2402 DA CAPO Zurbrigg 1968/69 TB 34 M,Re Plicata RARE S:white heavily overlain pansy purple, F:white bordered slightly deeper pansy purple, B:bronze 6.00
2012 DAFFODIL CLOUD Weiler 1990 TB 34 E-L Bicolor S:white with slight yellow flush at base of midrib, F:bright full yellow, B:full yellow; flaring and lightly ruffled, slight sweet fragrance 8.00
2140 DALE DENNIS Dennis 1955/57 SDB 10 E Plicata RARE White with orchid markings and crests, darker edges at haft, B:white 4.00
1887 DALMATICA Barr-pre 1600 TB   M Self Light blue-lavender, white mark below yellow B 5.00
2388 DANCE MASTER Mohr 1992/92 TB 34 M Bitone S:blue, flushed blue-violet from midrib, F:medium to dark blue-violet, paling to blue-violet below B and texture veined, B:lemon yellow NFS
1641 DANCE MUSIC Mohr 1989 TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled full pink with rose shadings; B:coral red NFS
4331 DANCER'S VEIL   TB         NFS
92 DANCING BEAUTY Schreiner 1973 TB 38 ML Plicata RARE Lightly ruffled white with blue stitching, B:creamy white NFS
988 DANCING BRIDE Rudolph 1961/63 TB 34 L Self RARE Creamy white, some yellow at throat, B:yellow 5.00
1201 DANGER Gatty 1983 TB 35 M Self RARE S:wine-berry, flushed roan, golden tan at base of midrib, F:garnet, B:dull brown 7.00
395 DARK CHOCOLATE Murray 1952/54 TB 38 EM Self Rich dark chocolate with a few haft reticulations, wide, flaring and slightly ruffled; good substance. 5.00
2470 DARK CRYSTAL Byers 1987/88 SDB 12 M,Re Bitone RARE S:deep wine purple, F:wine black, B:medium blue violet 4.00
1983 DARK DREAM Plough 1968/69 TB 33 EM Bitone RARE S:Victoria violet, F:much darker with clean blackish-brown hafts, B:same as F, topped mustard 5.00
2974 DARK FAIRY   SDB       RARE 4.00
3112 DARK FURY   TB       RARE 6.00
4318 DARK MAGIC   TB         NFS
4051 DARK MATTER   SDB         NFS
1689 DARK MYSTERY Austin 1962/62 TB 44 M,Re Bitone RARE S:smoky wine, F:blackish crimson, B:cream 6.00
693 DARK RITUAL Hager 1972 TB 36 M Self RARE S:dark red, F:red-black, B:bronze-yellow 6.00
441 DARK TRIUMPH Schreiner 1972 TB 37 EM Self Ruffled dark royal purple, B:same 6.00
2636 DATE BAIT Meek 1985/85 TB 34 M Plicata RARE S:orchid pink, F:white w/ haft darker orchid and raspberry speckles, orchid rim lighter at edge, B:white 8.00
1449 DAUNTLESS Connell 1927/29 TB 36 M Bitone Velvety rose maroon (called red in its day), B:yellow; Dykes Medal 1929 6.00
3711 DAVE'S DAZZLER   TB         NFS
2396 DAWN OF CHANGE Ernst 1993/93 TB 38 M Bitone S:lt lavender blue, paling to near white at edge, F:white with golden yellow shoulders, B:orange, tipped yellow; ruffled, sweet fragrance 8.00
2817 DAWN REFLECTION Stevens 1948/x TB   M Plicata RARE S:ivory with light rosy lilac pink markings, F:darker lines near haft fading to specks at bottom, B:yellow 5.00
2046 DAWN ROSE   TB       RARE 6.00
4097 DAWN VICTORY   AB       RARE  
2638 DAWNING Ghio 1994/95 TB 38 EM Blend S:lemon, blended pink, F:lemon, blending to pink shoulders, B:tangerine 8.00
2804 DAYBREAK Kleinsorge 1941/41 TB 38 M Blend RARE Ruffled golden pink with copper undertones, strongly yellow in center, B:yellow NFS
2965 DAZZELIER   TB       RARE 5.00
948 DAZZLING GOLD Anderson 1977 TB 29 M Bicolor Fluted golden yellow with red-brown wash and golden-yellow edge on F, B:orange 7.00
2296 DEAR DOROTHY Roderick 1988/89 TB 36 ML Bicolor RARE S:yellow orange, F:light powder purple, yellow orange highlights on edge and hafts, B:yellow orange 7.00
255 DEBBY RAIRDON Kuntz 1964/65 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:golden yellow, F:white with yellow ring; Dykes Medal 1971 NFS
709 DECOLLETAGE Hager 1968/x TB 40 EM Plicata S:rose-mulberry peppered on cream background, F:cream, edged rose-mulberry; ruffled 6.00
626 DEEP CARESS Benson 1969/x TB 36 M Self RARE Ruffled coral pink, B:coral 8.00
4150 DEEP BUTTERCUP   TB         6.00
753 DEEP PACIFIC Burger 1975 TB 33 M-L Self Ruffled navy blue, B:medium blue 7.00
4275 DEEP SPACE   TB         NFS
610 DEEP THROAT Weiler 1977 TB 38 E,Re Self RARE S:nearly white with blue shading toward base, F:white with full blue markings at haft, less toward tip, B:pale yellow, tipped blue NFS
2318 DEEP VELVET Salbach 1939/39 TB 30 M Self RARE Large rich deep red-violet (rich enameled purple) 5.00
929 DEEP VENTURE Shoop 1982 TB 36 M Self Lightly ruffled medium to deep blue, B:tangerine-red 7.00
647 DEFT TOUCH Tompkins 1977 TB 39 M-VL Blend RARE Blend of sunray gold with icy peach-glow pink and ivory undertones, deepening to apricot-pink near B, B:red-orange; ruffled 6.00
1479 DEJA VU Williamson 1971 TB 36 M-L Blend S:blended amber to silver-lilac edges, F:silver-lilac blended to amber edge, amber shoulders, B:yellow-orange; ruffled NFS
77 DELORA FISHER Mayberry 1976 TB 36 ML Self RARE Ruffled orchid white, deeper orchid at throat, B:pale yellow, tipped white NFS
224 DELPHI Shoop 1980 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:clean white, F:blue with deeper blue veining, almost striped, B:red 7.00
4411 DEMETRIA   TB         NFS
2132 DEMI-DEUIL Denis /1912 MTB 33 M Plicata S:grape w/ brownish edges, white midrib, F:white overlain purple, darker at edge, distinct lines from haft to edge, B:orange 5.00
2361 DEPUTE NOMBLOT Cayeaux 1929 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:blend of rosy lavender, tan, and yellow, F:deep carmine-violet, lighter rim, white at haft w/ mahogany lines, B:yellow 5.00
195 DERA Craig 1962/62 TB 30 M-L Bitone RARE S:chestnut, F:mascara; unusual color combination 5.00
654 DESERT ECHO Meek 1980 TB 40 M Plicata S:citron greenish yellow, F:golden yellow, peppered maroon-purple, strong central medial line top 1/3, B:orange; ruffled 5.00
813 DESERT MIST Williamson 1979 TB 34 EM Plicata RARE S:golden tan, peppered & sanded rosewood, F:white, sanded rosewood at haft, blending to 1 cm golden tan plicata edge, B:lemon on white base 7.00
2031 DESERT QUAIL Roberts 1958/59 MTB 17 M-L Plicata S:cream, F:white with tannish-cream stitching, B:cream. NFS
2878 DESERT SONG Fay 1946 TB 40 M Self RARE S:creamy yellow, butterscotch tinge, white area below B, B:light yellow; ruffled, good substance 5.00
1094 DESIGNER GOWN Ghio 1984 TB 34 EM Bitone S:pink-orchid, F:light pink, deeper at hafts, B:tangerine 8.00
2639 DESIGNING WOMAN   TB       RARE 7.00
4333 DESIREE   TB         NFS
1797 DESSERT Warburton 1958/x SDB 14 E Self RARE White, yellow at hafts; B: pale pinkish orange, white tipped 3.00
2952 DEVLISH Craig 1966/66 TB 36 EM-VL Self RARE Deep rubient red self, B:carrot red NFS
4412 DIABOLOQUE   TB         NFS
710 DIALOGUE Ghio 1970/73 TB 34 ML Bicolor RARE S:light blue, F:dark violet-purple, B:blue 6.00
1777 DIPLOMACY Keppel 1965/66 TB 32 EM Bitone RARE S:pale hyacinth blue-violet, F:medium aster-violet 6.00
2461 DIRTY DANCING Saia 1989/90 TB 38 E-M Self RARE Lightly ruffled purple black with sooty sheen on F, B:dark purple; slight sweet fragrance 8.00
2200 DISCO MUSIC Williamson 1976/77 TB 36 M Blend S:full valencia orange blended to pinkish orange midribs, F:full valencia orange with amber and apricot-pink blend, B:tangerine red 7.00
2854 DISPLAY Grant 1941/42 TB 33 M Self RARE Rich brilliant glowing mahogany red, no veining at haft, very smooth NFS
3216 DIVIDING LINE   MTB       RARE 5.00
2171 DIVINE Dunn 1987/88 TB 38 M Bitone S:heavily ruffled very pale orchid, F:medium violet, large white area at tip of beard, B:orchid in throat, white at tip 8.00
1340 DIXIE DESERT Meek 1977 TB 36 E-M Self RARES:creamy white; F:cream with light cinnamon dottings at hafts; B:bronze-yellow; ruffled 6.00
1354 DIXIE WARRIOR Van Dexter 1979 TB 34 M Self RARE S:deep purple-red, F:deep purplish red with some cream markings on haft, B:red-orange NFS
2640 DODGE CITY Lauer 1995/95 TB 38 E Self S:bronze tan overtoned melon, F:bronze tan, slight blue violet flash around beard, B:tangerine; slight sweet fragrance 8.00
3965 DOGE OF VENICE   TB         NFS
2118 DOGROSE Insole /1930 TB 40 M Self Bright lavender-pink with a distinct color from other iris in this color group, B:deep gold; good bloomer 5.00
3651 DOLL BABY   BB       RARE NFS
2032 DOLLY MADISON Williamson 1927/27 TB 36 E Bitone Blue lavender w/ strong yellow at center, B:yellow orange 5.00
4237 DOLLY VARDEN   TB         6.00
3406 DOMINION   TB         5.00
3351 DON JUAN   TB       RARE 5.00
3358 DON QUIXOTE   TB       RARE 5.00
1075 DOODLE STRUDEL Ensminger 1976 TB 36 M Plicata Butterfly blue with moorish blue plicata markings (no two blossoms have the same color pattern), B:yellow 7.00
4120 DORCAS   AB       RARE NFS
2841 DORE' Sass 1935/35 TB 36 ML Bicolor RARE S:lemon yellow, F:ivory, gold veining at throat, B:orange 5.00
46 DOT AND DASH Hall 1959/60 TB 33 EM Plicata S:blackish violet, F:white with heavily dotted blackish margins, brown styles, B:brown 6.00
2033 DOTTED SWISS Sass 1956/56 TB 36 EM Plicata Very fine older white ground plicata with blue edges 6.00
2497 DOUBLE AGENT Maryott 1986/88 TB 36 M,Re Bitone S:rose, F:smooth velvety deep red maroon, B:tangerine 8.00
2411 DOUBLE DUTY Austin 1959/59 TB 34 E,Re Self RARE Salmon pink self, B:tangerine NFS
2072 DOUBLE SCOOP Ghio 1980/81 TB 34 EM,Re Bicolor S:soft apricot, F:light blue-violet, darker spot, banded cream, B:red; ruffled 7.00
2001 DOUBLEMINT Byers 1986/87 TB 35 M,Re Self S:pale greenish cream, deeper green gold hafts, B:light violet blue tipped greenish yellow, short horns; heavily ruffled, musky fragrance NFS
73 DOVER BEACH Nearpass 1970 TB 42 E-ML Bicolor S:white, F:light blue, B:white, tipped lemon; ruffled 7.00
2918 DOXA Sass 1928/29 IB 24 E Bitone

S:creamy w/ grey lavender wash at base, F:greyed lavender, darker at haft, lighter at edge, light veining from haft to edge, B:yellow

2395 DR. BERNICE Hooper 1867 TB   M Blend RARE S:light lavender and pink, yellow midrib, F: deep maroon, yellow at haft w/ maroon lines, white around B, B:white, yellow tips 6.00
3541 DR. CHAS. E. MAYO   TB       RARE NFS
143 DR. WANLASS Muhlestein 1956/6 TB 32 M-L Self RARE Medium violet, falls slightly darker, B:yellow, ends in white, ruffled. 5.00
2637 DRACULA'S SHADOW Hedgecock 1987/89 TB 32 M Self RARE Lightly ruffled near black self, B:blue black 8.00
3795 DRADY   BB         6.00
677 DREAM LOVER Tams 1970 TB 37 M-L Bicolor S:blue-white, F:dark bluish purple, B:blue; ruffled, Dykes Medal 1977 7.00
993 DREAM SPUN Gibson 1961/62 TB 40 M Plicata S:amethyst-pink to mauve on white ground, F:white ground, mauve border NFS
2820 DREAMCASTLE Cook 1943/43 TB 36 M Bitone RARE Large violet pink with broad segments, white around B with lines, B:yellow w/ white tip, slight bitone 5.00
2384 DRIFTING CLOUD Coppedge 1959 TB 32 M Self RARE White self, B:buttercup yellow 5.00
577 DUALTONE Brown 1977 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:light apricot, flushed pink, F:light sea lavender-violet, smooth touch of bronze on shoulders, B:orange, tipped blue 6.00
2879 DUET Grant 1941 TB   ML Blend S:tannish lavender w/ yellow wash, darker yellow at base, F:violet w/ reddish tan edge, yellow at haft, B:yellow 5.00
1889 DUNDEE Schreiner 1970 TB 35 M Plicata S:silvery white with medium blue plicata markings, F:pure white, heavily dotted medium blue, B:near white, tipped blue 6.00
1538 DUSKY CHALLENGER Schreiner 1986/ TB 39 ML Self Beautiful silky rich purple, B:deep violet-black; very popular 8.00
678 DUSKY DANCER Luihn 1966/67 TB 36 M-L Self Ruffled extremly dark violet-black, B:same; Dykes Medal 1992 7.00
57 DUSKY EVENING Schreiner 1971 TB 36 M Bicolor S:smokey tan, F:dark blue-black, B:smokey blue-golden brown, black tips 6.00
951 DUSKY FLARE Powell 1983/84 TB 34 M Self Sooty black, B:bronze; pronounced spicy fragrance 8.00
163 DUTCH CHOCOLATE Schreiner 1970 TB 35 EM Self Very uniform warm shade of deep reddish chocolate, B:same 6.00
2241 DUTCH DOLL for Sass 1956/57 TB 32 M Plicata RARE White and bright medium blue plicata. 5.00
259 DUTCH MASTER Brown 1971 TB 38 ML Bicolor S:deep butterscotch with violet at midrib, F:violet-purple with 1/2" brown border, B:yellow; ruffled 7.00
873 DUTCH TREAT Steinhauer 1973 TB 34 M-L Bitone RARE S:oyster white, F:same with light chrome yellow veining on upper border, B:chrome yellow 6.00
4276 DYNAMITE   TB         NFS