365 CABARET ROYALE Blyth, B. 1975/76 TB 36 M Bicolor S:light blue, violet at midrib, F:velvety blue-black, B:bright coral-tangerine 8.00
120 CABBAGE PATCH KID Gaulter, L. 1984/84 TB 38 M Self Nicely laced lavender self, light yellow deep in center, B:white 8.00
954 CABLE CAR Luihn, W. 1981/82 TB 40 M-L Self Beautiful carmel brown with light streaks on falls, golden glisten, B:cadmium orange 7.00
1088 CAFE SOCIETY Ghio, J. 1984/85 TB 38 ML Self Very popular golden tan, B:tan; very ruffled 7.00
1636 CAHOKIA Faught, E. 1946/48 TB 42 ML Self Tall light sky blue, greenish midrib, no purplishish hue, B:lemon yellow; sl fragrance, big round falls. 6.00
4215 CAIRO Kleinsorge, R. 1952/52 TB 38 M Blend S:light golden tan with underlay of yellow and old rose, F:same, gold edging, brownish shoulders. 10.00
20 CAIRO LYRIC Peterson, L. 1972/73 TB 32 ML Bicolor RARE Very striking, S:butterscotch bronze, F:near red-black, lighter at haft, B:bronze gold 7.00
2393 CAJUN SPICES Maryott, W. 1994/94 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled rich sunfast copper red, B:yellow 8.00
2243 CALDRON Schreiners 1957/57 TB 36 M Self Vivid coppery-red self. 6.00
620 CALENDAR GIRL Smith, E. 1972/73 TB 37 E Self RARE S:light orchid, F:orchid with silvery wire edge and white area around B, B:white base, orange tips 6.00
1810 CALICO GOWN Austin, L. 1965/65 AB/TB 30 EM Self RARE S:patterned turkey red, F:outer half scarlet, inner haft gold dotted and veined paprika, B:gold, maroon tips NFS
2232 CALICO RUFFLES Moore,W. 1991/92 TB 34 EM Self Grape-purple, speckled at haft, B:yellow; large bloom 7.00
1601 CALIENTE Luihn, W. 1967/68 TB 38 ML Self Bright wine red, B:bright gold; domed standards and flaring falls 2/6.00
2678 CALIFORNIA GOLD Mohr-Mitchell 1933/33 TB 32 M Self RARE Finest deep yellow for its time-1933. Rich yellow, haft finely veined raw sienna, B:light yellow 6.00
2615 CALIPH Ghio, J. 1986/87 TB 34 L-VL Self RARE Reddish brown self, veins on falls, lighter rim, yellow at haft w/ lines, B:deep orange; large bloom, laced, ruffled NFS
4132 CALL ATTENTION Kerr, F. 2004/05 TB 42 M Bicolor S:white, F:medium blue, lighter at edges, white spray pattern around beard, B:orange, white at end; ruffled NFS
2315 CALL ME MADAME Nelson, J. 1956/57 TB 42 M-L Self RARE Red-violet, slightly shaded toward haft, B:tangerine 6.00
237 CAMELOT ROSE Tompkins, C. 1965/65 TB 30 ML Bicolor S:silvery orchid pink, F:burgundy red violet, B:red orange; ruffled and fluted 6.00
725 CAMELOT WINE Powell, L. 1972/72 TB 36 M-VL Bicolor RARE S:beige, tinted lavender, F:velvety rose-wine, edge same as S, B:tangerine; ruffled NFS
747 CAMEO PINK Brown, O. 1974/74 TB 28 M Bitone RARE S:venetian pink, lighter edge, F:white with pink edges and shoulders, B:deep pink; laced NFS
1439 CAMEO WINE Blyth, B. 1982/82 TB 36 M Bitone S:soft pastel pink with slight bluish hue at midrib, F:deep rose-pink, deepening toward hafts, lighter at edge, B:light burnt tangerine 8.00
2400 CAMERA SHY Wood, V. 1990/91 TB 36 M Self Pale to light red self, B:bright tangerine NFS
153 CAMEROUN Cayeaux, F. 1938/38 TB   M Bitone S:medium purple, F:dark red purple, lighter rim, B:orange NFS
1595 CAMPUS FLIRT Daling, M. 1963/64 TB 36 E-L Bicolor RARE S:white, F:buff brown overlay dark rose, edged buff brown, bluish flash, B:orange 6.00
2812 CAN-CAN Craig, T. 1951/51 TB 44 M Plicata RARE Fancy plicata-variegata. Golden blend w/ violet and orchid collar of lacy striations radiating down from throat NFS
2616 CAN CAN DANCER Lauer, L. 1997/97 TB 36 M Bicolor S:light lemon, F:purple,edged brown, shoulders yellow, B:mustard; ruffled, slight sweet fragrance NFS
2469 CANDY APPLE Hamblen, M. 1972/72 SDB 12 M Self S:red-purple, F:same with greyed purple overlay, B:violet 4.00
90 CANDY COUNTER Tompkins, C. 1967/67 TB 38 M-VL Blend S:light pink and wintergreen, deeper pink at midrib, F: white with peach-amber edge, darker at haft with rose lines, B:red-orange 2/6.00
4364 CANONERO Corlew, A. 1972/73 TB 36 M Self RARE Metallic violet self, B:violet-bronze NFS
4163 CAPITAL CITY JAZZ Schreiners 1997/97 TB 37 M Self Ruffled medium blue self, B:yellow, white end; slight fragrance NFS
1881 CAPRICE Vilmorin, A. 1898/98 IB   M Self Very old medium red-grape variety; grape fragrance NFS
980 CAPRICIOUS Hamblen, M. 1980/81 TB 32 EM Plicata S:large apricot flushed violet at tip, F:creamy white, dotted and stippled raspberry violet, B: full tangerine orange; ruffled 7.00
4349 CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE DeForest, F. 1947/47 TB   L Plicara RARE Yellow ground plicata with brown stitching; rounded form, slightly ruffled NFS
4503 CAPTAIN THUNDERBOLT Blyth, B. 2011/2012 TB 36 EM Halo S:lilac, F:lower half violet, upper half white with violet veining radiating outwards, B:tangerine; ruffle, fragrant NFS
333 CARMEL SUNDAE Zurbrigg, L. 1960/60 TB 38 M Bicolor RARE S:creamy white, F:butterscotch-carmel with white border; very pretty but often missed by buyers SO
2459 CARMELA Schreiner, R. 1954/55 TB 36 M Self RARE Laced and ruffled apricot russet with copper infusion. 6.00
1150 CARNIVAL IN RIO Black, P. 1984/85 TB 34 EM Blend S:rosy orchid blend, F:bright fuschia with 1/2" edge of red-plum, B:bright yellow; ruffled and laced, pronounced spicy fragrance 2/8.00
2617 CARNIVAL SONG Schreiners 1994/94 TB 36 EM Plicata Plicata, S:buff pink, F:peachy white with magenta marks (pink dotted deep reddish violet), violet midline on falls, B: orange 10.00
1557 CARNIVAL TIME Schreiners 1976/76 TB 36 E Self Ruffled deep burnt sugar brown, finely etched with deeper brown to orange textured veining, B:deep brown to orange 7.00
4320 CARO NOME Brown, B. 1968/70 TB 36 M Self RARE Campanula violet self, B:tangerine, tip blue; medium ruffling NFS
4224 CAROLANDS Corlew, G. 1964/65 TB 32 M Self RARE Blended peach-pink, hafts overlaid cornsilk, B:mandarin red NFS
1882 CAROLINA GOLD Powell, L. 1970/70 TB 33 E-L Self Tailored golden yellow, B:orange-gold 8.00
2228 CAROLINE E. STRINGER Sass, J. 1924/24 TB 30 ML Self RARE Pale soft pink, haft soft yellow, deeper at edge, B:bright yellow NFS
1718 CAROLINE JANE DeForest, F. 1951/51 TB 38 M Plicata RARE Very large flowers of a white ground with clean violet-blue pattern around edge 6.00
4526 CAROUSEL OF DREAMS Richardson, G. 2013/14 TB 34 M-L Halo S:lavender, gold rim, F:dark red, sunburst area, B:orange; ruffled, fragrant 20.00
749 CARVED CAMEO Rudolph, N. 1972/72 TB 31 M Self RARE Ruffled ivory pink, lighter at center of F, B:red NFS
459 CARVED PINK Rudolph, N. 1975/75 TB 36 M Self RARE S:blue-pink, F:light blue-pink, deeper at edge and hafts, B:deep pink; laced and ruffled NFS
161 CARVED JADE Lyon, D. 1959/60 TB 36 M Self Blending of chartreuse-green, deeper at haft and petal edges, B:yellow-green; slight ruffle 6.00
214 CASA MORENA DeForest, F. 1941/41 TB 36 M Self RARE Deep coppery chestnut brown and burnt sienna; brighter than other browns, B:yellow 6.00
361 CATALYST Keppel, K. 1979/80 TB 35 M Self S:sunflower, touched with golden glow at base, F:darker velvety yellow, B:yellow-orange NFS
1971 CATERINA Foster, Sir M. 1909/09 TB   M Self S:light lavender, F:lavender violet with white/yellow haft, B:sparse projecting white tipped yellow; looks bluish lavender to soft lilac 2/6.00
2618 CAVALIER Williamson, B. 1977/81 TB 38 ML Halo RARE S:sandlewood with rose shading, F:light violet, white center, tan rim, B:orange 8.00
289 CAYENNE CAPERS Gibson, J. 1959/x TB 36 M,Re Plicata S:brownish red, F:brown-red on white; exciting color pattern, good seller NFS
2095 CECIL HOUDYSHEL Houdyshel, C. 1937/31 TB   M Plicata RARE Small bloom, S:white ground wash, F:white ground, deep purple plicata edge, B:orange 6.00
3409 CEDARCREST Brown, O. 1960/61 TB 36 M-L Plicata RARE S:rosy brown, F:cream-white with reddish brown stitches, B:orange; lightly ruffled 6.00
135 CELEBRATION Ghio, J. 1966/68 TB 34 ML Bitone RARE S:melon and apricot, F:apricot-orange blend 6.00
2586 CELEBRATION SONG Schreiners 1993/1993 TB 37 M Bicolor S:apricot pink, F:blue lavender, B:tangerine NFS
2024 CELESTE Lemon, J. 1855/55 TB   M Self RARE Pale lavender blue, clear white hafts; one of the closest to sky blue for the time 6.00
4175 CELESTIA Pierce, J. 1952/55 TB 36 M Self RARE Medium blue self, white at haft with veins, B:white base, light orange tips in throat; lightly ruffled NFS
166 CELESTIAL SNOW Reckamp, Bro. C. 1957/57 TB 40 M Self Large, ruffled cool white, B:white with touch of lemon; still popular 6.00
1822 CELESTIAL SUNLIGHT Reckamp, Bro. C.1960/60 TB 34 M Self Yellow self, small light area at tip of beard, B:yellow, slight ruffle 6.00
2619 CENTENNIAL CHILD Hager, B. 1991/91 TB 35 M Self Pinkish self, baby pink with lighter area around B, Bight orange NFS
938 CENTENNIAL STATE Ghio, J. 1981/82 TB 36 L-VL Bicolor RARE S:peach, F:white, edged peach; laced 7.00
4527 CENTER LINE Johnson, T. 2011/2011 TB 32 M Self S:cameo pink, F:pink, light edges, light violet center, darker veining, B:red-orange; ruffled, fragrant 20.00
864 CHAMBER MUSIC Williamson, B. 1972/73 TB 36 M Bicolor S:rich carmel-brown, F:violet, wide carmel-brown border, B:dark orange; ruffled NFS
2225 CHAMPAGNE ELEGANCE Niswonger, D. 1986/87 TB 33 M Bicolor S:pale lavender pink, F:light buffy apricot, B:amber 8.00
2803 CHAMPAGNE WISHES Keppel, K. 1991/92 TB 36 M Self S:peach, F:light salmon, B:red shaded lilac pink; slight sweet musky fragrance NFS
4102 CHANCES ARE Schaan, H. 1958/58 TB 38 M-L Self Apricot self, B:red 6.00
1160 CHANGE OF HEART Keppel, K. 1985/86 TB 30 E Plicata RARE S:pinkish cream, washed soft lavender-rose, F:ivory-pink with Indian purple plicata, B:etruscan red; slight sweet fragrance 10.00
3110 CHANGE OF PACE Schreiners 1991/91 TB 35 EM Plicata S:delicate pink, F:white ground, deep rose violet plicata markings and peppering on edge, B:yellow NFS
32 CHANGING TIMES Schreiner 1977/77 TB 35 ML Bicolor RARE S:pinkish-white, F:velvety plum-purple, white with plum-purple lines at haft, lighter rim, B:white base/maroon/orange; beautiful and prolific 7.00
1609 CHANTILLY Hall, D. 1943/43 TB 36 M Blend Lovely orchid rose-pink to lavender with gold at the haft; so heavily ruffled flowers seem to be edged in gold lace, well branched NFS
268 CHAPEAU Babson, S. 1969/69 TB 38 EM Bicolor S:pale yellow-beige with orchid cast, F:fuchsia, B:orchid 2/6.00
1416 CHAPEL BELLS Meek, D. 1982/82 TB 34 ML Self Heavily ruffled lavender-orchid with lighter area around B, B:red, tipped lavender-orchid 7.00
4151 CHARADE Babson, S. 1964/66 TB 40 M Self RARE Indigo violet self, B:light orange NFS
2169 CHARGER Stahly, H. 1983/85 TB 29 EM Bitone S:deep red, F:slightly deeper, B:deep red; ruffled NFS
4274 CHARISMA Blocher, C. 1975/76 TB 32 M Self RARE Purple blue self, B:lemon NFS
113 CHARM OF EDEN Plough, G. 1966/67 TB 36 EML Bicolor S:near white, F:pink with apricot blush, B:shrimp red 6.00
874 CHARMAINE Hamblen, M. 1966/67 TB 38 E-M Self RARE S:apricot-yellow, white area in center, F:apricot-yellow, large white area in center, B:tangerine 6.00
723 CHARMED CIRCLE Keppel, K. 1968/69 TB 35 EM Plicata RARE Dark violet on white, B:violet-blue; short and early bloomer NFS
4466 CHARMED I'M SURE Black, P. 2013/14 TB 36 E-M Blend Cream, orange, apricot, pink, F:lighter center, green texture veins, B:orange; slight fragance 20.00
4323 CHARMED LIFE Keppel, K. 1983/83 TB 34 E-M Plicata RARE S:light blue shaded chicory, F:white, 3/4" solid dark violet band, B:blue, tipped bronze; sweet fragrance NFS
360 CHARTREUSE CHALICE Brown, G. P. 1957/58 TB 34 ML Self RARE Flaring chartreuse-yellow, brown veining at haft, B:orange 6.00
1654 CHARTREUSE RUFFLES Rudolph, N. 1975/76 TB 34 M Bitone RARE S:pale lilac-pink with deeper flush, chartreuse edge, F:greenish white with wide chartreuse edge, B:lilac tipped yellow; laced and ruffled NFS
4133 CHASING RAINBOWS Hager, B. 1995/98 TB 32 M Bicolor S:peach pink, purple midrib, F:buff, lavender, and blue blend, B:tangerine; ruffled NFS
2620 CHEATING HEART Keppel, K. 1993/94 TB 35 EM Plicata S:deep baby pink, F: lighter pink heavily speckled at haft w/ maroon-violet, white at end of B, B:red-orange 10.00
2119 CHEERIO Ayres, Dr. W. 1931/34 TB 40 M Bitone S:red flushed dull gold, F:deep red NFS
444 CHEESECAKE Gaulter, L. 1984/84 TB 34 M Self RARE Ruffled flesh pink, with white center on F, apricot hafts, B:coral NFS
2368 CHERIE Hall, D. 1945/48 TB 34 E-M Self Large ruffled buff pink self, B:deep tangerine. Dykes Medal 1951 NFS
634 CHERISHED Corlew, G. 1972/73 TB 32 M Self Pink with blue undertones, B:tangerine pink 7.00
1111 CHERRY GARDEN Jones 1966/67 SDB 15 M Self Pansy purple with strong red highlights; one of the most popular 4.00
1774 CHERRY JUBILEE Wood, V. 1968/69 TB 36 M Self RARE White; B:red-tangerine NFS
2416 CHERRY LANE Corlew, G. 1986/93 TB 36 M Self RARE Warm pink, slightly deeper at haft, B:prominent pinkish red NFS
986 CHERRY SPARKLE Schreiners 1979/79 TB 37 M Self Tailored bright rose with heavier copper-brown sheen on F, B:carrot red 6.00
2170 CHERUB'S SMILE Schreiners 1982/82 TB 38 M Self Pure flamingo pink, B:tangerine pink NFS
452 CHESTNUT BEAUTY Gibson, J. 1979/80 TB 38 M Plicata RARE S:blend of brown with yellow center, F:yellow-orange with 3/8" brown rim, white signal, B:yellow-orange, tipped brown; fluted 7.00
1675 CHESTNUT CHEEKS Austin, L. 1964/65 TB 40 EM,Re Bitone RARE S:golden-buff; F:pinkish golden-buff, flush of gold around edges 6.00


CHESTNUTS ROASTING Blyth, L. 2010/2011 TB 34 ML Self S:rust brown, gold base, F:rust brown, darker haft, B:gold; ruffled, laced, fragrant NFS
578 CHICKASAW SUE Gibson, J. 1982/83 BB 26 M Plicata S:orange-red and violet blend, F:white, stitched orange, red, and brown on edge and hafts, B:bright orange; ruffled 8.00
1313 CHICKEE Dunderman 1979/80 MTB 19 M Self Ruffled medium yellow, B:yellow 4.00
1644 CHICO MAID Luihn, W. 1985/85 TB 38 M-L Self Pale blue with slightly deeper shadings at base, B:blue, tipped bronze in throat; waved and lightly ruffled, slight sweet fragrance 7.00
4135 CHIEF JUSTICE Taylor, J. 1963/63 TB 34 L Bicolor RARE S:very pale blue-white, yellow at midrib, F:crimson, pale blue edge, B: NFS
324 CHIEF REDSKIN Hamner, B. 1984/84 TB 37 M Self RARE Ruffled golden brown; B:light red 7.00
2621 CHIEF WAUKESHA Blodgett, A. 1977/78 TB 37 M Self S:oxblood red, F:slightly darker, B:red tipped orange 7.00
74 CHILD STAR Ghio, J. 1974/75 BB 22 EML Bicolor RARE S:dark gold, F:rosy orchid, B:gold; ruffled 5.00
1687 CHIMERA Zurbrigg, L. 1960/61 IB 18 E Bicolor S:near white; F:upper half maroon, lower ivory-chartreuse blended NFS
907 CHINA DRAGON Shoop, G. 1979/79 TB 36 M Self Ruffled and lightly laced bright deep orange, B:red-orange NFS
2026 CHINA MAID Milliken, C. 1936/36 TB 36 ML Blend Blend of soft lilac pink with golden bronze hafts; good smooth even texture. Deeper color than Angelus, strong and nice fragrance 6.00
854 CHINESE CORAL Fay, O. 1960/62 TB 35 VL Blend RARE Wonderful blend of pink, apricot and orange, B:Chinese coral NFS
1876 CHINESE TREASURE Blyth, B. 1981/83 TB 36 E-EM Bicolor S:white, often pink infusion around midrib, F:strong bluish rose pink; B:mandarin red NFS
2068 CHINQUAPIN Gibson, J. 1959/60 TB 34 M Plicata RARE S:solid honey tan, F:same with ivory center peppered deeper tan, B:yellow orange NFS
108 CHIVALRY Wills, J. 1943/44 TB   M Self Medium blue self, blue-white circle around beard, darker veining at haft, B:white base, orange, blue white end; Dykes Medal 1947 NFS
2027 CHOCOLATE CREAM Sass, H. 1946/44 TB   M Plicata RARE A cream plicata with chocolate markings. Well named. NFS
2859 CHOCOLATE DADDY Smith, L. 1989/89 TB 34 M Bicolor RARE S:rosy tan, F:velvety red brown, B:dull orange; ruffled, pronounced sweet fragrance 8.00
2359 CHOCOLATE SHAKE Gibson, J. 1981/1982 TB 36 M Plicata S:cream ground, brown and violet overlay, F:yellow edge stitched brown, white signal, B:yellow and brown NFS
1012 CHRISTA Nelson, R. 1982/85 TB 36 M Bitone S:medium pink with blue tint, F:creamy pink at haft, deeper at edge, B:red-orange 8.00
1885 CHRISTMAS ANGEL DeForest, F. 1959/60 TB 38 M Self RARE Large white with bright gold hafts, B:bold deep gold 6.00
606 CHRISTMAS CAROL O'Brien, C. 1969/69 TB 32 M Bicolor RARE S:peach, F:orchid rose, with peach border, B:orange NFS
908 CHRISTMAS RUBIES Hamblen, M. 1977/78 TB 32 ML Self RARE S:white with slightly greenish cast on midribs, F:white with greenish undertone, B:red-orange NFS
1712 CHRISTMAS SNOW Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 33 E,Re Self RARE White; B:yellow, sometimes horned NFS
156 CHRISTMAS TIME Schreiners 1964/65 TB 41 M Self Lightly laced pure white, B:red; popular NFS
1467 CIMARRON STRIP Tompkins, C. 1968/68 TB 38 ML Blend S:blend of pink, orange and flame over apricot chamois, F:blended orange cerise and cardinal and fuchsia reds 6.00
1305 CINDY ELLEN Brown, O. 1972/72 TB 40 E-M Bicolor RARE S:pale yellow center with 1/2" near white edge, F:white, hafts brushed yellow and laced yellow edge, B:orange 8.00
1477 CINEMA Williamson, B. 1979/82 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:butter yellow, texture veined slightly darker, F:white, butter yellow edges and shoulders, B:lemon, tipped white NFS
201 CINNA MAC Hopson, R. 1956/57 AB 24 EM Bicolor RARE S:opalescent lavender, infused gold, F:warm gold with cinnamon overlay 8.00
2779 CINNABAR Williamson, E. B. 1928/28 TB   M Bitone RARE S:medium grape, F:dark grape, white area around B with grape lines, B:yellow 6.00
2159 CINNAMON Ghio, J. 1982/83 TB 38 L-VL Self S:tan, F:tan, solid henna shoulders, violet flush, B:tan; sweet fragrance NFS
3053 CINNAMON GIRL Schreiners 1987/87 TB 35 E Plicata S:rusty rose red, F:cream ground, rusty rose rim and stitiching, B: NFS
2266 CIRCLE STEP Meek, D. 1977/78 TB 36 M-L Plicata RARE S:warm white with 3/4" med. blue-violet edge, F:white with precise 1/2" blue-violet edge, B:yellow, tipped blue; ruffled 6.00
534 CIRCUS STRIPES Plough, G. 1975/76 TB 30 M Plicata S:white, edges veined campanula violet; F:white with an overall veining of campanula violet; B:white to yellow 7.00
4529 CITRUS MEDLEY Sutton, M. 2016/2016 TB 38 L-VL Self S:yellow, flushed pink, F:pale yellow, darker edges, B:carrot red; ruffled, laced, fragrant 20.00
887 CITY FARMER Gaulter, L. 1977/78 TB 36 M Bicolor RARE S:orchid, F:yellowish tan, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled 6.00
2624 CITY LIGHTS Dunn, M. 1990/91 TB 37 M Self Blue purple self w/white circle around B, B:white, orange in throat NFS
2069 CITY OF LINCOLN Sass, H. 1936/36 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:clear bright golden yellow, F:rich velvety red edged yellow; clump really stands out in the garden NFS
3921 CITY OF STRATFORD Miles, W. 1946/46 TB   M Bitone S:royal violet, F:deeper almost black in center, lighter edge, B:bushy orange 6.00
3538 CLAIR DE LUNE by WAREHAM Wareham, J. 1925/25 TB 40 M Self RARE Clear bluish lavender with deeper flush on falls, B:golden yellow 6.00
167 CLANCY Roach, L. 1963/63 BB 22 M Self RARE Pod-green, with uranium-green blush at haft, B:tipped blue 2/6.00
2028 CLARA NOYES Sass, H. 1930/30 TB 22 M Bicolor RARE S:tan, F:reddish bronze, haft undertone of yellow, B:yellow NFS
3350 CLARENCE Zurbrigg, L. 1990/91 TB 35 M,Re Bicolor S:white, tinted violet at top, F:light blue violet, white center and hafts, B:cream; ruffled, sweet fragrance NFS
393 CLARET MAHOGANY Austin, L. 1963/64 TB 36 EM Self Crimson-red with mahogany epaulets, B:yellow 2/6.00
4628 CLASS RING Keppel, K. 2009/2010 TB 36 E-M Halo S:rubient red, F:white, rubient rim, darker hafts, B:orange, violet; very ruffled 20.00
4365 CLASSIC BORDEAUX Ernst, R. 1996/96 TB 40 EM Self S:dark burgundy red, washed plum, F:dark burgundy red washed cherry, B:plum at end, orange in throat; ruffled NFS
2626 CLASSIC LOOK Schreiners 1992/92 TB 36 EM Plicata White base plicata with blue purple speckles; broad falls 2/8.00
2997 CLASSY Vaughn, K. 1976/77 TB 36 M-L Plicata RARE S:cool white, F:white with narrow deep blue plicata margin, bright red-violet hafts, B:blue, orange throat; ruffled NFS
3785 CLAUDIA RENE Gaulter, L. 1961/63 TB 36 M Self RARE S: rose pink, yellow wash at edge, F:rose pink, darker rim, darker brownish shoulders, B:orange NFS
3529 CLEO MURRELL Murrell, O. 1941/41 TB   M Self Pale yellow with plum purple wash on falls, white at haft with distinct dark veining, B: yellow NFS
4432 CLOTH OF GOLD Whiting, Mrs. C. 1945/45 TB   M Self RARE Deep yellow NFS
2983 CLOUD DANCER Plough, G. 1958/59 TB 35 M-L Self RARE White self, B:tangerine red; lightly ruffled NFS
101 CLOUDCAP DeForest, F. 1947/50 TB 40 EM Self RARE Light flamingo pink, B:tangerine red; large bloom, most popular older pink 6.00
900 CLOUDLESS SUNRISE Niswonger, D. 1983/84 TB 34 E-M Bicolor S:white with slight streak of apricot at midrib; F:peachy apricot, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled NFS
4467 CLYDESDALE Smith, M. 2013/2014 TB 31 L-VL Broken

S:sides black violet, center white with broken violet, lav rim, F:black-violet, white midline, lav edge, B:none; flattie, ruffled

2460 COALIGNITION Burnseen, T. 1991/93 TB 36 E-M Bitone S:dark red maroon, F:sooty velvety black maroon, B:bright gold; ruffled, spicy fragrance 10.00
1152 CODICIL Innerst, S. 1984/85 TB 32 M-L Self Mid-blue, B:near black; Magnificent dark beards make this iris a real eye-catcher. 7.00
885 COFFEE HOUSE Ghio, J. 1976/77 TB 38 ML Self Deep brown, B:golden brown NFS
136 COFFEE ROYAL Merrill, G. 1960/61 TB 34 M Bitone S:reddish brown, F:reddish purple, hafts and edges same color as S, B:yellow-brown 6.00
4040 COFFEE TRADER Blyth, B 2004/06 TB 38 M-L Blend S:milky coffee, soft violet flush at midrib, F:milky coffee, large violet flush below beard, B:bright tangerine orange; sweet fragrance NFS
4530 COFFEE WHISPERS Blyth, B. 1999/2000 TB 38 M Bicolor S:white, cream center, F:coffee pink, lav blaze, white rim, B:tangerine; ruffled, fragrant 12.00
4531 COLETTE THURILLET Cayeux, J. 1991/1990 TB 34 M-L Bicolor S:tan, pink midrib, F:rosy red, narrow tan edge, B:tangerine; ruffled, crimped edges 15.00
581 COLLAGE Brown, B. 1986/86 TB 38 M Blend Lightly ruffled violet with darker midrib and tan overlay on F, greenish tan at hafts; B:greenish tan, tipped lavender 2/7.00
965 COLOR BURST Hamner, B. 1979/80 TB 36 M-L Bicolor RARE S:copper-bronze, F:imperial purple, banded copper-bronze, B:yellow-orange NFS
2316 COLOR CARNIVAL DeForest, F. 1949/49 TB   E-M Self Strawberry pink, heavily veined purple on top half of falls, B:tangerine NFS
1534 COLOR CODED Rawlins, D. 1981/82 TB 30 M-L Bitone S:light blue, F:very dark blue with purple cast, B:blue 7.00
4154 COLOR GLO Schreiner, B. 1953/53 TB 40 M Blend RARE S:buff beige to rose pink, F:blended fawn, pink cast, heliotrope with blue blaze NFS
280 COLOR SPLASH Schreiners 1980/80 TB 37 M Bicolor S:rich orchid pink, F:persian rose, B:tangerine; lightly laced, large bloom, very popular NFS
51 COLORBRATION Crandall, F. 1981/81 TB 38 M Bicolor S:ruffled deep butterscotch yellow, F:deep blue-violet with grayed violet rim, lighter area at haft with cinnamon speckles, B:yellow 7.00
1064 COLORTART Innerst, S. 1983/83 TB 36 M Plicata Medium yellow, trimmed burgundy-red, B:gold-bronze 7.00
244 COLUMBIA BLUE Schreiners 1978/78 TB 38 M Self Medium to light pure blue self, lighter around beard, B:near white; lightly ruffled 6.00
3275 COLUMBINE Murrell, O. 1930/30 TB 36 E Self RARE White self, B:white; fast increase 6.00
1346 COMANCHE DRUMS Tompkins, C. 1985/85 TB 37 EM-VL Bitone S:dark champagne, F:deep red-violet, flushed violet toward edge, purple-red midrib, B:brassy; lightly ruffled 8.00
1346 COMMAND PERFORMANCE Tompkins, C. 1973/72 TB 39 M-L Self RARE Ruffled brilliant chrome yellow, B:yellow NFS
152 COMMENTARY Babson, S. 1963/63 TB 38 M Blend RARE S:buff, F:light lavender-violet, red-brown at haft, B:lavender, tipped brown 6.00
2627 COMPETITIVE EDGE Ernst, R. 1991/91 TB 36 M Bicolor S:reddish tan, F:light grape, lighter area around B, reddish tan rim, mustard yellow at haft, B:orange 9.00
1208 CON AMORE Hager, B. 1983/84 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Clear pink, lighter in center, B:tangerine; slight fragrance NFS
1509 CONDOTTIERE Cayeux, J. 1978/78 TB 36 EM Bitone RARE S:light blue, F:medium violet-blue, B:red; fluted 7.00
2768 CONFETTI Schreiner 1948/48 TB 38 M Plicata Pink plicata, marking and stipplings of pink on creamy white with pearly sub tint NFS
1785 CONGO SONG Christensen, E. 1961/63 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:dark violet, F:dark purple, near black, lighter edging, B:purple 6.00
818 CONGRATULATIONS Keppel, K. 1982/83 TB 35 M Bitone S:blue with violet flush on midribs, F:pansy violet, slightly lighter toward edge, B:blue base with yellow tip; slight sweet fragrance 7.00
2176 CONJURATION Byers, M. 1988/89 TB 36 M-L Halo S:white, edge pale violet blue, F:white, deepening to bright amethyst violet edge, B:white tipped tangerine, fuzzy white horns; ruffled, Dykes Medal 1998 10.00
2845 CONQUISTADOR Mohr, W. 1921/23 TB   M Self Medium grape, white at haft w/ purple lines, B:yellow w/ white tip 6.00
514 CONSTANCE WEST Howe, A. 1967/x TB 37 E-M Blend Iridescent eggplant blend infused petunia on F; small violet spot at tip of yellow beard; English Dykes 1970 6.00
2628 CONTINUITY Innerst, S. 1993/94 TB 36 ML Self Light blue self, B:blue black; slight fragrance NFS
2877 CONVENTION QUEEN Muhlestein, T. 1953/54 TB 40 M-L Self RARE Peach pink self NFS
2989 CONVENTION SEVENTY-FOUR Johnson, A. 1975/76 TB 40 EM Plicata RARE S:deep violet with lighter center, Fwhite with deep violet border, violet haft, B:lavender base, orange tips in back 7.00
4367 COOL COMFORT Tompkins, C. 1958/58 TB 36 ML Self RARE Light yellow self with tiny white blaze NFS
717 COPPER CAPERS Gibson, J. 1970/71 TB 36 M Self S:orange, F:orange, lined garnet-red, B:orange; curly ruffled, very popular 8.00
1532 COPPER CLASSIC Roderick, E. 1977/79 TB 30 L Self Spanish orange, B:tangerine 8.00
4502 COPPER CLOUDS Blyth, B. 2007/2008 TB 35 M Self S:salmon terracotta, gold filigree lacy edge, F:same, lavender chevron, B:tangerine; ruffled NFS
2029 COPPER LUSTRE Kirland, J. 1931/34 TB 30 M Self Glowing soft copper bronze blended copper, gold, and tan; Dykes Medal 1938 NFS
3780 COPPER MEDALLION Schreiner, R. 1951/51 TB 38 M Self RARE Copper self, lighter at haft with veining, B:orange NFS
2250 COPPEROPOLIS Babson, S. 1960/60 TB 38 M Self RARE Copper brown self NFS
1219 COPYRIGHT Roderick, E. 1982/83 TB 32 ML Self Yellow, brushed white at tip of yellow B 7.00
2293 CORAL BEADS Niswonger, D. 1982/82 TB 40 E-M Self S:white, streak of pink at midrib, F:white, touch of pink around hafts, B: tangerine with white base 8.00
902 CORAL BEAUTY Niswonger, D. 1981/81 TB 34 E-M Bicolor RARE S:near white, F:apricot to peach, B:tangerine 8.00
952 CORAL CHALICE Niswonger, D. 1982/83 TB 34 M Bicolor S:white, F:salmon-pink down 2/3rds of petal, fading to white, B:tangerine 8.00
3963 CORAL CHARMER Wright, H. 1982/83 TB 30 M,Re Self Medium pink, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled NFS
1494 CORAL MAGIC Schreiners 1979/79 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Lavender to warm pink-orchid, B:medium orange to orchid 7.00
1418 CORAL SATIN Hamblen, M. 1980/81 TB 32 ML Self Ruffled and lightly laced deep satiny coral flushed pink in center of S, with great bushy red B 8.00
2957 CORALENE DeForest, C. 1964/65 TB 36 M Self RARE Medium pink, B:coral-pink 6.00
2629 CORALIE Ayres, Dr. W. 1932/32 TB 27 M Bitone S:pinkish rose F:reddish grape, brown haft w/ lines, B:yellow; Dykes Medal 1933 NFS
1220 CORDELIA Parker, R. 1873/74 IB 24 E Bicolor S:rosy lilac, F:rich crimson-purple, rose lilac edge, white ground top half of F with strong crimson purple veining, B:orange; striking NFS
564 CORINTHE Cayeux, F. 1938/34 TB 30 M Bitone RARE S:medium purple, F:dark purple, white with lines at haft, B: 1/2 yellow, 1/2 lavender 6.00
830 CORN HARVEST Wyatt, C. 1974/77 TB 30 E-M,Re Self Ruffled full yellow self, B:full yellow 6.00
2954 CORNERSTONE Corlew, G. 1974/76 TB 34 M Self RARE S:off white tinged light pink, F:same w/ touch of amber at haft, B:tangerine-orange; lightly laced NFS
2131 CORONATION Moore, I. 1927/27 TB 40 M Self Deep rich yellow, lighter at B, B:yellow; shows bits of purple flecking in cool temps NFS
2317 CORONATION TAPESTRY Craig, T. 1953/53 AB 38 EM Blend RARE S:rosedust blended to old gold at midrib, lilac iridescence on midrib, F: travertine washed and veined purple. B:brown, Eupogocyclus hybrid. NFS
172 CORONET Hall, D. 1937/38 TB 33 ML Blend RARE Yellow w/ reddish brown wash on F, darker at haft, B:yellow orange 6.00
2834 CORRIDA Millet et Fils 1914/14 TB 27 ML Self RARE Bluish purple, lighter at haft w/ lines, B:pale blue NFS
390 CORSAGE Watkins, W. 1956/55 TB 32 E-ML Blend Novelty: Satiny white, splashed bright yellow in a random pattern, each flower is different 6.00
1735 COSMIC SKIES Rowlan, H. 1983/83 TB 32 M Self RARE Lightly ruffled medium blue self; B:yellow, 1" blue horn 8.00
2630 COSMIC WAVE Kerr, F. 1995/96 TB 38 EM Bitone S:medium violet blue, wide white border, F:medium blue violet, B:yellow white at end.; ruffled, flaring, spicy fragrance 2/9.00
3149 COTE D'OR Schreiners 1990/90 TB 36 L Self Ruffled yellow self, B:orange NFS
3825 COTTAGE MAID Barr & Sons 1906/06 TB   EM Bitone RARE Little blue bitone with white veining in the falls, not obsolete NFS
1040 COTTON CARNIVAL Mohr, K. 1981/81 TB 38 E-L Self Ruffled and fluted white, B:white, yellow in heart NFS
2438 COUNTRY BUTTER Sass, H. 1952/53 TB 30 M Self RARE Strong deep yellow, B:deeper yellow orange 6.00
882 COZY CALICO Schreiners 1980/80 TB 34 E-EM Plicata S:reddish purple with white shadings, F:white w/ precise reddish purple edge, B:cream, tipped purple; large bloom NFS
3811 CRACKEN Schreiners 1973/74 TB 36 E Plicata S:dark inky black-purple, white speckles near midrib, F:plicata marked with heavy band of deep inky blue-black-purple, B:blue at end, dull orange in throat NFS
1246 CRACKLIN BURGUNDY Schreiners 1981/81 TB 35 M Self Lightly ruffled smooth silky burgundy red with B of identical hue. 7.00
4368 CRAFTSMAN Knopf, M. 1963/64 TB 38 M-L Bicolor RARE S:deep butter yellow, F:white, yellow border, shoulders and midrib, B:orange 6.00
2227 CRANBERRY CRUSH Aitken, T. 1985/86 TB 37 M-L   S:light violet, light blue violet rim, F:glossy red violet, violet black rim, B:violet, tipped yellow 10.00
48 CRANBERRY ICE Schreiners 1973/76 TB 36 ML Self Large ruffled cranberry red bloom, B:light purple-white NFS
2633 CRANBERRY TEA Mapes, G. 1988/89 TB 38 M Self RARE S:rose tan with red violet, 1/4" tan edge, F:red voilet center, metallic sheen on shoulders, 1/4"tan edge, B:old gold; ruffled, slight fragrant SO
4445 CRANFIL'S GAP Burseen, T. 2010/2011 TB 35 LM Bicolor S:heavy gentian blue edges, tan center, F:dk brown, violet-blue, creamy blue edge, slight starburst, B:marigold; ruffle, fragrant 20.00
4317 CREAM CREST Muhlestein, T. 1958/59 TB 36 E-L Self RARE Cream self, pale gold heart and hafts brushed lemon yellow; ruffled, semiflaring 7.00
1179 CREATIVE STITCHERY Schreiners 1984/84 TB 35 EM Plicata White ground, precisely stitched blue on all edges, B:near white 8.00
2961 CREDO Babson, S. 1964/66 TB 38 M-L Self RARE Maroon red self, B:maroon base, old gold tips 6.00
4512 CRETE Johnson, T. 2008/2008 TB 35 M Bicolor S:rich purple, F:near black, narrow purple band, B:bright orange; ruffled, fragrant, smaller bloom 15.00
347 CRIMSON COLOSSUS Austin, L. 1963/63 TB 36 M Bitone RARE S:light shimmering red, F:deep velvety crimson with 1/4" pink border; colossal, semi-flaring 2/6.00
1840 CRIMSON KING Barr and Sons 1893/93 IB 30 E,Re Bitone Old antique variety, S:red-purple, F:purple, B:white; short, extremely hardy and very prolific, starts bloom very early 2/5.00
1688 CRIMSON REPEATER Austin, L. 1964/64 TB 44 EM,Re Bitone RARE S:light crimson, F:bright crimson 2/6.00
2360 CRIMSON SNOW Blyth, B. 1987/88 TB 30 E-M Bitone S:orchid pink (nearly white), F:plush ruby rose, 1/4" pink white band, B:white, tipped tangerine NFS
2030 CRINKLED BEAUTY Schreiners 1960/61 TB 38 M Bitone S:delicate orchid-mauve, F:same with a pinker cast, silvery lilac overtone; heavily laced 6.00
3887 CRINKLED IVORY Schreiner, R. 1955/58 TB 34 ML Self RARE Translucent ivory cream self, hafts flushed yellow; broad petals NFS
3946 CRINOLINE Schreiners 1964/1965 TB 37 EM Plicata S:rich raspberry rose, plicata markings, F:white ground, raspberry rose 3/4" border, sharp plicata markings, B:orange 7.00
4329 CRISPETTE Schreiner, R. 1954/1954 TB 36 ML Self RARE Pearly orchid self, light gold at haft to just below beard, B:yellow NFS
2407 CROSS CURRENT Keppel, K. 1994/1995 TB 38 EM Bitone S:clear light blue, F:violet blue paling near B to blue white w/ campanula violet veining, B:blue tip, white mid, yellow throat; sweet fragrance NFS
4625 CROSS MY HEART Blyth, B. 2012/2012 TB 35 ML Bicolor S:peach pink, F:peach pink with rose overlay, 1/8" pale pink rim, B:white, coral-tangerine tips; ruffled NFS
3649 CROWNED HEADS Keppel, K. 1996/97 TB 38 M Bicolor S:wisteria violet, deeper base, F:light blue, deeper heart, aging silvery, B:blue, golden throat; sweet frag. Dykes Medal 2004. One per customer. NFS
2634 CRUISE CONTROL Lauer, L. 1995/95 TB 37 EM Bicolor S: light blue white, F:violet blue, B:lavender blue, tipped tangerine in throat 10.00
2751 CRUSADER Foster, Sir M. 1913/13 TB 34 M Bitone A light violet bitone appraching a self, B:yellow tipped, projecting, dense, conspicuous 2/6.00
589 CRUSHED VELVET Ghio, J. 1976/77 TB 40 EM Self RARE Beautiful reddish violet with lighter center on falls, B:white NFS
26 CRYSTAL BLUE Schreiners 1964/64 TB 37 L Self RARE Frosty glacial blue self, deeper in borders, some maroon veining at haft, B:light blue 6.00
981 CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL Hager, H. 1983/84 TB 37 M Self RARE Ruffled very pale lavender fading to white, B:very pale lavender NFS
1133 CRYSTAL GLITTERS Schreiners 1985/85 TB 36 EM Bitone Lightly ruffled pale peach-cream, darker peach-pink hafts and styles, B:peach-gold 8.00
4238 CUMQUAT Moldovan, S. 1969/70 IB 20 LM Self Apricot-orange self, flushed pink, B:coral-orange 5.00
2635 CUPID'S ARROW Ghio, J. 1989/90 TB 38 E-M Bicolor S:pink, F:white, strong pink orchid purple edge, B:red; beautiful NFS
4428 CURLS OF GOLD Schortman, W. 1959/60 TB 40 EM Self Solid yellow-gold self, no markings, B:orange NFS
103 CURTAIN CALL Schreiners 1967/67 TB 34 EM Plicata RARE White with rosy pink edges, frosty sheen; smaller bloom 6.00
2014 CURTAIN UP Byers, M. 1987/88 TB 34 M,Re Bicolor RARE S:green gold & pale violet, F:violet green blend, gold hafts, edge curls to reveal yellow reverse, B:yellow; ruffled, fragrant 6.00
1107 CUTIE Schreiners 1962/62 IB 23 E Self RARE S:pure white, F:white with near turquoise-blue blaze NFS
3816 CYANEA/COMPACTA Goos & Koen 1899/99 or 1906/06 SDB 6 E Bitone RARE Dark blue-violet self, B:white; Apparently mixed with Compacta: Blue-violet bitone, B:white


1829 CYCLAMEN ROSE Williams, B. 1955/56 TB 36 M-L Self RARE Deep orchid-rose or crushed raspberry self, B:tangerine-red NFS
2430 CYCLES McWhirter, J. 1985/86 TB 36 E-M Halo S:light to mid blue, F:white ground, stitched blue on edge, B:white; slight fragrance 8.00