2402 DA CAPO Zurbrigg, L. 1968/69 TB 34 M,Re Plicata RARE S:white heavily overlain pansy purple, F:white bordered slightly deeper pansy purple, B:bronze 6.00
2012 DAFFODIL CLOUD Weiler, J. 1990/90 TB 34 E-L Bicolor S:white with slight yellow flush at base of midrib, F:bright full yellow, B:full yellow; flaring and lightly ruffled, slight sweet fragrance NFS
4446 DAKOTA SMOKE Schreiner 2008/08 TB 38 ML Bitone Highly ruffled S:violet, F:dusky purple, B:violet NFS
2140 DALE DENNIS Dennis, D. 1955/57 SDB 10 E Plicata RARE White with orchid markings and crests, darker edges at haft, B:white 4.00
1887 DALMATICA Barr-pre 1600 TB   M Self Light blue-lavender, white mark below yellow B; aka I. pallida Dalmatica 2/6.00
4532 DAMSEL IN A DRESS Schreiner, R. 2014/2014 TB 36 LM Bicolor S:pink,F:violet, white haft, violet sunburst pattern, darker rim, B:tangerine; ruffled, fragrant 20.00
2388 DANCE MASTER Mohr, K. 1992/92 TB 34 M Bitone S:blue, flushed blue-violet from midrib, F:medium to dark blue-violet, paling to blue-violet below B and texture veined, B:lemon yellow NFS
1641 DANCE MUSIC Mohr, D. 1989/88 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled full pink with rose shadings; B:coral red NFS
4331 DANCER'S VEIL Hutchison, P. 1959/59 TB 36 ML Plicata White ground plicata, etched blue-purple, B:orange in throat, blue-lav.end 6.00
92 DANCING BEAUTY Schreiners 1973/73 TB 38 ML Plicata RARE Lightly ruffled white with blue stitching, B:creamy white NFS
988 DANCING BRIDE Rudolph, N. 1961/63 TB 34 L Self RARE Creamy white, some yellow at throat, B:yellow 6.00
1201 DANGER Gatty, J. 1983/84 TB 35 M Self RARE S:wine-berry, flushed roan, golden tan at base of midrib, F:garnet, B:dull brown 7.00
4509 DANGEROUS LIAISON Schreiner, R. 2011/2011 TB 36 M Bicolor S:violet, F:dark purple, violet rim, B:lavender, yellow; ruffled 20.00
2550 DARCY'S CHOICE Schreiner, 2007/2007 TB 38 M Bicolor S:light yellow, F:claret magenta, white blaze, B:yellow, white at end; ruffled 15.00
4506 DARING DECEPTION Johnson, T. 2012/2012 TB 35 M Bicolor S:white, violet midrib area, F:plush violet, wide white band, white spray along beard, B:tangerine; ruffled, fragrant; Dykes Medal 2021 30.00
395 DARK CHOCOLATE Murray, G. 1952/54 TB 38 EM Self Rich dark chocolate with a few haft reticulations, wide, flaring and slightly ruffled; good substance. 7.00
2470 DARK CRYSTAL Byers, M. 1987/88 SDB 12 M,Re Bitone RARE S:deep wine purple, F:wine black, B:medium blue violet NFS
1983 DARK DREAM Plough, G. 1968/69 TB 33 EM Bitone RARE S:Victoria violet, F:much darker with clean blackish-brown hafts, B:same as F, topped mustard 6.00
2974 DARK FAIRY Brown, A. 1960/61 SDB 13 E Self RARE Plum-purple self, violet area at beard, B:blue 4.00
3112 DARK FURY Luihnn, W. 1961/62 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Dark blue-black to violet self, B:dark purple 6.00
4499 DARK ICON Kerr, F. 2014/2014 TB 36 M Bicolor S:velvet blue-grape, edged brown, F:plush red-black, white lines at haft, B:orange-red; ruffled, fragrant 20.00
4318 DARK MAGIC Lafrenz, E. 1953/53 TB 35 M-L Self Brown self, dull gold at haft 6.00
1689 DARK MYSTERY Austin, L. 1962/62 TB 44 M,Re Bitone RARE S:smoky wine, F:blackish crimson, B:cream 6.00
693 DARK RITUAL Hager, B. 1972/72 TB 36 M Self RARE S:dark red, F:red-black, B:bronze-yellow 6.00
441 DARK TRIUMPH Schreiner 1972/74 TB 37 EM Self Ruffled dark royal purple, B:same 6.00
2636 DATE BAIT Meek, D. 1985/85 TB 34 M Plicata RARE S:orchid pink, F:white w/ haft darker orchid and raspberry speckles, orchid rim lighter at edge, B:white 8.00
1449 DAUNTLESS Connell, C. 1927/29 TB 36 M Bitone Velvety rose maroon (called red in its day), B:yellow; Dykes Medal 1929. Limit 3 per customer. 10.00
2396 DAWN OF CHANGE Ernst, E. 1993/93 TB 38 M Bitone S:lt lavender blue, paling to near white at edge, F:white with golden yellow shoulders, B:orange, tipped yellow; ruffled, sweet fragrance 8.00
2817 DAWN REFLECTION Stevens, J. 1948/48 TB 36 M Plicata RARE S:ivory with light rosy lilac pink markings, F:darker lines near haft fading to specks at bottom, B:yellow 6.00
2046 DAWN ROSE Jones, B. 1958/59 TB 32 M Self RARE Rose-pink self, amber at hafts NFS
4097 DAWN VICTORY Flanagan, L. 1983/83 AB 30 M Self RARE S:reddish tan, F:mahogany toned red brown, red black signal area, B:black; sweet fragrance NFS
2638 DAWNING Ghio, J. 1994/95 TB 38 EM Blend S:lemon, blended pink, F:lemon, blending to pink shoulders, B:tangerine 8.00
2804 DAYBREAK Kleinsorge, R. 1941/41 TB 38 M Blend RARE Ruffled golden pink with copper undertones, strongly yellow in center, B:yellow NFS
4533 DAYGLOW Keppel, K. 1996/1996 TB 36 E-M Self S:pinkish apricot, F:same, lighter around haft, B:red-orange; ruffled, fragrant 10.00
2965 DAZZELIER Hall, D. by Bloeser 1952/52 TB 40 L Self RARE Self of deep yellow, lighter area below beard, B:deep yellow 6.00
4447 DAZZLE Ghio, J. 2010/2011 TB 40 ML Halo S:apricot pink, F:deep rosy purple, black sheen, pink rim, B:tangerine; heavily ruffled 20.00
948 DAZZLING GOLD Anderson, D.C. 1977/81 TB 29 M Bicolor Fluted golden yellow with red-brown wash and golden-yellow edge on F, B:orange 7.00
2296 DEAR DOROTHY Roderick, E. 1988/89 TB 36 ML Bicolor RARE S:yellow orange, F:light powder purple, yellow orange highlights on edge and hafts, B:yellow orange 7.00
255 DEBBY RAIRDON Kuntz, Mrs. H. 1964/65 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:golden yellow, F:white with yellow ring; Dykes Medal 1971 NFS
709 DECOLLETAGE Hager, B. 1968/70 TB 40 EM Plicata S:rose-mulberry peppered on cream background, F:cream, edged rose-mulberry; ruffled 6.00
2435 DEEP BLACK Cook, P. 1953/55 TB 36 L Bitone RARE Slight bitone of blackish violet, B:purple, bronze tips NFS
4150 DEEP BUTTERCUP Muhlestein, T. 1947/48 TB   M Self Intensely bright yellow self of large size; weight of blooms may cause stems to bend over, 1/4 arilbred 7.00
626 DEEP CARESS Benson, C. 1969/70 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled coral pink, B:coral NFS
753 DEEP PACIFIC Burger, E. 1975/75 TB 33 M-L Self Ruffled navy blue, B:medium blue 7.00
4275 DEEP SPACE Tompkins, C. 1961/61 TB 40 M-L Self Indigo blue self, B:self NFS
610 DEEP THROAT Weiler, J. 1977/77 TB 38 E,Re Self RARE S:nearly white with blue shading toward base, F:white with full blue markings at haft, less toward tip, B:pale yellow, tipped blue NFS
2318 DEEP VELVET Salbach, C. 1939/39 TB 30 M Self RARE Large rich deep red-violet (rich enameled purple) 6.00
929 DEEP VENTURE Shoop, G. 1982/82 TB 36 M Self Lightly ruffled medium to deep blue, B:tangerine-red 7.00
647 DEFT TOUCH Tompkins,C. 1977/77 TB 39 M-VL Blend RARE Blend of sunray gold with icy peach-glow pink and ivory undertones, deepening to apricot-pink near B, B:red-orange; ruffled 6.00
224 DELPHI Shoop, G. 1979/80 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:clean white, F:blue with deeper blue veining, almost striped, B:red 7.00
4411 DEMETRIA Hinkle, G. 1956/58 TB 34 M Self Medium blue self, F:faint lines of lavender, B:lavender-blue NFS
2132 DEMI-DEUIL Denis, L. 1912/12 TB 33 M Plicata S:grape w/ brownish edges, white midrib, F:white overlain purple, darker at edge, distinct lines from haft to edge, B:orange SO
2361 DEPUTE NOMBLOT Cayeux, F. 1929/29 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:blend of rosy lavender, tan, and yellow, F:deep carmine-violet, lighter rim, white at haft w/ mahogany lines, B:yellow 6.00
195 DERA Craig, Tim 1962/62 TB 30 M-L Bitone RARE S:chestnut, F:mascara; unusual color combination 6.00
654 DESERT ECHO Meek, D. 1980/80 TB 40 M Plicata S:citron greenish yellow, F:golden yellow, peppered maroon-purple, strong central medial line top 1/3, B:orange; ruffled 6.00
813 DESERT MIST Williamson, B. 1979/82 TB 34 EM Plicata RARE S:golden tan, peppered & sanded rosewood, F:white, sanded rosewood at haft, blending to 1 cm golden tan plicata edge, B:lemon on white base 7.00
2031 DESERT QUAIL Roberts, R. 1958/59 MTB 17 M-L Plicata S:cream, F:white with tannish-cream stitching, B:cream. NFS
2878 DESERT SONG Fay, O. 1946/46 TB 40 M Self RARE S:creamy yellow, butterscotch tinge, white area below B, B:light yellow; ruffled, good substance 6.00
1094 DESIGNER GOWN Ghio, J. 1984/85 TB 34 EM Bitone S:pink-orchid, F:light pink, deeper at hafts, B:tangerine 8.00
2639 DESIGNING WOMAN Gatty, J. 1989/90 TB 36 E-L Bitone S:lilac, F:aster, lighter center, shaded buff at hafts, B:salmon to lilac white; pronounced sweet fragrance 7.00
1797 DESSERT Warburton, B. 1958/58 SDB 14 E Self RARE White, yellow at hafts; B: pale pinkish orange, white tipped 4.00
2952 DEVLISH Craig, T. 1966/66 TB 36 EM-VL Self RARE Deep rubient red self, B:carrot red NFS
4412 DIABOLIQUE Schreiners 1997/97 TB 38 ML Self Heavily ruffled claret purple self, B:blue purple;slight fragrance 12.00
1777 DIPLOMACY Keppel, K. 1965/66 TB 32 EM Bitone RARE S:pale hyacinth blue-violet, F:medium aster-violet 6.00
2461 DIRTY DANCING Saia, J. 1989/90 TB 38 E-M Self RARE Lightly ruffled purple black with sooty sheen on F, B:dark purple; slight sweet fragrance 8.00
2200 DISCO MUSIC Williamson, B. 1976/77 TB 36 M Blend S:full valencia orange blended to pinkish orange midribs, F:full valencia orange with amber and apricot-pink blend, B:tangerine red 7.00
2854 DISPLAY Grant, Dr. H. 1941/42 TB 33 M Self RARE Rich brilliant glowing mahogany red, no veining at haft, very smooth NFS
3216 DIVIDING LINE Bunnell, C. 2004/05 MTB 22 M Bitone S:pale blue violet, fades blue white, F:pale purple, purple midline, violet spot, white haft markings, B:yellow; Dykes Medal 2014. Limit one. 15.00
2171 DIVINE Dunn, M. 1987/88 TB 38 M Bitone S:heavily ruffled pale orchid, F:medium violet, large white area at tip of beard, B:orchid in throat, white at tip 8.00
2640 DODGE CITY Lauer, L. 1995/95 TB 38 E Self S:bronze tan overtoned melon, F:bronze tan, slight blue violet flash around beard, B:tangerine; slight sweet fragrance 9.00
4624 DOG DAYS Black, P. 2011/2011 TB 36 L-VL Plicata S:carmel washed brown, F:butter yellow, white patch stitched brown, plum plic haft, tan rim, inner ring of plum, plum center line, B: grayed tangerine; spice frag NFS
3965 DOGE OF VENICE Nelson, J. 1964/65 TB 34 M-L Self Doge purple self, small violet blaze, darker lines on falls, B:brown, blue tip 6.00
2118 DOGROSE Insole, V. 1930/30 TB 40 M Self Bright lavender-pink with a distinct color from other iris in this color group, B:deep gold; good bloomer NFS
3651 DOLL BABY Corlew, G. 1979/80 BB 26 M Self RARE Full pink self, B:tangerine-pink; lightly ruffled NFS
2032 DOLLY MADISON Williamson, E. B. 1927/27 TB 36 E Bitone Blue lavender w/ strong yellow at center, B:yellow orange 6.00
4237 DOLLY VARDEN Hall, D. 1950/50 TB 38 M Self Pink salmon self, no haft marks, B:red orange NFS
3406 DOMINION Bliss, A. 1917/17 TB 36 M Bicolor S:lavender-violet, F:deep violet- purple, lavender-violet rim, B:orange; first tetraploid that started 1920's iris revolution NFS
3351 DON JUAN Cayeux, F. 1928/28 TB 40 ML Bitone RARE S:light rosy lilac, F:maroon, getting paler at margin to end of falls 6.00
3358 DON QUIXOTE Mohr-Mitchell 1927/27 TB 42 E Blend RARE S:deep lavender almost overlaid yellow, F:hyssop violet, heavy brown venation on a yellow ground, B:orange 6.00
1075 DOODLE STRUDEL Ensminger, A. 1976/79 TB 36 M Plicata Butterfly blue with moorish blue plicata markings (no two blossoms have the same color pattern), B:yellow 7.00
2841 DORE' Sass, J. 1935/35 TB 36 ML Bicolor RARE S:lemon yellow, F:ivory, gold veining at throat, B:orange 6.00
46 DOT AND DASH Hall, D. 1959/60 TB 33 EM Plicata S:blackish violet, F:white with heavily dotted blackish margins, brown styles, B:brown NFS
2033 DOTTED SWISS Sass, H. 1956/56 TB 36 EM Plicata Very fine older white ground plicata with blue edges 6.00
2497 DOUBLE AGENT Maryott's 1986/88 TB 36 M,Re Bitone S:rose, F:smooth velvety deep red maroon, B:tangerine 8.00
4448 DOUBLE CHOCOLATE Painter, J. 2013/2014 TB 41 M Bitone S:chocolate to red brown, F:deeper chocolate, B:old gold; ruffled NFS
2411 DOUBLE DUTY Austin, L. 1959/59 TB 34 E,Re Self RARE Salmon pink self, B:tangerine NFS
2072 DOUBLE SCOOP Ghio, J. 1980/81 TB 34 EM,Re Bicolor S:soft apricot, F:light blue-violet, darker spot, banded cream, B:red; ruffled 7.00
2001 DOUBLEMINT Byers, M. 1986/87 TB 35 M,Re Self S:pale greenish cream, deeper green gold hafts, B:light violet blue tipped greenish yellow, short horns; heavily ruffled, musky fragrance 7.00
73 DOVER BEACH Nearpass, D. C. 1970/72 TB 42 E-ML Bicolor S:white, F:light blue, B:white, tipped lemon; ruffled 7.00
2918 DOXA Sass, H. 1928/29 IB 24 E Bitone

S:creamy w/ grey lavender wash at base, F:greyed lavender, darker at haft, lighter at edge, light veining from haft to edge, B:yellow

2395 DR. BERNICE Hooper Co. 1867/67 TB 24 M Blend RARE S:coppery bronze, F: deep maroon, yellow at haft w/ maroon lines, white around B, B:white, yellow tips NFS
3541 DR. CHAS. E. MAYO Fryer, W. 1924/24 TB 36 EE Self RARE S:light amparo purple, F:phlox purple, lighter at edge, B:yellow; very fragrant NFS
143 DR. WANLASS Muhlestein, T. 1956/56 TB 32 M-L Self RARE Medium violet, falls slightly darker, B:yellow, ends in white, ruffled. 7.00
2637 DRACULA'S SHADOW Hedgecock, J. 1987/89 TB 32 M Self RARE Lightly ruffled near black self, B:blue black NFS
3795 DRADY Edinger, P. 1999/60 BB 24 M-L Bicolor S:ice white,violet wire edge, style arms: ice white, F:violet, veined white on upper third, B:white, yellow in throat 6.00
677 DREAM LOVER Tams, E. 1970/71 TB 37 M-L Bicolor S:blue-white, F:dark bluish purple, B:blue; ruffled, Dykes Medal 1977. One per customer. NFS
993 DREAM SPUN Gibson, J. 1961/62 TB 40 M Plicata S:amethyst-pink to mauve on white ground, F:white ground, mauve border, B:orange NFS
2820 DREAMCASTLE Cook, P. 1943/43 TB 36 M Bitone RARE Large violet pink with broad segments, white around B with lines, B:yellow w/ white tip, slight bitone NFS
2384 DRIFTING CLOUD Coppedge, G. 1959/60 TB 32 M Self RARE White self, B:buttercup yellow 6.00
577 DUALTONE Brown, O. 1977/77 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:light apricot, flushed pink, F:light sea lavender-violet, smooth touch of bronze on shoulders, B:orange, tipped blue 6.00
2879 DUET Grant, Dr. H. 1942/41 TB 37 ML Blend S:tannish lavender w/ yellow wash, darker yellow at base, F:violet w/ reddish tan edge, yellow at haft, B:yellow 6.00
1889 DUNDEE Schreiner 1970/70 TB 35 M Plicata S:silvery white with medium blue plicata markings, F:pure white, heavily dotted medium blue, B:near white, tipped blue 6.00
1538 DUSKY CHALLENGER Schreiners 1986/86 TB 39 ML Self Beautiful silky rich purple, B:deep violet-black; very popular. Dykes Medal 1992. Limit three. 15.00
678 DUSKY DANCER Luihn, W. 1966/67 TB 36 M-L Self Ruffled extremly dark violet-black, B:same 7.00
57 DUSKY EVENING Schreiners 1971/71 TB 36 M Bicolor S:smokey tan, F:dark blue-black, B:smokey blue-golden brown, black tips 6.00
951 DUSKY FLARE Powell, L. 1983/84 TB 34 M Self Sooty black, B:bronze; pronounced spicy fragrance 8.00
163 DUTCH CHOCOLATE Schreiner 1970/70 TB 35 EM Self Very uniform warm shade of deep reddish chocolate, B:same NFS
2241 DUTCH DOLL Sass by Graham 1956/57 TB 32 M Plicata RARE White and bright medium blue plicata. 6.00
259 DUTCH MASTER Brown, O. 1971/71 TB 38 ML Bicolor S:deep butterscotch with violet at midrib, F:violet-purple with 1/2" brown border, B:yellow; ruffled 7.00
873 DUTCH TREAT Steinhauer, W. 1973/76 TB 34 M-L Bitone RARE S:oyster white, F:same with light chrome yellow veining on upper border, B:chrome yellow NFS
4276 DYNAMITE Schreiners 1997/97 TB 37 M Self Cardinal red self, brown tones, B:maroon base, dark yellow tips NFS