365 CABARET ROYALE Blyth 1975/76 TB 36 M Bicolor S:Light blue, violet at midrib, F:velvety blue-black, B:bright coral-tangerine 6.00
120 CABBAGE PATCH KID Gaulter 1984/84 TB 38 ML Self Laced and flaring lavender, B:white 7.00
954 CABLE CAR Luihn 1981/82 TB 40 M-L Self Beautiful carmel brown with light streaks on falls, golden glisten, B:cadmium orange 7.00
2614 CABOT COVE Lauer 1994/94 TB 35 M Self S: blue-orchid washed white, F: same, aging to show sanded pepper pattern on shoulders and margin, B:white; slight fragrance 8.00
1088 CAFE SOCIETY Ghio 1984/85 TB 38 ML Self Very popular golden tan, B:tan 7.00
1636 CAHOKIA Faught 1946/48 TB 42 ML Self Tall light sky blue, greenish midrib, no purplishish hue, B:lemon yellow; sl fragrance, big round falls. 4.00
20 CAIRO LYRIC Peterson 1972/73 TB 32 ML Bicolor Very striking, S:butterscotch bronze, F:near red-black, lighter at haft, B:bronze gold 6.00
2393 CAJUN SPICES Maryott 1994/94 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled rich sunfast copper, B:yellow 8.00
2243 CALDRON Schreiner 1957/57 TB 36 M Self Vivid coppery-red self. 4.00
620 CALENDAR GIRL Smith 1972/73 TB 37 E Self S:light orchid, F:orchid with silvery wire edge and white area around B, B:orange 5.00
1810 CALICO GOWN Austin 1965/66 AR 30 EM Bicolor S:patterned turkey red, F:outer half scarlet, inner half gold, dotted and veined paprika 5.00
2232 CALICO RUFFLES Moores 1991/92 TB 34 EM Self Grape-purple, speckled at haft, B:yellow; large bloom 8.00
1601 CALIENTE Luihn 1967/68 TB 38 ML Self Bright wine red, B:bright gold; domed standards and flaring falls 5.00
1711 CALIFORNIA PINK Heller 1948/x TB 45 EE-VL Self Bitone, light bright orchid pink, russet shoulders, B:lilac; very popular older iris 4.00
2615 CALIPH Ghio 1986/87 TB 34 L-VL Self Reddish brown self, veins on falls, lighter rim, yellow at haft w/ lines, B:deep orange; large bloom, laced, ruffled 7.00
2315 CALL ME MADAME Nelson 1956/57 TB 42 M-L Self Red-violet, slightly shaded toward haft, B:tangerine 4.00
130 CAMBODIA Babson 1963/66 TB 36 M Bitone S:tan, infused lavender at base, F:tan and violet blend, B:cobalt 5.00
237 CAMELOT ROSE Tompkins 1965/65 TB 30 ML Bicolor S:silvery orchid pink, F:burgundy red violet, B:red orange; ruffled and fluted 5.00
725 CAMELOT WINE Powell 1972/72 TB 36 M-VL Bicolor S:beige, tinted lavender, F:velvety rose-wine, edge same as S, B:tangerine; ruffled 7.00
747 CAMEO PINK Brown 1974/74 TB 28 M Bitone S:venetian pink, lighter edge, F:white with pink edges and shoulders, B:deep pink; laced 6.00
1439 CAMEO WINE Blyth 1982/82 TB 36 M Bitone S:soft pastel pink with slight bluish hue at midrib, F:deep rose-pink, deepening toward hafts, lighter at edge, B:light burnt tangerine 7.00
2400 CAMERA SHY Wood 1990/91 TB 36 M Self Pale to light red self, B:bright tangerine 8.00
153 CAMEROUN Cayeaux 1938/38 TB   M Bitone S:medium purple, F:dark red purple, lighter rim, B:orange 4.00
748 CAMPUS CUTIE Hamner 1976/77 TB 31 M Self Heavily ruffled peach, B:orange-red 6.00
2812 CAN CAN Craig 1951/51 TB 44 M Plicata Fancy plicata-variegata. Golden blend w/ violet and orchid collar of lacy striations radiating down from throat 5.00
2616 CAN CAN DANCER Lauer 1997/97 TB 36 M Bicolor S:light lemon, F:purple,edged brown, shoulders yellow, B:mustard; ruffled, slight sweet fragrance 8.00
1880 CANADAWAY Muhlestein 1952/53 TB 40 M Self White, faint greenish lines at haft, B:yellow 4.00
2139 CANARY ISLE Hamblen 1971/72 SDB 10 M-L Self S:bright yellow, F:bright yellow w/ lighter yellow spot pattern, B:violet 4.00
1419 CANDACE Meek 1981/81 TB 32 M Bitone S:rosy orchid-pink, F:orchid lavender, B:deep coral; heavily ruffled and laced 7.00
1180 CANDELERO Corlew 1980/84 TB 30 M Self Heavily ruffled showy lemon yellow, B:self 7.00
2469 CANDY APPLE Hamblen 1972/72 SDB 12 M Self S:red-purple, F:same with greyed purple overlay, B:violet 2.00
90 CANDY COUNTER Tompkins 1967/67 TB 38 M-VL Blend S:light pink and wintergreen, deeper pink at midrib, F: white with peach-amber edge, darker at haft with rose lines, B:red-orange 5.00
889 CANTERBURY TALES Maryott 1983/84 TB 33 M Blend S:light true brown on outside, light lavender on inside, F:lavender on top, brown reverse, B:yellow; ruffled 7.00
1881 CAPRICE Vermorlin 1898 BB   M Self Very old medium red-grape variety; grape fragrance 4.00
980 CAPRICIOUS Hamblen 1980/81 TB 32 EM Plicata S:large apricot flushed violet at tip, F:creamy white, dotted and stippled raspberry violet, B: full tangerine orange; ruffled 7.00
11 CAPTAIN GALLANT Schmelzer 1957/59 TB 34 M Self Flaring copper red, smooth hafts, B:brown; color holds up well in sun 4.00
2412 CARACAS Ghio 1990/x TB 38 E-L Self Full orange self, B:tangerine 8.00
800 CARAMBA Keppel 1972/75 TB 32 EM Plicata S:lemon yellow, F:white, edged lemon with plicata stippling of purple, java brown at edge, B:dull yellow 6.00
2112 CARD OF THANKS Peterson 1971/72 AR 25 E Bicolor S:lavender-blue, veined deeper, F:medium tan with netting effect across haft, miniature dots of purple in same area, B:purple 6.00
1755 CARIBOU TRAIL Plough 1956/57 TB 32 M-L Self S:rich medium golden brown, F:same with bright violet blaze below beard; laced and nicely ruffled 5.00
333 CARMEL SUNDAE Zurbrigg 1960/60 TB 38 M Bicolor S:creamy white, F:butterscotch-carmel with white border; very pretty but often missed by buyers 5.00
2459 CARMELA Schreiner 1954/55 TB 36 M Self Laced and ruffled apricot russet with copper infusion. 4.00
486 CARNABY Schreiner 1973/74 TB 35 ML Bitone S:warm pink, F:rose pink, B:tangerine orange; lightly ruffled 6.00
1150 CARNIVAL IN RIO Black 1984/85 TB 34 EM Blend S:rosy orchid blend, F:bright fuschia with 1/2" edge of red-plum, B:bright yellow; ruffled and laced, pronounced spicy fragrance 7.00
2617 CARNIVAL SONG Schreiner 1994 TB 36 EM Plicata Plicata, S:buff pink, F:peachy white with magenta marks (pink dotted deep reddish violet), violet midline on falls, B: orange 10.00
1557 CARNIVAL TIME Schreiner 1976/76 TB 36 E Self Ruffled deep burnt sugar brown, finely etched with deeper brown to orange textured veining, B:deep brown to orange 6.00
1584 CAROLINA BOUQUET Powell 1980/79 TB 30 E,L Self Ruffled light bluish orchid, B:pale yellow 7.00
1882 CAROLINA GOLD Powell 1970/70 TB 33 E-L Self Tailored golden yellow, B:orange-gold 6.00
9 CAROLINA HONEY Powell 1972/72 TB 36 M-VL Self Ruffled honey tan, with faint blue flush below B, B:deep gold 6.00
2212 CAROLINE Van Tubergen 1901       Self Blue to pink to red toned self 5.00
2228 CAROLINE E. STRINGER Sass 1924 TB 30 ML Self Pale soft pink, haft soft yellow, deeper at edge, B:bright yellow 4.00
1718 CAROLINE JANE DeForest 1951/51 TB 38 M Plicata Very large flowers of a white ground with clean violet-blue pattern around edge 4.00
1239 CAROLINE'S DREAM Richards 1979/79 TB 31 M Self S:pink with glowing peach-pink center, F:pink, B:coral; ruffled 6.00
570 CARRIE KOLB Dyer 1976/77 TB 36 M Self S:gray with heavy lav undertones, midrib flushed gold; F: gray with heavy intensifications of lavender undertones; B:gray, tipped mustard 6.00
749 CARVED CAMEO Rudolph 1972/72 TB 31 M Self Ruffled ivory pink, lighter at center of F, B:red 6.00
459 CARVED PINK Rudolph 1975/75 TB 36 M Self S:blue-pink, F:light blue-pink, deeper at edge and hafts, B:deep pink; laced and ruffled 6.00
1355 CASA GRANDE Gibson 1961/63 TB 40 M Bicolor S:wine red, F:wine red border on pure white 5.00
214 CASA MORENA DeForest 1941/41 TB 36 M Self Deep coppery chestnut brown and burnt sienna; brighter than other browns 4.00
903 CASANOVA Babson 1978/78 TB 36 M Blend Red blend with slight blue infusion in center of F, B:bronze 6.00
797 CASINO QUEEN Gibson 1971/71 TB 36 M Plicata Light orchid-pink plicata markings on white, B:white, tipped orange; ruffled 6.00
361 CATALYST Keppel 1979/80 TB 35 M Self S:sunflower, touched with golden glow at base, F:darker velvety yellow, B:yellow-orange 6.00
750 CATAWBA RUBY Tompkins 1977/76 TB 34 E-VL Bitone S:ruby red, F:black-toned ruby red, B:dark brown 6.00
1971 CATERINA Foster /1909 TB   M Self S:light lavender, F:lavender violet w/ white/yellow haft, B:sparse projecting white tipped yellow; looks bluish lavender to soft lilac 5.00
1883 CATHEDRAL BELLS Wallace 1952/53 TB 42 M Self Light baby ribbon pink, B:strawberry; fluted, flaring, serrated edges, good substance 5.00
984 CATHEDRAL WINDOWS Babson 1977/77 TB 39 M Blend Red blend with blue blaze, B:bronze, PBF 6.00
2618 CAVALIER Williamson 1977/81 TB 38 ML Halo S:sandlewood with rose shading, F:light violet, white center, tan rim, B:orange 6.00
289 CAYENNE CAPERS Gibson 1959/x TB 36 M,Re Plicata S:brownish red, F:brown-red on white; exciting color pattern, good seller 4.00
2095 CECIL HOUDYSHEL Houdyshel 1937/31 TB   M   Small bloom deep purple and white 4.00
135 CELEBRATION Ghio 1966/68 TB 34 ML Bitone S:melon and apricot, F:apricot-orange blend 5.00
2024 CELESTE Lemon 1858 TB   M Self Pale lavender blue, clear white hafts; one of the closest to sky blue for the time 5.00
2833 CELESTIAL DREAM Stadler 1983/84 BB 26 M Plicata White with medium blue plicata border around F, B:white tipped yellow; ruffled, slight sweet fragrance 7.00
166 CELESTIAL SNOW Bro.Charles 1957 TB 40 M Self Large, ruffled cool white, B:white with touch of lemon; still popular 4.00
1822 CELESTIAL SUNLIGHT Reckamp 1960/60 TB 34 M Self Yellow, small light area at tip of beard. 4.00
938 CENTENNIAL STATE Ghio 1981/82 TB 36 L-VL Bicolor S:peach, F:white, edged peach; laced 7.00
2619 CENTENNIAL CHILD Hager 1991/91 TB 35 M Self Pinkish self, baby pink with lighter area around B, Bight orange 8.00
1555 CENTER FOLD Niswonger 1976/77 TB 29 E Self S:flesh colored with touch of pink, F:same, but lighter, 1/4" deeper edging, blue and green in center, B:white, tipped pink; ruffled, laced 6.00
2875 CENTURION Wills 1949/49 TB   EM Blend Yellow with reddish infusion 4.00
864 CHAMBER MUSIC Williamson 1972/73 TB 36 M Bicolor S:rich carmel-brown, F:violet, wide carmel-brown border, B:dark orange; ruffled 6.00
2225 CHAMPAGNE ELEGANCE Niswonger 1986/87 TB 33 M Bicolor S:pale lavender pink, F:light buffy apricot, B:amber 7.00
2803 CHAMPAGNE WISHES Keppel 1991/92 TB 36 M Self S:peach, F:light salmon, B:red shaded lilac pink; slight sweet musky fragrance 8.00
1160 CHANGE OF HEART Keppel 1985/86 TB 30 E Plicata S:pinkish cream ground, washed soft lavender-rose, F:ivory-pink ground with Indian purple plicata, B:etruscan red; slight sweet fragrance 8.00
2778 CHANGE OF PACE Schreiner 1991/91 TB 35 EM Plicata S:delicate pink, F:white ground, deep rose violet plicata markings and peppering on edge, B:yellow 8.00
32 CHANGING TIMES Schreiner 1977/77 TB 35 ML Bicolor S:pinkish-white, F:velvety plum-purple, white with plum-purple lines at haft, lighter rim, B:white base/maroon/orange; beautiful and prolific 6.00
834 CHANTEUSE Gatty 1979/80 TB 36 M Self Opera pink with paler areas in center of F, B:Chinese orange 6.00
2025 CHANTILLY Hall 1943/43 TB 36 M Blend Lovely orchid rose-pink to lavender with gold at the haft; so heavily ruffled flowers seem to be edged in gold lace, well branched 5.00
268 CHAPEAU Babson 1969/69 TB 38 EM Bicolor S:pale yellow-beige with orchid cast, F:fuchsia, B:orchid 5.00
1416 CHAPEL BELLS Meek 1982/82 TB 34 ML Self Heavily ruffled lavender-orchid with lighter area around B, B:red, tipped lavender-orchid 7.00
2169 CHARGER Stahly 1983/85 TB 29 EM Bitone S:deep red, F:slightly deeper, B:deep red; ruffled 7.00
113 CHARM OF EDEN Plough 1966/67 TB 36 EML Bicolor S:near white, F:pink with apricot blush, B:shrimp red 5.00
874 CHARMAINE Hamblen 1966/67 TB 38 E-M Self S:apricot-yellow, white area in center, F:apricot-yellow, large white area in center, B:tangerine 5.00
723 CHARMED CIRCLE Keppel 1968/69 TB 35 EM Plicata Dark violet on white, B:violet-blue; short and early bloomer 5.00
360 CHARTREUSE CHALICE Brown 1957/58 TB 34 ML Self Flaring chartreuse-yellow, brown veining at haft, B:orange 4.00
1654 CHARTREUSE RUFFLES Rudolph 1975/76 TB 34 M Bitone S:pale lilac-pink with deeper flush, chartreuse edge, F:greenish white with wide chartreuse edge, B:lilac tipped yellow; laced and ruffled 6.00
1332 CHATTERBOX Schreiner 1978/78 IB 18 E Plicata White ground plicata, lightly marked rose, B:yellow-gold 3.00
2620 CHEATING HEART Keppel 1993/94 TB 35 EM Plicata S:deep baby pink, F: lighter pink heavily speckled at haft w/ maroon-violet, white at end of B, B:red-orange 10.00
2119 CHEERIO Ayres /1934 TB 40 M Bitone S:red flushed dull gold, F:deep red 4.00
444 CHEESECAKE Gaulter 1984/84 TB 34 M Self Ruffled flesh pink, with white center on F, apricot hafts, B:coral 7.00
2813 CHENEDOLLE Van Houtte 1872 MTB   M Bicolor Species, mini bloom. S:flaring golden yellow F:white w/ maroon stripes radiating from haft, yellow cast at edges, B:orange 5.00
2368 CHERIE Hall 1945/x TB 34 E-M Self Large ruffled buff pink self, B:deep tangerine. Dykes Medal 1951 6.00
634 CHERISHED Corlew 1972/73 TB 32 M Self Pink with blue undertones, B:tangerine pink 6.00
1314 CHERISHED MEMORY Roderick 1972/76 TB 34 EML Bitone S:light blue, F:medium blue with orchid tint 6.00
1111 CHERRY GARDEN Jones 1966/67 SDB 15 M Self Pansy purple with strong red highlights; one of the most popular 3.00
1774 CHERRY JUBILEE Wood 1968/69 TB 36 M Self White; B:red-tangerine 5.00
2416 CHERRY LANE Corlew 1986/x TB 36 M Self Warm pink, slightly deeper at haft, B:prominent pinkish red 8.00
42 CHERRY SMOKE Meek 1977/78 TB 34 M-L Self Heavily ruffled deep red-black, cherry underglow, B:bronze, tipped violet; very popular 7.00
986 CHERRY SPARKLE Schreiner 1979/79 TB 37 M Self Tailored bright rose with heavier copper-brown sheen on F, B:carrot red 6.00
1400 CHERRY SPOT Welch 1954/56 SDB 6 E Bicolor S:white, F:cherry red; B:white 4.00
2170 CHERUB'S SMILE Schreiner 1982/82 TB 38 M Self Pure flamingo pink, B:tangerine pink 9.00
452 CHESTNUT BEAUTY Gibson 1979/80 TB 38 M Plicata S:blend of brown with yellow center, F:yellow-orange with 3/8" brown rim, white signal, B:yellow-orange, tipped brown; fluted 6.00
1675 CHESTNUT CHEEKS Austin 1964/65 TB 40 EM,Re Bitone S:golden-buff; F:pinkish golden-buff, flush of gold around edges 5.00
1508 CHESTNUT LULLABY Nichols 1974/78 SDB 12 E-M Bitone S:light brown with dark midribs, F:chestnut brown with darker undertones, B:brown 4.00
1315 CHIAN WINE Guild 1976/77 MTB 22 EML Self Purple, B:wide orange 6.00
578 CHICKASAW SUE Gibson 1982/83 BB 26 M Plicata S:orange-red and violet blend, F:white, stitched orange, red, and brown on edge and hafts, B:bright orange; ruffled 7.00
1313 CHICKEE Dunderman 1979/80 MTB 19 M Self Ruffled medium yellow, B:yellow 4.00
1644 CHICO MAID Luihn 1985/85 TB 38 M-L Self Pale blue with slightly deeper shadings at base, B:blue, tipped bronze in throat; waved and lightly ruffled, slight sweet fragrance 7.00
485 CHIEF HEMATITE Gibson 1982/83 TB 36 M Bitone S:red-brown and violet blend, F:velvety deeper red-brown, orange hafts, B:orange brown 7.00
324 CHIEF REDSKIN Hamner 1984/84 TB 37 M Self Ruffled golden brown; B:light red 7.00
2621 CHIEF WAUKESHA Blodgett 1977/78 TB 37 M Self S:oxblood red, F:slightly darker, B:red tipped orange 6.00
74 CHILD STAR Ghio 1974/75 BB 22 EML Bicolor S:dark gold, F:rosy orchid, B:gold; ruffled 5.00
1687 CHIMERA Zurbrigg 1960/61 IB 18 E Bicolor S:near white; F:upper half maroon, lower ivory-chartreuse blended 3.00
907 CHINA DRAGON Shoop 1979/79 TB 36 M Self Ruffled and lightly laced bright deep orange, B:red-orange 8.00
1884 CHINA GATE Plough 1957/58 TB 40 EM Bitone S:cream with pale canary yellow edges, F:orange-buff, flushed pink, B:tangerine 4.00
2026 CHINA MAID Milliken 1936/36 TB 36 ML Blend Blend of soft lilac pink with golden bronze hafts; good smooth even texture. Deeper color than Angelus, strong and nice fragrance 4.00
854 CHINESE CORAL Fay 1960/62 TB 35 VL Blend Wonderful blend of pink, apricot and orange, B:Chinese coral 5.00
2772 CHINESE LANTERN Fay 1957/57 TB 40 M Self Deep yellow self, B:tangerine 4.00
1876 CHINESE TREASURE Blyth 1981/83 TB 36 E-EM Bicolor S:white, often pink infusion around midrib, F:strong bluish rose pink; B:mandarin red 7.00
2068 CHINQUAPIN Gibson 1959/60 TB 34 M Plicata S:solid honey tan, F:same with ivory center peppered deeper tan, B:yellow orange 4.00
108 CHIVALRY Wills 1943/44 TB 36 M Self Ruffled med. blue w/ white rays at B, lines on falls; B:orange, blue at tip; fragrant, deeper color than Great Lakes and larger, Dykes Medal 1947 5.00
2859 CHOCOLATE DADDY Smith 1989/x TB 34 M Bicolor S:rosy tan, F:velvety red brown, B:dull orange; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance 7.00
2027 CHOCOLATE CREAM Sass 1946/44 TB   M Plicata A cream plicata with chocolate markings. Well named. 4.00
1559 CHOCOLATE ROYALE Blyth 1981/86 TB 32 M Plicata White ground, heavy chocolate brown stitching on 1/2" border, B:brown 10.00
2359 CHOCOLATE SHAKE Gibson 1981/82 TB 36 M Plicata S:cream ground, brown and violet blend, F:yellow edge, stitched brown, white signal, B:yellow and brown 8.00
2622 CHOCOLATE VANILLA Blyth 1991/92 TB 34 EM Bicolor S:white, F:reddish brown, lighter tan edge, B:deep orange, bronze tip; wide, ruffled 8.00
1465 CHOIR GIRL Blyth 1977/77 TB 36 M Self Soft pink, B:white, tipped salmon in throat 6.00
1539 CHORAL FANTASY Maryott 1985/85 TB 37 M-L Bitone S:pale creamy pink, F:white, blending to pink at hafts, B:white, tipped pink; heavily ruffled 8.00
1012 CHRISTA Nelson 1982/85 TB 36 M Bitone S:medium pink with blue tint, F:creamy pink at haft, deeper at edge, B:red-orange 8.00
1885 CHRISTMAS ANGEL DeForest 1959/60 TB 38 M Self Large white with bright gold hafts, B:bold deep gold 4.00
606 CHRISTMAS CAROL O'Brien 1969/69 TB 32 M Bicolor S:peach, F:orchid rose, with peach border, B:orange 6.00
908 CHRISTMAS RUBIES Hamblen 1977/78 TB 32 ML Self S:white with slightly greenish cast on midribs, F:white with greenish undertone, B:red-orange 6.00
1712 CHRISTMAS SNOW Austin 1963/63 TB 33 E,Re Self White; B:yellow, sometimes horned 5.00
156 CHRISTMAS TIME Schreiner 1964/65 TB 41 M Self Lightly laced pure white, B:red; popular 5.00
1467 CIMARRON STRIP Tompkins 1968/68 TB 38 ML Blend S:blend of pink, orange and flame over apricot chamois, F:blended orange cerise and cardinal and fuchsia reds 6.00
1305 CINDY ELLEN Brown 1972/72 TB 40 E-M Bicolor S:pale yellow center with 1/2" near white edge, F:white, hafts brushed yellow and laced yellow edge, B:orange 6.00
1477 CINEMA Williamson 1979/82 TB 36 M Bicolor S:butter yellow, texture veined slightly darker, F:white, butter yellow edges and shoulders, B:lemon, tipped white 6.00
201 CINNA MAC Hopson 1956/57 AR 24 EM Bicolor S:opalescent lavender, infused gold, F:warm gold with cinnamon overlay 4.00
2779 CINNABAR Williamson 1928/28 TB   M Bitone S:medium grape, F:dark grape, white area around B with grape lines, B:yellow 5.00
2159 CINNAMON Ghio 1982/83 TB 38 L-VL Self S:tan, F:tan, solid henna shoulders, violet flush, B:tan; sweet fragrance 7.00
2266 CIRCLE STEP Meek 1977/78 TB 36 M-L Plicata S:warm white with 3/4" med. blue-violet edge, F:warm white with precise 1/2" blue-violet edge, B:yellow, tipped blue; ruffled 6.00
534 CIRCUS STRIPES Plough 1975/76 TB 30 M Plicata S:white, edges veined campanula violet; F:white with an overall veining of campanula violet; B:white to yellow 6.00
887 CITY FARMER Gaulter 1977/78 TB 36 M Bicolor S:orchid, F:yellowish tan, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled 6.00
2624 CITY LIGHTS Dunn 1990/91 TB 37 M Self Blue purple self w/white circle around B, B:white, orange in throat 8.00
2069 CITY OF LINCOLN Sass 1936/36 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:clear bright golden yellow, F:rich velvety red edged yellow; clump really stands out in the garden 4.00
2494 CITY SLICKER Ernst 1989/89 TB 36 ML Bicolor S:dark yellow with lavender and brown infusion, F:rich mahogany, thin gold rim, B:bright yellow; ruffled 8.00
167 CLANCY Roach 1963/63 BB 22 M Self Pod-green, with uranium-green blush at haft, B:tipped blue 4.00
1096 CLAP HANDS Hager 1974/76 SDB 12 M Self S:yellow, blended light brown, F:yellow, edged brown, B:blue-white 2.00
2028 CLARA NOYES Sass 1930/30 TB 22 M Bicolor S:tan, F:reddish bronze, haft undertone of yellow, B:yellow 5.00
393 CLARET MAHOGANY Austin 1963/64 TB 36 EM Self Crimson-red with mahogany epaulets, B:yellow 4.00
2401 CLASSIC HUES Brown 1998/x TB 30 M Bitone S:apricot yellow w/ primrose yellow style arms, F:empire yellow, hafts flushed orange, 3/4" white blaze, B:orange; ruffled, laced, sl. fragrant 8.00
2626 CLASSIC LOOK Schreiner 1992/92 TB 36 EM Plicata White base plicata with blue purple speckles; broad falls 8.00
1145 CLASSICO Gartman 1982/84 TB 36 M Self S:very pale creamy pink with chartreuse-gold rim, F:cream, chartreuse-gold rim and hafts, B:gold; ruffled, slight sweet fragrance 7.00
1620 CLAUDIA REED Smith 1980/86 TB 35 EM Self Lightly fluted rose purple, B:white, tipped orange 7.00
326 CLEMENTINA Austin 1954/55 AR 34 EM Self Novelty: Marbled white and blue-grey, flat top 5.00
947 CLOUD FIRE Brown 1981/83 TB 35 M Self Heavily ruffled and lightly laced white with spectacular red B 8.00
2876 CLOUD LACE Wallace 1957/58 TB 36 EM Self Light gray blue 4.00
101 CLOUDCAP DeForest 1947/x TB 40 EM Self Light flamingo pink, B:tangerine red; large bloom, most popular older pink 4.00
900 CLOUDLESS SUNRISE Niswonger 1983/84 TB 34 E-M Bicolor S:white with slight streak of apricot at midrib; F:peachy apricot, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled 7.00
575 CLOUDS McWhirter 1976/78 TB 38 M Bicolor S:white, F:orchid lavender blend, B:white, tipped orchid; ruffled 6.00
2460 COALIGNITION Burnseen 1991/x TB 36 E-M Bitone S:dark red maroon, F:sooty velvety black maroon, B:bright gold; ruffled, spicy fragrance 10.00
1152 CODICIL Innerst 1984/85 TB 32 M-L Self Mid-blue, B:near black; Magnificent dark beards make this iris a real eye-catcher. 7.00
885 COFFEE HOUSE Ghio 1976/77 TB 38 ML Self Deep brown, B:golden brown 6.00
1157 COFFEE KLATCH Ghio 1985/86 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled rich coffee brown, B:tan 8.00
136 COFFEE ROYAL Merrill 1960/61 TB 34 M Bitone S:reddish brown, F:reddish purple, hafts and edges same color as S, B:yellow-brown 5.00
751 COLD FIRE Tompkins 1977/76 TB 39 ML Self Golden yellow with flush of white through center of F, B:chrome 6.00
581 COLLAGE Brown 1986/86 TB 38 M Blend Lightly ruffled violet with darker midrib and tan overlay on F, greenish tan at hafts; B:greenish tan, tipped lavender 6.00
965 COLOR BURST Hamner 1979/80 TB 36 M-L Bicolor S:copper-bronze, F:imperial purple, banded copper-bronze, B:yellow-orange 6.00
2316 COLOR CARNIVAL DeForest 1949/49 TB   E-M Self Strawberry pink, heavily veined purple on top half of falls, B:tangerine 4.00
1534 COLOR CODED Rawlins 1981/82 TB 30 M-L Bitone S:light blue, F:very dark blue with purple cast, B:blue 7.00
280 COLOR SPLASH Schreiner 1980/80 TB 37 M Bicolor S:rich orchid pink, F:persian rose, B:tangerine; lightly laced, large bloom, very popular 7.00
1519 COLORADO SUNSHINE Magee 1975/78 TB 35 ML Bicolor S:pale yellow with yellow veining at midribs, F:ivory with yellow haft markings, B:ivory, tip grading to orange at center; heavily ruffled 6.00
51 COLORBRATION Crandall 1981/81 TB 38 M Bicolor S:ruffled deep butterscotch yellow, F:deep blue-violet with grayed violet rim, lighter area at haft with cinnamon speckles, B:yellow 7.00
1064 COLORTART Innerst 1983/83 TB 36 M Plicata Medium yellow, trimmed burgundy-red, B:gold-bronze 7.00
928 COLORTRAK Innerst 1981/82 TB 36 M Plicata S:antique gray gold, F:cream white, medium blue trim, B:blue bronze 7.00
1846 COLOSSAL Marx 1948/46 TB 32 E Self Smooth deep lavender, gigantic 7" blooms 4.00
244 COLUMBIA BLUE Schreiner 1978/78 TB 38 M Self Medium pure blue, B:white; long bloom season 6.00
833 COLUMBIA THE GEM Gibson 1981/82 TB 32 M Self Rich apricot-orange, stitched bright red-purple, B:orange; ruffled, laced 7.00
1338 COMANCHE DRUMS Tompkins 1985/85 TB 37 EM-VL Bitone S:dark champagne, F:deep red-violet, flushed violet toward edge, purple-red midrib, B:brassy; lightly ruffled 8.00
1346 COMMAND PERFORMANCE Tompkins 1973/72 TB 39 M-L Self Ruffled brilliant chrome yellow, B:yellow 6.00
152 COMMENTARY Babson 1963/63 TB 38 M Blend S:buff, F:light lavender-violet, red-brown at haft, B:lavender, tipped brown 5.00
2627 COMPETITIVE EDGE Ernst 1991/91 TB 36 M Bicolor S:reddish tan, F:light grape, lighter area around B, reddish tan rim, mustard yellow at haft, B:orange 8.00
1208 CON AMORE Hager 1983/84 TB 36 M-L Self Clear pink, lighter in center, B:tangerine; slight fragrance 7.00
1619 CONCERT Corlew 1974/75 TB 32 M Self Medium pink self, B:orange-yellow 6.00
1086 CONCH CALL Gaulter 1977/78 TB 36 M Self Off white with warm apricot cast, burnt sienna haft, B:tangerine 6.00
541 CONCORD VELVET Crosby 1951/52 TB 42 M Bitone S:Concord purple, F:deeper w/ lighter edge, white at haft w/ purple lines, B:yellow 4.00
1509 CONDOTTIERE Cayeux 1978/78 TB 36 EM Bitone S:light blue, F:medium violet-blue, B:red; fluted 6.00
2768 CONFETTI Schreiner 1948/48 TB 38 M Plicata Pink plicata, marking and stipplings of pink on creamy white with pearly sub tint 4.00
818 CONGRATULATIONS Keppel 1982/83 TB 35 M Bitone S:blue with violet flush on midribs, F:pansy violet, slightly lighter toward edge, B:blue base with yellow tip; slight sweet fragrance 7.00
2176 CONJURATION Byers 1988/89 TB 36 M-L Halo S:white, edge light pale violet blue, F:white, deepening to bright amethyst violet edge, B:white tipped tangerine, fuzzy white horns; ruffled, Dyked Medal 1998 8.00
2845 CONQUISTADOR Mohr 1921/23 TB   M Self Medium grape, white at haft w/ purple lines, B:yellow w/ white tip 4.00
514 CONSTANCE WEST Howe 1967/x TB 37 E-M Blend Iridescent aubergine (eggplant) blend infused petunia on F; small violet spot at tip of yellow beard; English Dykes 1970 5.00
1564 CONTINENTAL DIVIDE Christensen 1971 TB 36 M Self Heavily laced white, B:pink 6.00
2628 CONTINUITY Innerest 1993/94 TB 36 ML Self Light blue self, B:blue black; slight fragrance 8.00
2877 CONVENTION QUEEN Muhlestein 1953/54 TB 40 M-L Self Peach pink self 4.00
717 COPPER CAPERS Gibson 1970/71 TB 36 M Self S:orange, F:orange, lined garnet-red, B:orange; curly ruffled, very popular 6.00
1532 COPPER CLASSIC Roderick 1977/79 TB 30 L Self Spanish orange, B:tangerine 6.00
2029 COPPER LUSTRE Kirland 1931/34 TB 30 M Self Glowing soft copper bronze blended copper, gold, and tan; Dykes Medal 1938 5.00
2250 COPPEROPOLIS Babson 1960/60 TB 38 M Self Copper brown self 5.00
1219 COPYRIGHT Roderick 1982/83 TB 32 ML Self Yellow, brushed white at tip of yellow B 7.00
2293 CORAL BEADS Niswonger 1982/82 TB 40 E-M Self S:white, streak of pink at midrib, F:white, touch of pink around hafts, B: tangerine with white base 7.00
902 CORAL BEAUTY Niswonger 1981/81 TB 34 E-M Bicolor S:near white, F:apricot to peach, B:tangerine 7.00
952 CORAL CHALICE Niswonger 1982/83 TB 34 M Bicolor S:white, F:salmon-pink down 2/3rds of petal, fading to white, B:tangerine 7.00
1028 CORAL DAWN Wood 1978/79 TB 34 ML Self Coral-pink, B:tangerine 6.00
1010 CORAL LIGHT Niswonger 1982/83 TB 32 M Self S:white, F:white with pink hafts and blaze around B, B:tangerine, tipped white, white base; ruffled 7.00
1494 CORAL MAGIC Schreiner 1979/79 TB 36 M-L Self Lavender to warm pink-orchid, B:medium orange to orchid 6.00
1418 CORAL SATIN Hamblen 1980/81 TB 32 ML Self Ruffled and lightly laced deep satiny coral flushed pink in center of S, with great bushy red B 7.00
2233 CORAL SUNSET Schreiner 1990/90 TB 37 ML Self Shrimp apricot, B:tangerine 8.00
2957 CORALENE DeForest 1964/65 TB 36 M Self Medium pink, B:coral-pink 5.00
2629 CORALIE Ayres x/1932 TB 27 M Bitone S:pinkish rose F:reddish grape, brown haft w/ lines, B:yellow; Dykes Medal 1933 4.00
564 CORINTHE Cayeux 1938/34 TB 30 M Bitone S:medium purple, F:dark purple, white with lines at haft, B: 1/2 yellow, 1/2 lavender 4.00
830 CORN HARVEST Wyatt 1974/77 TB 30 E-M,Re Self Ruffled full yellow self, B:full yellow 5.00
2954 CORNERSTONE Corlew 1974/76 TB 34 M Self S:off white tinged light pink, F:same w/ touch of amber at haft, B:tangerine-orange; lightly laced 6.00
2131 CORONATION Moore /1927 TB 40 M Self Deep rich yellow, lighter at B, B:yellow; shows bits of purple flecking in cool temps 4.00
2317 CORONATION TAPISTRY Craig 1953/53 AR 38 EM Blend S:rosedust blended to old gold at midrib, lilac iridescence on midrib, F: travertine washed and veined purple. B:brown, Eupogocyclus hybrid. 6.00
172 CORONET Hall 1937/38 TB 33 ML Blend Yellow w/ reddish brown wash on F, darker at haft, B:yellow orange 4.00
2834 CORRIDA Millet x/1914 TB 27 ML Self Bluish purple, lighter at haft w/ lines, B:pale blue 5.00
390 CORSAGE Watkins 1956/55 TB 32 E-ML Blend Novelty: Satiny white, splashed bright yellow in a random pattern, each flower is different 4.00
1735 COSMIC SKIES Rowlan 1983/83 TB 32 M Self Lightly ruffled medium blue self; B:yellow, 1" blue horn 7.00
2630 COSMIC WAVE Kerr 1995/96 TB 38 EM Bitone S:medium violet blue, wide white border, F:medium blue violet, B:yellow white at end.; ruffled, flaring, spicy fragrance 10.00
1040 COTTON CARNIVAL Mohr 1981/81 TB 38 E-L Self Ruffled and fluted white, B:white, yellow in heart 7.00
2438 COUNTRY BUTTER Sass 1952/53 TB 30 M Self Strong deep yellow, B:deeper yellow orange 5.00
1612 COUNTRY MORNING Danielson 1976/77 AR 24 M Bicolor S:blue, F:light brownish yellow, dark red signal, B:brown 6.00
144 COUNTRY SQUIRE Gaulter 1964/66 TB 38 EM Plicata White with medium purple stitching, B:purple 5.00
2070 COUNTRYSIDE DeForest 1959/59 TB 36 M Plicata Plicata, chartreuse-yellow with lilac dusting at haft 4.00
1862 COURT MAGICIAN Nichols 1984 SDB 11 M-L Self S:purple, white center blending into edge, F:purple, white area around B, B:blue white tipped bronze; ruffled, sweet fragrance 3.00
2160 COZY AND WARM Brown 1982/82 TB 32 M Self Fluted and daintily fringed warm coral pink, B:coral 7.00
882 COZY CALICO Schreiner 1980 TB 34 E-EM Plicata S:reddish purple with white shadings, F:white w/ precise reddish purple edge, B:cream, tipped purple; large bloom 7.00
1246 CRACKLIN BURGUNDY Schreiner 1981 TB 35 M Self Lightly ruffled smooth silky burgundy red with B of identical hue. 7.00
2227 CRANBERRY CRUSH Aitken 1985/86 TB 37 M-L   S:light violet, light blue violet rim, F:glossy red violet, violet black rim, B:violet, tipped yellow 8.00
48 CRANBERRY ICE Schreiner 1973/76 TB 36 ML Self Large ruffled cranberry red bloom, B:light purple-white 6.00
2633 CRANBERRY TEA Mapes 1988/x TB 38 M Self S:rose tan with red violet, 1/4" tan edge, F:red voilet center, metallic sheen on shoulders, 1/4"tan edge, B:old gold; ruffled, slight fragrant 7.00
752 CREAM TAFFETA Rudolph 1970 TB 31 M Self Ruffled light cream, lighter area in center of F, underside green, B:white, tipped lemon-yellow 6.00
1179 CREATIVE STITCHERY Schreiner 1984 TB 35 EM Plicata White ground, precisely stitched blue on all edges, B:near white 8.00
484 CREDENCE Dunn 83 TB 38 M Self Heavily ruffled bright orchid-violet, B:orchid-violet 7.00
347 CRIMSON COLOSSUS Austin 1963/63 TB 36 M Bitone S:light shimmering red, F:deep velvety crimson with 1/4" pink border; colossal, semi-flaring 5.00
1840 CRIMSON KING Barr 1893 IB 30 E,Re Bitone Old antique variety, S:red-purple, F:purple, B:white; short, extremely hardy and very prolific, starts bloom very early 4.00
1756 CRIMSON LACE Austin 1964/64 TB 31 L Bitone S:rosy amber, F:deep crimson, yellow veins at throat; lightly laced 5.00
1688 CRIMSON REPEATER Austin 1964/64 TB 44 EM,Re Bitone S:light crimson, F:bright crimson 5.00
2360 CRIMSON SNOW Blyth 1987/88 TB 30 E-M Bitone S:orchid pink (nearly white), F:plush ruby rose, 1/4" pink white band, B:white, tipped tangerine 8.00
2030 CRINKLED BEAUTY Schreiner 1960/61 TB 38 M Bitone S:delicate orchid-mauve, F:same with a pinker cast, silvery lilac overtone; heavily laced 5.00
2071 CRINKLED IVORY Schreiner 1955/58 TB 34 ML Self Translucent ivory cream self, hafts flushed yellow; broad petals 4.00
1886 CRINKLED LILAC Schreiner 1955/57 TB 36 M Self Lavender-orchid with crinkled or laced edges 4.00
2407 CROSS CURRENT Keppel 1994/95 TB 38 EM Bitone S:clear light blue, F:violet blue paling near B to blue white w/ campanula violet veining, B:blue tip, white mid, yellow throat; sweet fragrance 8.00
1590 CROW'S NEST Knocke 1977 TB 34 M Self Deep aconite violet, B:same 6.00
1222 CROWD PLEASER Hamner 1983 TB 34 M Self S:red-orange, F:red-orange with greyed purple markings, B:tangerine 7.00
1776 CROWN POINT Tompkins 1958/58 TB 39 EL Plicata Broad and ruffled blue stitched white ground plicata, B:white tipped. 4.00
2634 CRUISE CONTROL Lauer 1995/95 TB 37 EM Bicolor S: light blue white, F:violet blue, B:lavender blue, tipped tangerine in throat 8.00
2751 CRUSADER Foster 1913 TB 34 M Bitone A light violet bitone appraching a self, B:yellow tipped, projecting, dense, conspicuous 5.00
589 CRUSHED VELVET Ghio 1976 TB 40 EM Self Beautiful reddish violet with lighter center on falls, B:white 6.00
981 CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL Hager 1983 TB 37 M Self Ruffled very pale lavender fading to white, B:very pale lavender 7.00
1133 CRYSTAL GLITTERS Schreiner 1985 TB 36 EM Bitone Lightly ruffled pale peach-cream, darker peach-pink hafts and styles, B:peach-gold 8.00
2635 CUPID'S ARROW Ghio 1989 TB 38 E-M Bicolor S:pink, F:white, strong pink orchid purple edge, B:red 8.00
103 CURTAIN CALL Schreiner 1967/67 TB 34 EM Plicata White with rosy pink edges, frosty sheen; smaller bloom 5.00
2014 CURTAIN UP Byers 1987 TB 34 M,Re Bicolor S:greenish gold & pale violet, F:violet blended green, gold hafts and edge which curls up to reveal yellow reverse, B:yellow; ruffled, fragrant 7.00
2632 CUSS A'BLUE STREAK Miller 1992/93 TB 32 M Self S:white w/ silvery blue greeen cast, F:same, very slight blue centerline from B to edge, B:blue; slight fragrance 8.00
667 CUSTOM MADE Brown 1981/81 TB 36 M Self Laced and flaring flamingo pink, B:shrimp red; my deepest and most popular pink but slow to grow 8.00
1663 CUTE STUFF Boswell 1985 SDB 12 M Bicolor S:pale purple; F:ruby maroon, edged pale purple; B:orange, tipped blue 3.00
1107 CUTIE Schreiner 1962/62 IB 23 E Self S:pure white, F:white with near turquoise-blue blaze 4.00
2430 CYCLES McWhirter 1985/86 TB 36 E-M Halo S:light to mid blue, F:white ground, stitched blue on edge, B:white; slight fragrance 8.00