1076 BABBLING BROOK Keppel 1965/69 TB 38 M Self Light blue self with dark veins lenght of F, white around B, black veins at haft, B:pale blue yellow tips; Dykes Medal 1972 5.00
849 BABY BLESSED Zurbrigg 1979/79 SDB 10 E,Re Self Light yellow with small white spot on F, B:cream 3.00
2466 BABY BOOM Byers 1989/90 SDB 13 VE,Re Bitone S:pale yellow edged creamy white, F:medium yellow, B:white tipped yellow 3.00
1515 BABY FACE Mohr 1976/77 TB 37 M-L Self S:blue-pink, heather pink midribs, F:orient pink, lighter center, B:orient pink, tipped tangerine-pink; ruffled 6.00
1330 BABY SNOWFLAKE Peterson 1962/63 SDB 12 E Self White, with hint of green at haft, B:white 2.00
823 BABY TEARS Weiler 1980/80 SDB 8 E,Re Bicolor S:white, F:light yellow, B:white, tipped yellow; fragrant, charming petite flower 3.00
246 BACCARAT Gaulter 1966/67 TB 36 L Blend S:brown with amber-purple cast, F:violet, edged brown, brown hafts, B:orange 5.00
1962 BACK IN BLACK Schreiner 1986/86 TB 38 ML Self Velvety rich black with red undertones, B:self 7.00
504 BAJA BANDIT Hamner 1981/81 TB 34 M Self Ruffled vivid golden bronze-brown, slightly lighter at haft with lines, B:golden yellow; large bloom 6.00
1562 BAKER'S DOZEN Coleman 1977/78 TB 36 M Self Black-blue, B:black-purple 6.00
1980 BALALAIKA Martin 1975/82 TB 34 M Self Ruffled dresden yellow with lighter flush on center of F, B:darker yellow 6.00
392 BALL GOWN Craig 1950/50 TB 35 ML Blend Rosy brown and violet blend 4.00
2362 BALLERINA Hall 1950/51 TB 36 M Self Beautifully full fashioned light pink self. 4.00
2776 BALLET FOLKLORICO Williamson 1987/87 TB 36 E Blend Ruffled smooth blending of tan, caramel and golden brown, slight violet blaze, B:yellow orange; slight fragrance 7.00
2450 BALMUNG Sass 1938/39 TB 38 M-L Plicata A rich yellow stitched with brown; large and tall, slight fragrance 5.00
2329 BALOO Dunn 1992/93 TB 38     Sky blue self 8.00
1203 BAMA BERRY Burch 1984/84 TB 35 M Plicata S:peach-white ground with reddish-pink plicata markings, F:white ground with red plicata markings, darker in center, B:red-orange; GBF 7.00
2158 BANBURY RUFFLES Reath 1970/70 SDB 15 VE Self Rich blue with darker blue spot on F; ruffled 4.00
176 BANG Craig 1955/55 TB 38 L,Re Bitone S:near old cedar, F:near India red. Bold red on brown side, slight reticulations, B:old gold w/ reddish tips 4.00
1490 BANJO MAN Hamblen 1979/80 TB 34 M Bitone S:greyed purple, F:same with large blue-violet area in center, brown hafts, B:greyed orange 6.00
1587 BARBARY COAST McWhirter 1976/78 TB 38 M Blend Reddish brown, blue blaze down center of F 10.00
7 BARCELONA Brown 1967/67 TB 36 M Bicolor S:yellow ochre, violet infusion at midribs, F:pansy purple, B:tangerine 5.00
1569 BARELY BLUE E.Kegerise 1978/79 TB 38 M-L Self Ruffled pale blue, B:pale blue, yellow in throat 6.00
624 BAROQUE Phenis 1966/70 TB 36 M Bitone S:burnt orange, flushed pink, F:burnt orange, smooth brown hafts, B:coral 5.00
810 BAROQUE PRELUDE Zurbrigg 1973/74 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:white with narrow yellow rim, F:primrose yellow, deeper at hafts, B:yellow 6.00
1819 BARRISTER Meek 1980/80 TB 36 EM Plicata S:med purple with white infusion, F:white w/ 3/4" violet-purple band on edge, grape spot, B:smoky orange with hint of blue; ruffled 7.00
1567 BARTEE BLUE Connaly 1977/78 TB 36 E-M Self Full violet-blue, B:yellow-orange, tipped light violet-blue 6.00
690 BASIC BLACK Hager 1970/71 TB 36 M Bitone S:dark purple, F:black-purple, B:deep purple 6.00
2607 BATMAN Byers 1985/86 TB 36 M-L Self Deep blackish purple self, B:purple w/ 1" deep purple horns; slight musky fragrance 8.00
840 BATTLE STAR Osborne 1979/79 TB 35 M Bicolor S:cinnamon w/ violet wash, F:rose-violet with cinnamon border, yellow at haft w/ lines, B:gold with violet horns; ruffled 6.00
675 BAYBERRY CANDLE DeForest 1966/69 TB 36 M Bitone S:chartreuse to lime, F:golden olive-green, deeper center, B:brown 5.00
1101 BE DAZZLED Boushay 1975/75 SDB 14 M Self S:bright yellow, F:same with bright dark red-brown thumbprint, B:yellow 2.00
832 BE MINE Byers 1985/86 TB 36 ME-ML Self S:pink with lighter edge, F:pink-white, deep orange-gold hafts blending to pink at B, B:red-orange; occ. sm. horns, laced, spicy fragrance 7.00
2608 BE MY LOVE Meek 1988/88 TB 36 E-M Bitone S:greyish tan, maroon at midrib, F:dark wine, B:orange; heavily ruffled w/ pleating at side of F. 8.00
75 BEAU Gatty 1973/74 SDB 13 E Bitone S:medium red-violet, F:dark purple, B:blue, tipped bronze 2.00
743 BEAUTY CROWN Hamner 1976/77 TB 38 E-M Bicolor S:peach, F:cream, edged salmon peach, B:tangerine; lightly ruffled 6.00
1592 BEAUTY SECRET Sexton 1966/66 TB 36 E Self Bright apricot self. 5.00
435 BEAUX ARTS Plough 1968/69 TB 36 ML Bitone S:deep phlox pink, F:lighter, apricot at haft to end of B blending to clean buttercup yellow, B:saturn red; very laced and ruffled 5.00
543 BEDOUIN WOMAN McKusick 1973/74 AR 36 E Bicolor S:tan-beige-yellow, F:red-orange, brown at signal area beneath stylearm, same colors lightning down F, B:orange-yellow 6.00
1106 BEE WINGS Brown 1959/60 MDB 7 E Self S:yellow, F:canary-yellow, small maroon-brown spot on each side of B 2.00
2322 BEFORE THE STORM Innerst 1988/89 TB 36 M Self Black self, B:tipped bronze; slight fragrance, Dykes Medal 1996 8.00
1823 BELLEEK PASTEL Applegate 1971/72 BB 25 EM,Re Self S:light buff, slight blending of yellow and lav., F:light buff, blended yellow near edge, lav. in center, maroon haft lines, B:yellow 4.00
1996 BELVI CLOUD Jensen 1988/88 TB 31 E-M,Re Bicolor S:white, light violet midrib, F:light ruffled amethyst violet, white streaks at hafts, B:orange 8.00
658 BENGAL TIGER Maryott 1980/81 TB 37 EM Self S:bright yellow, F:same with exotic maroon stripes full length of petals, 1/8" yellow band, B:yellow 7.00
2126 BEOTIE Cayeux x/1932 TB 28 E Bitone S:grey w/ lavender infusion, F:light grape w/ S color 1/2" rim, lines at haft to end of B, median line, B:white base yellow tips 4.00
1850 BERKELEY GOLD Salbach x/1942 TB 36 E Self Solid deep yellowish gold; at the time, considered the best yellow thus far 3.00
503 BETHLEHEM SONG Foster 1967/68 AR 35 EM Bicolor S:white, F:yellow with deeper styles, mahogany-brown signal, B:gold 5.00
744 BETTY SIMON Hamblen 1975/76 TB 32 M-L Bicolor S:yellow, creamy yellow center, F:violet-blue, chartreuse hafts, B:yellow-orange; flaring 6.00
482 BEVERLY SILLS Hager 1978/79 TB 36 M Self Beautiful laced coral pink, B:tangerine, Dykes Medal 1985 7.00
2414 BEWILDERBEAST Kasperek 1994/95 TB 30 M Broken S:light mauve streaked silver, F:dark mauve w/ silver streaking, yellow shoulders w/ mauve veining, B:golden brown; ruffled, laced 12.00
1009 BEYOND Gibson 1978/79 TB 36 E Plicata S:deep apricot-brown, F:white ground stitched deep apricot-brown on outer rim, chocolate-brown thumbprints, B:orange; ruffled and fluted 6.00
1077 BICENTENNIAL Ghio 1975/76 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:bright gold, F:white, gold edge, B:yellow; laced 6.00
1609 BIG BLACK BUMBLEBEE Danielson 1965/66 AR 24 EM Bicolor S:deep amethyst-pink veined dark mulberry, F:similar, but darker, large black signal, B:bronze 6.00
1287 BIG DIPPER Brown 1981/81 TB 36 ML Self Ruffled and fluted large satin-smooth light mimosa yellow, B:medium yellow 7.00
1550 BIG PEACH Muhlestein 1975/75 TB 40 M-L Self Apricot, B:apricot 6.00
2246 BIRD SONG Corey 1951/52 TB 34 M Plicata White and violet plicata, darker maroon lines at haft, B:yellow orange 4.00
1820 BIRTHDAY GIFT Mohr 1982/82 TB 36 M Self Lightly laced and ruffled deep blue-pink, B:same, tipped coral red 7.00
877 BIRTHSTONE Babson 1977/78 TB 38 M Bitone S:pastel greenish ecru, F:white edged pastel greenish ecru, B:blue 6.00
2258 BISCO Craig 1964/66 TB 38 M-L Bitone S:chestnut, F:chestnut washed henna, violet blaze 5.00
1342 BITTERSWEET GOLD Tompkins 1982/86 TB 36 M-L Self Velvety deep golden apricot-orange, B:apricot-orange 7.00
2109 BLACK AND GOLD Kleinsorge 1943/43 TB 36 M Bicolor S:bronze gold, F:black maroon 5.00
2610 BLACK AS NIGHT Meek 1992/92 TB 37 M-L Self Deep rich red black self, B:bright mustard; flaring, lightly ruffled 10.00
292 BLACK BART Schmelzer 1968/69 TB 36 EML Self Coal black with red undertone, F:same, velvety texture, B:same 6.00
967 BLACK CASTLE Schreiner 1953/53 TB 32 M Self Velvety smooth deep violet, near black, intense luster; S. not quite as dark as F, B:rich orange; considered the blackest of its time 4.00
898 BLACK DRAGON Schreiner 1982/82 TB 36 ML Self Velvety deep dark blue-black, B:same, mustard tips in throat; flaring, lightly ruffled 7.00
2458 BLACK FANTASY Meek 1988/88 TB 36 E-M Bitone S:dark wine, F:dark blackish wine, B:mustard; ruffled 8.00
423 BLACK FLAG Stahly 1983/84 TB 38 EM Bitone S:very deep violet, F:deeper, B:self; moderately ruffled 8.00
2415 BLACK FOREST Schreiner 1944/x BB 24 M Self Richly colored silky ebony blue-black, solid haft color, B:blackish (dk pur w/ brown tips); 4.00
538 BLACK HILLS Fay 1950/51 TB 42 M Self S.deep blue-violet, F: near purple black, B:black with lavender tips; tailored form, semiflaring 5.00
1662 BLACK HILLS GOLD Brown 1986/86 TB 37 EM Bitone S:lemon yellow blushed cadmium orange, F:mimosa yellow blushed tangerine on shoulders, lighter around B, B:tangerine; ruffled 8.00
199 BLACK HOPE Austin 1963/63 TB 36 M-L Bitone

S:deep mulberry, F:mulberry black, B:slender violet horns

2021 BLACK MAGIC Wayman 1935/35 IB 28 E,Re Self Blue-black, B:lavender 4.00
2457 BLACK ORPHEUS Schreiner 1987/87 TB 40 ML Self Lightly ruffled Victoria violet, B:victoria violet tipped white (mustard) 8.00
1198 BLACK PEARL Meek 84/84 TB 35 M-L Bicolor S:deep reddish black, F:velvety black, B:red-black; ruffled 8.00
337 BLACK SULTAN Austin 65/66 TB 38 M Bitone S:deep red-purple, F:velvety red-purple, intensely black in center, white veining at haft, B:cream, tipped light blue; large bloom 5.00
2434 BLACK TAFFETA Songer 1953/54 TB 34 M-L Self Black-purple self, B:same; ruffled wide hafts without veining 4.00
875 BLACK WATCH Rosenfels 72/72 IB 23 M Self Very deep, velvety purple, B:same 6.00
54 BLACK WINGS Kirkland 1929/30 TB 35 M Bitone S:deep grape, F:near black, white with lines at haft, B:bronze gold 4.00
1868 BLACKBEARD Weiler 1988/89 BB 25 M-VL Self Tailored pale steel blue with lines on F, B:blackish violet 6.00
2358 BLACKOUT Luihn 85/86 TB 38 ML Bitone S:silky black violet, F:darker, velvety blue black, B:blackish blue; slight sweet fragrance 10.00
1772 BLAZE OF BLUE Austin 64/64 TB 33 M-L Self Deep rose, large blue blaze at beard tip 5.00
58 BLENDED BEAUTY National 1939/39 TB 0 ML Bicolor S:golden yellow, F:maroon, yellow wash, B:yellow 4.00
1869 BLENHEIM ROYAL Schreiner 1990/90 TB 38 M Self Ruffled medium blue; B:cream 8.00
822 BLESSED AGAIN Jones 1976/76 IB 19 E,Re Bicolor S:light yellow, F:warm white, B:orange, paler at tip 3.00
1794 BLOODSPOT Craig 1966/66 SDB 11 E Self Arabian red with zanzibar spot pattern on F 2.00
402 BLOODSTONE Schreiner 1980/80 SDB 14 EM Self Deep velvety maroon red, B:dandelion orange 4.00
1279 BLOSSOM PINK Niswonger 1975/75 TB 34 E-M Self Clear pink 6.00
2611 BLOWTORCH Byers 1984/86 TB 36 EM-L Bicolor S:yellow, F:white, yellow haft and edge, B:orange w/ hairy blue flounces and yellow tatters; heavily ruffled, musky fragrance 8.00
1808 BLUE ABALONE Austin 1955/55 AR 32 EM-M Bitone S:pale lillac-blue, F:deep lilac-blue, paler edge, brown haft veins, B:heavy tangerine 4.00
2491 BLUE BALLET Kepple 1989/90 TB 34 EM Plicata S:light blue, F:white ground, 1.5" white blaze, wide med. lavender blue margin, B:blue-white tipped yellow; sweet fragrance 7.00
1793 BLUE BAND Cook 1950/52 SDB 5 E Bitone S:light blue, F:blue-violet 4.00
2953 BLUE BLAZES Welch 1949/x TB   M Self

Medium blue self, slight tan edges, B:yellow

2175 BLUE CHIP PINK Niswonger 1989/90 TB 34 M Self Pink with hint of lilac, B:1/2 blue, 1/2 tangerine; slight fragrance 8.00
465 BLUE EVERBLOOMER Austin 1964/65 TB 29 ML Self Light lavender-blue, white around B, B:creamy yellow 5.00
2765 BLUE GOWN Essig 1929/32 TB 38 E Self Very tall blue grape, heavy lines at haft, B:yellow orange; taylored form 4.00
592 BLUE HAWAII Schreiner 1953/54 TB 42 M Self Lavender-blue 4.00
1773 BLUE INTENSITY Austin 1958/58 TB 36 EM Self Intense blue, B:yellowish white 4.00
505 BLUE LUSTER Brown 1973/73 TB 38 M Bitone S:blue, F:violet-blue, B:blue; ruffled 6.00
99 BLUE PETTICOATS Schreiner 1964/65 TB 34 E-M Plicata S:white with light blue stitching, F:lavender edges; B:caterpillar orange, 1/2 light blue; ruffled, flaring 5.00
1100 BLUE POOLS Jones 1972/73 SDB 12 M Self S:white, F:white with large medium blue spot, B:white 3.00
431 BLUE REFLECTION Schreiner 1972/74 TB 35 E-L Self Ruffled silver-blue, B:lemon-yellow 6.00
1006 BLUE RHYTHM Whiting 1945/45 TB 38 M Self Cornflower blue w/ silvery overcast (S: lt. blue grape, F:med. grape, lt. rim), smooth; lemon frag, broad petals, semi-flaring, Dykes Medal 1950 4.00
1034 BLUE SAPPHIRE Schreiner 1953/53 TB 40 E Self Lightly ruffled opalescent cornflower blue with lavender cast and a light silvery sheen, B:orange w/ lav tip; Dykes Medal 1958 5.00
2022 BLUE SHIMMER Sass 1941/41 TB 38 M Plicata Enamel ivory white ground is evenly peppered with blue in a wide border, B:pale blue w/ yellow tips in throat; PBF 4.00
851 BLUE STACCATO Gibson 1976/77 TB 40 EM Plicata S:moorish-blue lines on rim and specks on white, F:icy sparkling white with narrow band of blue stitching around edge, B:yellow tipped blue 6.00
162 BLUE SURPRISE Austin 1956/57 TB 36 EM-ML Self Light bright blue, flash of white around beard, B:cream; heavy substance; very fragrant 4.00
1311 BLUE THEME Palmer 1976/77 TB 35 M Bicolor S:very pale blue, F:white, B:blue; ruffled 6.00
2771 BLUE THROAT Loomis 1976/56 TB 38 M-L   Light blue self, B:white, tipped blue 6.00
1573 BLUE TULIP Knocke 1962/64 TB 38 M Self Novelty: Fancy blue, with green midribs, tulip-shaped, no B or anthers 5.00
37 BLUE VALLEY Smith 1945/47 TB 40 ML Self Large ruffled medium sky-blue with an unusual sparkling sheen, lighter area around B, B:light yellow; fragrant 4.00
1799 BLUEBERRY MUFFINS Warburton 1962/63 SDB 12 E Self S:tan-buff, F:tan-buff, greenish yellow pattern, B:violet 2.00
1350 BLUEBERRY TRIM Gibson 1973/74 TB 32 M Plicata Cream ground, rimmed with speckles of dauphine violet, golden brown at base, F:heavy textured soft cream, 3/8" violet border, B:yellow 6.00
1045 BLUEBIRD BLUE Fay 1952/1953 TB 36 M Self Large, full, round, taylored, medium violet-blue, B:white tipped blue 4.00
305 BLUEBIRD WINE Blyth 1981/82 TB 32 VE-M Bitone S:pale blue infused light violet, S:dark red-violet, deeper around B, white veining at haft, B:white with mustard tips 7.00
2839 BLUET Sturtevant x/1918 BB 20 M Self Light blue lavender, white at haft, faint blaze line, B:yellow 5.00
2023 BLUMOHR Marx 1948/49 TMB 36 M Self This rare color is purest lavender, near plumbago blue, with no veining whatsoever, even on hafts; large rounded flowers of good texture 6.00
412 BLUSHING DIANA Mohr 1981/82 TB 32 EM Self S:warm pink with deeper blushing center, edged peach pink, F:pale warm pink, edged peach pink, B:peach pink; ruffled and heavily laced 7.00
2224 BLUSHING DUCHESS Schoop 1990/90 TB 34 M Self Lightly ruffled deep pink, B:tangerine red; slight fragrance 8.00
8 BLUSHING LEMON Boushay 1972/73 TB 32 M-L Self S:barium yellow, azalea-pink blush at mid-rib, F:barium yellow with blush at beard, pinkish lines at haft, lighter blaze, B:yellow-orange 6.00
84 BLUSHING PINK Rudolph 1976/77 TB 30 E Self Ruffled red-pink with blue blaze on F, B:pink 6.00
1591 BOARDWALK Mohr 1978/78 TB 38 M-L Bitone S:light violet-blue, F:full blue-violet, B:white 6.00
640 BOLD ACCENT Brown 1978/78 TB 36 M Bicolor S:yellow, F:purple, edged brown, B:brown; ruffled and flaring 6.00
1717 BOLD GIANT Austin 1962/62 TB 40 ML Bicolor S:smooth coffee-buff, F:warm dark crimson, clear maroon lines on yellow wash at haft, B:bright yellow, tips black 5.00
1837 BOLD LOGIC Plotner 1989/88 TB 36 EM Self S:oxblood red, F:oxblood red, edged greyed purple, B:dark mustard; ruffled, slight spicy fragrance 7.00
906 BOLD PRINT Gatty 1981/82 IB 22 M Plicata S:white ground neatly edged with 3/8" purple heather border, F:white, hafts and 1/4" stitched purple heather edge, B:white, tipped bronze 3.00
2816 BOMBAY Hamilton 1943/43 TB 36 M Bicolor S:golden buff yellow, F:deep mahogany, bright mahogany lines at haft on yellow and white, B:orange; striking clump 4.00
745 BONBON Gatty 1977/77 TB 37 M Bitone S:pink, F:peach-pink, white area around B, B:fire red; ruffled and very laced 6.00
2787 BONNIE BLUE Hite 1981/82 SDB 9 EM Self Light blue with deeper blue spot on F, B:white tipped 4.00
253 BOO Markham 1971/71 SDB 12 M Self White with rich violet spot on falls, B:cream 3.00
2492 BOOGIE WOOGIE Nichols 1988/x TB 36 M-L Bicolor S:white, F:cloudy violet, brown hafts, B:orange and white; ruffled and laced 8.00
1864 BOOM BOOM BUNNY Miller 1994/95 SDB 10 EML Self S:medium pink, F:pale pink veined medium pink, small pink spot around beard, B:white, tipped tangerine; musky fragrance 4.00
306 BORDELLO Roberts 1976/77 TB 36 E-M Self Ruffled blackish maroon, crimson undertones, B:black-violet 6.00
2406 BOSS TWEED McWhirter 1992/x TB 38 M Self Ruffled honey tan-brown, white area under gold beard; slight fragrance 8.00
817 BOURBON Dunn 1980/81 TB 36 M-L Self Ruffled honey amber with violet blaze in center of F, B:gold 7.00
1182 BOURREE Marsh 1981/84 TB 35 M Plicata S:light lavender blue, F:white dotted dark blue violet with deep violet lines at haft; B:burnt orange with purple tip; sweet fragrance 7.00
585 BOY FRIEND Williamson 1986/86 TB 38 EM Bitone S:medium amber tan, F:light golden tan, shaded amber tan at edge and hafts, B:yellow orange; lightly ruffled, slight spicy fragrance 8.00
1310 BOY WONDER Ghio 1976/77 IB 20 E Bitone S:burnt gold, F:burnished golden tan, B:gold 5.00
933 BRANDY McWhirter 1977/81 TB 36 M Bitone S:light greyed orange-gold, F:greyed orange, B:bronze-gold 6.00
2011 BRASS ACCENTS Schreiner 1958/59 TB 40 M Self Bright, rich coffee brown self with deeper colored hafts, B:burnt orange 4.00
1129 BRASS SECTION Hager 1984/85 TB 38 M Self Shining brass, B:same 7.00
942 BRASS TRIO Dunn 1982/82 TB 38 E-M Self Brassy mustard-gold with bright violet blaze in center of F, yellow with lines in throat, B:brassy gold 7.00
2067 BRAVADO Hall 1958/59 TB 32 M Self Laced golden yellow with metallic sheen. 4.00
2801 BRAZEN BEAUTY Meek 1994 TB 35 M Plicata Ivory based with raspberry rim plicata, B:brick red 8.00
2612 BREAKERS Schreiner 1986/86 TB 37 M Self True blue, B:dull blue tipped yellow in throat; fluted and heavily ruffled 7.00
394 BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY McWhirter 1982/83 TB 38 E Self Heavily ruffled mulberry with velvet sheen, B:mulberry, tipped blue 7.00
150 BREAKING DAWN Schreiner 1971/71 TB 36 EM Bicolor S:white with rose tint, F:rose, B:light yellow 6.00
438 BREATH OF MORN Stahly 1977/77 TB 32 M Self Pale violet-blue with gray cast, amber hafts, B:amber 6.00
1991 BRIDAL FASHION Weiler 1986/86 TB 33 E-M Self Heavily ruffled cool white, B:white, tipped yellow; slight sweet fragrance 7.00
1231 BRIDAL PASSION Boushay 1983/83 TB 36 M-L Self Orient pink, B:tangerine 7.00
2800 BRIDAL VEIL FALLS Plotner 1986/86 TB 36 M-L Self Ruffled white, B:white 7.00
1013 BRIDAL WREATH Weiler 1979/79 TB 38 E-M Self Ruffled white, B:white, tipped pale yellow 6.00
746 BRIDE'S HALO Mohr 1971/73 TB 36 EML Self Lightly laced but heavily ruffled white, bordered by 1/8" yellow band, slight lavender cast on F, B:yellow; Dykes Medal 1978, GBF 6.00
1223 BRIGADIER Schreiner 1983/83 TB 36 M Bitone S:lavender to cool white-blue, F:full light purple blue-lavender, B:old gold to blue-white; lightly ruffled 7.00
576 BRIGHT DANDELION Schreiner 1976/76 TB 38 M Self Rich, deep colored, pure golden yellow, B:orange-yellow 6.00
2850 BRIGHT HOUR Douglas 1949/x TB   M Bicolor S:white, F:purple w/ very narrow lavender edge, B:yellow 4.00
1845 BRIGHT LIFE Shoop 1973/74 TB 36 M Self Bright orange, flushed pink, B:orange-red 6.00
1809 BRIGHT PASTEL Austin 1960/62 AR 34 E-EM Blend S:light violet-pink, F:pinkish buff 5.00
1527 BRIGHT REFLECTION Brown 1979/79 TB 33 M Bitone S:tangerine to carrot red, F:slightly darker, B:fire red; ruffled 6.00
1861 BRIGHT VISION Shoop 83/83 SBD 10 L Self Peach pink with deeper peach spot on F, B:tangerine 4.00
925 BRILLIANT EXCUSE Gibson 1980/81 TB 34 M-ML Plicata S:blackish purple, F:1/2" deep purple rim markings on pure white ground; striking contrast 7.00
1303 BRILLIANT STAR Hall 1960/61 TB 35 M Self Glistening full white, B:tangerine red 4.00
708 BRIMSTONE Tompkins 1971/71 TB 38 E-L Self Heavily ruffled deep brown-red, B:carrot orange 6.00
1647 BRISTO MAGIC Schreiner 1982/82 TB 35 EM Bicolor S:white with blush of lemon at lower midrib, F:velvety erythrite red, light haft pattern,1/8" border of white, B:orange 7.00
2468 BROAD GRIN Lankow 1986/80 SDB 9 EM Blend S:pale amber, shrimp red midrib, yel. styles, F:pale amber, shrimp red hafts, chrome yellow center line, B:white, tipped yellow 4.00
905 BROADWAY Keppel 1979/81 TB 34 E-M Bicolor S:deep gold, F:ivory white with solid wide Brazil-brown band, strong dark median line, B:orange-yellow 6.00
2168 BROADWAY BABY Gatty 1989/90 IB 24 M. Plicata S:wax yellow, F:warm white, widely banded chippendale to java brown; B:near colonial yellow; sweet fragrance 6.00
104 BROADWAY STAR Schreiner 1957/57 TB 38 ML Bicolor S:smooth cream, F:rose with magenta cast, lt yellow at haft w/ lines, B:orange; the special appeal of this iris makes it still a top seller 4.00
940 BRONCO BROWN Hamner 1982/82 TB 38 ML,Re Plicata S:bronze, F:yellow ground stitched red-bronze, 1/2 inch bronze border, B:mustard 7.00
2924 BRONZE BEAUTY Barr 1884/x TB   M Bicolor S:lavender, veined bronze, F:dark red, haft white with lines well below B 5.00
2239 BRONZE BELL Schreiner 1955/57 TB 36 ML Self Rich, metallic copper-brown self. Large blooms. 4.00
1230 BRONZE FAWN Gibson 1982/83 TB 36 M Plicata S:orange with violet veining, F:yellow-orange ground, stitched maroon and garnet, white signal, B:orange-red; ruffled 7.00
1209 BRONZE SCULPTURE Gaddie 1981/84 TB 39 M Self Burnished rich bronze self with golden glow in the F; B:golden orange; heavily ruffled and lightly laced 7.00
2862 BROTHER CARL Zurbrigg 1983/83 TB 36 M,Re Self Lightly ruffled white 5.00
1458 BROWN DUET Smith 1970/71 TB 34 M,Re Bitone S:yellow-orange, F:darker, B:orange (S:lt brown, F:reddish brown w/ lines at haft, B:yellow) 6.00
356 BROWN LASSO Buckles 1972/75 BB 22 EM Bicolor S:deep butterscotch, F:light violet with sharp edging of medium brown, B:yellow; Dykes Medal 1981 6.00
2937 BROWN SUGAR Doerfler 1960/65 TB 34 E-M Bitone S:golden brown, F:golden to orange brown 5.00
2857 BRYCE CANYON Kleinsorge 1944/44 TB 36 L Blend Russet red w/ strong yellow at haft and shoulders, B:yellow 5.00
1514 BUBBLE BATH Ghio 1981/82 TB 38 M Self Gorgeous bubbly ruffled white with blue cast overall, more pronounced blue cast in heart, B:clean white 7.00
2919 BUBBLING ALONG Ghio 1992/93 TB 42 EM Self Pure pink self, B:coral tangerine 8.00
1436 BUBBLING OVER Ghio 1978/82 TB 36 EML Self Deeply fluted blue-lilac, B:white 6.00
1623 BUCKTHORN Meek 1979/79 TB 36 ML Self S:buff brown, F:same, with gold wash over hafts, B:yellow, amber-brown spoons 6.00
1734 BUCKTHORN BROWN Milliken 1948/48 TB 36 M,Re Bitone Ruffled light bronzy brown, butter yellow at haft, blue and mauve in F, yellow median line, B:orange; fragrant, flaring 4.00
374 BUFFY Brown 1968/69 TB 38 M Self Heavily fringed buff edge on pale pink, white at center of falls 5.00
2204 BURGERMEISTER Schreiner 1987/87 TB 36 ML Bicolor S:soft buff cream infused lavender, F:orchid purple, B:orchid purple 7.00
915 BURGUNDY BROWN Gibson 1978/79 TB 36 EM Plicata S:greyed orange with violet blush, F:bright yellow with 3/8 " greyed orange edge, thumbprints, throat, line & white signal, B:greyed orange 6.00
587 BURGUNDY SPLASH Craig 1948/x TB   L Plicata Yellow ground with burgundy red stitching; slightly fragrant 4.00
1087 BURNT TOFFEE Schreiner 1977/77 TB 37 ML Bitone S:light chocolate, flushed blue-lavender at midrib, F:rich chocolate with darker hafts, blue blaze in center, B:dull gold to blue 6.00
2613 BUSY BEING BLUE Denny 1989/90 TB 32 E Self Large ruffled light sky blue, lighter at B, B:white tipped yellow; slight fragrance 7.00
2441 BUTO Sass 1926/26 TB 30 M Bitone Blue-purple bitone, B:yellow 4.00
1558 BUTTERCUP BOWER Tompkins 1960/61 TB 38 M-VL Self Intense lemon-cream recessive 5.00
2806 BUTTERFINGERS Lauer 1997 TB 34 ML Plicata Lemon with soft rose stitch plicata, light purple center streak 9.00
1184 BUTTERFLY KISS Hamblen 1983/84 TB 36 EM Self Blue-orchid, henna hafts, B:light tangerine 7.00
2094 BUTTERFLY WINGS White 1945/x TMB 36 E-M Bicolor S:pale blue, F:carmine red veins on buff ground; very unusual color pattern 5.00
2314 BUTTERSCOTCH KISS Pough 1955/57 TB 36 ML Self Yellow self with orchid infusion on F, gold dust glitter, yellow stronger at heart and edges; ruffled and laced. 4.00
716 BUTTONWILLOW Roe 1976/77 TB 36 ML Bitone S:light citrus lemon, F:dark citrus lime, B:lemon-yellow; textured veining 5.00
1000 BY LINE DeForest 1952/54 TB 48 M Plicata Yellow ground with maroon stitching. S:corinthian purple, F:yellow heavily bordered purple, B:orange; flaring 4.00
219 BY NIGHT Schreiner 1976/76 TB 38 M Self Very dark blue-black, B:same 6.00
107 BYZANTIUM Ayers 1932/34 TB 36 M Self Old gold (buff gold), blue blaze, lines at haft, B:orange 5.00