6.00
4136 EMPEROR'S DELIGHT             NFS
4153 ENCHANTED ONE             NFS
408 ENGRAVED Craig 1952/53 AR 28 EM Plicata White ground with overall network of crisp steel engravings in pearly violet 7.00
3789 ENSENADA           RARE NFS
2642 ENTERTAINMENT Nichols 1988/93 TB 36 M_L Self RARE Ruffled white self, yellow hafts, B:gold orange 7.00
476 ENTOURAGE Ghio 1975 TB 40 E-L Self Ruffled hazy rose, B:tangerine 6.00
1237 ENTRANCEMENT Keppel 1982/83 TB 36 EM Plicata S:pale peach-pink, F:white, 3/4" sanded margin of soft reddish violet, B:white, burnt tangerine in throat; slight musky sweet fragrance 8.00
53 ERLEEN RICHESON Roderick 1978/79 TB 32 M Self Ruffled nectarine pink and peach 7.00
1212 ERMA'S BLUE LACE Schortman 1980/81 BB 22 M Bicolor RARE S:white, F:rich medium blue, B:yellow; laced 6.00
2138 EROS Mead-Riedel /1934 TB 40 M Self Rich salmon buff; not large flowered but one of the nearest to true salmon for its time, good grower NFS
2251 ESCONDIDO Craig 1958/58 TB 40 M Bitone RARE S:caramel to Indian red, F:caramel to yellow-beige to Indian red. 5.00
27 ESTHER FAY Fay 1960/61 TB 34 EM Self RARE Large medium pink ruffled bloom, B:reddish-pink NFS
293 ESTHER, THE QUEEN Hunt 1967/68 AR 30 EM Bitone S:blue-green, F:greenish buff, maroon signals, B:deep brown, bushy NFS
2863 ETERNAL BLISS Byers 1987/88 TB 35 E,Re Bitone S:pale violet, F:violet white, B:tangerine; heavily ruffled 7.00
926 ETIQUETTE Keppel 1981/82 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:white with 1/2" solid violet blue edge, F:white, violet blue edge, deeper hafts, B:orange yellow; slight sweet fragrance 7.00
2311 EURYTHMIC Blyth 1987/88 TB 36 E-M Bicolor RARE S:pink buff, light violet influence, F:lavender magenta on lower half, plum burgundy on upper half, B:bright tangerine NFS
755 EVALYN C. Schafer 1977 TB 32 M,Re Self RARE Lilac with lighter area in center of F, B:red 6.00
756 EVELYN Weiler 1977 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled full blue, B:very pale yellow 6.00
332 EVENGLOW Clevenger 1945/x TB 36 M Self RARE Lobelia-violet with rosy cast; colossal 5.00
838 EVENING IN PARIS Sexton 1976 TB 36 E Self Deep maroon-red self, B:carrot orange; very striking 6.00
1428 EVENING MIST Dunn 1982/82 TB 38 M Self RARE S:misty pale green-blue with grey effect, F:pale green-blue with green-tan halo, B:greyish green-blue NFS
4216 EVENING STORM             NFS
4336 EVER AND EVER             NFS
609 EVERYTHING PLUS Niswonger 1983/84 TB 36 M Plicata S:pale blue-white, F:white ground with deep violet plicata markings, B:purple, tipped bronze; Dykes Medal 1991 6.00
3353 EVOLUTION             5.00
2263 EXOTIC BLUE Randolph 1957/58 TB 28 M Self RARE Light lavender-blue self, with darker center, B:brown, tipped blue 5.00
1690 EXOTIC FIRE Austin 1964/64 TB 40 M,Re Self RARE Carmine red, B:big bushy orange 5.00
1423 EXOTIC ISLE Plough 1980/81 TB 32 E-EM Self Rich purple, with distinctive heart of white on F surrounding a white B, tipped yellow; described as a snowy island in a deep blue sea 8.00
1126 EXOTIC MELODY Weiler 1984/85 TB 34 M-L Self Orchid self, B:light yellow NFS
596 EXOTIC STAR Plough 1974 TB 36 EML Self S:victoria violet, with white center infusion, F:same with white ray pattern under B and extending 1-1/4", B:light orange, tipped mauve NFS
1893 EXTRAVAGANZA Douglas 1943/43 TB 36 VL Bicolor RARE S:yellow white, deeper base, F:oriental purple with coppery red-violet at the haft, B:orange yellow 5.00
3271 EYEBRIGHT             4.00